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Hunks in Twinks (DVD)
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Hunks in Twinks (DVD)


In life, there’s a natural progression, a certain order if you will. And nothing is more natural than a twink wanting to be taken by a big hunk. Hunks love to fuck a sexy little twink, too! There’s just something about a smaller, frailer, inexperienced and pretty thing nestled in a pair of strong arms, or sucking cock, or getting fucked by the hunk they look up to. Luckily, we found several hunks — from the younger daddy types to beefy muscled studs — who love to fuck. Corbin Case, Tyler Andrews, Cameron Ford, Ean, Amelio, Ashton Rush and Brandon Lewis are right where they belong…Hunks in Twinks!

Scene 1 - Ashton Rush and Brandon Lewis

College isn't all fun and games. Nor is it an endless stream of beer drinking and hopping into bed with your co-eds. At least, that's not the college life for Ashton Rush as he's a studious little bugger, focused and determined to get good grades. When things get a bit stressful, that's when he lets loose and hooks up with a hot guy for some much needed release. In this scene with Brandon Lewis, Ashton wants cock! He tells Brandon to have his way with him, to go deep. Brandon, ever the gentleman, is not about to deny Ashton what he most wants, needs and craves. With some of the deepest drilling we've seen, Brandon fucks Ashton until he can't hold back any longer, spilling his seed all over Ashton's stomach before Ashton lets loose with a load of his own, pooling his jizz with Brandon's cum.

Scene 2 - Corbin Case and Tyler Andrews

We have to rank Corbin Case as one of the top 5 hottest guys ever. Because he's straight we were 99% sure that there was no possible way of convincing him to do a shoot with us where he gets sucked off. Corbin just didn't seem at all the kind of guy that would even think about man-on-man action. We got lucky and he agreed but it would depend on who we paired him with. Naturally there's only one hot beefy jock we had in mind for Corbin and when Tyler Andrews showed up...well, let's just say we were in for a pleasant surprise!

Scene 3 - Cameron Ford and Ean

For those who enjoy contrast in porn, this scene with Cameron Ford and Ean is a scorcher! There's just something about a big hot dark stud fucking a thinner, light skinned boy, only slightly darker than pale. Cameron is very in touch with sexuality, a hot body and an even hotter attitude. Cameron worked up Ean from before we got the cameras rolling. Genuinely into each other, Cameron took control as expected, devouring Ean's cock with gusto! One look at the gleam in his eyes as Ean's cock grows bigger and bigger and you'll know Cameron is without a doubt one major cock whore. Ean teases Cameron's hole then puts him on top so Cameron can ease himself down on Ean's big throbbing dick. And the fucking continues from there, getting hotter and hotter. In fact, at one point, Cameron is on his back with Ean thrusting his cock deep, just the way Cameron likes it, fucking harder and harder until they shoot creamy white loads of thick cum that's just too tempting for Cameron to resist. Slurrrppp!

Scene 4 - Amelio and Tyler Andrews

Swarthy Amelio was a bit uncertain when he arrived for his scene with Tyler Andrews. We asked if he was certain about sex with another guy and he said he couldn't stop thinking about it. In fact, he confessed he'd been jacking off just about every day at the thought of getting it on with Tyler. But would Tyler like him? Amelio IS a little shy, after all. Fortunately, Tyler is the type who likes to draw people out of their shell and that's exactly what happened with Amelio. They started off sucking each other, and it was arousing to watch as they didn't just suck each other but worship cock. Tyler then bent Amelio over and started to fuck him hard. Amelio loved taking Tyler's cock deep in his hole and the two finished with Amelio on his back, drilled deep as Tyler pulled out and sprayed his seed all over Amelio.

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