Hairy Bare Loads 2 (Download)
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Hairy Bare Loads 2 (Download)

For those of you who like their men big, meaty and covered in fur in all the right places, feast your eyes on the horny fuckers in Hairy and Raw’s latest DVD release. Featuring Jay Wolf, Lobo Al, Lanz Adams, Gunner Scott, Renzo Marquez, Amir Badri, Loan Damon, and Marc Angelo in his first ever bareback scene with real-life boyfriend Adam Knocksville, you can practically smell the sweat coming off them as the suck each other off, rim hairy fuckholes and pound raw ass until they spew some thick hot loads of jizz. These men are sure to satisfy your craving for hairy men and bareback sex so grab your favorite lube, whip your cock out and start stroking with the men of Hairy Bare Loads 2!

Scene 1 - Marc Angelo and Amir Badri

Muscle bear daddy hunk Marc Angelo is ready for a wrestling match with Amir Badri. Except dressed in their skimpy shorts, each is hard even before the camera started rolling! They waste little time in getting down to business, with a bit of making out before moving on to some nipple chewing. They get each other even more juiced by slowing down on the need to get off and oil each other up, instead. It's not unlike watching Turkish oil wrestling as Marc and Amir pour the sticky stuff on each other and work those big muscles. Cocks included! But after a while, enough is enough and Amir goes in for the kill. He whips out Marc's uncut pierced cock and slurps away like a noisy little piggy. But it's not a one-sided suckfest as Marc wants in on some that dick sucking action. He gets his face fucked for a while before he and Amir get into a 69, with Amir on top, deep throating Marc to the balls. The bearded tattooed daddy then flips Amir on all fours with his ass up in the air and practically asphyxiates on the incredibly hot and hairy ass. Amir flips the tables on Marc, rimming his hot hole before sliding his cock home and fucking Marc raw. It’s a fight for dominance as they flip yet again, with Marc pounding the masculine bareback slut like a true champ, spewing his seed all over Amir’s delicious ass and seeding his hole. Rough, masculine bareback sex with Marc Angelo has never been so hot, exclusively on Hairy and Raw!


Scene 2 - Lobo Al and Jay Wolf

Lobo Al is one of our favorite fuckers on Hairy and Raw, and every time we're in Texas we ring him up to see if he's ready to take a pounding, and he never disappoints. We hooked up with a thick-dicked newcomer, Jay Wolf, with a bottomless appetite for hard, rough barebacking. On the shoot, thunderstorms threatened to derail the shoot by disrupting the power, but Al was not going to miss his chance to take that 8x7 shaft inside of him. We improvised with camera mounted lights and these to horny bastards gave us an epic performance, probably the best video we've ever shot for Hairy and Raw. Jay eats Al's ass like sweet candy before ramming his thick cock deep inside, pumping Al and slapping his balls against Al's furry ass. Jay is not a pure top though…he loves getting a stiff cock in his hole too. Lobo is game to flip the young pup and deliver his own hot rod penetration. He fucks Jay like a bull and shoots his seed deep into Jay's tight, furry hole. We told you this was one of best videos ever! Jay remounts Al and keeps fucking that muscular ass from behind, finally release his hot cum all over his tattooed back. 


Scene 3 - Adam Knocksville and Marc Angelo

Decked out in his favorite leather gear, bearded hunk Adam Knocksville awaits his Master like a the good sub. Bearded muscle daddy Marc Angelo, walks in and immediately takes ownership of his real-life boyfriend in this leather fetish bareback scene shot exclusively for Hairy&Raw. But Adam isn’t just Marc’s boyfriend. Adam is owned lock, stock and barrel! The beefy, pierced hairy muscle bear wastes little time in showing us how he likes to roughhouse and handle his sex slave/boytoy and soon has Adam bent over a makeshift sling, bareback fucking his sweet meaty ass. Only a good Master like Marc can push all those buttons and get a sex pig like Adam to take such a great hole streching, finger fucking, and balls deep penetration before exploding with such a huge jizzy load of cum.


Scene 4 - Lanz Adams, Gunner Scott and Renzo Marquez

When Gunner comes back out after taking a piss, Lanz is in the middle, mouth stuffed full of cock, hole full of tongue. Gunner fucks his face and throat while Renzo rims his ass, prepping Lanz for Gunner's fat dick. When Lanz has taken as much cock as he can take, including Gunner's load, Renzo sucks the jizz from the freshly fucked asshole. Still hungry for more dick, Lanz rides Renzo's long, fat cock while his own swing round and round. The tag teaming spit roasting trio continues with Lanz milking Renzo's shaft, pumping the cum out of him and seeding his own asshole with the hot Latin seed. The cum gluttony continues with each man eventually spewing fresh pumped loads meant to be devoured!


Scene 5 - Marc Angelo and Loan Damon

As many of our Hairy and Raw members know, Marc Angelo is a big and beefy hairy man who loves sex. Now, in his first ever bareback scene, the tattooed muscle bear is even more intense! Loan Damon, a thin waif-like young man, is the dutiful husband who clearly can’t get his wife pregnant. He’s at the clinic to check his sperm count but Doctor Marc already has a sneaky suspicion Loan simply prefers cock. After stepping away to give Loan some privacy, Marc comes back to lend a helping hand and affirm his suspicion that the young man just prefers a hot and hairy piece of man ass! After waving his pierced cock in Loan’s face, Marc offers up his meaty ass for Loan to eat then turns around and returns the favor. He sucks on the thick hung and uncut young man, rims his ass, then slides that cock home nice and raw and easy. The beefy muscle daddy bareback fucks slender Loan until he’s ready to pop his load. We’ll never know what his sperm count is, or if he’s fertile, but who cares? He just got fucked. Raw. And by one of the hottest daddies in the industry!


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