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Vegas Cum Pigs (DVD)
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Vegas Cum Pigs (DVD)

When you think of Vegas, you probably think of hot sidewalks under a blazing sun, cool desert nights with glittering lights, and air conditioned casinos where the sounds of bells and whistles never stop. But if your eyes glaze over and your undies suddenly tighten as you get a hard-on, chances are you know there’s more to Vegas than meets the eye. Like hardcore bareback action! And you won’t have to go far to drop or collect a load, either. Just ask Jackson Fillmore, Hugh Hunter, Brad Kalvo, Rogue Status, Tony Bishop and Josh Stone. These Vegas Cum Pigs know that what happens in Vegas is a jizz bonanza!

Scene 1 - Brad Kalvo and Jackson Fillmore

At a local bathhouse, in the locker room, bearded, curly-haired Jackson Fillmore is stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. What to do? Who to suck first? Brad Kalvo or Hugh Hunter? Jackson decides to slobber all over Brad's tool first. And while the bearded, hairy muscle daddy kicks back to enjoy Jackson's oral skills, nearby Hugh looks on. But soon it's his turn and the muscular thick-hung inked and pierced daddy has that fat cock disappear as Jackson tries to take him down to the balls. And speaking of balls, Jackson munches and worships Hugh's big nut sac before getting his face and throat fucked. Soon, cock hungry Jackson presents his trim ass for Brad to take. The sexy daddy buries his face and rims Jackson as if he were savoring the tenderest of filet mignon. Brad slides in, bareback fucking Jackson before the bearded otter returns to orally service Hugh. On all fours, Jackson is spit-roasted between Brad, fucking Jackson’s sweet raw ass, and Hugh's beercan thick shaft. But what starts off as a 3-way ends with a one-on-one when Hugh leaves in search of another tight hot ass, since it's clear Brad isn't giving up Jackson's hole. But never fear, Jackson gets Brad's load in the form of a facial and the two end with a sticky, cum-filled kiss.

Scene 2 - Hugh Hunter and Jackson Fillmore

While at the local bathhouse, Jackson Fillmore was struck with a dilemma before he ever even left the locker room. The dilemma presented itself in the form of two very hot hung daddies, Brad Kalvo and Hugh Hunter. Clearly each wanted him just as Jackson wanted both of them but Brad marked Jackson first. When it became evident the beefy muscular daddy wasn’t about to give up Jackson’s sweet fuckhole, Hugh wandered off. But he’s come back and while Brad was heated up and ready to fuck Jackson a second time, he graciously offered up Jackson like a piece of property to be used. Hugh, never one to turn away sloppy seconds, tag team fucked the bearded whore then went to town stretching his hole out even further with that big fat cock. The hung tattooed daddy gives Jackson an even harder bareback fuck then shoots his entire load into Jackson’s well-used hole and seeds him, pumping all that jizz deep inside the bareback cum pig. Hugh then allows the freshly fucked slut whore to unload on his face and mouth.

Scene 3 - Rogue Status and Tony Bishop

Bearded hipster Rogue Status doesn't get fucked often but when he does, it better be by someone who knows what they're doing. More importantly, it better be by someone who has a big dick and who will go all the way, fucking him raw because bareback is the way Rogue prefers to get fucked. There's no one better suited for what the hairy, tattooed, pierced otter needs than sexy blond, Tony Bishop. Making out is wet and noisy. So is the oral session that follows, as Rogue tries to take all of that big fat tattooed cock, gagging as get gets his face fucked. And if that weren't sloppy and noisy enough, just wait until Tony gets his face in Rogue's hairy ass. You'll be feeling as though he's got his tongue buried deep in your hole! It's a messy and wet rim job as Tony primes Rogue full of spit then slides his thick raw cock up that hungry, hairy ass. Like a hot knife through butter, Tony goes balls deep in one fell swoop, mounting Rogue and bareback fucking his ass until he quite literally, fucks the cum out of him in an explosive shot of jizz that's truly horny to behold!

Scene 4 - Hugh Hunter and Josh Stone

Super hot tattooed daddy Hugh Hunter puts cock hungry power bottom Josh Stone through his paces. It’s pure unadulterated lust as Josh lets Hugh do what he wants. Fucking Josh’s face and shoving that big thick cock down his throat, Hugh fucks his “son’s” throat the way true cock whore bottoms want to have their throats fucked. But don’t think Hugh is above returning the favor. He’s soon on his knees sucking Josh and making a hell of a lot of noise but Josh is about to make even more noise as Hugh spits, rims, and spanks the horny bareback slut. This is what happens when a top daddy and a bottom son let their primal instincts take over. It hurts as you watch because you’ll either be wishing you were the one rubbing your ass all over Hugh’s face or the one tearing into Josh’s pink fuckhole. Oh but it hurts so good as Hugh stretches Josh open with his tongue and fingers. Then Josh begs to be fucked. And if there’s one thing Hugh knows how to do it’s fuck a sexy young man whore. Hugh’s cock and balls are the biggest, fattest, and most swollen we’ve seen as Hugh takes Josh like the bareback pig that he is. Hugh pounds Josh mercilessly, fucking him like a bitch in a sling. Letting loose with some loud grunting and dirty talk, Hugh fucks the cum out of Josh before unloading and seeding the jizz slut, feeding him that funky protein.

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