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  • Ulterior Motives (DVD)
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    You know what it’s like when you see a guy you want. You can feel his cock in your mouth. Feel his tongue in your hole. You can imagine him stretching your hole open as he fucks you raw. You just have to get into his pants or you’ll bust! But how? Then it hits you. You scheme. Figure out a way to get close, bonding over something he likes, even if you don’t because, deep down, you want his hole…his cock…his load. Like Justin Cross, Billy Saint, Lucifer Angel, Tyler Tremallose, Xavier Ryan, and Aiden Ward, who have…Ulterior Motives!

    Scene 1 - Justin Cross and Billy Saint

    Boot camp trainer Justin Cross sits and waits for his new trainee. Except when Billy Saint appears, he's hardly what Justin had expected. After running the slender twink through basic maneuvers, Justin comes straight out and asks why the boy reached out in the first place. Billy, somewhat sheepishly, replies with "I saw your picture online and I thought you were cute." Awww! How can anyone say no to that? Justin sure can't and the thought of having Billy's pretty lips wrapped around his cock gives Justin other ideas. Next thing you know they're both naked and Billy is doing just what he'd hoped for. Sucking big, juicy, curved cock! Justin returns the favor then spreads Billy's legs apart to stretch that hole open. Bareback fucking his boot camp trainee, Justin pounds away, making Billy moan like a sweet, yet almost innocent whore. Justin blows an enormous load all over Billy's balls, taint and hole, then seeds him with the last of his jizz, which causes Billy to fire off a load of his own.

    Scene 2 - Lucifer Angel and Tyler Tremallose

    They say that idle hands are the devil's playground and Lucifer Angel and Tyler Tremallose are a good example. Bored out of their minds, one asks the other, what do you want to do today? The other replies, I don't know. What do YOU want to do? Sneaky Tyler proposes a game. The winner gets to fuck the loser. With his ass on the line, Lucifer readily agrees and after all the squats, thrusts and lunges, declares himself the winner. Not that Tyler minds. Things turned out exactly the way he'd hoped. Soon the two are in bed, making out and sucking cock. Tyler presents his perfect ass and Lucifer wastes little time in burying his face in the sweet crack. You can hear the tongue lashing as Lucifer rims Tyler, filling him full of spit and priming him for raw cock. Except Lucifer doesn't just rim Tyler, he devours that delectable morsel of pink! Lucifer then stretches Tyler open, bareback fucking the cock whore until he strokes out a huge load of fresh cum all over Lucifer's belly. Lucifer then sprays his own jizz all over Tyler's ass, seeding the raw and tender hole. Now that's a playground we'd LOVE to visit!

    Scene 3 - Justin Cross and Xavier Ryan

    Justin Cross is a budding photographer and Xavier Ryan is his more than willing subject. After Justin takes some test shots of Xavier, they head back home where they can lay down and cuddle. Except cuddling makes them horny. Next thing you know, Justin is making love to Xavier's cock with his mouth, trying to take every inch down his throat. This only makes Xavier itch for a big cock up his ass and he's soon riding Justin's long, raw shaft. Once Xavier is used to having Justin inside him, he really goes to town, riding and bucking and fucking himself. Xavier's own cock is extremely hard and swings wildly up and down, so much so that Justin has to grab hold of that puppy and hang onto it! Xavier uses Justin like a bounce house and takes his cock for a human dildo before Justin takes charge, filling and stretching and pounding Xavier, fucking him bareback. Justin sprays fresh young cum all over Xavier's sweet, trim ass, seeding his hole with the last of his jizz before Xavier pumps one out, coating his belly with creamy white, sticky stuff. They should have taken a picture of that. It would have lasted longer.

    Scene 4 - Aiden Ward and Tyler Tremallose

    After a Q&A session between Aiden Ward and Tyler Tremallose, the conversation leans towards Tyler’s guiche piercing. Naturally, Aiden wants to see, but first there’s some dick sucking he needs and he’s not disappointed. Tyler swallows almost all of Aiden’s thick, slightly curved beauty before Aiden returns the favor. He proceeds to move in closer, his face in Tyler’s ass, as he takes in the sight of the piercing. He is then lured in by the work of art that is Tyler’s hole. Can’t say we blame Aiden for lapping it up, priming the delectable morsel with spit before stretching it open with his big cock. Aiden fucks Tyler bareback, eventually moving him to the floor, where beautiful things like Tyler belong, coated with cum.

    Scene 5 - Xavier Ryan and Billy Saint

    Watching his buddy practice for an upcoming match of lacrosse, Billy Saint is…well…bored. He’d much rather watch Xavier Ryan in action, on the field. Better yet, in bed! Billy gets Xavier to break away and, once in the bedroom, shows him that sex can be far more satisfying than sports. With his cock buried down Billy’s throat, Xavier can hardly disagree! Billy then offers up his ass to Xavier — think of it as a goal he has to score — who then rims Billy with an expert tongue. After making a meal out of the pretty, pink hole, Xavier works his throbbing tool inside Billy, fucking him bareback and taking him deep, until they both unload. Now Xavier knows that, although scoring points by getting a ball into a net might be fun, scoring with a willing fuck buddy like Billy is priceless.


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  • Ripe for the Pickin' (DVD)
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    There are those who believe that men, like fruit, are best when plucked at the height of ripeness. But how do you know when they're ready to be picked off the vine, as it were? We believe it's a combination of things, thing like the perfect smile, luscious lips, terrific body, mouth-watering cock and tight fuck hole. Jason, Jake B, Dylan, Leon Strife, Fernando, Skyler Lane, Brody Codwell and Nick Holiday have everything you'll ever want or need. They're juicy, savory, and Ripe for the Pickin'!

    Scene 1 - Jason and Jake B

    Jason had been wanting to fuck Jake B's tight little hole for a while now so we made sure to pair them up just as soon as we could. Then, when we heard Jake admit he'd been wanting to get fucked by Jason we knew we were about to witness something sinsational! In the bedroom, we turned the cameras on and just let them go. We don't think either of them gave thought to the fact they were being filmed. And if they did, it only turned them on even more. They started off with sweet little kisses as they stripped each other naked and looked more like they were about to make love, rather than fuck. Jake kissed every inch of Jason's body as he made his way to Jason's cock. Jake then took Jason's cock in his mouth and started sucking. Once Jason was fully hard -- which was almost instantly -- Jake was ready for full-on penetration. In fact, Jake received much more than a balls deep fuck. He took it in every he could think of before finishing with a good, hard doggie pounding. Jake let Jason spray his hole, coating it with jizz and Jake finished by dumping a load of his own, barely touching his dick!

    Scene 2 - Brody Codwell

    We found Brody Codwell riding his dirt bike out in the boonies. As soon as he opened his mouth we knew we had to see the hunk out of his clothes because his voice set us all a quiver. Tall, slender, and with the cutest face ever, the 20 year old Texan had a bit of an attitude, which is exactly how we like them! He's got naturally tight abs and strong arms from playing on his bike. If his twang doesn't get you, his dreamy eyes surely will. Brody takes off his shirt to reveal a fresh new tattoo, above his hot, mouth watering nipples. Brody pulls out a hard fat cock that is as girthy as it is long. He gets off on putting on a show, stroking his hard throbbing cock nice and slow for the camera. Brody gives us a good look at that sweet ass of his before turning back over to milk his tool, edging until he shoots a big creamy load of jizz all over his chest.

