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Thick Hung Southern Studs (DVD)
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Thick Hung Southern Studs (DVD)

No matter the size, hair color or skin tone, we know one thing about young Southern men. They’re ALWAYS horny. Logan Taylor, Gino, Trevor Laster, Genesis, JJ Handler, Damien, Joey Vox, Ean and Carson Carver are no exception. But they’re much more than just horny. They love sex, enjoy getting off, and more importantly, they’re all exactly how like them. Thick Hung Southern Studs!

Scene 1 - Carson and Ean

Man there is no way that you could have convinced me what was going to happen when I paired up Ean and Carson. Keep in mind that when these two showed up at the ranch, they were both extremely nervous but willing. Carson is just one of those guys that is really comfortable with himself and he is also eager to please. There is something about Ean that changes him when he is in front of the camera. He is really laid back and doesn’t talk much so I was really quite surprised at how dominant he became once we started the shoot. Combine Carson’s desire to please with Ean’s dominant romp and what you end up with is one of the hottest face fuck vids I am laid eyes on. It was immediately apparent that these two were really into each other. The literally fought to see who get the clothes off the other guy first. All the while playing tongue hockey and stroking their cocks. Carson couldn’t stand it any longer and he just had to have Ean’s cock in his mouth. Ean welcomed Carson’s eagerness with a nice grab to the back of the head and shoved his cock deep into Carson’s throat. So it seems as though our boy Carson doesn’t have much of a gag reflex at all. Take a look and you will see Ean’s big uncut cock bulging in Carson’s throat. Ean aggressively face fucked Carson for well over an hour all the while playing with his ass and verbally egging him on. Ean finally unleashed a huge load of cum all over both of or southern hotties.

Scene 2 - Genesis and JJ

I think I might have to call this video "One Chain" in honor of our newest southern stud; JJ Handler. Fresh off of his solo video, JJ Handler was back at the Ranch to get his big black cock sucked. Genesis quickly volunteered his oral services so he could get he mouth on JJ's uncut tool. Genesis stripped down and grabbed to base of JJ's cock and squeezed it hard as he sucked on the mushroom head of JJ's uncut canon. JJ laid back and let Genesis worship his hard meat. Genesis showed us how talented he is by taking a good bit of JJ's talk deep down his gag free throat. Genesis couldn't get enuff of JJ's black cock and balls as he worked it with his hungry mouth. JJ put Genesis on his back and pulled him over to the side of the bed so that he could really test Genesis' gag reflex. JJ fucked Genesis throat for a good while with Genesis barely cuming up for air. JJ was getting more and more turned on with every gag and choke cuming out of Genesis until he busted his nutt all all over Genesis face before making him lap it up.

Scene 3 - Joey and Damian

Two of the horniest studs stayed with us this weekend so we decided to let everyone see what these two have been doing off camera. Two hot Texas bodies with smooth lean defined bodies, Joey and Damien go at it like rabbits. We caught Damien giving head out on the patio so we grabbed our cameras so we could catch all the action. The guys moved onto a little sixty-nine action with so hot ass eating, getting Damien's hole nice and wet and ready for Joey's big fat cock. Once Damien had Joey's big dick in his ass, he couldn't get it hard enough or deep enough. Damien made Joey fuck him in 6 different positions letting Joey build up a giant creamy load. Damien fucked back with his ass as hard as out hot stud Joey was dishing it out. Damien was the first to give in as he barely pulled out of Damien's hole in time to spray his back down like a power hose. Damien dropped his load on the spot, painting the chair. The two slept for the next 12 hours after their sexcapade.

Scene 4 - Joey Vox

Joey was hanging out in South Texas just minding his own business one morning when Haigan stopped by and asked him if he wanted to take a little ride with him. These two had never met but Joey jumped in the car and next thing you know, they are on there way to Oklahoma for a little fun. Haigan decided that Joey was somebody that we would want to see so he took a little detour and swung by with Joey chilling in the front seat. We aren't really sure at this point how much exactly Joey knows and what we are about to ask him to do. Seems that Haigan is a good judge of character cause Joey was down for whatever and down to make it as much fun in the process. He took off his shirt letting us see his flawless naturally smooth chest and abs. Joey has the most beautiful olive complexion and his skin his creamy. Joey shot a few hoops and then took and break and pulled down his shorts and started jerking his big cut cock. Joey jacked off into the night for us squirting his 19 year old cum load all over the court. He unloaded a good quart of cum for our enjoyment.

Scene 5 - Logan and Gino

I promised Logan that he would be the first one I call the next time a willing straight boy shows up at the Ranch. Logan is a great bottom and he loves a big dick it his muscle ass but he loves to fuck, especially a tight virgin hole. When I first met Gino, I didn't have to beat around the bush about what I had in mind for him. He said that he was open to try anything so I thought I wouldn't waste any time and put him to the test. I figured Logan deserved this one. Now I've seen some tight holes in my days but this one took some real work on Logan's part to open up. If you need a reminder of what it sounds like with a hard cock goes in a virgin hole, just make sure you turn down the volume because our boy Gino is a screamer. After loosing Gino's hole up with some toys, Logan finally mounted this new stud and pried his ass open with his cock to a loud scream. The more Gino screamed, the harder Logan pounded him. Logan barely pulled out in time to spray his seed all over Gino's stomach just before Gino shot his own load.

Scene 6 - Trevor and Genesis

Everyone knows that Trevor Laster is a mainstay and a favorite here at the Ranch. One of the many reasons why we love Trevor, is that he his constantly working on his amazing body. This time Trevor showed up with an extra 23 pounds of pure muscle. Genesis is one of those guys that every model is going to want to fuck. He is gorgeous with an amazing body, ass and cock to go with it. I have to say that Genesis' best attribute has to be his personality. He is confident but not cocky and very sexual. Everything we all wish we could be. I was so looking forward to seeing these two in action that I could barely get through the photo session. We had originally planned on Genesis fucking Trevor but Genesis didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to experience all of Trevor; especially that monster cock of his. Both boys stayed naked after the photo shoot; Trevor with his throbbing cock and Genesis with a huge smile on his face. The boys exchanged blow jobs before Genesis wanted a taste of Trevor's smooth muscled ass leaving Trevor begging to be fucked. Trevor said that he needed to be fucked so Genesis didn't disappoint fucking him doggie then putting him on his back and drilling him deep as Trevor stroked his hard cock. It was Genesis' turn so Trevor took him from behind first slowly opening up Genesis' hole then pounding his monster cock deeper and deeper. After some real passionate fucking, Genesis assumed his favorite position; riding Trevor's cock until he spewed his seed all over Trevor's perfect abs. Trevor finally got to release his kidlets' adding to the puddle on his stomach. These two just might have to go for round two.

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