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Poppa Bear (Download)

Men of a certain age—men we call Daddy—are difficult to come by. Especially men like Martin Pe, Kurt Jacobs, Bearsilien, and Graydon Emory Ford. They’re savory, well-seasoned, and have more than enough experience to teach a thing or two to Matthieu Angel, Rex Blue, Jeremy Feist, and Luis Vega. These poppa bears know how to give and take a good raw fuck. And no matter what you call him… Daddy, Papi, Poppa… there’s no sex like sex with a man who makes you come hard as you cry out… Poppa Bear!

Scene 1 - Martin Pe and Matthieu Angel

Martin Pe is a furry Pappa Bear who likes his honey. Matthieu Angel, on the other hand, loves it. Especially when it comes straight from the tap. Then again, you would too, once you see the sheer size and weight of Pappa Martin's huge and floppy uncut hose of a cock! After taking their time making out, bearded and super hairy Matthieu goes down on Pappa's monster cock. Those of you who live to worship will be drooling as Matthieu devours as much of the thick tool as he can. After a mouth-watering cock sucking session, Pappa Martin eats out Matthieu's hungry hole. He then slides the thick, long shaft inside Matthieu and pounds away, fucking his boy bareback. Martin stretches out his boy's hole, stuffs him full of prime, Grade A Canadian beef, then glazes Matthieu's hairy ass and seeds him. The greedy, hungry fucker then cleans his Pappa off with some ass-to-mouth. We can't think of any better way to coax that honey out of Pappa.

Scene 2 - Rex Blue and Kurt Jacobs

It's been said the latest generation is all about the hand-held tech toys, like video games. Rex Blue is no different. Tattooed, bear daddy Kurt Jacobs has a different game in mind as he has a toy that, although not high tech, it's definitely hand held! It takes little for Kurt to persuade Rex into playing the more interactive game of swapping spit, chewing nipples, and sucking cock. Daddy Kurt has a fat one for Rex to slobber over and for those of you who have a thing for nipple chewing, Rex really milks Kurt's. Bearded daddy Kurt soon returns the oral favor, taking Rex down to the balls as he sucks and gags, getting his face fucked. Rex then gives daddy Kurt a lip-smacking, tongue wagging, mouth watering rim job that's sure to make you drool. And just like Rex's video game, where sometimes you must hide in a hole, the beefy fucker slides his raw cock deep inside Kurt. Rex bareback fucks the silver bear but Kurt eventually ends up riding pierced Rex, fucking himself before Rex lets loose with a big load, followed by Kurt, who pumps out some a good amount of fresh daddy jizz.

Scene 3 - Bearsilien and Jeremy Feist

Super hairy and bearded Top, Bearsilien, has found himself a boy to play with. His name is Jeremy Feist. He's young, handsome, and loves to serve his new Daddy. Right from the start, Bearsilien controls the situation, commanding and directing Jeremy to suck his uncut cock and service his big balls, which are full of cum. Daddy and cub-otter get into a steamy 69 session, following by a good rim job. Bearsilien primes Jeremy full of spit then pushes inside, treating Jeremy to some toe sucking. Bearsilien pounds away, making Jeremy sigh and moan and beg for more. After fucking Jeremy bareback, Bearsilien rolls the cub over and pins him beneath his weight. Bearsilien then sits on Jeremy's cock and goes for a raw ride. Both end up slick with sweat, and Bearsilien gets a face and mouth full of thick, creamy cum.

Scene 4 - Graydon Emory Ford and Luis Vega

Sometimes, when a man is in the mood to be submissive, he wears a padlock around his neck. It lets other men know, particularly tops, that the one wearing the lock is in the mood to be dominated. Of course, to others, it means that they're spoken for. A bit like wearing a wedding band. Naturally, we don't know why Luis was wearing his padlock. We didn't think it was our place to ask. What we know is that Graydon Emory Ford had the key! After some sensual making out, Luis gets Graydon naked, revealing enormous balls. He drops to his knees and, grabbing hold of Graydon's monster sack, Luis starts sucking on the fat daddy dick. Cub worships bear with a passionate display of lust. For those of you with an oral fixation, who live to suck and lick your man, this scene will have you drooling! Luis all but chokes as Graydon climbs on board and fucks the hairy, bearded Latino's throat. Soon, however, Luis is on all fours, ass up in the air. Graydon buries his face in the musky crack and eats the hungry hole, alternating between finger fucking Luis and sucking his cock. And for those of you who love to eat ass, or get eaten, Graydon takes his sweet time rimming Luis. But when it's time to fuck, Graydon slides in raw to bareback fuck Luis, stretch out his hole, and satisfy his need to be dominated. Graydon seeds Luis's hairy ass then laps up his cum, only to share it with Luis with a sticky kiss.


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