    Scene 3 - Dylan and Leon Strife

    Tall and slender Dylan is 26, from Texas. He loves playing with hot young guys, especially if they have a big dick! Dylan couldn't wait to get dirty for us in front of the cameras and after stripping down, we talked about his light complexion and ginger roots, all the nasty things he likes to do and that he's done. All the while, he could barely keep his eyes off one young man in particular. A young man we kept in the wings until the time was right. Leon Strife was naked off camera the entire time, teasing Dylan with his large cock and smooth ass. So what could we do but let him join in on the fun? Dylan practically dove for Leon's tight ass and the hung young man turned into a willing bottom for Dylan's cock and cum filled balls. Dylan grabbed him by the throat and fucked Leon rough for a good hour before taking turns blowing their loads and swallowing seed. Hmmm. Tasty!

    Scene 4 - Nick Holiday

    Nick Holiday is a 23-year-old slender brown-haired southern boy, born and raised in Alabama. He takes off his jeans and shirt and plays with the monster tool between his legs. Nick lubed up his dick and grabbed it with his fist until it grew so big he could barely fit his hand around it any more! Nick seemed to enjoy the audience as we filmed and watched, mesmerized by his swollen man hood. He didn't make much noise but we knew he was about to squirt when he slid down the tree mid stroke and threw his pelvis in the air as he hosed himself off.

    Scene 5 - Skylar Lane and Fernando

    Another pair of our guests for the weekend seem to hit it off quite well. The two of them sat in the back of the van on their way from the airport and everybody could feel the sexual tension between the two of them. We have expected them to get naked and go at it on the ride. We let these two play with each other a bit but we made sure to save the fucking for our cameras. We couldn't hold them back any longer so we got the two of them alone in a bedroom and let things roll. Both of these studs can take it as well as they give it so it's time for a little flip flop action. Skyler likes it a rough so Fernando grabbed him by the back of his head and fucked Skyler's throat with his big swollen cock. Fernando then threw Skyler on his back and put his ankles over his head and shoved his uncut piece of meat deep in Skyler's juicy hole. Fernando wanted Skyler's cock in his hole so the guys swapped positions and Skyler returned the favor and pounded the fuck out of Fernando. Fernando was the first to shoot with Skyler's dick deep in his hole and then Skyler fed Fernando his load, shooting it in his mouth.

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  • Country Bumpin' (DVD)
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    Whether in a steamy 1-on-1 or flying solo, there's just something about a Southern country boy that makes your hole twitch and your cock leak sweet pre-cum. Sexy and full of charm and appeal, Preston, Buck, Haigan Sence, Cord, Jake B, Alex Knight, Brian O’Neil, and Coy are also full of cum as they get down and dirty, ready to do what country boys do best...Country Bumpin'!

    Scene 1 Preston and Buck

    Buck needed a massage and asked his buddy Preston to give him one. Preston was all too happy to oblige. As soon as Buck laid on the table and spread his legs, Preston knew, as we did, this was about to get fun! Buck raised his ass up in the air, asking Preston to pull out his big cock and take his hole. Preston could hardly wait. He'd been sniffing around after Buck's ass for a while and didn't have to be told twice! Buck lubed up Preston's huge cock and put it in his mouth. He wanted his ass fucked and he wanted it fucked badly. Preston eased Buck into it, working his hole over with a thick dildo before using his big cock and mushroom head. Buck couldn't get enough, taking Preston deeper as his hips worked in rhythm with Preston's thrusts. Preston dumped his load all over Buck's hole before Buck busted a huge nut all over his sweaty body. We don't know if their session counted as a full-body massage but it sure was a damn good prostate massage!

    Scene 2 Haigan Sence and Cord

    Ginger boy Cord made a special request for his 18th birthday. He wanted to get fucked by Haigan Sence. Cord had seen Haigan in a video and ached to wrap his ass lips around the dark haired stud's big angry uncut cock. Now, this is exactly the kind of thing that gets Haigan turned on. He loves hooking up with guys who really dig him. When Haigan arrived on set he said he had a 4-day load and was aching to erupt. Cord was all too happy to be the lucky recipient. The dark haired stud grabbed the back of Cord's head and shoved his semi-hard cock all the way down his throat. It was quickly apparent that this wasn't Cord's first romp in the hay with a big boy. Haigan face fucked Cord for a bit, until Cord got on his stomach and arched his back to present Haigan with that amazing moist ass. Haigan eased his big cock into Cord's wet hole, building up to a fierce banging. Haigan did what he does best and drilled Cord from every conceivable angle, just to make sure Cord could feel Haigan's tool inside him and remember him for a long time to come. When Haigan couldn't hold back any longer he pulled out and shot a rocket of cum across Cord's mouth and face, two feet over to the bed post. Cord lapped up the rest of Haigan's cum as he sprayed another huge load himself. We don't think Cord realized just how much cum Haigan was capable of producing but he certainly didn't mind. A MUST for those of you who love cum!

    Scene 3 Jake B and Alex Knight

    Alex Knight and Jake B have been fucking around together for only a short while but they're already becoming an item. Alex, who loves sex, knows his way around a man's body while Jake, who's just cuming out of his shell, is quickly learning there's nothing he'd rather do than fuck with an audience, on camera. Yes, it's a testament of their sexual attraction to each other but it's also a testament to what is growing between them. And we don't just mean their cocks! It was a gorgeous day so we decided to film them outdoors. With a mattress on the floor and already naked, Jake and Alex started making out. Alex worshiped Jake's cock a while before he was ready to have Jake take his cock. Jake got on top and sat his tight pink hole on Alex's huge throbbing cock. Jake took that big piece of meat and Alex wanted to let it rip, pounding Jake's ass but he held back. Alex took his turn taking it up the ass and loved every second. They made the rounds on that deck, including a hot session in a wooden rocking chair, for all of nature to see, before Jake stood Alex up and pounded away. Alex shot a huge load all over the camera, and our cameraman, before dirty Alex sucked Jake, making him shoot a thick load in Alex's mouth and all over his face. Priceless!

    Scene 4 Brian O'Neil

    A business associate suggested we meet Brian O'Neil and are we ever glad he did! Brian is a personal trainer and as a result, he practically lives at the gym. And trust us when we say, we've ogled some amazing bodies but Brian quickly shot to the top, ranking among the best. On the day of the shoot, the 25-year-old showed up sporting stubble. Now, when some guys are unshaved they just a look a bit shabby. On Brian, well...let's just say it sent several of us over the edge. Brian was all about showing off and not the least bit shy. In fact, he seemed to get off on the attention! He showed off his muscles, flexing for us before dropping his drawers. Then he got down to business, tugging on and stroking his fat cock for his solo. At one point, Brian lay naked on the coffee table, a leg up in the air while he teased his tight hole with one hand. Fucking hot! Towards the end, Brian closed his eyes, tightened his abs and stood to deposit a thick load all over a brand new piece of furniture. Oh, well. Thank goodness for polish!

    Scene 5 Coy

    When Coy first contacted us to do some modeling we figured it had to be a joke. Here was this sexy skinhead, ripped and tattooed, looking every bit like a skinhead. We knew this guy could probably tear us a new one if he wanted to yet none of us was willing to say no. We couldn't. We were fascinated. When we replied, he seemed eager enough. So we set a date. As that date drew near, however, he contacted us repeatedly. He sounded nervous as hell but we'd made up our minds. We wanted him. When the day finally arrived, Coy showed up with a buddy. We offered his friend some beer and he disappeared, leaving us alone with Coy. We made our way to the bedroom, where Coy took off his shirt and we all began to drool. Coy has a big muscular chest and a pair of guns that could fuck you up if you piss him off or look at him funny. He has a little run of hair from the middle of his chest leading down his perfect abs. Coy got naked and flexed for us before lubing up his cock and starting to crank. He closed his eyes and tightened up his thighs as he grew closer to release. When he finally shot a stream of cum we all ran to the rest room, one by one, to whip out a load of our own. And before Coy left, he thanked us and gave us each a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Turns out appearances can be deceiving!



