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Twinks Behaving Badly (Download)
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Twinks Behaving Badly (Download)

It seems TwinkX clothing has found a market when it comes to the kinda clientele they attract. The kinda guy who doesn’t mind fucking under an overpass on the highway for all to see. The type to ride a cock inside an abandoned building. The type who tags a wall with spray paint then takes raw dick out in the open or the type of guy who gets their ass filled on their parent's couch in the middle of the day, hoping to get caught. No matter how they get their cocks off, they have an adventurous and slutty side to them. Guys just like Luke Geer, Curtis Cameron, Finn Harper, Milo Hudson, Casper Ivarsson, Jack Flynn, Vitali Kutcher, and Austin Cook. So the question is, did fashion turn them into a dirty exhibitionist, or do the slick, black, jogging suits just bring out what was deep inside of them the whole time? Watch Twinks Behaving Badly and answer that question for yourself!

Scene 1 - Finn Harper and Milo Hudson

Finn walks up on Milo tagging TwinkX on a wall with yellow spray paint. This new bad boy persona of Milo’s is really turning him on. After a few years together, this is just the spark their relationship needed. Finn takes a seat on the stairs and begins to tease his cock while Milo paints the wall. It’s not long before Milo calls Finn over to take care of it for him. Without question, Milo puts Finns hard cock in his mouth and begins to give Finn the pleasure he needs. After some mutual sucking, Finn bends Milo over and fills his hole with as much cock as he can take before they both shoot all over Milos belly.

Scene 2 - Luke Geer and Curtis Cameron

In a sketchy part of town, where hundreds, if not thousands, of men, have been for anonymous hook-ups, there is an overpass. Curtis Cameron has heard of this place and horny as fuck, in need of getting off, he goes there with the hope of finding someone. He knows the stakes are high. Anything can happen, both good and bad. But the thrill of danger, the excitement of getting caught is what pushes him onward. The moment he arrives, Curtis smells the sex. He feels the energy and whips out a big, uncut cock. As he jerks off, Luke Geer appears. Luke, also on the prowl, immediately starts sucking Curtis. The twink returns the favor then bends over so Luke can fuck him raw, out in the open, away from prying eyes but close enough to everything that's happening just a few feet away.

Scene 3 - Casper Ivarsson and Jack Flynn

If you link twinks in shiny clothes, outdoors and barebacking, this scene is for you! Casper Ivarsson is in his TwinkX clothes and cap, smoking a cigarette under a highway bridge. What he doesn't realise is that he is being spied on by Jack Flynn, also in his tight black nylon TwinkX clothes. Before long they hook up and they have hands down each-others trousers almost straight away after some kissing and groping! Jack takes Caspers cock into his mouth before Casper returns the favour. Jacks hole is twitching and he NEEDS dick in his ass, so right there against the graffitied wall, Casper slides it in balls-deep, before then putting Jack on his back on the hard and dirty concrete floor and fucking like he has never fucked before! Casper unloads all over Jacks twink body before Jack sprays a huge load all over himself. Wow!

Scene 4 - Vitali Kutcher and Austin Cook

Have you and your buddies ever talked about the straight guys you've fucked? What if they were on your high school track team? It was a sunny Saturday so Vitali and Austin decided to go for a training run. On the run, they talked about some of the boys on the track team they thought were cute with their girlfriends but have secretly sucked them off or fucked them behind the bleachers. Vital and Austin are the only openly gay ones on the team so they know all the boy's dirty secrets. Thinking about those days at school got both of them hard, so when they got back to the house it was decided, without words, what was going to happen next. After some kissing and groping on the couch, Vitali pulls down Austin track pants just enough to watch his hard dick pop out. He sucks on it for a little, working the shaft with his tongue, but he'd rather be the top. Austin is known as the best bottom in school. He prefers to be the one drooling on a nice piece of meat so Vitali stands on the couch and gives him what he wants. They then strip out of their TwinkX running suits so Austin can get his ass teased and played with before Vitali slowly fills it with cock. After getting his hole warmed up, Austin then flips on his knees and willing takes a good, raw bleacher type pounding from Vitali. His moans fill the room. He then gets on his back and lets Vitali open him up nice and wide before they both stroke out a load, cumming back to back.


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