Tomas DeCastro and Jason Smith
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Tomas DeCastro and Jason Smith

Big, blond and beautiful, muscle hunk Tomas DeCastro is perfect in every way. The sexy masseur, decked out in a pair of yellow shorts that do nothing to hide his erection, awaits his next massage client. He doesn't have long to wait because Jason Smith soon walks in. The dark-haired hunk dressed in white boxer briefs introduces himself and the two get right down to the business at hand. Getting themselves slippery with oil. Tomas takes his sweet time with Jason, rubbing him up and down and you can just about feel his hands on you as you imagine you're the one he's manhandling! And if you think that's something, wait until you get a load of dark-haired Jason's hot ass, all slicked up, as he reaches behind to grope the older, bigger, sexy hunk. Tomas pulls Jason close -- back to chest -- and massages his pecs, thumbing his nipples before oiling him up further and running his hands down further, teasing Jason -- and us -- into thinking he's going to grab that beautiful thick and juicy monster cock hiding in Jason's undies. These two practically sizzle as they strip down and continue rubbing against each other, young hunk to muscle hunk, big cock to tight ass. What follows is an erotic display that teases the flesh, intoxicates the mind and makes you blind with lust. Gee. Now we can't wait to get OUR massage!

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