Shane Hirch and James Piper
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Shane Hirch and James Piper

Like a live incarnation of the Johnny Bravo cartoon, super handsome and sexy James Piper awaits Shane Hirch, who walks in with a cocky swagger, clad in a pair of sexy black briefs. Ever the professional, Shane gets right down to business, getting his hands slippery with oil. He slathers the stuff on James, kneading his back and stretching his spinal column before moving further down. Shane pulls down the white shorts and reveals James's plump round ass. Pouring even more oil on him, Shane then removes the shorts altogether and really gets to work on those sore glutes. James is in seventh heaven, especially when Shane turns around, sits on James and the camera zooms in on the mouth watering, meaty globes of flesh. Shane soon flips James over to massage the chest, working his way down to that uncut cock, already hard. Shane knows what boys like and gives James what he needs, including his beefy ass, for James to feel up as he jerks off and blows a load all over his tanned, taut belly.

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