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Southern Country Meat (Download)
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Southern Country Meat (Download)

When it comes to Southern cooking, one of the key ingredients is meat. And for a recipe to be successful, you have to know how to handle that meat. You have to know how long to cook it. You have to know the right time to flip it over or glaze it with that special hot sauce that will make that beefy juicy and tender. Of course, it’s best to marinade your meat in it’s own natural juices, like spits, sweat and cum and the smoking hot young men in this video know exactly how to handle their meat. And whether they’re cooking their meat outdoors, or beating it in the kitchen, Carson Carver, Witten Cooper, Joey Vox, Trevor Laster, Robbie Cross, Tyler West, Logan Taylor, Haigan Sence, and Cole Markum are sure to leave you salivating as they show you how to handle Southern Country Meat!

Scene 1 - Logan and Tyler West

We haven't given Tyler many opportunities to do the fucking because he is such an awesome body with that big thick cut cock of his. It is such a shame to let a big hard penis go to waste so I am so happy to be given Tyler's meat some action. Tyler was of course more excited than we were. Logan might have the hottest ass in porn, especially since it's on this straight jock's body. Logan pulled down his shorts and teased us a little, spreading his hairy cheeks so we could get a good look at his hole that Tyler was about to penetrate. Tyler was exploding out of his shorts so Logan pulled them off as they made out. Tyler's cock snapped out of his pants and the two of them made out naked on the bed for quite a while. Tyler used this opportunity to lube up his finger and get Logan's hole wet and ready. Tyler fuck him every which way from Sunday and then he fucked him again, and again and again. The two of them laid exhausted on the bed as Tyler finally worked out a load. I do mean finally. Let's just say Logan laid in that position for 2 days waiting for Tyler to pop.

Scene 2 - Carson and Witten Cooper

Our resident main stay, Carson Carver is back in action, this time with another huge cock attached to our first timer, Witten Cooper. Wit is Haigan's side kick along for some fun and to show off the fact that this boy has a bigger cock than his boy Haigan. Carson was excited as fuck to get his white hole fucked deep by a big fat cock. Carson has no gag reflexes down his throat and he seems to have no limit to how big and how deep a cock can go in his ass. Wit tested out Carson's throat first. Carson passed with flying colors. Wit was ready to test Carson's hole so he bent him over the couch and took Carson's ass hard and rough from the start. These straight boys don't understand that just cause they are fucking another dude, they still can show a little mercy when drilling them deep. Carson was a trooper, he finished himself off as he was bouncing up and down on Wit, spilling a gallon of cum all over him. Then Carson got back on his knees and took Wit's cock in his mouth and sucked the cum out of it. Carson licked up every drop.

Scene 3 - Workshop 4 Way

We knew this video was going to be hot. Haigan and Logan have been paling around off camera and Haigan has kinda taken Logan under his wing and shown him around the big D. So I can only imaging how excite Logan was to service is mentor. But wait we didn't stop there. There was a slu of guys half naked watching the action and we just had to let Joey and Cole get in on it before we had a complete mutiny on our hands. All four boys were naked and making out with both Joey and Cole about ready to take some cock. Haigan bent Joey over and started fucking his hole and Logan bent Cole over and did the same to him. Joey and Cole were giving each other some heavy tongue and throat action as their holes were being slammed. The boys all took turns on each other ending with Joey taking a cock and load in his hole as he was drinking down Cole's creamy cum. Make sure you stay til the end so you can see all of the Southern Studs milk their nuts dry all over our eager and thirsty Logan.

Scene 4 - Joey Massage

Joey gets a massage and anal probing from some toys before being jerked off by one of our helping hands!

Scene 5 - Carson and Tyler West

There were a couple of models that spent a lot of time at the ranch and Carson was right up there near the top. It seems like every new model that shows up eventually ends up in bed with Tyler. We don't give Tyler a lot of opportunity to put his huge cock to work so this was a win-win. Tyler worked on Carson's cock for a spell as his own cock was throbbing. Carson got one look at how big and hard Tyler's cock was that he jumped up and grabbed the lube and greased up Tyler poll himself. He immediately got on all fours and spread his lubed ass cheeks so that Tyler could take him.Tyler started off nice and easy putting a big smile on Carson's face. Carson reached back and pulled Tyler in closer and deeper. Carson rolled over on his back and put his knees together and Tyler pulled them up over his head. Tyler shoved his rock hard cock so deep inside Carson you could see it bulge in Carson's stomach. Carson wanted Tyler's cum so he opened up wide so that Tyler could take him deep. The guys finished each other off by spray their cum all over each other's sweaty and spent bodies. Stay tuned for buckets of cum on these two. Fuck that was hot!

Scene 6 - Trevor and Robbie

I happened to invite Trevor and Robbie out to the Ranch on the same day so it only made sense that the two of them hook up. Trevor is ripped and all top and our little boy Robbie just loves to get fucked and believe me he can handle his own. Robbie is quite the cook so he was about to whip us all up some pasta but Trevor had other plans. Trevor gets really turned on by having sex in the kitchen but he rarely gets the opportunity so he asked Robbie if he minded and, well grab the cameras and sit back and enjoy the show. These two are both Texans and like they say everything’s big in Texas. Trevor’s and Robbie’s cocks are no exception. Robbie got on his knees and took Trevor’s semi-hard rod into his warm mouth. After a few strokes, Trevor started to face fuck Robbie to see if he could take it all the way down his throat. Like I said, Robbie can handle his own and he was ready to wrap his ass around Trevor’s fat cock. They both got on their knees and Trevor slowly inched his cock inside Robbie’s eager open hole. Both studs moved in unison as their lean tanned bodies rocked with pleasure. Robbie kept begging Trevor for more and more. Trevor put Robbie into his favorite position and grabbed his ankles and drilled him long and hard. Robbie looked like he was doing crunches with and every thrust Trevor stuffed Robbie’s hole full with his big swollen cock. Both guys let it build up until first Robbie exploded onto his stomach and then Trevor shot a rocket of cum straight onto Robbie’s face with the rest spilling onto Robbie’s tight abs.


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