Luke Desmond and Milo Taylor
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Luke Desmond and Milo Taylor

It's a damn hot summer's night, and super hung Luke Desmond is trying to fix the broken AC, working on into the night. It's too hot for redheaded Milo to relax, so he heads to the bar for a night-cap and runs into Luke, topless and building up a sweat, he joins for a nightcap and the rest is a fucking noisy session on the sofa! Milo's a very accented young Scouse, but that doesn't stop him getting his way with Luke, licking him from tip to toe, making an extended stop by his enormous cock, who can blame him!? Hungry for dick now, Milo spreads his legs right there in reception and screams like a banshee as Luke slides straight in, up to the hilt! These twinks don't care who might come in, or who they wake up, and the whole Hotel is rocking to the sound of Milo's moaning! All the guests are up and about but unfortunatel6y none come to investigate, leaving Luke and Milo alone, and the sight of Luke's dick sliding in the whole length is more than enough to keep us happy, and some of the other guests too by the sound of it!

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