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Make Mine Hairy (Download)
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Make Mine Hairy (Download)

The musky scent of a hairy man is like an aphrodisiac. It’s a scent that hits the brain like electricity. It makes the blood boil and the cock hard, while lust feeds the primal part of our brain that takes us back to caveman days. And with all that grunting, groaning, and aggressive sexual behavior, it’s no wonder Zack Acland, Cooper Roads, Parker Logan, Atlas Grant, Marc Angelo, Jeremy Feist, and John Thomas all say… Make Mine Hairy!

Scene 1 - Zack Acland and Cooper Roads

Ginger lovers rejoice. You're about to get not one, but two redheads in once scene bareback scene! Zack Acland, a tattooed, bearded and hairy muscle bear makes out with bearded and tattooed Cooper Roads. The otter is soon on his knees, servicing his Top, but sometimes, even Tops need to suck dick. After Zack slobbers on Cooper's uncut tool, he all but devours the delicate pink morsel as if savoring medallions of filet mignon. Once Cooper is stretched open and properly spit-lubed, Zack slides his fat cock home. As he fucks Cooper bareback, Zack sends the bottom into orbit. But Cooper likes to pound his own hole and goes for a ride. He spews a huge load all over Zack's furry belly and keeps on riding until Zack is ready to blow. The beefy hunk pumps out a thick and creamy batch of protein that Cooper savors and swallows.

Scene 2 - Parker Logan and Atlas Grant

One of the more useful technological inventions is the pause button on the television remote control. It allows you to stop what you're watching, long enough to go get a snack. Or pee. Or, if you're like Parker Logan and Atlas Grant, hitting that pause button allows you to get busy! The furry beasts make out with plenty of noisy, wet kissing. By the time Atlas gets to Parker's cock, he's already drooling loads of pre-cum. Atlas laps it all up and sucks on the big cock. Parker enjoys the hot mouth but grows impatient and aims for Atlas's meaty ass. After burying his face in the plump, hairy globes, Parker rims that furry morsel, lapping at it like its prime beef. When he's good and ready, Parker works that big cock inside Atlas, making him moan and cry out with pleasure. Parker pumps Atlas full of cock, fucking the cum out of him then blasting a huge load all over Parker's face for a creamy finish. And now, you may un-pause and go back to your regularly programmed, on-demand schedule.

Scene 3 - Marc Angelo and Jeremy Feist

Marc Angelo keeps his finger on the pulse as he makes out with Jeremy Feist. They're soon naked and trading blowjobs. Marc Angelo, who can at times be very oral, gets Jeremy up on the peninsular counter and keeps on sucking the bearded younger men. Marc then gets Jeremy's legs up in the air and devours the long-haired cub's sweet, pink fuck hole. Marc continues to take his time as he rims Jeremy, then sucks his cock some more before getting Jeremy to return the favor once more. Marc Angelo buries his uncut cock deep in Jeremy's throat and fucks his face before moving on to Jeremy's ass. Once Marc is inside, he bareback fucks Jeremy relentlessly. When they eventually move back to the kitchen counter, they pick up speed, and Marc pounds the hell out of Jeremy. The super hairy, beefy muscle bear eventually shoots a huge load all over Jeremy's ass and hole, then Jeremy blasts off with a big load of his own. Now, this is what we could call a buffet. Get on up there and eat up!

Scene 4 - Atlas Grant and John Thomas

Atlas Grant and John Thomas are ready for their first scene together. But first, we get to find a bit about them and what makes them tick. Only then can the fun begin, with bearded, super hairy Atlas, servicing John's big, uncut cock. But Atlas doesn't just service John. Atlas makes a meal out of the thick and juicy, mouthwatering hunk of bear meat. It doesn't take much to get John to return the favor. Soon, however, Atlas has his face buried in John's meaty ass, priming him full of spit as he rims John's and eats his hole. Muscle bear Atlas then works his uncut tool inside John and starts to fuck. Atlas puts John through his paces, putting the big, white bear into positions none of us anticipated. Alas, all too soon, things cum to an end, with each spewing a good load the other savors and shares.


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