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  • Southern Jizz (DVD)
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    Southern boys aren't like other men. They have a charm all their own. And whether they're rough and tender or gracious and genteel, there’s no doubt these handsome, horny young bucks will make you want to do more than just languish in the steamy heat, sucking down glasses of iced sweet tea. Preston, Bobby, Josh Long, Xavier Daniels, Haigan Sence, Austin Perry, and Drake will be more than happy to take care of your every need and make you comfortable with a few shots of...Southern Jizz.

    Scene 1 Preston and Bobby

    I remember Preston looking over at me, after Bobby had been violating his ass for a good hour, and saying "you owe me for this one". Then Preston bit his lip and closed his eyes and enjoyed every hard inch of Bobby's cock. I still can't believe that my boy Preston manned up and took big ole Bobby's enormous meat all the way up is pretty little southern hole. Poor Preston was pretty much living at the Lake House when we had Bobby fly in just to do a solo. As soon as we got a live look at how big Bobby's meat was, we decided that we had to see it swallowed by something. Preston said yes before we could fill him in on what Bobby was packing but Preston isn't exactly small when it comes to cock size so he oughta expect to have to take it every once in a while.... and take it is exactly what Preston did. I remember Preston looking over at me, after Bobby had been violating his ass for a good hour, and and saying "you owe me for this one". Then Preston bit his lip and closed his eyes and enjoyed every hard inch of Bobby's cock. Bobby made Preston ride it and take it all the way home before he put Preston on his back spread his legs and fucked the cum out of him. Next it was Bobby's turn so he pulled out and tugged one out spilling his seed all over Preston's hairy stomach.

    Scene 2 Josh Long and Xavier Daniels

    We'd planned getting Josh Long and Xavier Daniels together ages ago. The trouble was, something kept coming up. First one couldn't make it, then the other. Unfortunately, on the third attempt, WE couldn't make it! Fucking life, eh? It always gets in the way when you want to have fun. After some time we decided to give it another go. Turns out, this time, it was green lights from the word GO! We sat the two of them on the couch and told them to start making out. They did. And it progressed naturally from there. Josh, who some have thought was Dominic Cooper (we wish!), got down on his knees and sucked Xavier until he was rock hard. Then Xavier put Josh on all fours and slowly entered his tight hairy hole. THIS is what we were all waiting for...to see Josh on all fours, his back arched, his meaty ass in the air. Xavier's ripped body pulsated with ever thrust of his thick hard cock! Was it worth waiting all that time? Let's just say they both emptied their loads on Josh's stomach and were soon ready for round two. This time, however, they held up their hands and asked us not to film. With a sigh, we had to console ourselves with listening to their ball busting moans and the sound of bodies slapping as they fucked their brains out in one of our guest rooms.

    Scene 3 Haigan Sence and Austin Perry

    It has been a while since Austin Perry has visited the Ranch so we asked him to cum by and chill with some of the guys. Austin decided to play a little poker with Haigan Sence and before he can blink, Austin gets the drilling of his life from our horned up breeder. After he couldn't pay up, Haigan gets Austin down on his knees to service Haigan's hard uncut cock. Haigan wasn't satisfied just getting his cock sucked. Haigan had his eyes on Austin's ass all day and he was about to get what he had been waiting for. Haigan wasn't the only one that wanted his dick in Austin's hole. I'm pretty sure Austin threw the hand. Haigan stood Austin up so that he could show the 6'4" stud exactly who was boss. Austin stroked his hard cock as Haigan slowly stuffed his uncut piece of meat in Austin's eager hole. The deeper that Haigan fucks him, the harder Austin's cock gets. I'm talking real Southern Beef fucking! Haigan finally turns up the heat and puts Austin on his knees and pumps him full of his throbbing cock. Haigan wasn't done yet though he wanted to make sure Austin felt him in his stomach so he put him on his back, legs in the air, and gives him a good pile drive. Austin couldn't hold off any longer as he lets go a monster load before Haigan pulls out and drenches Austin even more.

    Scene 4 Drake

    We came across Drake in one of our model searches in Atlanta. He has all the Southern charm you would expect to find in the South and a look that is real sexy. One look in his eyes and he will make you freeze like a deer in headlights. Drake has beautiful, silky dark-chocolate skin on a body that is pure muscle from head to toe. And can you imagine being held down under those strong arms? When Drake arrived and got comfortable, his personality started to shine. Drake started by stripping off his shirt and admiring his huge chest and guns. Next he drops his pants and reveals a huge cock that is standing at attention. Drake's cock is every bit of 9 inches and packs a full stream of hot white cum. Watching his pool of jizz rest against his ripped stomach is hot!

    Scene 5 Bobby

    While in Atlanta from South Beach, Bobby hit us up one afternoon. He said he had a huge cock and asked if we'd like to see. Who are we to turn down a picture of a huge cock? The longer the image took to download, the bigger we knew it was going to be. Needless to say, once the image finished downloading we knew we had to meet him. Bobby was open to pretty much anything we decided to throw his way. And then he pulled out his monster cock, already throbbing. It slapped up against his stomach and everyone on set started drooling. Never mind that he has a long lean build with a nice developed chest and abs. His cock definitely overshadowed any other feature! Bobby lifted his leg so he could run his fingers over his swollen taint. He edged himself for a good hour and when he couldn't hold back any longer, he shot a load of Florida sunshine all over his nut-sak, his fist hammering away at his hard curved cock!


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  • Hunks in Twinks (DVD)
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    In life, there’s a natural progression, a certain order if you will. And nothing is more natural than a twink wanting to be taken by a big hunk. Hunks love to fuck a sexy little twink, too! There’s just something about a smaller, frailer, inexperienced and pretty thing nestled in a pair of strong arms, or sucking cock, or getting fucked by the hunk they look up to. Luckily, we found several hunks — from the younger daddy types to beefy muscled studs — who love to fuck. Corbin Case, Tyler Andrews, Cameron Ford, Ean, Amelio, Ashton Rush and Brandon Lewis are right where they belong…Hunks in Twinks!

    Scene 1 - Ashton Rush and Brandon Lewis

    College isn't all fun and games. Nor is it an endless stream of beer drinking and hopping into bed with your co-eds. At least, that's not the college life for Ashton Rush as he's a studious little bugger, focused and determined to get good grades. When things get a bit stressful, that's when he lets loose and hooks up with a hot guy for some much needed release. In this scene with Brandon Lewis, Ashton wants cock! He tells Brandon to have his way with him, to go deep. Brandon, ever the gentleman, is not about to deny Ashton what he most wants, needs and craves. With some of the deepest drilling we've seen, Brandon fucks Ashton until he can't hold back any longer, spilling his seed all over Ashton's stomach before Ashton lets loose with a load of his own, pooling his jizz with Brandon's cum.

    Scene 2 - Corbin Case and Tyler Andrews

    We have to rank Corbin Case as one of the top 5 hottest guys ever. Because he's straight we were 99% sure that there was no possible way of convincing him to do a shoot with us where he gets sucked off. Corbin just didn't seem at all the kind of guy that would even think about man-on-man action. We got lucky and he agreed but it would depend on who we paired him with. Naturally there's only one hot beefy jock we had in mind for Corbin and when Tyler Andrews showed up...well, let's just say we were in for a pleasant surprise!

    Scene 3 - Cameron Ford and Ean

    For those who enjoy contrast in porn, this scene with Cameron Ford and Ean is a scorcher! There's just something about a big hot dark stud fucking a thinner, light skinned boy, only slightly darker than pale. Cameron is very in touch with sexuality, a hot body and an even hotter attitude. Cameron worked up Ean from before we got the cameras rolling. Genuinely into each other, Cameron took control as expected, devouring Ean's cock with gusto! One look at the gleam in his eyes as Ean's cock grows bigger and bigger and you'll know Cameron is without a doubt one major cock whore. Ean teases Cameron's hole then puts him on top so Cameron can ease himself down on Ean's big throbbing dick. And the fucking continues from there, getting hotter and hotter. In fact, at one point, Cameron is on his back with Ean thrusting his cock deep, just the way Cameron likes it, fucking harder and harder until they shoot creamy white loads of thick cum that's just too tempting for Cameron to resist. Slurrrppp!

