Hairy Flip Fuckers (Download)
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Hairy Flip Fuckers (Download)

Some guys enjoy a hungry bottom while others prefer a hard top. For the rest of us, nothing but a hairy flip fucker will do!

Scene 1 - Scott Irish and Troy Webb
A pair of brawny, tough hunks get their fuck on and let loose with dirty talk and some very animalistic pounding!

Scene 2 - Jay Wolf and Lobo Al
Texas bear Lobo Al takes on Jay Wolf, a thick-dicked newcomer with a bottomless appetite for hard, rough bareback fucking! Rimming and ramming and pumping loads. Oh my!

Scene 3 - Wolf Getz and Jessie Hammer
Wolf Getz and Jesse Hammer get so ntense, nasty and raunchy you can practically smell their macho musk as they paw and grab at each other!

Scene 4 - Canadad and Troy Collins
Horny sex freaks Troy Collins and Canadad pound each other furiously until they're drenched with sweat and coated in cum!

Scene 5 - Jack Powers and Wolfgang Michaels
Jack Power and Wolfgang Michaels jerk each other off, sucking dick, and rim ass before getting really raunchy with classic bareback fucking!

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