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Stuffed Raw 4 (Download)
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Stuffed Raw 4 (Download)

True sex whores know that when it comes to the connection between cock and hole, nothing beats bareback. In fact, for many, skin-to-skin is the only way. Raw is the law when it comes to fucking and getting fucked. And if you’re as much of a sex whore like Romeo Davis, Rocky Vallarta, Drew Dixon, Alex Mason, Zack Acland, Rogue Status, Atlas Grant and Sherman Maus, you there’s only one way you’re going to give it, and only one way you're going to take it…Stuffed Raw 4!

Scene 1 - Romeo Davis and Rocky Vallarta

Rocky Vallarta tells us how he caught the attention of Romeo Davis on the Metro. After they cruised each other, Rocky tells us he persuaded Romeo to come to his place, never once stopping to ask the man his name. And the moment Romeo walks in, Rocky descends onto Romeo's uncut tool. What follows is pure pigdom as Rocky takes everything Romeo has to give. We're treated to both, traditional filming, and point-of-view as Rocky devours Romeo's meaty monster cock, gets rimmed, then gets fucked deep and hard. As they build in intensity, the room fills with sighs, moans, and the sort of dirty talk that makes pre-cum flow. Romeo spews an enormous amount of protein then slides back inside Rocky to seed his hungry hole. It's not until after Rocky follows with a big load of his own that he finally asks the tattooed monster hung trick his name. Oh, if only we had a dollar for every time that happened to one of us at the studio...

Scene 2 - Drew Dixon and Alex Mason

Scruffy, tattooed Drew Dixon is horny and in the mood for a piece of ass. But not just any ass. He needs the sweet, hot ass of Alex Mason. Never one to turn down raw cock, Alex is more than ready to give Drew what he wants, but first, he needs a taste of what he's going to get. Alex--who now sports a shaved head--chows down on Drew's uncut dick. Drew returns the favor, sucking Alex's fattie down to the balls before eating his ass. Drew rims Alex then mounts him, sliding his cock home until he hits bottom. He proceeds to bareback fuck Alex, stuffing him full of British dick until he seeds Alex's cum hungry hole. Alex then spews all over Drew, and the two share a tangy taste.

Scene 3 - Zack Acland and Rogue Status

Big, bearded, and beefy Zack Acland just got fired and can really use a smoke. So he visits his stepbrother, Rogue Status. But instead of a smoke, the hunks start making out. Then, at Rogue's request, Zack shows his baby bro what he did that got him fired. Zack offers up his cock, and Rogue drops to his knees. All we can say is, if sucking cock on the job, or getting sucked, were a dismissable offense we'd all have been fired, at one point or another. After gagging on Zack's dick, Rogue gives up his ass for Zack to eat out, but he's not giving it up that easy. It's been a while since the brothers have fucked, and Rogue wants Zack to work for it. Rogue stuffs Zack's face full of cock and, after a while, straddles his older step and goes for a ride. Rogue fucks himself then pulls off and bends over so Zack can drive. Zack pounds Rogue hard and deep then lays him on the floor where they fuck like dogs. Rogue rides Zack once more and cums with his brother's cock up his ass before Zack strokes out a load of his own. All before Dad comes home!

Scene 4 - Atlas Grant and Sherman Maus

Anyone can suck dick or give up their ass. But when they suck cock or give up their hole like Sherman Maus, well... it gets the blood flowing. Watching him with Atlas Grant will have you drooling pre-cum from the very start! Sherman takes Atlas deep down his throat, and Atlas returns the favor by propping him up on all fours and making a meal out of his sweet ass. Except he doesn't just rim Sherman. In between eating him out and finger fucking his hole, Atlas slobbers on the pendulous penis. He then slides into Sherman and pounds away, eventually fucking the cum out of the hung bottom. Seconds later, being the pig that he is, Atlas eats some of the fresh load and sucks clean the tip of Sherman's cock before blasting him with his own DNA, seeding him with jizz.


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