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For the Love of Twinks (DVD)
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For the Love of Twinks (DVD)

Twinks are soft and supple to the touch, fresh and relatively unspoiled. They’re also deliciously hard and enticing, driven by a voracious appetite to experience wanton pleasures. Like angels descended from heaven, Justin Cross, Jackson Wright, Payton Connor, Bar Addison, Timber Harvest, Tyler Tremallose, Xavier Ryan, Aiden Ward, and Daniel Hausser, turn into sexual demons in the bedroom. They burn with the fire of youth as they throw themselves wholly into making out, sucking and bareback fucking. And whether it’s lithe bodies, big cocks or mouthwatering asses, by the time you’re done watching these sexy beauties, you’re going to love… For The Love of Twinks!

Scene 1 - Justin Cross and Jackson Wright - What He's Made Of

Justin Cross is training Jackson Wright to determine what he's made of. But if this scene is any indication, we already know what Jackson is made of... a healthy curiosity about sex, lust for a huge cock, and the grit and determination to get himself, and Justin, off! It takes little time for Jackson to take Justin's big tool in his mouth. It barely fits, but that doesn't stop Jackson from sucking dick like a whore. For those of you who like oral, this is going to be a treat! Jackson just keeps on sucking on the mouth-watering slab of meat. Justin returns the favor, but quickly ends up fucking Jackson's face instead. Can you imagine what it's like to have that thick tube steak on your face, let alone in your mouth? Justin eventually works his monster into the twink's creamy white ass and pounds away. Jackson might not have been able to take all of Justin down his throat, but he can sure take it all up his sweet, hungry ass! Jackson ends up riding Justin, impaling himself with every downward slam, spewing an enormous load of jizz. Justin follows with a creamy finish.

Scene 2 - Payton Connor and Bar Addison

Bar Addison sits on the steps of the house he shares with his roommate. Enter hung twink Payton Connor who sits down behind him. The shirt soon comes off, and Payton works his magic. He massages his buddy, but instead of relaxing him, Payton gets his friend all hot and bothered. Payton stands, and Bar gets on his knees, anxious to suck that huge cock. Bar devours Payton, who returns the favor. But he wants more than cock. With Bar on all fours, Payson works his tongue in that meaty ass. Once Bar is primed, he straddles Payton. While his own cock swings round and round and bobs up and down, Bar rides Payton, fucking himself bareback. After a while, they stand, and Payton drives that throbbing slab of meat home, pounding harder and harder, making Bar's own thick tool bounce. Then, with Bar on his back, legs up in the air, Payton goes deep, massaging Bar's prostate with his cock and fucking him until he spews an enormous load of jizz. The sperm goes everywhere, including Bar's gaping hole. And after getting seeded by the slender, hung twink, hunky Bar delivers a money shot that will leave you panting!

Scene 3 - Timber Harvest and Tyler Tremallose

While waiting for the water to warm up, Tyler Tremallose and Timber Harvest get nasty after making out in the hallways. Timber drops to his knees to suck Tyler's cock then offers up his own uncut tool for a quick tongue lashing. And as good as that dick looks in Tyler's mouth, it looks even better swinging back and forth while Tyler pounds him raw. By now, the water is so hot it's steaming, but there's no way these horny twinks can stop now! Tyler stuffs Timber, stretching him out in the hallway, just outside the bathroom. Tyler ends up blasting a huge load all over Timber's chest. Soon after, Timber grabs hold of that enormous curved shaft and pumps away, returning the favor by blasting his own jizz all over Tyler. Now that's what we call stoked!

Scene 4 - Xavier Ryan and Aiden Ward

Xavier Ryan is hurting bad. He's tried everything, but it seems nothing has relieved him of the pressure in his back. So he goes to Aiden Ward to get a massage. He sighs and moans as Aiden works out his kinks, eventually stripping him down and massaging his glutes. But when that's all done, Xavier has to flip over… and he's rock hard! Aiden isn't phased in the least. He just gets right down to work, massaging Xavier's thighs and calves, then back up to his neck and chest, skipping the bobbing cock aching for release. Aiden works his way back down to work on Xavier's feet, clearly making the twink even hornier. And when Aiden can't resist his client's cock anymore, he grabs hold and starts pumping Xavier's cock. It's a slow, sensual hand job that pushes him over the edge, and he's already so close, it takes very little for Xavier to erupt. So? Who's next for a deep tissues massage?

Scene 5 - Justin Cross and Daniel Hausser

Daniel Hausser visits Justin Cross for practice. Except Justin isn't ready. And he doesn't really give a fuck because, according to him, he's going to fuck Daniel anyway. Well… with an opening line like that who can refuse? The dark-haired, hunk-like twink starts making out with Daniel, and the adorable hottie soon takes off his clothes to reveal a luscious ass, framed by a jockstrap with mouth-watering effect. Daniel sucks Justin then gets his face fucked by his hung playmate. The eager blond ends up straddling Justin and taking every inch of his shaft before going for what could very well be the ride of his life! When Justin takes over, however, he digs deeper, pounding the twink so hard it looks like the sofa might collapse. And when Daniel flips, to be fucked doggy, the cock hungry bottom arches his back and lets out incredible sounds of lust. Justin splatters jizz all over the freshly fucked ass, and soon after, Daniel whips out a load of his own.


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