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Straight Dick Service (Download)
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Straight Dick Service (Download)

Whether we admit it or not, we all had a secret crush, a man we looked up to and fantasized about having sex with. For many of us, it was a straight man…the guy next door, our sister’s boyfriend, dad’s best friend. And he was always forbidden. But what would have happened if we’d pushed just a little? Well, imagine no longer! Instead of jerking off in silence, imagining yourself servicing your straight crush, Donnie and Easton, Clayton Jasper and Jackson Taylor, Bryson and Preston, Cash McCoy and Krys Perez are about to demonstrate exactly what might have happened in Straight Dick Service.

Scene 1 - Cash McCoy

Cash McCoy, like most men, is an interesting subject. He claims himself as straight but later confessed he's -- let's say, experimented -- with a couple of buddies. Cash is a tall masculine guy with a ripped body. He pulled up his tee-shirt to reveal a six-pack and tattoos. He is shredded from head to toe with a big defined chest, big arms and lats, culminating in a tight tiny waist. Cash kept taking off his clothes after losing the tee, until he was naked and sitting back on the sofa. He settled in and raised his hips off the couch so we could see his lightly hairy hole. Cash teased his balls and taint, all the while letting us know he could do with a big cock up his ass, since his own fingers just weren't cutting it. So we gave him a glass toy. Cash immediately slipped it into his hole and he just about exploded on contact, his legs opened wide and spilling out a creamy load of cum all over his sweaty abs. Yeah. Straight. Right.

Scene 2 - Cash McCoy and Krys Perez

Krys Perez is a sexy young man with a thing for straight men. In fact, the less they’ve dabbled in gay sex, the better. You see, Krys is one of those who truly likes a challenge. Once Cash McCoy confessed he might be willing to have a guy swing on his dick, Krys was immediately up for the photo opportunity! The handsome beauty makes a meal out of Cash, his cock, and his heavy, swaying pendulous balls. But even better than that, Krys gets a surprise twist from the straight man in his bed who, as it turns out, thoroughly enjoys being serviced far more than he every thought he would!

Scene 3 - Clayton Jasper and Jackson Taylor

When big blond muscle hunk Clayton Jasper said he was up for getting his cock sucked by another guy, we immediately thought of Jackson Taylor, an adorable twink cocksucker who loves to service straight men and lives to swallow hetero baby batter. Jackson was so eager to get his hands on Clayton we knew it would be a blow job to remember. Clayton was a bit nervous on the day of the shoot but he let us blindfold him and did his best to relax as Jackson explored his body using his mouth. First up was Clayton's mammoth guns, Jackson kissed and rubbed them as Clayton sat naked with a semi. Jackson then worked his tongue down to Clayton's beefy ass. Gently, he darted his tongue in and out of Clayton's tight hole. After all, you don't want to scare away a straight man like Clayton! Much to the hunk's surprise -- and ours -- Clayton loved getting rimmed. His excitement only grew as Jackson gave him a complete tongue bath, eventually taking Clayton's big thick rod in his hands and working his expert tongue up and down that shaft. Clayton was obviously getting the best blowjob of his life as he grabbed the back of Jackson's head and started fucking his mouth. This only made Jackson want Clayton's cock all the more but what Jackson really wanted was to taste that nut. Jackson finally went to town on the stud's cock with reckless abandon until Clayton squirted his huge sticky load in the back of Jackson throat. Jackson savored Clayton's salty seed before spitting out some of it onto Clayton's still pulsating cock. And trust us when we say, if hadn't wanted to see the load, Jackson would have swallowed every single drop, the way a hungry cocksucker should.

Scene 4 - Bryson and Preston

When tatted up stud Bryson first took his clothes off for us, he caused quite a stir. And when he said he was always looking for ways to make extra cash, we immediately thought of setting him with another guy. We called on Preston to do the honors and spread his legs for Bryson and his big fat cock. Both of these straight boys were bulging out of their underwear before we could get the cameras rolling! Straight, indeed. Preston went down on Bryson and lubed up his hard cock with his wet warm mouth. Bryson positioned Preston on his back, opened up his legs and lubed his hole. Now remember, this was Bryson first time with another guy so there was no finesse. He shoved his cock in deep and without warning, making Preston cry out. They fucked for a solid hour but naturally had to edit it all down. Alas. Bryson unloaded all over Preston, shooting a thick creamy white load all over Preston's already cum drenched stomach. And now that Bryson's had a taste of real sex, we think we may have ruined him but good!

Scene 5 - Donnie and Easton

College frat boy Donnie jumped in the shower. When he was done, he threw on a robe to sit high in the middle of the room so tattooed twink Easton could have easy access to his manhood. Donnie was obviously more turned on than he admitted because his cock was semi-hard before the action even started! We blindfolded Donnie, untied his robe and Easton took care of the rest, rewarded in the end with a huge cum facial. Lucky cocksucker.


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