Martin Polnak and Jason Smith
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Martin Polnak and Jason Smith

In an idyllic country setting, Jason Smith lies on a bench awaiting his buddy, Martin Polnak. Martin is quiet as he walks up and the practical joker looks like he's going to move on then decides to play a prank. He opens his bottle and splashes Jason with water. Clearly, Jason hadn't expected that. Lucky for Martin, Jason is a good sport. Still, Martin decides to give Jason a massage to make it up to the sexy, dark-haired, swarthy young man. Martin soon has Jason stripped down, hands slippery with oil, working magic all over Jason's tight body and H-U-G-E cock and balls. Using his hands, lips and entire body, Martin brings pleasure to Jason, paying special attention to that thick, juicy slab of meat his friend was blessed with, a cock that has brought so much pleasure to so many! Unable to hold back, Jason masturbates and shoots a huge load from that enormous cock while Martin rubs his chest and plays with his body. But the session isn't over yet. Martin gets Jason to flip over and, pouring more oil on his hands to get all slippery, Martin works Jason's back and legs, but especially his ass. He pulls Jason's cock back between his legs, milking the fat, spongy tool. He continues to work Jason's body, now stroking his own cock while drinking in the beautiful sight of Jason's backside. Martin's big balls sway hypnotically as he pours even more oil on Jason, then himself, jerking off with one hand while feeling up Jason with the other, eventually shooting a huge load of his own, his seed splattering all over that perfect, sculpted ass. But Jason has to bust yet one more nut and shoots a second load all over Martin, then walks away. Hmmm. Think we'll go for a walk in the woods. Wonder what we'll find?

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