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Fuck My Hole Raw (Download)
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Fuck My Hole Raw (Download)

When it comes to sex, at least once in our lives we've all had the same natural urge. The same raw desire. The thing that makes our cocks hard and our assholes twitch. We all want to fuck like a fucking porn star. Lucky for us, Brian Bonds, Alex Hawk, Atlas Grant, Drew Dixon, Romeo Davis, Sean Peek, Jack Dyer, and Joey Wagner, shows us just how it's done. Nasty, Sweaty, Wet, and Raw. Kiss it, Suck it, Lick it, Fuck it, then Shoot it, in as many positions as possible. All this and more from some of the hottest men in the industry. Get ready to take notes and Watch Fuck My Hole Raw...This class is in session.

Scene 1 - Brian Bonds and Alex Hawk

In this hectic age, it's important to take a moment from our busy lives to focus, gather our thoughts, and center ourselves. For Alex Hawk, his favorite way to regroup is meditation. Deep breath in...slow exhale out. For Brian Bonds, it's fucking. Brian offers Alex his cock to consider and focus on, instead of trying to harness his chi and realign his chakras by moaning "ooohhhmmm." Now, some might say that cock worship isn't exactly meditation, but it IS something to focus on. Just ask anyone in the Phallic Brotherhood. Alex is eager to bring new focus and sexual energy into alignment, so he devours Brian's big dick. He then gives up his ass for a different sort of In and Out. Brian gives Alex the bareback fuck of a lifetime, and thus, heals and centers the bottom cock whore, if not wrecks his hole, then seeding him with the spark of life!

Scene 2 - Atlas Grant and Drew Dixon

When you're hungry, there's no time to waste. Yes, the rule applies to food but it applies to cock as well. Because when you have a hungry hole, you simply need to fill it. Atlas Grant and Drew Dixon are already lost in a passionate make-out session. In fact, they're so excited they almost knock down the banister when they bump against it! Bearded Atlas is soon on his knees, devouring Drew's uncut cock. The muscle bear then gets Drew on the couch and goes to town deep throating him. But after a while, Drew wants to taste Atlas and rims him deep. Drew takes his sweet time eating him out, then going back to sucking his cock. Drew proceeds to straddle Atlas and fuck himself, barebacking his own hungry hole full of uncut meat before turning the tables and sliding into Atlas to return the favor. Drew sprays a large load, seeding Atlas, who then turns around and cums all over Drew's amazing abs! It's a loud, deliciously messy bareback fuck full of dirty talk, with plenty of hole stuffing.

Scene 3 - Romeo Davis and Sean Peek

After just meeting, Romeo and Sean aren't wasting any time getting to know each other better. While kissing, they stumble through the apt door and into the living room. They then continue to the bedroom to get more acquainted. Sean speaks better when his mouth is full so he makes sure to keep his mouth on Romeo's thick cock. On the flip side, Romeo does most of his talking while fucking a bottom in as many positions as possible. Sean is up for some good chit-chat. After a lot of deep conversation, Romeo shoots his load on Sean's ass and back. I bet these two have a lot more to discuss.

Scene 4 - Jack Dyer and Joey Wagner

Gruff and scruffy, Jack Dyer is the ultimate Daddy, and Joey Wagner has him. Hungry for anything the shaved bald Jack has to offer, Joey drops to his knees to service the older man's pierced cock. The corrupted “boy” gives up his ass for Jack to eat, and Daddy Jack takes full ownership of Joey's hole. The dirty talk gets loud and nasty as Jack throws everything he's got into spit-lubing and tongue-fucking the sub bottom. And once he's ready, Jack leans back and Joey prepares to ride. He straddles Jack and impales himself on the pierced, thick tool and fucks himself raw. Jack, a demanding Daddy with a commanding presence and a low, almost gravely voice that will have you wet and throbbing, eventually takes back the reins. Jack flips Joey onto his belly, mounts him, and throws his entire weight onto him. Jack barebacks the whore, taking ownership until he fucks the cum out of him then blasts inside, breeding Joey.


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