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Taking Care of Daddy (Download)
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Taking Care of Daddy (Download)

A lot of people think you have to be a certain age if you want to be a daddy. Wrong! Being a daddy has nothing to do with age. It is a mindset over any physical attribute. But the one that fuels every daddy, gets them going, is their sexual needs. It is his job to find an acceptable boy to fulfill those needs and to do it right. Fulfilling those needs could happen just about anywhere and at almost anytime. You'll never know when daddy's urges will kick in, but you better be ready, because he will be. Daddy might want to fuck you in the waiting room before his interview starts to take the edge off. He might want to pull the car over in the desert, stretch his legs and your cheeks, and shoot his load all over your ass. Maybe he wants to take you into his workshop and fuck your guts until you both cum. Or make you swallow his load after plowing you in the living room. That is just the kind of action you get from Dillon Diaz, Riley Mitchel, Clay Towers, Lincoln Tunnel, Mason Lear, August Alexander, Dolf Dietrich, Ryan Carter, Jack Dyer, and Sterling Johnson on Taking Care Of Daddy. I hope you're ready.

Scene 1 - Dillon Diaz and Riley Mitchel

Riley Mitchel's been wanting to get it on with his trainer for months, now. At first, Dillon Diaz said no, but Riley can be persuasive when it comes to sexual rewards. Gradually, he wore down Dillon's resistance, until the muscle hunk eventually said yes. The only problem was that neither of them had a place, and since they wanted their hook-up to be spontaneous, they left it unplanned. And today, halfway through a 5K run, Riley got his wish. In the middle of the desert, with no one around for miles, they stopped suddenly and took turns sucking each other. And, yeah. They almost got caught. But that only made their risky encounter that much more exciting. With their pulse racing, and hearts beating fast, Riley bent over and offered up his big muscled ass. Dillon slid home, bareback fucked his muscle hunk bottom, and shot a hefty load all over Riley's ass.

Scene 2 - Clay Towers and Lincoln Tunnel

Sucking cock is about much more than just putting another man's penis in your mouth. It's about getting on your knees, offering up your lips and tongue, and paying homage to the one thing we men love and crave most. It's about an exchange of energy, so intense, nothing else exists when you're attached to the end of that cock. Clay Towers and Lincoln tunnel know this. They know it's about much more than cock-in-hole. They give themselves over to the complete pleasure of raw, primal fucking. It's not animalistic, but it's steady and controlled, with the stamina necessary to satisfy the biggest of cock whores. After showing off their oral skills, they take turns bareback fucking each other. Lincoln comes first, seeding Clay, then fucks the cum out of the scruffy hunk with a volatile explosion!

Scene 3 - Mason Lear and August Alexander

No one likes to wait, especially not Mason Lear and August Alexander. Not when they can be doing something else. But what if we told you that there’s a thrill in waiting? And after the front office secretary leaves for lunch, Mason and August are left to their own devices. The clothes come off, dicks get hard, and the sucking begins, as noisy and piggy and sloppy as it should be. August manages to take Mason down to the balls, but only just. Mason, on the other hand, struggles with a little more than half of that juicy, curved brown cock. But that doesn’t stop Mason. He continues to suck like a hungry piglet before offering up his white cock for more service. But the true mark of a Risky Fucker is bareback fucking in a public space, or in a setting where they might get caught, which is precisely what Mason and August do.

Scene 4 - Dolf Dietrich and Ryan Carter

Ryan Carter follows Dolf Dietrich into a secluded space, now under lock and key. Luckily, Dolf knows the guy who secured the space and plucks the key from it's hiding spot. Ryan only has twenty minutes for their raw encounter, so Dolf tells him to start sucking. The hungry muscle hunk drops to his knees and devours Dolf, slobbering and drooling all over the thick tool. Dolf is soon talking dirty and fucking Ryan's face but stops after a while to return the favor. He moves to Ryan's ass, rimming the eager bareback slut before working the entire length of his raw dick inside. Ryan pants and sighs, and moans and grunts as Dolf takes his breath away. But Dolf doesn't just fuck Ryan. Dolf uses Ryan as a fuck toy, plunging deep. He teases and stretches out Ryan's hole, increasing his tempo as he slams harder. Dolf blows his wad, breeding Ryan with most of his seed, which makes Ryan erupt with a load of his own and enough time to spare.

Scene 5 - Jack Dyer and Sterling Johnson

Sometimes, being a Daddy isn't about ageplay or an intergenerational couple. It's about a frame of mind. Who has more experience? Who wants to be the submissive and take care of "Daddy" as he deserves? Men like Jack Dyer have embraced their "Daddyness," and we are so glad! So is Sterling Johnson, who wants nothing more than to take care of Daddy in any way that he can, no matter what Daddy wants. In this case, Daddy wants a hole to breed. After making out, the bald and tattooed hunk goes to town sucking Sterling's cock, munching on his balls, and eating out his hole. After bareback fucking his "boy" Jack pulls out for Sterling to taste his own ass juices. And since letting a spit-lubed cock go to waste is tantamount to sin, Jack gets Sterling on all fours and fucks him like a dog. Daddy Jack breeds deep, leaving his seed inside Sterling, then fucks the jizz out of him. Now that's how you take care of Daddy!


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