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My Ass Is Yours (Download)
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My Ass Is Yours (Download)

Getting your guts worked and flooded by a big dick is the ultimate goal for someone who loves a cock up their ass. A raw fuck dump, who loves the sensation of a hot tongue feasting on their hole but knows that it's just the tip of what is going to happen next, and are ready and willing to show off their skills, is a treasure to find. A whore like this knows that the feeling of a blood-filled mushroom head popping into their ass for the first time before it gently slides into their second hole is like dying and going to heaven, and they want it all the time. This is what you get with August Alexander, Brian Bonds, Clay Towers, Digger, Romeo Davis, Sean Peek, Joel Someone, and Joey Wagner on the Bareback That Hole title My Ass Is Yours. Big dicks fucking some of the tightest holes in the industry until they are loose and open for plowing. I suggest you be a good bottom boy and enjoy the ride. You won't be disappointed.

Scene 1 - August Alexander and Brian Bonds

I've been watching August at the gym for a while. I knew who he was seeing someone but that didn't matter to me. I just wanted to see what was inside his pants. And one day I did. I was pissing at the urinal in the men's room when he walked up and stood beside me. I saw that huge cock and knew I had to have it. He said he couldn't take me back to his place but he knew where we could go. And after a short drive, out in the open desert, he dropped to his knees. It was fucking amazing! Being blown outdoors was a huge turn-on. More so when I gagged and choked on that thick, long pipe. Then someone jogged by. She may have seen us but that got me even more excited for the flip fuck breeding that followed.

Scene 2 - Clay Towers and Digger

Digger is what you might call a late bloomer, about to get his first taste of dick. And who gets to give Digger his first taste? None other than Clay Towers, who has his dungeon set up for, as Digger put it, something he cannot get at home. After sucking Clay's cock, Digger experiences a rim job he will never forget. And it is definitely something he cannot get at home! But it does not end there. Clay pops Digger's cherry, on film no less, and once Digger gets used to cock up his ass, Clay bareback fucks his hole in the sling. Digger gets broken in and spoiled for any other fucker who might want to come along and pound his closeted ass.

Scene 3 - Romeo Davis and Sean Peek

After just meeting, Romeo and Sean aren't wasting any time getting to know each other better. While kissing, they stumble through the apt door and into the living room. They then continue to the bedroom to get more acquainted. Sean speaks better when his mouth is full so he makes sure to keep his mouth on Romeo's thick cock. On the flip side, Romeo does most of his talking while fucking a bottom in as many positions as possible. Sean is up for some good chit-chat. After a lot of deep conversation, Romeo shoots his load on Sean's ass and back. I bet these two have a lot more to discuss.

Scene 4 - Joel Someone and Joey Wagner

Joel Someone and Joey Wagner explore a mutual sexual fantasy... older bro and younger bro. After a heavy-duty makeout session, they strip down, and Joey goes after Joel's huge cock. He needs little motivation, but Joel gives it to him just the same, talking dirty and commanding the cocksucker on how to best service his big dick. They're soon in a 69 position, with Joel chowing down on Joel's cock and Joel devouring Joey's sweet ass. After a priming that leaves him open and wet, Joey goes for a ride and savors the taste of his ass on Joel's tongue, as they kiss. In a terrific overhead shot, we get to see how hot Joel looks sliding that big raw cock inside Joey's hungry hole. After fucking Joey a while, Joel offers up his cock for the sub-bottom to taste, in a bit of ass-to-mouth. Joey then gets on all fours and Joel slams home. He lays into his "little bro," bareback fucking the slut until he's stretched out and sloppy. Joel fucks a big load of cum out of Joey and makes him eat it before shooting a big load himself. Joey, being the cum pig that he is, climbs aboard and seeds his own ass.


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