    Scene 4 - Amelio and Tyler Andrews

    Swarthy Amelio was a bit uncertain when he arrived for his scene with Tyler Andrews. We asked if he was certain about sex with another guy and he said he couldn't stop thinking about it. In fact, he confessed he'd been jacking off just about every day at the thought of getting it on with Tyler. But would Tyler like him? Amelio IS a little shy, after all. Fortunately, Tyler is the type who likes to draw people out of their shell and that's exactly what happened with Amelio. They started off sucking each other, and it was arousing to watch as they didn't just suck each other but worship cock. Tyler then bent Amelio over and started to fuck him hard. Amelio loved taking Tyler's cock deep in his hole and the two finished with Amelio on his back, drilled deep as Tyler pulled out and sprayed his seed all over Amelio.

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  • Straight Dick Service (DVD)
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    Whether we admit it or not, we all had a secret crush, a man we looked up to and fantasized about having sex with. For many of us, it was a straight man…the guy next door, our sister’s boyfriend, dad’s best friend. And he was always forbidden. But what would have happened if we’d pushed just a little? Well, imagine no longer! Instead of jerking off in silence, imagining yourself servicing your straight crush, Donnie and Easton, Clayton Jasper and Jackson Taylor, Bryson and Preston, Cash McCoy and Krys Perez are about to demonstrate exactly what might have happened in Straight Dick Service.

    Scene 1 - Cash McCoy

    Cash McCoy, like most men, is an interesting subject. He claims himself as straight but later confessed he's -- let's say, experimented -- with a couple of buddies. Cash is a tall masculine guy with a ripped body. He pulled up his tee-shirt to reveal a six-pack and tattoos. He is shredded from head to toe with a big defined chest, big arms and lats, culminating in a tight tiny waist. Cash kept taking off his clothes after losing the tee, until he was naked and sitting back on the sofa. He settled in and raised his hips off the couch so we could see his lightly hairy hole. Cash teased his balls and taint, all the while letting us know he could do with a big cock up his ass, since his own fingers just weren't cutting it. So we gave him a glass toy. Cash immediately slipped it into his hole and he just about exploded on contact, his legs opened wide and spilling out a creamy load of cum all over his sweaty abs. Yeah. Straight. Right.

    Scene 2 - Cash McCoy and Krys Perez

    Krys Perez is a sexy young man with a thing for straight men. In fact, the less they’ve dabbled in gay sex, the better. You see, Krys is one of those who truly likes a challenge. Once Cash McCoy confessed he might be willing to have a guy swing on his dick, Krys was immediately up for the photo opportunity! The handsome beauty makes a meal out of Cash, his cock, and his heavy, swaying pendulous balls. But even better than that, Krys gets a surprise twist from the straight man in his bed who, as it turns out, thoroughly enjoys being serviced far more than he every thought he would!

    Scene 3 - Clayton Jasper and Jackson Taylor

    When big blond muscle hunk Clayton Jasper said he was up for getting his cock sucked by another guy, we immediately thought of Jackson Taylor, an adorable twink cocksucker who loves to service straight men and lives to swallow hetero baby batter. Jackson was so eager to get his hands on Clayton we knew it would be a blow job to remember. Clayton was a bit nervous on the day of the shoot but he let us blindfold him and did his best to relax as Jackson explored his body using his mouth. First up was Clayton's mammoth guns, Jackson kissed and rubbed them as Clayton sat naked with a semi. Jackson then worked his tongue down to Clayton's beefy ass. Gently, he darted his tongue in and out of Clayton's tight hole. After all, you don't want to scare away a straight man like Clayton! Much to the hunk's surprise -- and ours -- Clayton loved getting rimmed. His excitement only grew as Jackson gave him a complete tongue bath, eventually taking Clayton's big thick rod in his hands and working his expert tongue up and down that shaft. Clayton was obviously getting the best blowjob of his life as he grabbed the back of Jackson's head and started fucking his mouth. This only made Jackson want Clayton's cock all the more but what Jackson really wanted was to taste that nut. Jackson finally went to town on the stud's cock with reckless abandon until Clayton squirted his huge sticky load in the back of Jackson throat. Jackson savored Clayton's salty seed before spitting out some of it onto Clayton's still pulsating cock. And trust us when we say, if hadn't wanted to see the load, Jackson would have swallowed every single drop, the way a hungry cocksucker should.

    Scene 4 - Bryson and Preston

    When tatted up stud Bryson first took his clothes off for us, he caused quite a stir. And when he said he was always looking for ways to make extra cash, we immediately thought of setting him with another guy. We called on Preston to do the honors and spread his legs for Bryson and his big fat cock. Both of these straight boys were bulging out of their underwear before we could get the cameras rolling! Straight, indeed. Preston went down on Bryson and lubed up his hard cock with his wet warm mouth. Bryson positioned Preston on his back, opened up his legs and lubed his hole. Now remember, this was Bryson first time with another guy so there was no finesse. He shoved his cock in deep and without warning, making Preston cry out. They fucked for a solid hour but naturally had to edit it all down. Alas. Bryson unloaded all over Preston, shooting a thick creamy white load all over Preston's already cum drenched stomach. And now that Bryson's had a taste of real sex, we think we may have ruined him but good!

    Scene 5 - Donnie and Easton

    College frat boy Donnie jumped in the shower. When he was done, he threw on a robe to sit high in the middle of the room so tattooed twink Easton could have easy access to his manhood. Donnie was obviously more turned on than he admitted because his cock was semi-hard before the action even started! We blindfolded Donnie, untied his robe and Easton took care of the rest, rewarded in the end with a huge cum facial. Lucky cocksucker.


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  • Barely Innocent (DVD)
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    Some men want their sexual partners to be experienced. Others prefer them to be innocent, or even virginal. Regardless of which side you’re on, there’s something exciting about the fresh, inexperienced look of a twink or the young man who has little experience in loving another man. They have an appeal all their own, and make your cock tingle even as your blood boils with perverse desire. Ashton Rush, Jayden Ellis, Easton, Jacob S, Dylan and Leon might look like inexperienced virgins but they have a trick or two up their sleeve in Barely Innocent.

    Scene 1 - Ashton Rush

    If you live in the South you know it's all about college football. Not only is the football great but the boys are always amazing. It's sometimes hard time concentrating on the game with all the college studs running around! Ashton Rush is a 19-year-old with a small frame and a hot tight body. And he LOVES football. He has these amazing blue eyes and a smile that says he can get nasty. He's super smart, too! A Biology major who loves sex. How much better can it get? When it came time for Ashton to start, he initially got a little camera shy. All of a sudden he turned over and started fingering his hot tight hole. He immediately got rock hard and the rest just flowed. Ashton's cock was bigger than xpected and watching his abs contract as he pulled on his cock, was a huge turn on. When Ashton shot his load, you could see his body tremble as he sprayed himself with cum. HOT!

