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Raw Hairy Bottoms (Download)
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Raw Hairy Bottoms (Download)

When it comes to fucking a hot ass, some might prefer a smooth bottom but others prefer a hairy bottom. Maybe it’s the way they sweat as you pound that hungry hole. Or maybe it’s the way their musk makes your nostrils flare and your pulse race, pushing you to fuck them even harder. Join Topher Michels, Geoff Gregorio, Junito Alexander, Carlos Alexander, Christian Matthews, Dusty Williams, Dani West, Tommy Deluca, Nate Stetson and Stephen Harte as they do what comes naturally to…Raw Hairy Bottoms!

Scene 1 Topher Michels and Geoff Gregorio

Topher Michels is hot to trot and desperately needs cock. Lots of it. Preferably raw. And cum. Luckily, Geoff Gregorio is more than willing to give his hairy otter buddy anything he needs to satisfy that frenzied itch. After stripping down, the two horny fuckers get into to some mutual cock sucking. But it's the fucking Topher wants most and Geoff soon lubes up his cock and slips that juicy piece balls deep inside the dick hungry man whore. Geoff bareback fucks the cum out of Topher, making him shoot a big load all over his own hairy belly. But Geoff shoots an ever bigger load, spraying that protein all over Topher's ass and impregnating him with seed.

Scene 2 Junito Alexander and Carlos Alexander

Married in real life, Junito Alexander and Carlos Alexander have a chemistry that comes through in this hot and sexy scene. The handsome, Latin duo tell us exactly what they like to do in bed, then proceed to show us. There's a lot of mutual cock sucking, even while they're still wearing their clothes. Things get steamier as they kiss, lick and spit every inch of the other's body while take their time stripping down. Junito and Carlos get still hotter with a seriously hot, mouth watering butt munching, with Carlos rimming Junito and taking complete ownership of that trim, sexy ass. The bearded Latin hunks work up a sweat with some serious bareback fucking. It's deep and hard and nasty as they throw their native tongue into the mix for some of the hottest Spanglish dirty talk we've ever heard. Oh, and did we mention this has one of the biggest single loads we've ever seen? Including a cock stirring, mouth watering seeding that will have you spewing.

Scene 3 Christian Matthews and Dusty Williams

Tattooed and pierced blond hottie, Christian Matthews, gets it on with bearded otter, Dusty Williams. These two can't keep their hands off each other as they make out and strip, getting down to the very serious business of sucking cock. Each pleases the other and rim hungry holes but which one is going to take that raw dick and get fucked bareback? Usually, Christian is the one on the bottom, taking raw cock and collecting loads like a pro but hung Dusty is pretty anxious to get that deep itch satisfied. Doggy style fucking complete with ass-to-mouth cock sucking and big loads. Doesn't get any hornier than this!

Scene 4 Dani West and Tommy Deluca

Remember that cute guy next door? The one that was sexy, not because he was a major hunk, but because he was sweet, friendly, and willing to help anyone on the block? Well, he's back. He's a bit older than you might remember but he's still sweet and as friendly as he ever was. The only difference is that now, he's ready and willing to help YOU because he has something you want and you have something HE wants. Tommy Deluca is the guy next door and he's got a HUGE mother fucking monster cock for you to suck. So go ahead. Service him. That's what Dani West did. Of course, like Dani, you'll have to stretch your jaw extra wide but you'll have to stretch your legs and hole even wider, like Dani, when Tommy slides home, to the balls, burying that monster cock in your hungry ass and bareback fucking you to within an inch of your life. Because that's what HE wants.

Scene 5 Nate Stetson and Stephen Harte

With his '70s style porn stache and big cock, genteel Southerner Nate Stetson is just what Stephen Harte needs...up his ass! Then again, the shaved bald, bearded furry bottom can always use cock up his ass. Always hungry, he ends up taking it all, down his throat and balls deep, after a good make-out session, mutual dick sucking, and a mouth watering rim job from Nate, so real it will make your butthole pucker. So grab your favorite lube and start stroking and see what it looks like to get fucked by a true Southern gentleman!


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