Martin Polnak and Reece Andrews
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Martin Polnak and Reece Andrews

On a hot summer day, Martin Polnak and Reece Andrews are outside in hopes of catching a cool breeze. Blond hunky Reece, wearing a pair of print undies, and dark-haired Martin, play their version of rock, paper scissors. The loser will end up giving the other a massage. But as far as we're concerned, there are no losers here! Imagine getting your hands all slippery with oil then placing your hands on luscious Reece. We'll let that sink in a moment. Or, imagine slender and toned Martin, rubbing his hands all over you! See what we mean? Everyone's a winner, especially as all that warm, sensual rubbing turns into a massive hard-on for Reece. His big fat uncut cock points skywards as Martin rubs his hands and even his body all over Reece. Every rub, every touch, every stroke, only gets Reece harder. Martin continues to massage Reece, at times purposely avoiding that thick, juicy slab. The desire swells in Reece's cock and body as they rub themselves against each other. Then Martin flips Reece over to massage and play with his beefy round ass. Every so often Martin reaches between Reece's muscled thighs, grabs hold of his cock and milks him. When Reece can't take anymore teasing, he stands, one hand wrapped around his throbbing cock and starts stroking -- while Martin keeps massaging him and spreading oil on his body -- until he delivers a copious load of fresh jizz. Ahhh, summer!

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