    Scene 2 - Ashton Rush and Jayden Ellis

    The minute Jayden took his clothes off on his first visit to the Lake House; I knew that I was going to have to hook him up with Ashton. Well as I soon found out that although it was going to be the first time these two met in the flesh, they have had a round or two of cyber sex with each other. I don't think I have ever had two models say yes so fast when I asked them if they wanted to do a film together. Ashton was in the middle of finals and he was looking for a break and Jayden just happen to have some time on his hands so this one came together rather quickly. You could feel the anticipation for the second these two saw each other. It was obvious that they were both really horny and very much looking forward to hot nasty sex. The entire crew was turned on just thinking about what was about to happen. We have had the pleasure of watching Ashton take some pretty nice cocks in the past year here at Southern Strokes. I think that he will agree with me when I say that I think that Jayden gave him a good hard pounding that would rival any of his predecessors. These two Southern Boys started making out and then they took turns exploring every inch of each other's body. Using their fingers and tongues they licked and sucked until they were both rock hard and dripping with pre-cum. Jayden put Ashton on the arm of the couch and started to drill him deep with his cock while the tongue fucked Ashton's throat. Then Jayden turned Ashton over and pounded him as his balls slapped against Ashton's ass. To finish off this hot fuck session, the boys took turns taking loads in their mouths and then swapping it back as they kissed and licked for more. I need to see more of these two together.

    Scene 3 - Jacob S

    Once again our buddy from down South has come through with another hottie. This time our boy Ravage brought along his good friend Jacob up to the Lake House. When Ravage told us that he had another friend that was interested in jacking off for us, I immediately said yes and didn't even ask for a picture. I figured that if he was bringing a 20 year old baseball player, he would likely be hot. I was definitely right on this one. The boys had about a four hour drive up to see us so they were pretty tired from the trip. Jacob was wearing a pair of baller shorts and a t-shirt and ran into the house holding his junk and said that he really had to take a piss badly. At first I just thought that he was so horny that he couldn't keep his hands off his cock. I could tell that he definitely had his big hands full as he was clamping his dick through his shorts. Once Jacob had relieved himself, we got right down to the fun. Jacob is super hot with a tall athletic build and one of the cutest 20 year old southern boys I have cum across. Our boy Jacob is 100% straight and he was just a little nervous at the thought of getting naked and jacking off in front of a crew of all guys. There is absolutely nothing hotter than a shy straight boy that knows he is about to do nasty things in front of a bunch of horny guys. Well I will tell you that our shy boy Jacob came right out of his shell once he got things going. Jacob didn't waist any time stripping off his shorts and t-shirt and immediately got his cock standing at attention. This 20 year old has a cock that is about 7' long and very fat. I bet the girls back in his hometown just love that fat cock probing in and out of them. Jacob stood up while he was stroking his cock letting our cameras admire his tall lean body. Jacob finally let loose laid down and shoot a huge load of steamy white cum.

    Scene 4 - Easton and Ashton Rush

    From the minute Easton and Ashton Rush met, it was electric. There's a strangely innocent yet wanton sexuality between them. And yet there's also a bit of romance. Could this be -- dare we say it? -- the L word? Easton was already a fan of Ashton's and we knew Ashton likes boys list Easton so we had to get them to take turns sucking each other before the fire before Ashton took charge of getting fucked. Clearly he's aroused to the bone -- ummm, boner -- because he ends up shooting a friggin' humongous load all over Easton's face, giving him what we think is THE cum facial of the year!

    Scene 5 - Dylan and Leon

    Slender blond Dylan is a delicious surprise for those who like their young men hung and on the edge of twinkhood while Leon is an even bigger surprise. We’re talking whopper! And since there’s nothing Dylan loves more than a nerdy hung twink, he makes a meal out of Leon, his cock, and his hole, ravaging the tight body like a total sex freak.


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  • Hunks: Nuts & Bolts (DVD)
    • 25% less
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    Nuts and bolts. The basic working components or practical aspects of a thing. In this case, we’re talking about some VERY important working components. Cock. Balls. A hot, eager mouth. A hungry fuck hole. In this collection of beefy men with meaty cocks, big balls and perfect asses, — some straight, some gay, some bi — Wade, Austin N, Bruce, Tyler Andrews, and Charlie are Hunks: Nuts & Bolts, hot and horny studs getting down to the nitty gritty of getting off!

    Scene 1 - Wade

    We received a call from a former model saying he had a friend that wanted to do a show for us. We typically have new local boys with no experience filming but when we ogled Wade's pictures, we couldn't wait for him to pay us a visit. His pictures truly did not do him justice, however. At 5'9" and tanned, with ripped muscles, a small waist and a tight, round totally fuckable ass, Wade is even more delicious in the flesh! The 24-year-old is an adult entertainer and loves his job. He has never been shy about letting his sexual needs known to anyone and everyone. Whether he is stripping or in front of the camera with his big cock out, Wade loves it all. He just about forgot the cameras were there and put on a slow sensual show for us, teasing us with his big cock until he couldn't hold back any longer. Releasing the pressure, Wade shot a big load of cum over his shoulder and licked it up, all the while with two fingers deep in his hole.

    Scene 2 - Austin N and Wade

    There's nothing like watching two hot studs fucking out in the warm sun. That's why we filmed dark-haired Wade and blond Austin N doing the nasty while on a deck overlooking some beautiful greenery. They may have been a bit self-conscious at first but once they got going they all but forgot we were there, cameras rolling. They take turns sucking each other, doing their best to outdo the other as they demonstrate some mad oral skill as they slurp down some big meat. Then Austin bent over so Wade could penetrate his moist fuckhole. Austin didn't flinch as Wade stuffed his uncut cock deep in his ass and fucked for a good while before Austin ended up on his back. With his legs spread open wide and Wade's big uncut cock drilling him, it was almost more than Austin could take. He sprayed his stomach with cum, his seed spurting explosively before Wade added to the creamy puddle of jizz.

    Scene 3 - Bruce

    Redhead Bruce says he's straight but secretly plays that card because he loves to be humiliated, especially by women. He can be found flooding social media networks, in search of suitors to give him what he craves. When the day came for us to film Bruce he was nervous but excited, hard before he even walked inside and we started talking. Turns out that thrill of being watched, as well as discovered for who and what he is, is a huge turn-on for the secretly submissive who needs to be seen. Bruce undressed even before we were ready, exposing his lily-white naked body. Bruce did everything we told him to do and he stroked his cock, showing us his ass. So we gave him a toy to help him on his way to an even more arousing session. Bruce quickly replaced the dildo, finger fucking his ass as he shoot his load all over his ginger chest.

    Scene 4 - Bruce and Tyler Andrews

    When Tyler Andrews said he really wanted to fuck a guy, we went on the hunt to find him a worthy bottom. We asked Bruce, who's already filmed a solo with us and, although he's also straight, we had a feeling he might enjoy getting fucked by thick hung Tyler. When they met, Bruce was more than a little nervous. But Tyler told him not to worry. "Just do what I tell you to do," Tyler said, which was exactly what Bruce needed to hear. You could see his cock swell through his shorts as Tyler told he was about to be dominated. One look at Bruce's face and you can tell this is his first real cock -- other than sex toys -- stuffing his hungry hole and we have a feeling it won't be the last. These two went at it non-stop for more than an hour. When Tyler couldn't hold back any longer he unloaded a huge load of creamy white cum on Bruce's hot ass. Not to be out done, Bruce laid on his back and sucked out the rest of Tyler's cum until he exploded with a huge load all over his chest. We can still hear Tyler's balls slapping against Bruce's muscled ass!

    Scene 5 - Charlie

    Why is it that some of the hottest, sexiest men are straight? Is it the proverbial -- pardon the pun -- forbidden fruit? Or it there more? The intangible feeling that under the right circumstances, that straight guy just MIGHT fulfill your fantasies, and then some. Regardless of the reason, you're going to love this muscled hunk. Charlie is a private man who loves to work on his body. He especially loves to show off his hard work and we can't say we blame him. We'd made several attempts to meet with Charlie in the past but our schedules never aligned. But one day, we had a no-show, he had a cancellation and BOOM! He was surprisingly comfortable the moment he walked through the door and we fell in love. We on set, that is. Not Charlie and us. Still, it didn't stop Charlie from being flirtatious. He loves attention, even if he doesn't talk much, which gave us the opportunity to admire his chiseled body. Charlie kept watching us as he took off his clothes and slowly rubbed his cock through his underwear. After teasing us for a while, which included raising his legs to let us glimpse his tight pink knot, Charlie grabbed the lube and went to town. He stoked nice and slow, then fast and furious. Finally, he touched his hole while jacking his hard cock and it sent him over the edge. Charlie's cock spewed thick creamy cum like a volcano shooting out ropey lava. Ah, to be scorched by Charlie's seed!


