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Juicy Bits (DVD)
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Juicy Bits (DVD)

Like fresh picked fruit, young, almost innocent men are sweet and juicy. And none are tastier than those who need to be plucked or want to be sucked off and used. Between Brandon Lewis and Ryan C, a blindfolded cock sucking and ass rimming session, straight hunks Buck and Austin, Dallas J who gets his sweet ginger ass juiced by thick hung Cody Starks, Ashton Rush taking a bath with his buddy Ryan C, and beefy, meaty, curly-haired nerd, Clark G, you’ll be more than wet and ready to come when they show you their Juicy Bits!

Scene 1 - Blowing Ryan - Brandon Lewis and Ryan C

Like a lot of country boys who think with their dicks, Ryan C knocked up his sweetheart. Now she's pimping him out to gay porn studios to pay the bills. And with that big dick of his, who were we to say no? Ryan had never gotten a blowjob from a guy so we called in a cock sucking pro. Brandon Lewis puts a blindfold on Ryan then ties his hands behind his back. Brandon works Ryan's cock until it's rock hard then moves Ryan to the porch railing in order to get his tongue nice and deep in Ryan's virgin hole. Brandon worshipped Ryan's sack with his mouth, alternating between Ryan's hole and cock. Brandon strokes himself as he deep throats Ryan until Brandon busts his nut, still on he knees. Ryan sprays his load all over Brandon's gorgeous southern face for a creamy finish!

Scene 2 - Buck and Austin

Dark-haired Buck is stunning with his beefy body and that insatiable ass of his. He immediately wanted all the attention, which suited his scene partner just fine because he was obviously nervous as fuck. Buck broke the ice when he grabbed Austin's hard cock and guided it into his wet mouth. You can almost see Austin thinking about returning the favor but it took him a while to work up the courage. Then again, maybe he was just enjoying the sensation of having a football player type going down on him and servicing his pretty cock! But one taste of Buck's cock and Austin couldn't get enough. The two teased each other for quite a while before Buck demanded Austin shove his cock in his ass. Austin wasn't going to let Buck down so he bent him over and fucked him good and hard, pushing Buck to milk out a creamy white load while stuffing his tight hole.

Scene 3 - Dallas J and Cody Starks

Get ready for some big dick cock sucking and butt fucking action! Cody Starks -- tall, slender and dark -- is a sexy fucker with all those bad-boy tattoos while Dallas J, a pierced and tattooed ex-country farmboy is just as hot and eager to get off. After making out they get down to business with a serious approach as they take turns sucking each other. No idle chit chat, no story. Just down and dirty fucking. And speaking of fucking...Dallas J truly comes alive the moment Cody penetrates that tight, rarely fucked hole. Dallas arches his back and meets every forward thrust with a delicious grunt to let you know just how much he’s enjoying that huge cock up his ass while Cody bangs away, flesh smacking flesh, big balls hypnotically swaying back and forth. Dallas rides Cody's big dick, his own meaty slab bouncing up and down but gets back on his belly so Cody can really go to town, each releasing big loads -- which we had to show twice! -- of pent-up stress and jizz.

Scene 4 - Ashton and Ryan

Nothing like two hot young twinks getting all wet and lathered up. And oh yes, NAKED!. Ryan C and Ashton Rush happened to be hanging out with us one night when Ashton said he really wanted to go and get in a nice bubble bath. We weren't surprised when Ryan decided to get in and join him. We grabbed our equipment as fast as we could, while the water was running and the boys geared up for a bit of clean fun. Ashton dropped his drawers to get in only to reveal his huge hard on in anticipation of his romp with Ryan. They climbed in the water and started to make out. Ashton stood up and Ryan gave his cock some attention but Ashton really wanted Ryan's meat inside of him. Ashton wanted Ryan's long cock in his mouth and more importantly, Ashton's wet hole needed to be filled. Ryan likes to go deep, which is exactly how Ashton likes it, so Ryan mounted Ashton and fucked him doggie style. Hearing Ryan's wet ball sack slap against Ashton's bare ass was a huge turn on. After getting fucked silly, Ashton got his final reward and slurped down Ryan's thick load.

Scene 5 - Clark G

When you first look at Clark G you'd think he was a studious college boy. And you'd be right! But this 19-year-old is so much more. The dark curly hair and glasses don't quite prepare you for this handsome, sexy stud. Clark is the complete package from the top of his head down to his size 12 feet. Somewhat reminiscent of the 60's, this activist for free love has an amazing body that is all natural. He hardly words out, at least not in the gym, and he takes it all in stride. Which only makes you want to submit to what ever he might suggest. Clark Clark kicked back and stroked his hard cock for us outdoors and just about forgot he was being filmed while working his shaft slowly up and down. Clark's muscles tensed as he got closer then let out a loud moan as he spewed spooge all over his smooth chest. Even the studious have to release the pressure from time to time. Thank goodness he allowed us to film him!


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