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Take That Hole (Download)

Some men live to fuck while others live to get fucked. For Parker Logan, Nate Steton, Jack Simmons and Saul Leinad, it’s all about grabbing ‘em by the ass and taking ownership of their man whores. But for Ashley Ryder, Dolf Dietrich, Ray Dalton, and Stephen Harte — bottoms who thrill when tops stretch them open and take possession of their very souls — all it takes is one thing to make their men turn into animals. All they have to say is…Take That Hole!

1 Ashley Ryder and Parker Logan

Ashley Ryder is, has been, and always will be one of the finest pieces of ass we've ever seen. Now, bald, tattooed and pierced Parker Logan is about to find out the reason for Ashley's longevity in the industry, as well as discovering what Ashley can suck that big curved cock down to the balls without gagging. Parker buries his face in that sweet, hot ass, lapping at the pink fuck hole, priming it full of spit. Then Parker slides his throbbing shaft inside Ashley. Raw. To the balls. Parker bareback fucks Ashley the way many of us would like to fuck him. Deep and hard and down and dirty. Parker sprays Ashley with his jizz, making sure to save some for a proper seeding, then slides back inside and fucks the cum out of the hot little English cock whore. Lucky fucker.

2 Dolf Dietrich and Nate Stetson

For those of you with a penchant for men with mustaches, especially hot men that are a throwback to the vintage porn of the '70s we all love, Nate Stetson is about to rock your cock. Paired with tattooed muscle hunk, Dolf Dietrich, Nate seems almost petite but the handsome man with chiseled good lucks is up for the challenge of taking on Dolf. After making out and trading blowjobs Dolf gets on his knees and presents his big muscled ass for inspection. Nate doesn't waste any time. He buries his face in the big, meaty round globes and goes to town rimming and tongue fucking the bigger guy. Nate made a meal out of Dolf's tasty hole and it was anybody's guess when he was going to come up for air, but come up for air he did, but only long enough to work his raw cock inside Dolf's hungry hole. Nate bareback fucks the tattooed stud until he's ready to blow his load, breeding Dolf and pounding the cum out of him.

3 Ray Dalton and Jack Simmons

Jack Simmons and Ray Dalton re-unite after a chance encounter at a gym, twenty years ago. The well-dressed daddies are eager and super excited to get it on and it shows. The interracial bareback couple waste little time in stripping down, teasing each other as they make out and suck some H-U-G-E cock. Both are just about equally matched but Jack is clearly a bit bigger and a bit thicker. Tattooed and hairy Ray throws his legs up in the air because he knows what Jack wants. If you're into rimming, watching Jack lap up Ray's starburst will have your tongue wagging. How do we know this? Because that was OUR reaction! But the heat doesn't end there. Jack slides that enormous monster cock into Ray using only spit for lube. Then he starts fucking. Ray eggs Jack on and while the black monster hung daddy fucks, we get to see Ray's ass lips getting stretched out. Jack thrusts, pumping back and forth, showing plenty of length as he pulls out almost all the way to the head, then slides back into that warm, moist manhole. Ray devolves from being a hung bareback top dad to being Jack's personal bottom bitch, taking every single inch Jack has to offer, as well as his seed. This is nonstop bareback fucking at it's finest, with two of the hottest daddies in porn!

4 Nate Stetson and Stephen Harte

You can always tell a true cock whore who lives to satisfy his craving of dick and jizz. Stephen Harte is such a cock whore. The tall, bald and bearded otter is paired with hung, mustached newcomer Nate Stetson. The two take turns sucking each other and making out before tattooed Stephen gives up his trim little ass for Nate to devour. The blond Southern man then slides his raw cock inside Stephen and starts to fuck. He might start off gentle but Nate is NO gentleman when it comes to fucking bareback. He goes for a long while, rockin' steady before Stephen goes for some ass-to-mouth. After tasting his own ass juices on Nate's slimy cock, Stephen rides Nate raw, bouncing up and down. He milks the throbbing shaft until Nate is ready to unload, draining his big balls, seeding and breeding the cum hungry whore, who blows his own load all over Nate's chest. Be sure to see the scene through to the end to find out what they each thought of their fuck session!

5 Saul Leinad and Dolf Dietrich

Already hard and super horny, tattooed and bearded muscle hunk Dolf Dietrich waves that fat cock at Saul Leinad, still off-screen. The tall, bald black men wastes little time in approaching and dropping to his knees before the hung white man. Soon, Dolf has his legs up in the air and bearded Saul starts rimming that pink, hungry fuckhole. Dolf returns the favor, sucking on Saul's monster cock and huge balls, and rimming his ass. Watching Saul fuck Dolf's handsome face is a treat! Who knew a mouth could open so wide to take in so much cock? But that's just for starters. The main event, as always, is cock in hole. And this is a mouth watering, hole puckering, cock throbbing experience as far as fucking goes. Saul slides that humongous black monster cock balls deep inside Dolf's pre-lubed hole. Saul bareback fucks Dolf, stretching his ass lips but Dolf can only take so much. So they switch it up, with Dolf straddling Saul and impaling himself. Dolf rides Saul for a bit before pulling himself off Saul's uncut monster slab and tasting his own ass juices on the beefy tool. But he needs more cock. Dolf straddles Saul again and goes for a ride, his own cock fully hard and throbbing. After a while, Saul strokes out a big load while Dolf nearly suffocates him by sitting his ass down right on Saul's face. But once Saul sprays his jizz, Dolf sits back down on that big black cock, seeding himself before feeding Saul a load of his own. Be sure to stick it out 'til the end so you can hear how the models felt about their scene!


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