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  • Juicy Bits (DVD)
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    Like fresh picked fruit, young, almost innocent men are sweet and juicy. And none are tastier than those who need to be plucked or want to be sucked off and used. Between Brandon Lewis and Ryan C, a blindfolded cock sucking and ass rimming session, straight hunks Buck and Austin, Dallas J who gets his sweet ginger ass juiced by thick hung Cody Starks, Ashton Rush taking a bath with his buddy Ryan C, and beefy, meaty, curly-haired nerd, Clark G, you’ll be more than wet and ready to come when they show you their Juicy Bits!

    Scene 1 - Blowing Ryan - Brandon Lewis and Ryan C

    Like a lot of country boys who think with their dicks, Ryan C knocked up his sweetheart. Now she's pimping him out to gay porn studios to pay the bills. And with that big dick of his, who were we to say no? Ryan had never gotten a blowjob from a guy so we called in a cock sucking pro. Brandon Lewis puts a blindfold on Ryan then ties his hands behind his back. Brandon works Ryan's cock until it's rock hard then moves Ryan to the porch railing in order to get his tongue nice and deep in Ryan's virgin hole. Brandon worshipped Ryan's sack with his mouth, alternating between Ryan's hole and cock. Brandon strokes himself as he deep throats Ryan until Brandon busts his nut, still on he knees. Ryan sprays his load all over Brandon's gorgeous southern face for a creamy finish!

    Scene 2 - Buck and Austin

    Dark-haired Buck is stunning with his beefy body and that insatiable ass of his. He immediately wanted all the attention, which suited his scene partner just fine because he was obviously nervous as fuck. Buck broke the ice when he grabbed Austin's hard cock and guided it into his wet mouth. You can almost see Austin thinking about returning the favor but it took him a while to work up the courage. Then again, maybe he was just enjoying the sensation of having a football player type going down on him and servicing his pretty cock! But one taste of Buck's cock and Austin couldn't get enough. The two teased each other for quite a while before Buck demanded Austin shove his cock in his ass. Austin wasn't going to let Buck down so he bent him over and fucked him good and hard, pushing Buck to milk out a creamy white load while stuffing his tight hole.

    Scene 3 - Dallas J and Cody Starks

    Get ready for some big dick cock sucking and butt fucking action! Cody Starks -- tall, slender and dark -- is a sexy fucker with all those bad-boy tattoos while Dallas J, a pierced and tattooed ex-country farmboy is just as hot and eager to get off. After making out they get down to business with a serious approach as they take turns sucking each other. No idle chit chat, no story. Just down and dirty fucking. And speaking of fucking...Dallas J truly comes alive the moment Cody penetrates that tight, rarely fucked hole. Dallas arches his back and meets every forward thrust with a delicious grunt to let you know just how much he’s enjoying that huge cock up his ass while Cody bangs away, flesh smacking flesh, big balls hypnotically swaying back and forth. Dallas rides Cody's big dick, his own meaty slab bouncing up and down but gets back on his belly so Cody can really go to town, each releasing big loads -- which we had to show twice! -- of pent-up stress and jizz.

    Scene 4 - Ashton and Ryan

    Nothing like two hot young twinks getting all wet and lathered up. And oh yes, NAKED!. Ryan C and Ashton Rush happened to be hanging out with us one night when Ashton said he really wanted to go and get in a nice bubble bath. We weren't surprised when Ryan decided to get in and join him. We grabbed our equipment as fast as we could, while the water was running and the boys geared up for a bit of clean fun. Ashton dropped his drawers to get in only to reveal his huge hard on in anticipation of his romp with Ryan. They climbed in the water and started to make out. Ashton stood up and Ryan gave his cock some attention but Ashton really wanted Ryan's meat inside of him. Ashton wanted Ryan's long cock in his mouth and more importantly, Ashton's wet hole needed to be filled. Ryan likes to go deep, which is exactly how Ashton likes it, so Ryan mounted Ashton and fucked him doggie style. Hearing Ryan's wet ball sack slap against Ashton's bare ass was a huge turn on. After getting fucked silly, Ashton got his final reward and slurped down Ryan's thick load.

    Scene 5 - Clark G

    When you first look at Clark G you'd think he was a studious college boy. And you'd be right! But this 19-year-old is so much more. The dark curly hair and glasses don't quite prepare you for this handsome, sexy stud. Clark is the complete package from the top of his head down to his size 12 feet. Somewhat reminiscent of the 60's, this activist for free love has an amazing body that is all natural. He hardly words out, at least not in the gym, and he takes it all in stride. Which only makes you want to submit to what ever he might suggest. Clark Clark kicked back and stroked his hard cock for us outdoors and just about forgot he was being filmed while working his shaft slowly up and down. Clark's muscles tensed as he got closer then let out a loud moan as he spewed spooge all over his smooth chest. Even the studious have to release the pressure from time to time. Thank goodness he allowed us to film him!


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  • Hung Southern Jocks (DVD)
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    Whether you like them lean and trim with low-hanging balls or beefy and muscled with a tight, round sac, Southern men have a unique style and casual attitude all their own. They may be the rough redneck type or the perfect Southern gentlemen but when it comes to sex, the hot and hung young jocks featured in this DVD have one thing in common…SEX! But Logan Taylor, Colt McGraw, Trevor Laster, Cole Markum, Damien, Joey Vox, Carson Carver, Genesis and Jackson Hammer have one other thing in common. They’re Hung Southern Jocks!

    Scene 1 - Carson and Colt McGraw

    So Colt had been staying at the ranch for a while when we got a call from Carson. Seems that Carson had a major crush on Colt and he found out he was staying at the ranch so he asked us he we could try and hook up a video for the two of them. We spent a good part of Colt's visit talking about how he's getting comfortable with guys and ready to maybe push his boundaries a bit. Carson hopped in his car as we were talking to him on the phone and letting him know that Colt was down. It was a scorching Texas afternoon so the guys hung out by the pasture fence where Colt was leaning back and chilling. Carson immediately dropped to his knees and took Colt's mammoth cock in his mouth and sucked it until Colt was throbbing hard. Colt bent Carson over the fence post so he could get a clear deep shot at ruining his asshole. Carson got was he was bargaining for and he got it deep. Both guys marked their territories by painting the fence with their cum loads.

    Scene 2 - Genesis and Jackson

    Genesis has been on us for weeks to get he and Jackson up to the Ranch so they could fuck for us on camera. Genesis and Jackson have been dating for a while and they both love to be in front of the cameras so we couldn't wait to turn them loose. We turned on the cameras and then we all sat back and enjoyed the show. These two are obviously head over heels for each other and it definitely shows. They could barely keep their lips off of each other long enuff for us to hear how they met and a little more about our bottom boy Jackson. Both of these studs were rock hard from the word go, they swapped wet sloppy blow jobs in between their lip locks and then it was time to get naked and really get down to business. Genesis started by picking his bottom boy up and tongue fucking Jackson's hole to get it nice and ready for Genesis' throbbing man hood. Jackson climbed up on top and rode Genesis' big fat cock just like they were on their couch at home. That was just the beginning. Genesis' ravished Jackson twink hole until he pulled out and drenched Jackson with his man juice. Jackson licked up every drop.

