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Ulterior Motives (DVD)
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Ulterior Motives (DVD)

You know what it’s like when you see a guy you want. You can feel his cock in your mouth. Feel his tongue in your hole. You can imagine him stretching your hole open as he fucks you raw. You just have to get into his pants or you’ll bust! But how? Then it hits you. You scheme. Figure out a way to get close, bonding over something he likes, even if you don’t because, deep down, you want his hole…his cock…his load. Like Justin Cross, Billy Saint, Lucifer Angel, Tyler Tremallose, Xavier Ryan, and Aiden Ward, who have…Ulterior Motives!

Scene 1 - Justin Cross and Billy Saint

Boot camp trainer Justin Cross sits and waits for his new trainee. Except when Billy Saint appears, he's hardly what Justin had expected. After running the slender twink through basic maneuvers, Justin comes straight out and asks why the boy reached out in the first place. Billy, somewhat sheepishly, replies with "I saw your picture online and I thought you were cute." Awww! How can anyone say no to that? Justin sure can't and the thought of having Billy's pretty lips wrapped around his cock gives Justin other ideas. Next thing you know they're both naked and Billy is doing just what he'd hoped for. Sucking big, juicy, curved cock! Justin returns the favor then spreads Billy's legs apart to stretch that hole open. Bareback fucking his boot camp trainee, Justin pounds away, making Billy moan like a sweet, yet almost innocent whore. Justin blows an enormous load all over Billy's balls, taint and hole, then seeds him with the last of his jizz, which causes Billy to fire off a load of his own.

Scene 2 - Lucifer Angel and Tyler Tremallose

They say that idle hands are the devil's playground and Lucifer Angel and Tyler Tremallose are a good example. Bored out of their minds, one asks the other, what do you want to do today? The other replies, I don't know. What do YOU want to do? Sneaky Tyler proposes a game. The winner gets to fuck the loser. With his ass on the line, Lucifer readily agrees and after all the squats, thrusts and lunges, declares himself the winner. Not that Tyler minds. Things turned out exactly the way he'd hoped. Soon the two are in bed, making out and sucking cock. Tyler presents his perfect ass and Lucifer wastes little time in burying his face in the sweet crack. You can hear the tongue lashing as Lucifer rims Tyler, filling him full of spit and priming him for raw cock. Except Lucifer doesn't just rim Tyler, he devours that delectable morsel of pink! Lucifer then stretches Tyler open, bareback fucking the cock whore until he strokes out a huge load of fresh cum all over Lucifer's belly. Lucifer then sprays his own jizz all over Tyler's ass, seeding the raw and tender hole. Now that's a playground we'd LOVE to visit!

Scene 3 - Justin Cross and Xavier Ryan

Justin Cross is a budding photographer and Xavier Ryan is his more than willing subject. After Justin takes some test shots of Xavier, they head back home where they can lay down and cuddle. Except cuddling makes them horny. Next thing you know, Justin is making love to Xavier's cock with his mouth, trying to take every inch down his throat. This only makes Xavier itch for a big cock up his ass and he's soon riding Justin's long, raw shaft. Once Xavier is used to having Justin inside him, he really goes to town, riding and bucking and fucking himself. Xavier's own cock is extremely hard and swings wildly up and down, so much so that Justin has to grab hold of that puppy and hang onto it! Xavier uses Justin like a bounce house and takes his cock for a human dildo before Justin takes charge, filling and stretching and pounding Xavier, fucking him bareback. Justin sprays fresh young cum all over Xavier's sweet, trim ass, seeding his hole with the last of his jizz before Xavier pumps one out, coating his belly with creamy white, sticky stuff. They should have taken a picture of that. It would have lasted longer.

Scene 4 - Aiden Ward and Tyler Tremallose

After a Q&A session between Aiden Ward and Tyler Tremallose, the conversation leans towards Tyler’s guiche piercing. Naturally, Aiden wants to see, but first there’s some dick sucking he needs and he’s not disappointed. Tyler swallows almost all of Aiden’s thick, slightly curved beauty before Aiden returns the favor. He proceeds to move in closer, his face in Tyler’s ass, as he takes in the sight of the piercing. He is then lured in by the work of art that is Tyler’s hole. Can’t say we blame Aiden for lapping it up, priming the delectable morsel with spit before stretching it open with his big cock. Aiden fucks Tyler bareback, eventually moving him to the floor, where beautiful things like Tyler belong, coated with cum.

Scene 5 - Xavier Ryan and Billy Saint

Watching his buddy practice for an upcoming match of lacrosse, Billy Saint is…well…bored. He’d much rather watch Xavier Ryan in action, on the field. Better yet, in bed! Billy gets Xavier to break away and, once in the bedroom, shows him that sex can be far more satisfying than sports. With his cock buried down Billy’s throat, Xavier can hardly disagree! Billy then offers up his ass to Xavier — think of it as a goal he has to score — who then rims Billy with an expert tongue. After making a meal out of the pretty, pink hole, Xavier works his throbbing tool inside Billy, fucking him bareback and taking him deep, until they both unload. Now Xavier knows that, although scoring points by getting a ball into a net might be fun, scoring with a willing fuck buddy like Billy is priceless.


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