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Slutty Threeway Twinks (Download)
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Slutty Threeway Twinks (Download)

It’s so good to have friends you get along with so well that you are willing to share things with them that you might not with anyone else. Like another guy’s cock, ass, and hole. That’s the kinda friendship we see between Xavier Ryan, Billy Saint, Justin Cross, Adam Strong, Chris Summers, Zack Love, Jackson Wright, Justin Stone, David Sky, Daniel Hausser and Blair Knight in Slutty Threeway Twinks. These friends do what friends do when you are young, hung and horny. From fucking at the strip club on a boy’s night out, to helping your friend out with his hard on so that you can go shopping at the mall. Three sexy young men doing slutty type things with their bodies in the name of friendship and being a true fuck buddy!

Scene 1 - Chris Summers, Justin Stone and Jackson Wright

Jackson Wright and Justin Stone want to go to the mall with Chris Summers. There's just one problem. Chris has an erection, and it won't go down. In fact, when Jackson and Justin jump into bed with him, Chris is under a blanket, already jerking off. This is when it's good to have friends because Jackson and Justin immediately get to work in helping out Chris with his pesky "problem" that won't go away. They take turns sucking his dick, then suck on it together. Eventually, they lose their clothes, and the slobbering twinks make plenty of noise servicing Chris's cock. Except they don't know which tastes better… is it Chris's dick? Or his balls? As if it would help them decide, Jackson and Justin slobber on Chris some more. It's a wet and fun-filled blowjob that leads to Chris rimming Justin's hungry ass, then finger fucking his buddies while they kiss. Chris takes Jackson's hole, bareback fucking him while jerking him off simultaneously. Justin soon gets in on the action, spit roasted between Chris and Jackson. The three get louder and louder as they fuck, building towards an explosive finish, with each of them spewing copious amounts of jizz. Who knew three-innocent looking twinks could turn into such cum whores?

Scene 2 - Xavier Ryan, Justin Cross and Billy Saint

Xavier Ryan and Justin Cross visit a strip club, where they encounter Billy Saint, a cute twink more than happy to be your very own private dancer. Except when they take him home, Billy does a lot more than just dance for them. He's soon sucking two juicy cocks, working Xavier, then Justin, all while still stroking Xavier! Guess that's what they call multi-tasking. Shortly after, Billy gives Xavier a personalized lap dance, which consists of Xavier's raw cock balls deep inside Billy's hole. While riding Xavier, Billy is presented with Justin's cock, which he devours. Skewered from both ends, Billy focuses on Xavier, bareback fucking himself, then moves to Justin and bounces on HIS big dick. Xavier and Justin tag team fuck Billy until they're ready to unload, giving him two enormous cum facials before the tiny dancer fires off a load of his own, while still coated in jizz!

Scene 3 - David Sky, Daniel Hausser and Blair Knight

Daniel Hausser and Blair Knight are outdoors playing ping pong when David Sky looks down at them from the balcony above. Daniel immediately calls him down to show them how to the game properly. Except Daniel abruptly changes his mind, with a different game in mind. It's called hide the salami and, although there are balls in motion, there are no paddles involved. Only cock. Big cock. And plenty of it! Daniel and Blair take turns sucking and trying to deepthroat David's huge, curved and uncut tool. Except they can't take all of David down their throats. There is, however, one place where every last inch of his big cock will fit. David gets Daniel and Blair side-by-side and devours their holes, rimming and priming them with spit. Daniel takes David's raw cock first, and while the hung stud pounds away, Blair looks on from the sidelines. Then it's Blair's turn to get fucked bareback. Daniel and Blair then straddle David, impaling themselves on the throbbing shaft and going for a ride before spewing their seed. David's load is huge and thick and creamy. He splatters both Daniel and Blair, who kiss and share the love, while Daniel lets loose with a shot of his own.

Scene 4 - Chris Summers, Adam Strong and Zack Love

Chris Summers and Zack love are at the kitchen table, anxiously awaiting their buddy Adam Strong to come home. They each have had a stressful week and cannot wait to hit the local club where they can let loose and have a fun time! Once Adam arrives, the three cuties get ready to de-stress with a good time. Once at the club, in a secluded corner, Chris and Zack start making out while Adam looks on. He's soon part of the action, kissing and sucking cock. Zack quickly ends up in the middle, stripped down to his jockstrap, his face full of cock, his hole stuffed full of tongue as Adam rims his sweet, hungry ass. Chris wants a taste and spins Zack around, eventually sliding his raw twink cock inside super horny Zack, who bounces up and down, fucking himself even as he fucks Adam's hot, cock sucking mouth. Chris pounds away, bareback fucking Zack into a frenzy, eventually spraying an enormous load all over his real-life boyfriend, while Adam shoots his jizz straight into Zack's mouth.


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