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Spanish Beef (DVD)
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Spanish Beef (DVD)

Along the Mediterranean Coast of Spain, the men are thick in all the right places. Their passion is deep and intense and primal… like bulls. And whether they are making love, or just plain fucking, Alfer Cuero, Ale Tedesco, Adam Jones, and Carlos Verga throw themselves completely to the task at hand. They glisten with sweat, having basked under a hot Spanish sun, unabashed as they drench one another with spit, sweat, and cum, as if they were seasoning… Spanish Beef.

Scene 1 - Adam Jones and Ale Tedesco

Bearded daddy Ale Tedesco is on his way to give Adam Jones a haircut. He buzzes Adam's head with clippers, giving the bearded young hunk of a cub a mohawk. Bear and cub are playful and passionate as they head to a more private spot of the villa and get down to the business of sucking cock. Ale and Adam take turns servicing each other. Soon, Adam rims Ale and slides his raw cock inside his Daddy. Surprisingly, Adam gives it up to Ale, but it's clear Adam doesn't get fucked much. It's apparently a delicious sensation, straddling pleasure and pain as they talk dirty, and give in to the primal desire of raw throbbing shaft pumping a hungry hole. And the faces Adam makes while being taken! Between that, their accents and the continuous flip fucking, Bear and cub push their lust to the edge until Ale, fucking himself on Adam's thick cock, blows a huge load. And like a good fuck buddy, Ale then offers up his mouth, throat, and hole to help get Adam to unload.

Scene 2 - Alfer Cuero and Ale Tedesco

It's mid-afternoon in Spain, and while everyone else takes a siesta, Alfer Cuero and Ale Tedesco decide to fuck. But first, the hairy, horny Daddies make out. Alfer and Ale have little inhibitions as they move from kissing and, literally, swapping spit, to sucking cock. Each takes his turn at showing off some mad oral skills, but only one of these men is going to fuck the other. Tattooed silver Daddy Alfer rims and fingers Ale, priming him before sliding home and fucking his buddy raw. Bearded bottom Ale gets fucked bareback and even spit upon as Alfer pounds away in a scene that is at once intimate, yet primal.

Scene 3 - Adam Jones and Alfer Cuero

Bored out of his mind, bearded Daddy Alfer Cuero needs company... and cock. He steps out of his room and onto his balcony. Alfer spots hunky Adam Jones sunning himself. The older man waves at the cub to come upstairs, and Adam disappears into the house. Next thing you know, Adam is in Alfer's bed, hard as a rock. Alfer wastes little time in going down on the thick hung, uncut cub. After plenty of making out and mouthwatering cock sucking, Adam sits on Daddy Alfer's chest and fucks his face. He then moves on to Alfer's hairy ass and makes love to the tender hole with his face, tongue, and fingers. This made even us swoon! Once Alfer is fully primed, Adam slides home and fucks the silver papi as if he were a bitch in heat. Alfer takes everything Adam has to give, and near the end, takes what he wants by fucking himself on the younger man's throbbing tool. Alfer strokes out a huge load all over Adam's belly, and Adam quickly follows with an explosive climax of his own.

Scene 4 - Alfer Cuero and Carlos Verga

Silver Daddy Alfer Cuero settles into a leather couch with Carlos Verga. After making out, bald and bearded Carlos sucks Alfer, who soon returns the oral favor. They start off slow, and perhaps somewhat uncertain, but their passion builds, becoming more and more intense. Alfer clearly knows how to handle a hairy ass, and as Alfer rims Carlos, the smaller man sighs and moans. In fact, watching Alfer rims his bottom buddy, you just might feel your own butthole pucker as they talk dirty, but in Spanish. Alfer takes his sweet time spit-lubing and stretching Carlos open with two fingers, then climbs on top of the little man and slides home. You can even hear the splurt when Alfer penetrates Carlos! He starts fucking immediately, taking Carlos like cats in heat, muttering obscenities, and with Alfer licking and kissing and biting Carlos. But it's while bent over the side of the couch that Carlos shows us just how much he can take, while Alfer builds up a sweat, exhibiting tremendous stamina. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Alfer pulls out his thick cock, milks it a moment, and spews an enormous load all over Carlos. After seeding, Alfer tastes Carlo's jizz and gives him a cum-filled kiss. The entire scene demonstrates why Latino men have a reputation for being excellent lovers. They give it all they have because the act is all about Sexo Intenso!

Scene 5 - Adam Jones and Ale Tedesco - BJ

Some time has elapsed since Adam Jones last hooked up with Ale Tedesco. But now Adam is back, after touring the countryside on his bike. Ale, who had been lounging out on the patio, welcomes him with open arms… and an open mouth! Ale gives Adam the royal treatment-- kissing, licking and nibbling--after stripping him down. The two then get into some delicious, mutual cocksucking, with a hot 69 session that will leave you drooling. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, but with a simultaneous orgasm that will knock your socks off. Clearly, these two missed each other!


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