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Fuck the Southern Jock (DVD)
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Fuck the Southern Jock (DVD)

When it comes to sex, many Southern men don’t care where they stick their dick just as long as they’re in a tight, wet hole and they can get off. And sometimes, the jocks you least expect to get fucked are the first ones to turn bottom and give it up for a big dick! Watch Jackson Taylor, Trevor Laster, Genesis, Joey Vox, Logan Taylor, Haigan Sence, Erik, Carson Carver, and Marc Jacob, as they surprise us, themselves, and even you, when they “Fuck the Southern Jock!” This DVD includes a smoking hot bareback fetish scene between thick-hung tattooed blond, Trevor, and adorable twink-like, Jackson. Blindfolds, restraints and leather. Doesn’t get any hotter when you Fuck the Southern Jock!

Scene 1 - Carson and Erik

It was time to break in another first timer so we called in Carson to help bring newbie along. This was Erik's first time playing with a boy and man did it show. Erik was such a nervous wreck that he could barely speak, so we turned Carson loose on him. I thought Erik might turn tail and run but Carson was having none of that. Carson stripped down to his Skivvies and then he turned his attention to Erik's worked out body. Carson stood Erik up and first removed his shirt. Carson explored Erik's pecs with his lizard tongue teasing his nipples and the working his way down to Erik's fat package. It had been a few months since Carson last trip to the Ranch so he had some pent up horniness that he needed to relieve and he wanted Erik's big cock inside of him. Carson sucked Erik nice and hard before he over so Erik could get full penetration of Carson's bitch hole. The boys fucked for quite a while before Carson gave us a heads up that he needed to explode. Exploding is exactly what Carson did and I mean everywhere. For I minute I thought Carson brought a garden hose in the room as he shot a stream of fun all over Erik's chest and more importantly all over Carson's waiting face.

Scene 2 - Genesis and Marc

When Marc made his first visit to the Ranch, he let me know that his preference was to top. So true to form, I had him bottom until Genesis came along with his sexy meaty ass. I thought I would give Marc his chance at doing the fucking for a change. After all, he has been a trooper and done anything I asked. We were hanging out at the supper table when we started chatting and the next thing I know, Genesis is taking down Marc's pants so he could get to Marc's hard uncut cock. Genesis's wet mouth worked on Marc's uncut cock until it was Marc's turn to give Genesis' cock a good sucking. Marc wanted a little taste of what was to cum so he let his tongue explore Genesis's hole as Genesis arched his back and opened up his balloon knot so that Marc could get his tongue in nice and deep. Marc wasn't done playing yet. Next Marc worked Genesis' hole over with his fingers to get it ready for his uncut meat. Genesis bent over the table with his knees on the bench and Marc climbed up and took him from behind. Marc started out gentle, giving Genesis' back soft kisses but then he rode Genesis like he was breaking in a new bronco. The two country boys fuck in every thinkable position before Genesis climbed up on top to go for a ride. Genesis unleashed a thick stream of boy juice all over Marc's face before Marc set off his own geyser of baby batter.

Scene 3 - Genesis Solo

Logan Taylor showed up at the Ranch one afternoon with Genesis in tow. I'm not to sure what those two had been up to the night before, but they were horny as fuck when they pulled up in Logan's truck. Genesis is big-dicked country boy with a ripped set of abs, a big cut cock and a tight muscled ass. Genesis was telling us about a time when he fucked a buddy on his daddy's tractor so we thought we would let him at least jack off on one to take him back. Genesis stripped off his shirt so he could show us his prized abs and then teased our cameras for a bit before he dropped his jeans and leaned against the tractor and started stroking his cock. Genesis' body tensed showing off his muscled physique as he stroked his throbbing dick. Genesis didn't leave anything to our imagination including his amazing ass. After teasing us with his hole, Genesis slowly let one of his fingers probe his ass as he stroked his hard cock with the other. Genesis finally plunged his finger deep inside his hole as he milked out some good ole country gravy from his cock.

Scene 4 - Joey and Genesis

There is no question that most models are night owls so you of course know better than to schedule early morning shoots unless you have to. Our boy Genesis brings this concept to a whole other level. Joey as looking hotter than ever and Genesis was as well but I swear that I thought we were going to have to tape Genesis' eyelids open to get through the photo shoot. Once we got past the photos, Genesis was awake, primed and ready to go. The boys made out for a bit before Joey undid Genesis' pants and let them slide down so that the could get his mouth on Genesis's big cut cock. We've had the pleasure of introducing Joey to Guy on Guy action and clearly one of his favorite discovery is sucking cock. Joey's of course always loved being on the receiving end of a hummer but he never thought how satisfying it would be to have a cock in his mouth. Genesis laid Joey down on his stomach and slowly let his wrapped meat, enter Joey's tender virgin hole. Once he had Joey's hole loosened up a it, Genesis put Joey up on all fours and started pounding away at Joey's hungry hole. Genesis slowed things down for a bit causing Joey to arch his back and throw his ass higher in the air. Joey got on his back and threw his legs in the air so that Genesis could get his big hard cock deeper into Joey's anxiously awaiting hole. Genesis fucked Joey long and deep and Joey jacked is big cock until it squirted cum all over Joey's olive skin. Joey had worked up quite a thirst so Genesis whipped him a protein shake and fed it to him.

Scene 5 - Logan and Haigan Sense

Haigan Sence and Logan Taylor have been paling around off camera and Haigan has kinda taken Logan under his wing to shown him around the big D. I can only imaging how excited Logan was to service his mentor. And service he did, with a little bit of kissing to boot! Sucking Haigan's big cock, he got the tattooed bad-boy worked up and ready to fuck Logan's meaty ass. Logan presented that sweet tight hole for Haigan to take and ended up getting a powerhouse bang that ended with two loads of jizz all over his tattooed belly. These two have now become inseparable. Could there be a bromance brewing?

Scene 6 - Trevor and Jackson

I've been pushing Trevor to get leathered up for us and do some real fucking so it only made sense that Jackson Taylor get in on this RAW action. Trevor's body gets fucking hotter and hotter every time he cums back to the Ranch. Slap a leather harness and jockstrap on him and look the fuck out. Jackson was exactly what the doctor ordered on this sweltering Texas afternoon. He was up for anything so we wanted to make sure that he didn't leave the Ranch disappointed so we started out with him in my favorite position. On all fours, blindfold on, Wrists secure and nothing on but a jock and socks. Trevor spread Jackson's smooth ass cheeks revealing his hungry hole. Trevor's tongue worked Jackson's hole until neither of them could stand it any more. Jackson got up and slid his spit lubed hole over Trevor's huge unwrapped tool. Jackson quivered as Trevor's naked cock slid inside his waiting tunnel. Trevor's cock seemed to swell even bigger as Jackson laid on his back and spread his legs wide open for Trevor's bare cock. Trevor finally hit Jackson's spot over and over again as he drilled him deep with his gigantic piece of meat. Once Trevor hit Jackson's spot, Jackson dumped a big load all over his stomach only to be covered by Trevor's juice.


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