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Hung Southern Jocks (DVD)
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Hung Southern Jocks (DVD)

Whether you like them lean and trim with low-hanging balls or beefy and muscled with a tight, round sac, Southern men have a unique style and casual attitude all their own. They may be the rough redneck type or the perfect Southern gentlemen but when it comes to sex, the hot and hung young jocks featured in this DVD have one thing in common…SEX! But Logan Taylor, Colt McGraw, Trevor Laster, Cole Markum, Damien, Joey Vox, Carson Carver, Genesis and Jackson Hammer have one other thing in common. They’re Hung Southern Jocks!

Scene 1 - Carson and Colt McGraw

So Colt had been staying at the ranch for a while when we got a call from Carson. Seems that Carson had a major crush on Colt and he found out he was staying at the ranch so he asked us he we could try and hook up a video for the two of them. We spent a good part of Colt's visit talking about how he's getting comfortable with guys and ready to maybe push his boundaries a bit. Carson hopped in his car as we were talking to him on the phone and letting him know that Colt was down. It was a scorching Texas afternoon so the guys hung out by the pasture fence where Colt was leaning back and chilling. Carson immediately dropped to his knees and took Colt's mammoth cock in his mouth and sucked it until Colt was throbbing hard. Colt bent Carson over the fence post so he could get a clear deep shot at ruining his asshole. Carson got was he was bargaining for and he got it deep. Both guys marked their territories by painting the fence with their cum loads.

Scene 2 - Genesis and Jackson

Genesis has been on us for weeks to get he and Jackson up to the Ranch so they could fuck for us on camera. Genesis and Jackson have been dating for a while and they both love to be in front of the cameras so we couldn't wait to turn them loose. We turned on the cameras and then we all sat back and enjoyed the show. These two are obviously head over heels for each other and it definitely shows. They could barely keep their lips off of each other long enuff for us to hear how they met and a little more about our bottom boy Jackson. Both of these studs were rock hard from the word go, they swapped wet sloppy blow jobs in between their lip locks and then it was time to get naked and really get down to business. Genesis started by picking his bottom boy up and tongue fucking Jackson's hole to get it nice and ready for Genesis' throbbing man hood. Jackson climbed up on top and rode Genesis' big fat cock just like they were on their couch at home. That was just the beginning. Genesis' ravished Jackson twink hole until he pulled out and drenched Jackson with his man juice. Jackson licked up every drop.

Scene 3 - Joey and Damian

Two of the horniest studs stayed with us this weekend so we decided to let everyone see what these two have been doing off camera. Two hot Texas bodies with smooth lean defined bodies, Joey and Damien go at it like rabbits. We caught Damien giving head out on the patio so we grabbed our cameras so we could catch all the action. The guys moved onto a little sixty-nine action with so hot ass eating, getting Damien's hole nice and wet and ready for Joey's big fat cock. Once Damien had Joey's big dick in his ass, he couldn't get it hard enough or deep enough. Damien made Joey fuck him in 6 different positions letting Joey build up a giant creamy load. Damien fucked back with his ass as hard as out hot stud Joey was dishing it out. Damien was the first to give in as he barely pulled out of Damien's hole in time to spray his back down like a power hose. Damien dropped his load on the spot, painting the chair. The two slept for the next 12 hours after their sexcapade.

Scene 4 - Logan and Colt McGraw

After seeing Colt and his big cut cock in action, Logan started blowing up our phones wanting to do a video with him. We finally gave in and set these two up one hot afternoon but you would think that these two were all of a sudden back in high school. They each sat on opposite ends of the couch pretending not to notice what was sitting next to them. Colt got up first and pulled off his pants leaving him in just his skivies. Logan pretty much followed Colt's every move. As Colt removed his clothes, so did logan. Colt's cock was rock hard and standing at attention so Logan all of a sudden let everything fly out the window as he grabbed the shaft of Colt's cock and guided it into his wet mouth. Colt massaged Logan's back as he pushed Logan's head up and down on his cock. Colt took his turn sucking Logan's hard cock before Colt stood up and fed his manhood to Logan's hungry mouth. Colt drenched Logan's beefy shoulders with his creamy load of cum. Logan finished himself of by spraying all over Colt's hard chest.

Scene 5 - Trevor and Cole Markum

Two of our hottest bodies here at Southern strokes and definitely two of the biggest cocks are paired up for some hot fucking. We started off by talking about some of their wildest sex encounters and even we were shocked at some of the things that came out of their mouths. I know Cole's been waiting to get his ass wrapped around Trevor's big fat pole 'cause Cole likes 'em big and thick. Cole started right in on Trevor with his mouth, kissing Trevor's hard body and teasing his cock through his pants. Cole pulled out Trevor's hard throbbing cock and worked it over with his mouth until Trevor needed to fucking something. Cole got on all fours and put his ass up on the arm of the chair so that Trevor could take it. Trevor took it deep early, setting the tone for what was gonna be a rough fucking. Cole climbed up on top and rode it next before he showed up all how limber he is. Trevor spread his legs to the splits and fucked him deeper that I've ever seen his cock buried in a hole. Cole shot his load as Trevor was pumping his hole and then Trevor pulled out and sprayed Cole with his creamy jizz.

Scene 6 - Trevor Laster Solo

When we first heard from Trevor we checked out his pics an honestly he just didn't seem to fit what our members were looking for. Well I have been wrong a lot but when Trevor walked in the door, man was I sorry that we waited so long to film him. Trevor is 5'11" tall with 155 pounds of awesome defined muscles from head to toe. Just when you think that Trevor can't get any more sexy that he is, he whips out a big ole fat cut cock that just keep growing until you think his skin is going to split. We tried to pretend like we wanted to hear more about Trevor but we were anxious to get to the meat of the session. Trevor was finally naked with his naturally smooth and defined body spread out on the couch and his swollen piece of meat between his legs lubed up and ready to go. Trevor stroked it nice and slowly with long strokes switching hands so he could get it all covered. Trevor opened he legs a little more as he picked up the pace until he was stroking like a rabbit. Trevor let us all get a taste of his man juice squirting his cum all over his smooth abs.


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