Raw Bear Cream (Download)
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Raw Bear Cream (Download)

Raw Bear Cream features seven hot and horny bears of various shapes and sizes, from otter to plus size. Each of these hairy fuckers teach us a thing or two about frothy man-on-man sex. So join Sid Morgan, Chef Bear, Maximus O’Connell, SuperCub, Scott Spears, Dan Lair, and Terry Cub and see why their milkshake brings all the bears to the yard!

Scene 1 - Sid Morgan and Chef Bear

We made a trip down south to Atlanta this winter and the local bareback enthusiasts made it a shoot to remember! Chef Bear and Sid Morgan were clamoring to get in front of the camera for us and show off their oral skills and we were completely fascinated by these two big men. Sid gets Chef started with his big, soft lips and pumps his mouth up and down on Chef's stiff cock. Chef really loves getting head, but he wants a piece of Sid's ass…after he's been orally serviced a while, Chef gets behind Sid and starts giving him a deep, hard fuck. Sid is really vocal and he really likes the deep cock buried in his ass, almost as mush as we like seeing real men like Chef and Sid getting nasty and fucking bareback. These guys aren't gym-bunny pornstars, they are the real deal: hairy, horny and ready to cum whenever they want! Chef flips Sid on his back and pounds at his hole while Sid jerks his own cock; they both shoot thick, juicy loads all over Sid's round belly. Excellent stuff!


Scene 2 - Maximus O'Connell and SuperCub

SuperCub is a man of superlatives, but not hyperbole…he's an immediate attention getter and the mountain of a man is one of the greediest bottom pigs we've ever hosted on Hairy and Raw. Maximus O'Connell, on the other hand, is raring to go and ready to fuck that big man hard. He's not the biggest in stature, more of a pocket rocket, and these two really were really electric in the sack! SuperCub accepts Max's invitation to his hotel room and strips off his shirt, revealing his girthy frame and roadmap of tattoos. He's also got a thick cock piercing and Max is eager to suck him off and get him hard. The two fool around the bed for a while before Max gets SC on his knees and eats out his big, slick hole. SC love getting rimmed and he's begging for Max's thick cock. These two pound it out hard until Max shoots a huge wad of cum all over himself and SuperCub licks it up. Wet and raw, just the way we love it! 


Scene 3 - Scott Spears and Dan Lair

We got a great pair of Hairy dudes for this video -- the chemistry on the set was electric and both guys were eager to bust a nut. Scott Spears has appeared on Hairy and Raw in the past, and Dan Lair is making his first appearance, and Scott is eager to get a taste of the salt-and-pepper daddy. Dan is hungry for dick and he starts sucking on Scott's thick hammer of a dick through his jock strap. Scott pulls out his girthy rod and Dan devours it while stroking his own cock. Scott wants to get deep into Dan's hairy hole and Dan is eager to feel Scott's thick meat slamming into his ass. Scott pounds Dan hard and deep and the big daddy moans like a dog. Scott shoots in Dan's hairy hole and the pair collapse in a heap on the bed.


Scene 4 - Maximus O'Connell and Terry Cub

Maximus was eager for more cock and we couldn't think of a better dude for him to hook with then Terry Cub. Terry's got an impressively thick cock, and he loves fucking asses bareback, deep and hard. Maximus is smitten from the moment Terry walk into the room, and they eagerly undress and kisss and grope each other for the camera. They each get a good mouthful of cock, and Terry's ready to get an up close inspection of Maximus' tight ass. Terry buries his tongue and practically his whole beard up Max's slick hole, and each one is happy to continue this extended rimjob scene, and eventually, hard cock in hand, Terry bends Max over and drives his bare cock deep into his raw hole. These two fuckers are in a frenzy as Terry fucks Max bareback, slamming his hot hole, big balls swinging and slapping into Max's bubble butt. You'll be the one busting a nut watching these two hairy fuckers sexing each other bareback!


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