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Hunks: Nuts & Bolts (DVD)
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Hunks: Nuts & Bolts (DVD)

Nuts and bolts. The basic working components or practical aspects of a thing. In this case, we’re talking about some VERY important working components. Cock. Balls. A hot, eager mouth. A hungry fuck hole. In this collection of beefy men with meaty cocks, big balls and perfect asses, — some straight, some gay, some bi — Wade, Austin N, Bruce, Tyler Andrews, and Charlie are Hunks: Nuts & Bolts, hot and horny studs getting down to the nitty gritty of getting off!

Scene 1 - Wade

We received a call from a former model saying he had a friend that wanted to do a show for us. We typically have new local boys with no experience filming but when we ogled Wade's pictures, we couldn't wait for him to pay us a visit. His pictures truly did not do him justice, however. At 5'9" and tanned, with ripped muscles, a small waist and a tight, round totally fuckable ass, Wade is even more delicious in the flesh! The 24-year-old is an adult entertainer and loves his job. He has never been shy about letting his sexual needs known to anyone and everyone. Whether he is stripping or in front of the camera with his big cock out, Wade loves it all. He just about forgot the cameras were there and put on a slow sensual show for us, teasing us with his big cock until he couldn't hold back any longer. Releasing the pressure, Wade shot a big load of cum over his shoulder and licked it up, all the while with two fingers deep in his hole.

Scene 2 - Austin N and Wade

There's nothing like watching two hot studs fucking out in the warm sun. That's why we filmed dark-haired Wade and blond Austin N doing the nasty while on a deck overlooking some beautiful greenery. They may have been a bit self-conscious at first but once they got going they all but forgot we were there, cameras rolling. They take turns sucking each other, doing their best to outdo the other as they demonstrate some mad oral skill as they slurp down some big meat. Then Austin bent over so Wade could penetrate his moist fuckhole. Austin didn't flinch as Wade stuffed his uncut cock deep in his ass and fucked for a good while before Austin ended up on his back. With his legs spread open wide and Wade's big uncut cock drilling him, it was almost more than Austin could take. He sprayed his stomach with cum, his seed spurting explosively before Wade added to the creamy puddle of jizz.

Scene 3 - Bruce

Redhead Bruce says he's straight but secretly plays that card because he loves to be humiliated, especially by women. He can be found flooding social media networks, in search of suitors to give him what he craves. When the day came for us to film Bruce he was nervous but excited, hard before he even walked inside and we started talking. Turns out that thrill of being watched, as well as discovered for who and what he is, is a huge turn-on for the secretly submissive who needs to be seen. Bruce undressed even before we were ready, exposing his lily-white naked body. Bruce did everything we told him to do and he stroked his cock, showing us his ass. So we gave him a toy to help him on his way to an even more arousing session. Bruce quickly replaced the dildo, finger fucking his ass as he shoot his load all over his ginger chest.

Scene 4 - Bruce and Tyler Andrews

When Tyler Andrews said he really wanted to fuck a guy, we went on the hunt to find him a worthy bottom. We asked Bruce, who's already filmed a solo with us and, although he's also straight, we had a feeling he might enjoy getting fucked by thick hung Tyler. When they met, Bruce was more than a little nervous. But Tyler told him not to worry. "Just do what I tell you to do," Tyler said, which was exactly what Bruce needed to hear. You could see his cock swell through his shorts as Tyler told he was about to be dominated. One look at Bruce's face and you can tell this is his first real cock -- other than sex toys -- stuffing his hungry hole and we have a feeling it won't be the last. These two went at it non-stop for more than an hour. When Tyler couldn't hold back any longer he unloaded a huge load of creamy white cum on Bruce's hot ass. Not to be out done, Bruce laid on his back and sucked out the rest of Tyler's cum until he exploded with a huge load all over his chest. We can still hear Tyler's balls slapping against Bruce's muscled ass!

Scene 5 - Charlie

Why is it that some of the hottest, sexiest men are straight? Is it the proverbial -- pardon the pun -- forbidden fruit? Or it there more? The intangible feeling that under the right circumstances, that straight guy just MIGHT fulfill your fantasies, and then some. Regardless of the reason, you're going to love this muscled hunk. Charlie is a private man who loves to work on his body. He especially loves to show off his hard work and we can't say we blame him. We'd made several attempts to meet with Charlie in the past but our schedules never aligned. But one day, we had a no-show, he had a cancellation and BOOM! He was surprisingly comfortable the moment he walked through the door and we fell in love. We on set, that is. Not Charlie and us. Still, it didn't stop Charlie from being flirtatious. He loves attention, even if he doesn't talk much, which gave us the opportunity to admire his chiseled body. Charlie kept watching us as he took off his clothes and slowly rubbed his cock through his underwear. After teasing us for a while, which included raising his legs to let us glimpse his tight pink knot, Charlie grabbed the lube and went to town. He stoked nice and slow, then fast and furious. Finally, he touched his hole while jacking his hard cock and it sent him over the edge. Charlie's cock spewed thick creamy cum like a volcano shooting out ropey lava. Ah, to be scorched by Charlie's seed!


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