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Neon Twinks (DVD)
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Neon Twinks (DVD)

Neon glows bright but cool. Neon twinks, on the other hand, burn bright, like the sun. And whether it’s one-on-one, in a group setting, or even solo, Aiden Ward, Lucifer Angel, Xavier Ryan, Billy Saint, Justin Cross, Adam Strong, Chris Summers, Zack Love and Tyler Tremallose follow their basic, naked instincts. They explore their desires and exploit their passion, sucking cock and fucking bareback, in a moody and playful setting. So what are you waiting for? Dim the lights, chill, and enjoy the seductive ways of... Neon Twinks.

Scene 1 - Aiden Ward and Lucifer Angel

With the tempting allure of the Devil himself, Lucifer Angel sucks Aiden Ward's big cock, getting his face fucked in the process before Aiden returns the oral favor. Hung, tattooed Aiden soon has Lucifer's legs up in the air and devours his hole as if it were a delectable morsel. Hmmm. Tasty! Lucifer eggs him on, craving more tongue, more spit. And you can just imagine how he might taste on Aiden's tongue when they kiss. We sure can! Or we'd like to. But back to Aiden and Lucifer. Once primed, Lucifer takes Aiden down a path that's hard to come back from. A path of pleasure that corrupts down to the very core. Lucifer offers up his ass for Aiden to fuck, and fuck it he does! The smooth, toned hottie slides that thick, curved slab balls deep inside, pumping away and hitting Lucifer's G-spot as they edge towards climax. Aiden sprays an enormous load of cum all over Lucifer's ass then Lucifers unleashes a torrent of his own fresh, white hot cream. And with a kiss - Lucifer's kiss, Aiden is ruined for any other bottom that might want to claim his cock, seed, and probably his soul!

Scene 2 - Xavier Ryan, Billy Saint and Justin Cross

Xavier Ryan and Justin Cross visit a strip club, where they encounter Billy Saint, a cute twink more than happy to be your very own private dancer. Except when they take him home, Billy does a lot more than just dance for them. He's soon sucking two juicy cocks, working Xavier, then Justin, all while still stroking Xavier! Guess that's what they call multi-tasking. Shortly after, Billy gives Xavier a personalized lap dance, which consists of Xavier's raw cock balls deep inside Billy's hole. While riding Xavier, Billy is presented with Justin's cock, which he devours. Skewered from both ends, Billy focuses on Xavier, bareback fucking himself, then moves to Justin and bounces on HIS big dick. Xavier and Justin tag team fuck Billy until they're ready to unload, giving him two enormous cum facials before the tiny dancer fires off a load of his own, while still coated in jizz!

Scene 3 - Adam Strong, Chris Summers and Zack Love

Chris Summers and Zack love are at the kitchen table, anxiously awaiting their buddy Adam Strong to come home. They each have had a stressful week and cannot wait to hit the local club where they can let loose and have a fun time! Once Adam arrives, the three cuties get ready to de-stress with a good time. Once at the club, in a secluded corner, Chris and Zack start making out while Adam looks on. He's soon part of the action, kissing and sucking cock. Zack quickly ends up in the middle, stripped down to his jockstrap, his face full of cock, his hole stuffed full of tongue as Adam rims his sweet, hungry ass. Chris wants a taste and spins Zack around, eventually sliding his raw twink cock inside super horny Zack, who bounces up and down, fucking himself even as he fucks Adam's hot, cock sucking mouth. Chris pounds away, bareback fucking Zack into a frenzy, eventually spraying an enormous load all over his real-life boyfriend, while Adam shoots his jizz straight into Zack's mouth.

Scene 4 - Lucifer Angel and Tyler Tremallose

You know those super horny gay comix? The ones with really cute guys sucking dick, rimming hot ass and fucking tight holes? Well, consider this scene with Lucifer Angel and Tyler Tremallose your fantasy cum true. Or better yet, your comix cumming to life! Lucifer and Tyler waste little time in making out, going straight to the hole. But Tyler wants a little something extra before giving up that perfect hole of his. He wants a blowjob, and Lucifer is all too happy to oblige. But turnabout is fair play and Tyler shows off some greedy cocksucking skills as he slobbers all over Lucifer's fat tool. It's not long before he straddles Lucifer and goes for a ride, bareback fucking himself as he bounces up and down. And because Tyler is all about cock up his ass, and feeling his hole getting stretched out, this is a raw fuck that lasts as long as he can take it, which is deliciously quite a while! When Lucifer takes over, however, he raw dogs the tattooed twink until he fucks the cum out of him, eventually delivering a big load of his own before reverting back to their comic book form.

Scene 5 - Aiden Ward and Justin Cross

Aiden Ward and Justin Cross are both pretty well matched. Tall, dark and handsome, the brunettes are full of stamina and have big dicks. Each has fucked quite a lot of twink holes, wrecking the bareback bottoms and spoiling them for anyone else. But in this scene, since Aiden and Justin are both tops, the two are side-by-side, in a mutual masturbation scene that will make you drool. Suffice to say, there’s enough meat here to choke a pig and enough cum to drown in.

Scene 6 - Zack Love Solo

Masturbation... the art of self love. It's the first sex we have, the one we resort to when there's no one around to satisfy our need to get off. For some, it's a matter of whipping their dick out, spitting into the palm of their hand, and going to town with intense stroking until they unload. Others need stimulus whether it's still pictures or live-action porn on their computers and phones. And then there are those who require nothing but their imagination, like Zack Love. Dressed in his hoodie and cute undies, the twink gets lost in a night club fantasy, one where a big hunky guy smacks his ass and plays with his hole. Oh, Zack knows we're watching... but after a while, he tunes us out and it's as if it's just him, his hand, his fantasy nightclub lover and the delivery of one enormous load!


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