    Scene 3 - Joey and Damian

    Two of the horniest studs stayed with us this weekend so we decided to let everyone see what these two have been doing off camera. Two hot Texas bodies with smooth lean defined bodies, Joey and Damien go at it like rabbits. We caught Damien giving head out on the patio so we grabbed our cameras so we could catch all the action. The guys moved onto a little sixty-nine action with so hot ass eating, getting Damien's hole nice and wet and ready for Joey's big fat cock. Once Damien had Joey's big dick in his ass, he couldn't get it hard enough or deep enough. Damien made Joey fuck him in 6 different positions letting Joey build up a giant creamy load. Damien fucked back with his ass as hard as out hot stud Joey was dishing it out. Damien was the first to give in as he barely pulled out of Damien's hole in time to spray his back down like a power hose. Damien dropped his load on the spot, painting the chair. The two slept for the next 12 hours after their sexcapade.

    Scene 4 - Logan and Colt McGraw

    After seeing Colt and his big cut cock in action, Logan started blowing up our phones wanting to do a video with him. We finally gave in and set these two up one hot afternoon but you would think that these two were all of a sudden back in high school. They each sat on opposite ends of the couch pretending not to notice what was sitting next to them. Colt got up first and pulled off his pants leaving him in just his skivies. Logan pretty much followed Colt's every move. As Colt removed his clothes, so did logan. Colt's cock was rock hard and standing at attention so Logan all of a sudden let everything fly out the window as he grabbed the shaft of Colt's cock and guided it into his wet mouth. Colt massaged Logan's back as he pushed Logan's head up and down on his cock. Colt took his turn sucking Logan's hard cock before Colt stood up and fed his manhood to Logan's hungry mouth. Colt drenched Logan's beefy shoulders with his creamy load of cum. Logan finished himself of by spraying all over Colt's hard chest.

    Scene 5 - Trevor and Cole Markum

    Two of our hottest bodies here at Southern strokes and definitely two of the biggest cocks are paired up for some hot fucking. We started off by talking about some of their wildest sex encounters and even we were shocked at some of the things that came out of their mouths. I know Cole's been waiting to get his ass wrapped around Trevor's big fat pole 'cause Cole likes 'em big and thick. Cole started right in on Trevor with his mouth, kissing Trevor's hard body and teasing his cock through his pants. Cole pulled out Trevor's hard throbbing cock and worked it over with his mouth until Trevor needed to fucking something. Cole got on all fours and put his ass up on the arm of the chair so that Trevor could take it. Trevor took it deep early, setting the tone for what was gonna be a rough fucking. Cole climbed up on top and rode it next before he showed up all how limber he is. Trevor spread his legs to the splits and fucked him deeper that I've ever seen his cock buried in a hole. Cole shot his load as Trevor was pumping his hole and then Trevor pulled out and sprayed Cole with his creamy jizz.

    Scene 6 - Trevor Laster Solo

    When we first heard from Trevor we checked out his pics an honestly he just didn't seem to fit what our members were looking for. Well I have been wrong a lot but when Trevor walked in the door, man was I sorry that we waited so long to film him. Trevor is 5'11" tall with 155 pounds of awesome defined muscles from head to toe. Just when you think that Trevor can't get any more sexy that he is, he whips out a big ole fat cut cock that just keep growing until you think his skin is going to split. We tried to pretend like we wanted to hear more about Trevor but we were anxious to get to the meat of the session. Trevor was finally naked with his naturally smooth and defined body spread out on the couch and his swollen piece of meat between his legs lubed up and ready to go. Trevor stroked it nice and slowly with long strokes switching hands so he could get it all covered. Trevor opened he legs a little more as he picked up the pace until he was stroking like a rabbit. Trevor let us all get a taste of his man juice squirting his cum all over his smooth abs.


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  • Hung and Horny Southern Boys 2 (DVD)
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    Hungry? Got a hankerin’ for a big piece of Southern meat? Look no further than Trevor Laster, Logan Taylor, Josh Long, Joey Vox, Seth Knight, Genesis, Tony Newport, Carson Carver, and Matthew Sharp. These eager, horny and smokin’ HOT young men are a tasty slice of variety, so whether you like ‘em lean and slender or big and beefy, we got you covered with this series of tasty, meaty fuckers in Hung and Horny Southern Boys 2!

    Scene 1 - Carson and Logan Taylor

    Logan is one of those models that you just wish you could do so much more with. Logan might just be one of the hottest straight boy bottoms here at Southern Strokes. He is all man and everything you would expect to find on the football field on any given Friday night in the South. Carson has been knows to take some aggressive fucking in his time but we thought we should bring him back and let everyone see that he knows how to use his cock. Carson and Logan have spent quite a bit of time together off camera so this is just like to good ole boys fucking on a hot Texas summer day. These two straight boys made out like they were on prom night before Carson grabbed the back of Logan's head and made his taste his hard cock. Carson then put Logan on all fours and pried opened his tight hairy hole with his lubed up meat. Logan wanted it as deep as he could get it so Logan propped his hole up in the hair and Carson stood above him and gave him a good pile driving. Logan begged for Carson's cock and especially his nut. Carson finally was done with Logan's hole so he finished himself off by spray painting Logan's prized ass.

    Scene 2 - Genesis and Tony

    We were hanging out at Tony Newport's birthday party when Genesis mentioned that he and Tony have never hooked up either on film or off. It took us a while to get schedules lined up but we finally got Genesis and Tony out to the Ranch so we could all watch them fuck. It seems that Tony and Genesis met at a club in San Antonio which is when their lust for each other took hold. Now I understand why Genesis was so persistent in making sure that this pairing happened. He's been waiting to hook up with Tony for over a year now. It was a beautiful Texas afternoon so the boys wanted to fuck out in one of the pastures so we weren't going to argue we were just along for the ride. After a bit of 69, Genesis' cock was throbbing and demanding entry into Tony's hole. Tony climbed up on top and slowly swallowed Genesis' cock with his hole. It wasn't long before Tony was bucking and taking Genesis deep inside. This was about the time they forgot that they were on camera and they fucked in every imaginable position before they both drained their cocks of their man seed.

    Scene 3 - Joey and Seth Knight

    Since we only have a few months left before Joey is going to leave all of us and the porn industry behind when he joins the military, we invited Joey up to the Ranch for the weekend along with a few other Southern Hawties. First up on the agenda was one of our favorites here at Southern Strokes; Seth Knight joined us but this time, Seth decided to show us how a bottom likes to be fucked and I think that Joey would agree. That's right, we are going to get to see everyone's favorite bottom fuck our stud Joey's tight ass hole. This wasn't Joey's first rodeo but i do believe that Seth gave him his first real drilling. With Seth first mounted Joey, you can catch Joey throw out a couple of winces as Seth didn't hold anything and showed his cock balls deep into Joey's. After fucking him for a spell, Joey was begging to taste Seth's cum so Joey put his head back on the pillow and took Seth's huge thick load before he followed up with a gusher of his how. This is one hot pairing.

    Scene 4 - Carson and Matthew Sharp

    Matthew was definitely nervous but found himself in good hands, or better yet, the hot hole of Carson. Carson has turned out to be quite a hit and one of our members most requested models. Carson just loves a nice big cock in his ass and he can take it as good as any bottom around. I love how Carson smiles as his ass is being raped repeatedly. I put the two of them outside and let Carson go at it. My last plug on Carson; did I mention that he doesn't have much of a gag reflex? It is so fucking hot watching him swallow Matthew's big fat cut cock. It didn't take much for Carson to suck Matthew's cock until it was rock hard. Carson them ripped open a condom, slapped it on Matthew's throbbing meat then climbed up on top and began to ride it reverse cowboy. Once Matthew felt Carson's tight hole wrapped around his cock, he let himself go and enjoy the ride. He put Carson on all fours and fucked him like a dog. You swinging ball lovers out there are going to get your eyeful of low hangers slapping up against Carson's ass. Carson took a pounding on this one and he did it with a hard cock and a smile on his face. The two of them took turns spraying jizz all over each other's cocks so they could sword fight with cum splashing everywhere.

