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That Secret We Keep (DVD)
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That Secret We Keep (DVD)

There’s a secret place where men go. It’s a secluded spot, in a secret location where both straight and gay men go to suck cock, fuck ass, and dump loads. It’s not a bar or a bathhouse. It’s not even a sex club. It’s a converted warehouse space, available through a benefactor who chooses to remain anonymous. The floor is sticky with sweat, spit, and cum. The place reeks of sex, and the men that go there, with no other place to go, are boned from the moment they walk inside. It’s not a dark or tawdry place, but the lights are dim enough. The men that go there cheat on their boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, and husbands. There’s only one rule to gain access to the playspace... what happens in this secret dungeon, remains there. No one can talk about it, not to anyone. And just like Jack Dixon, Mike Gaite, Clay Towers, Digger, Dolf Dietrich, Ryan Carter, Brian Davilla, Sir Jet, Jake Morgan, and Drew Sebastian, we have all been there. We all have that one thing we can never tell another soul. We all have... That Secret We Keep.

Scene 1 - Jack Dixon and Mike Gaite

There's a place men go to get off. It's a secluded spot... a secret location where straight and gay men go to suck cock and fuck ass. It's a well-kept secret but won't remain that way for long. Places like this never do. The floor is sticky from so much spilled seed and the space reeks of sex and sweat. It's lit but dark enough to make you feel deliciously filthy. It's the kind of place you try to resist, but can't. It calls to you, and your boner leads the way. The adrenaline courses through your veins as you watch two men leave, while Jack and Mike approach. Inside, they get down to business. Mike devours Jack, slurping on the immense, torpedo-like slab of meat. Jack returns the oral favor and then, with little preparation, drives home. You move in, to get a better look as Jack bareback fucks Mike, but halfway through, Mike stops Jack. Is something watching? Jack doesn't think so or maybe doesn't care. He continues fucking until he unloads. Cum splatters everywhere, but he saves the last couple of spurts to seed Mike's freshly fucked hole, who follows with a load of his own.

Scene 2 - Clay Towers and Digger

Digger is what you might call a late bloomer, about to get his first taste of dick. And who gets to give Digger his first taste? None other than Clay Towers, who has his dungeon set up for, as Digger put it, something he cannot get at home. After sucking Clay's cock, Digger experiences a rim job he will never forget. And it is definitely something he cannot get at home! But it does not end there. Clay pops Digger's cherry, on film no less, and once Digger gets used to cock up his ass, Clay bareback fucks his hole in the sling. Digger gets broken in and spoiled for any other fucker who might want to come along and pound his closeted ass.

Scene 3 - Dolf Dietrich and Ryan Carter

Ryan Carter follows Dolf Dietrich into a secluded space, now under lock and key. Luckily, Dolf knows the guy who secured the space and plucks the key from it's hiding spot. Ryan only has twenty minutes for their raw encounter, so Dolf tells him to start sucking. The hungry muscle hunk drops to his knees and devours Dolf, slobbering and drooling all over the thick tool. Dolf is soon talking dirty and fucking Ryan's face but stops after a while to return the favor. He moves to Ryan's ass, rimming the eager bareback slut before working the entire length of his raw dick inside. Ryan pants and sighs, and moans and grunts as Dolf takes his breath away. But Dolf doesn't just fuck Ryan. Dolf uses Ryan as a fuck toy, plunging deep. He teases and stretches out Ryan's hole, increasing his tempo as he slams harder. Dolf blows his wad, breeding Ryan with most of his seed, which makes Ryan erupt with a load of his own and enough time to spare.

Scene 4 - Brian Davilla and Sir Jet

Another NSA hook-up, this time with a straight man who needs to drop a load, and a gay man who just needs cock. Brian Davilla plays the straight, married man who can't get away until his wife leaves for work. Sir Jet, on the other hand, single and carefree, amuses himself with a dildo at The Meeting Point, a secluded spot where men—especially men on the down-low—go for a bit of fun. While Sir Jet waits for Brian, he sucks, then mounts an enormous dildo. While fucking himself on the toy, Brian walks in, already hard. He immediately whips his cock out, flips Sir Jet onto his back, and slides home. No kissing. No dick sucking… that comes later. No chit-chat. This is the encounter many of us dream of because we don't want to know names. We don't want to start a relationship. Just pump and dump. After bareback fucking Sir Jet for a while, Brian gets the hungry whore to drop to his knees for some ATM cock sucking. But once there's more lube coating his shaft, Brian turns Sir Jet around and really goes to town. Sir Jet grunts and groans with every thrust as Brian grabs Sir Jet's waist and pounds away. Brian breeds Sir Jet then laps up some of his own cum, already oozing out of Sir Jet, who then turns around and explodes all over Brian's hairy chest. Whew! Someone pass the cumrag this way, will ya?

Scene 5 - Jake Morgan and Drew Sebastian

Super hung and tattooed Drew Sebastian is playing the typical gay curious hunk to Jake Morgan's, "I've only played around with guys a few times." Neither has a place to go, but they end up in that secluded spot, the one an anonymous benefactor allows others to use when they need to get off on the down-low. Drew whips out that enormous, curved monster cock, followed by Jake, but Drew is the one who drops first. On his knees, he devours Jake's cock. He takes almost all of it before presenting his own thick, throbbing tool for Jake to service. He chokes, especially when Drew fucks his face, but Jake enjoys a challenge. It takes Drew a couple of tries, but he eventually pops the head of his cock inside Jake and pushes deep. Once Jake has taken it all, Drew works that ass as if his life depended on it. He takes Jake on all fours, then flips the bottom onto his back. And after a hard, deep bareback pounding, Drew fucks the cum out of Jake, spews an enormous load himself, and seeds Jake's sloppy hole.


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