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Filthy Innocents 2 (Download)
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Filthy Innocents 2 (Download)

The most beautiful, and sexy, of young men can sometimes cause an incredible lust, both in other twinks, and mature men. Maybe it’s because we can’t resist beauty, especially the pretty boys that have a look of innocence about them. The boys in this DVD, Beno Eker, Jack Flynn, Chris Summers, Jackson Wright, Craig Keller, Robbie Dane, Anton Marceau, and Diego Martin, are among the cutest, most innocent looking twinks we’ve found. But don’t let that deceive you. These guys only look virginal. They were born corrupted, and that is these twinks are…Filthy Innocents 2.

Scene 1 - Beno Eker and Jack Flynn

Jack Flynn and his teammates have won yet another match. That means it's time for Beno Eker to suck Jack's dick... again. But Jack's got a better idea. He shoves Jack's face down into his crotch, and the handsome twink doesn't even flinch. To tell the truth, though, if Beno shoved your face down into his crotch for you to suck him off, would you complain? We didn't think so. Jack gets to work, taking as much of his buddy's cock as he can while he jerks off. Eventually, Beno returns the favor, but before long, Jack is back on his knees. After slobbering all over his buddy's tool, Jack gives up his ass to Beno, who fucks like a machine! The hung twink stretches Jack open and stuffs him full of dick. And after barebacking Jack, after fucking the cum out of him, Beno keeps on going until he's ready to blow. Now, neither one of them can hardly wait until the next match!

Scene 2 - Chris Summers and Jackson Wright

After experiencing a threesome together, Chris Summers and Jackson Wright are ready to commit because they want more than just frivolous sex. The two are so excited to be on the same page they start making out. Soon, Chris drops to his knees and devours Jackson's large cock. Jackson returns the oral favor but soon ends up with his ass in Chris's face. The brunette licks and laps at the beautiful, pink starburst as if he were famished. Hell, who wouldn't? Jackson's got the kind of hole that was meant to be devoured like a tender cut of beef! Chris makes a meal out of the tiny opening, milking Jackson's tool before sliding into him. Chris fucks hard, and Jackson loves every thrust. So Chris pounds even harder, working up to a breakneck speed. He fucks the jizz out of Jackson, and it is truly breathtaking. It reaches almost halfway across the table! Chris delivers a good load, giving Jackson a delicious facial. But Jackson's cum shot. Wow. It is... unforgettable.

Scene 3 - Craig Keller and Robbie Dane

The big game is tomorrow, and Craig Keller and Robbie Dane, from opposing teams, are supposed to be training with their teammates. Little do their coaches know that Craig and Robbie are training for a game of their own. It's a game where both will shoot and score. After a make-out session to warm up, Craig goes down on Robbie, who eagerly returns the favor. But what he wants most is Craig's big uncut cock up his ass. After sucking Craig only long enough to slobber drool all over his throbbing shaft, Robbie takes Craig for a ride, using him as a human dildo. There is no one clear winner in this game because both score big points as they fuck bareback. Craig fucks the cum out of Robbie then oozes out a load of his own. So? What about you? Let's play!

Scene 4 - Anton Marceau and Diego Martin

Latin twink Diego Martin is sweet and pretty. Not unlike candy! And just like candy, he knows what it will take to get Anton Marceau in his bed. Laying out a trail that goes from his navel, up to his chest, Diego soon has Anton where he wants him. After sharing sweet kisses, Diego goes for what he wants. It's something he wants very badly, and it's big and hard and savory. Diego sucks Anton, drooling spit all over the throbbing shaft. While deep throating Anton, Diego plays with his own hole, getting himself ready for what's to come. Anton then buries his face in Diego's ass, eating him out with almost frantic energy, then slowing down to tease the hungry bottom. He works his big black cock inside Diego, but the Latino is tight. And if you've ever fucked a tight hole, you know what that's like! It takes Anton a couple of tries but once he's in he bareback fucks Diego hard, pushing him towards the edge. Eventually, Diego ends up riding Anton, bouncing on his cock and getting him to come. Diego then fires off a juicy load of his own, which Anton eats. Hmmm. Wonder if, after all that candy, Diego's cum is sweet?


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