Joel Vargas and Rudy Valentino
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Joel Vargas and Rudy Valentino

In a scene of skillful seduction, dark-haired hottie, Joel Vargas takes a walk in the woods with smooth hunk buddy, Rudy Valentino. Ever concerned, Joel sprays oil on Rudy, supposedly to keep him from burning, but it's obviously an excuse for getting his hot and eager hands all over his muscled young friend. Rudy, built solid, is soon slippery with oil. Having enjoyed Joel's touch, as well as his sexual advances, Rudy soon returns the favor. Although somewhat shy, he applies generously, gliding his hands all over Joel. It's a sensual and romantic interlude between the two as they then rub each other up and down, teasing their luscious bodies. Wanting to prolong their encounter, when Joel spots a stream, he convinces Rudy to join him and the young men laugh with glee as they splash each other with cold water. But the heat within them soon bubbles to the surface and they find a spot where they can be alone. There, Joel gives his thick hung and uncut friend a handjob, then fires off a juicy load of his own as he cums all over Rudy's taut belly. Sounds to us like Joel's got a crush. Too bad Rudy's straight.

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