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Sporty Cum Twinks (Download)
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Sporty Cum Twinks (Download)

Across the globe, sporty young men get together every day to watch their buddies play a game, grapple with each other, or play another sports team. It’s the best way to develop a deep sense of camaraderie. Of course, it’s also a great way to get horny and get off with a fellow teammate. After all, what’s a buddy for if not to help you out in a moment of need? Axel Bolt, Carlos Costa, Justin Cross, Zack Love, Curtis Cameron, Maksym King, Payton Connor, and Diego Martin get hard and give each other a helping hand sucking cock and fucking bareback because they are… Sporty Cum Twinks!

Scene 1 - Axel Bolt and Carlos Costa

Out on the field, dark-haired Carlos Costa lost his team the game. Axel Bolt, still upset, tells Carlos that to make up for his idiotic move, he has to suck his dick. Carlos readily agrees and, back at their flat, eagerly slobbers over Axel's uncut tool. They soon strip, keeping only their socks on as Axel returns the favor. But Axel wants more than just a blowjob. He rims his twink buddy and using spit for lube, bareback fucks Carlos while bent over the edge of the sofa. Carlos goes for a ride, impaling himself on the blond's uncut cock but ends up on his back again. Axel fucks a massive load of cum from his playmate then sprays a bigger one all over himself. Now that is what we call an apology!

Scene 2 - Justin Cross and Zack Love

Zack Love has just finished working out with trainer Justin Cross. It went so well, in fact, that it's Justin who's exhausted! He plops down on Zack's bed for a rest but Zack, pumped with excitement from the rush of testosterone, is interested in a different sort of work out. One that consists of plenty of kissing, nipple teasing and feeling up the body of the man who just put him through the wringer. Undeterred by Justin's tiredness, Zack takes that huge fat cock in his mouth and gets it hard. Justin, no longer tired, kicks back and enjoys Zack's blowjob. He returns the oral favor while jerking himself off, but Zack really needs dick. He's soon on his knees again, taking down as much of Justin's cock as he can. After a while, Justin commands Zack to stand and turn around. Stroking himself, and getting harder by the second, Justin fingers Zack's hole. After impaling himself on Justin's meaty shaft, the twink fucks himself bareback, riding the big cock while jerking off. Justin then takes Zack on all fours, fucking him like a dog. Justin gets Zack out of bed, flips him over the desk, and goes to town, pounding and thrusting and stretching out the twink's hole. Back on the bed, with Zack face up, Justin slides home once more and screws like a madman, fucking the cum out of Zack before delivering a hefty load of his own, leaving Zack filthy and coated with all that sperm.

Scene 3 - Curtis Cameron and Maksym King

Wrestling buddies Curtis Cameron and Maksym King spend a lot of time together, practicing for their meets. Except there is much more than wrestling going on. It starts off that way, but Maksym has a sure-fire way to get Curtis to submit. The little sneak wears a singlet with no ass. Who can resist that torment? Curtis tries, but seconds after they start, he's on his back, his cock in Maksym's mouth. Maksym teases Curtis further, rubbing his ass back and forth along his throbbing shaft before working it into his own hole. With little effort and even less spit, Maksym soon has all of Curtis up his ass. Maksym rides the thick tool before pulling off his singlet so Curtis can return the oral favor. But Curtis loves Maksym's tight hole around the base of his cock and is fucking him bareback once more... on the couch, and on the floor. Curtis pumps Maksym with his meaty dick until he fucks the cum out of his dark-haired, uncut bottom friend. Curtis eventually delivers a generous load of fresh jizz and shares his seed with a sticky but tender kiss.

Scene 4 - Payton Connor and Diego Martin

Payton Connor is super stoked. He's won the game! Now, on a celebratory high, all he can think of is having a good time with his buddy Diego Martin. The dark-haired twink drops to his knees and services Payton's huge cock! Payton returns the favor, sucking Diego's uncut piece, then rims Diego full of spit. Payton then works his raw shaft inside Diego, bareback fucking the swarthy sex demon. Payton's cock is enormous as he stretches out Diego's hole, making him squeal, sigh, and moan. Payton lets loose with a hefty load, and Diego follows with a copious amount of his own.


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