    Scene 5 - Logan and Josh Long

    Josh and Logan are both young and horny and full of attitude to go along with their prowess. When we decided to pair these two up, we weren't sure if Logan was going to fall in line or if he and Josh were going to get into a tussle while they fucked. It was a breezy summer day making it a perfect day to have a little outdoor fuck session on the picnic table. Logan went down on Josh's cock getting him nice and hard making Logan's ass go up in the air just begging for Josh to take him deep. Logan crawled up onto the table and got on all fours so that Josh could climb up on top and mount him. Josh eased his big hard cock into Logan's wet hole and slowly opened up Logan's ass. Josh turned the heat up a bit and Logan opened up wider as the boys went at it. They took every position as deep as Josh could go finally finishing off Logan by giving him a good pounding after a hard pile drive. Josh went balls deep into Logan until both studs dumped their loads all over Logan's sweet, smooth body.

    Scene 6 - Trevor and Logan Taylor

    These two have spent a lot of time hanging out at Southern Strokes so even I was a little surprised to realize that I have never paired these two together. I decided that I was going to change that so I asked Logan and Trevor to come and hang out one hot summer day. Let's just say that these two pretty much started out naked and taking turns working the others' cock deep in their wet mouths. The guys were both obviously really turned on so it turned into one of those videos that you just sit back and let them do whatever they want. There is nothing Logan loves better than a nice cock in his ass. Well today he realized he hit the jackpot as soon as he climbed on top and eased his way down onto Trevor's massive piece of meat. It didn't take Logan long after riding it to ask Trevor to bend him over the couch and give him a real drilling. With every pump Logan screamed "Fuck Me! Fuck Me!" sending Trevor into over drive. The guys ended their fuck session with Logan in his favorite position; on his back with his legs spread open wide and a big fat cock ripping open his hole. Logan let Trevor fuck him until he was ready to empty his load when Trevor pulled out and finished himself off all over Logan.


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  • Jocks and Twinks of the South (DVD)
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    In life, it seems there’s always a separation with a huge divide. Us and them. It’s no different on a college campus. There’s the Southern jock, and then there’s the Southern twink. On campus, never the twain shall meet. Off campus, however, is a different story. Marc Jacob, Trevor Laster, Genesis, Joey Vox, Tony Newport, Logan Taylor, Nick Holiday, Carson Carver and Tyler Sweet are just some of the Jocks and Twinks of the South that get together off campus for the two things they crave most and the one thing they know how to do best. Cock and Hole. Fucking. This is Jocks and Twinks of the South!

    Scene 1 - Carson and Nick Holiday

    It has been a while since we've had Carson visit us. The one thing that you've got to love about Carson is that he likes to bring new guys along with him to out shoots. This time Carson brought along his friend Nick Holiday. This is Nick's first time with a guy. Carson started by kissing Nick's bare chest as he slowly worked his mouth down to Nick's pants. Carson undid Nick's pants and pulled out his fat cut straight boy cock. Carson took it in his mouth and showed Nick that he doesn't have a gag reflex. Carson worked Nick's cock in his mouth until Nick was fat and thick. This is about to be the fattest cock that Carson has squeezed into his tight hole. Carson laid on his back and hung his ass over the side of the bed for Nick's taking. Nick used his fat dick to pry open Carson's wet eager hole. Once he opened up, Carson started begging Nick to fuck him harder and faster. Carson positioned himself so that Nick could drill him deep as Carson's hard cock slapped against his stomach. Nicked finished Carson off on his stomach and then dumped his load all over Carson's hole just before Carson drenched himself with a load of his own.

    Scene 2 - Genesis Massage

    It's about time that everyone gets a real up close looks at one of our member's all time favorites - Genesis. We hooked Genesis up with our famous ‘hands’ one afternoon and turned on the cameras and left the room.

    Scene 3 - Joey and Tony Newport

    I've known Joey and Tony for quite a while but until they both were at the Ranch for the same time did I realize that they kinda look like each other. Tony being older than Joey, decided that he was going to give Joey a little lesson in fucking. Both boys had been hanging out with hard cocks in their hands for a bit so I abandonded any preconcieved ideas on this pairing and turned on the cameras and let them do whatever they want. They weren't the only ones in the room anxious to get the cameras rolling. Once we hit the on button, Tony leaned over and started sucked Joey's big hard cock. After Tony treated Joey to some oral pleasure, Joey turned around so that he could return the favor in his favorite position; 69. Primed and ready to go, Joey strapped on a condom and Tony climbed up on top to go for a ride. Joey put Tony on all fours and entered him from behind and continued to pound away as Tony's hot ass. The two boys fucked in another tree position before out boys need to let it all out. They laid back on the bed and raced to jerk out their loads. Tony came first followed by Joey's self hosing.

    Scene 4 - Carson and Tyler Sweet

    We've produced hundreds and hundreds of videos ranging from guys that have never been off of their farm to pros in this business and at the end of the day, we are just looking for a good show. That being said, there is nothing like a couple of pros that love sex and know what they are doing in front of a camera. I walked in on Tyler and Carson talking about all the ways that Carson was going to use Tyler from doggie to missionary to cow-girl! Yee Ha! Carson got naked first and Tyler got down on his knees and took Carson's big fat cock in his mouth. Tyler finally assumed his favorite position and put his legs up in the air and opened up wide and invited Carson to cum and pound his tight little twink boy hole. The guys didn't disappoint us, first Carson fucked him missionary then he put him on all fours and then Tyler climbed up on top and rode it out Cow-Girl style. Tyler finished himself off as he was jumping up and down on Carson's pole, spraying his load all over the place just as Carson dumped his big load in Tyler's tight ass. I could watch these two play over and over again and then start all over.

    Scene 5 - Logan and Tony Newport

    It seems like we've been talking to Tony about paying us a visit. As soon as Tony found out that we were going to pair him up with Logan, it didn't take long for him to show up at the door. I couldn't help but notice that the boys were getting acquainted as we were setting up the equipment. At one point, I looked over and found Logan on his knees sucking on Tony's hard cock. Just a little warm up so that they could be used to each other when the cameras are rolling. They were both naked in a flash with Tony sprawled out diagonally on the bed and Logan's nude body positioned over him with his warm mouth getting Tony's cock nice and wet and ready to give Logan his favorite kind of pleasure. While Logan had Tony pinned down, he wrapped up his cock, got on all fours and gave Tony and open invitation into his man hole. They fucked like we weren't their in every position and covering every inch of the bed. Tony pushed it to far as he was teasing Logan's ass and squirted his thick creamy white load all over Logan's cock. The boys ended the video making out just like they started.

    Scene 6 - Trevor and Marc

    I don't think that Marc knew what he was getting himself into by cumming out to the Ranch. Just when he thought that he had handled the biggest cock at the Ranch, we pair him up with Trevor Laster. Marc was more than a little excited when he found out that he was about to take Trevor's dick. Marc wasn't the only one looking forward to this match up. In case you haven't figured it out by now, Trevor loves himself a hot latin boy. Trevor and Marc swapped head for a while as Marc readied himself to go for a little ride. Marc sat down on Trevor's rock hard piece of meat; riding it reverse cow girl. Marc winced as he slowly lowered his ass onto Trevor's massive cock. Marc got on all fours and begged Trevor to fuck his ass. Marc opened his legs up wide so that Trevor could violate him deep. The boys fucked in for awhile until Trevor put Marc on his back and drilled him with his rod. Marc spread his legs open wide so that Trevor could penetrate him deep as Marc shot a thick creamy load all over his ripped abs. Trevor followed suit by drenching Marc's stomach with a thick load of his own.


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