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  • In Need of Cock (DVD)
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    Top, bottom or versatile, sooner or later you’ll want to look at it, touch it, hold it. You’re going to want to suck it. You’re going to need to get fucked. Christian Matthews, Steve Sommers, Luke Harding, Mickey Carpathio, Brian Bonds, Danny Blue, Topher Michels, Geoff Gregorio, and Dusty Williams have all been there. And like you, they’re all In Need of Cock.

    Scene 1 - Luke Harding and Mickey Carpathio

    Mickey Carpathio and Luke Harding are passionate kissers. They like to leave a little something to the imagination so when they hook up, they take their sweet time playing with each other and making out. When they take their shirts off they take turns playing with each others nipples as they work each other into a frenzy. Things pick up after they show off their oral skills and Luke buries his tongue deep in Mickey's hairy hole. The bald bearded daddy takes Luke's big cock up his ass and it goes in like a hot knife through butter. Luke is a steady fucker, pumping Mickey bareback and giving the pig all he's got. He fucks the cum out of Mickey and keeps on fucking, something many guys can't do once they bust a load. But Mickey, trooper that he is, keeps on letting Luke use his hole as a cock holster until he can barely take anymore. And even then, Mickey keeps on taking that raw cock, fucking himself as he rides Luke bareback. When Luke finally unleashes a thick, copious load, Mickey is right there to eat it all, the way a good, hungry cum pig should.

    Scene 2 - Christian Matthews and Steve Sommers

    Co-workers and fuck buddies Christian Matthews and Steve Sommers get together after a stressful day for some much needed release. Not bothering to strip, bearded Steve chows down on Christian’s cock, sucking him down to the balls and getting his face fucked. The two soon take their business indoors where Christian and Steve continue taking turns getting off on mutual face fucking and deep throat cock sucking. Hairy Steve soon has Christian moaning like a bitch in heat as Steve eats out his ass, tongue fucking and stretching Christian’s hole. Steve bareback fucks his tattooed co-worker, goaded on by trash talking Christian, who gets slammed deep and hard. The two soon flip fuck, with Christian giving as good as he can take before blowing his seed for Steve to eat and savor.

    Scene 3 - Brian Bonds and Danny Blue

    Brian Bonds calls in sick in order to play with his fuck buddy, Danny Blue. Dressed for work, the two make out and take their time stripping. Soon, they’re taking turns sucking cock, with Brian getting his face and throat fucked balls deep. Brian is soon on his knees, on the couch, with his ass up in the air, Danny’s long cock buried to the hilt. Danny takes Brian’s hot and hungry ass, bareback fucking the slut deep. But after a while, Danny wants some of that raw action so Brian eats out his sweet hole, priming Danny full of spit. Brian gets nice and piggy rimming Danny then slides home, fucking his slender buddy bareback and using his ass. Danny and Brian then get into a 69, sucking cock and eating ass. They flip back and forth, barebacking each other in this tasty fuckfest of raw lust. Brian seeds Danny, who then pushes the jizz out onto Brian’s fat cock before splattering his own cum all over Brian’s face, feeding most of it into Brian’s mouth. Hmmm. Told you it was tasty!

    Scene 4 - Topher Michels and Geoff Gregorio

    Topher Michels is hot to trot and desperately needs cock. Lots of it. Preferably raw. And cum. Luckily, Geoff Gregorio is more than willing to give his hairy otter buddy anything he needs to satisfy that frenzied itch. After stripping down, the two horny fuckers get into to some mutual cock sucking. But it's the fucking Topher wants most and Geoff soon lubes up his cock and slips that juicy piece balls deep inside the dick hungry man whore. Geoff bareback fucks the cum out of Topher, making him shoot a big load all over his own hairy belly. But Geoff shoots an ever bigger load, spraying that protein all over Topher's ass and impregnating him with seed.

    Scene 5 - Christian Matthews and Dusty Williams

    Tattooed and pierced blond hottie, Christian Matthews, gets it on with bearded otter, Dusty Williams. These two can't keep their hands off each other as they make out and strip, getting down to the very serious business of sucking cock. Each pleases the other and rim hungry holes but which one is going to take that raw dick and get fucked bareback? Usually, Christian is the one on the bottom, taking raw cock and collecting loads like a pro but hung Dusty is pretty anxious to get that deep itch satisfied. Doggy style fucking complete with ass-to-mouth cock sucking and big loads. Doesn't get any hornier than this!

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  • Hole Stuffers (DVD)
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    Let’s face it. There’s nothing as sexually stimulating like a hot man with a great body and a big cock. Even when it barely fits in your mouth, you live for the pleasure-pain of getting fucked, the need to get your hole stuffed and stretching you out. Hans Berlin, Saul Leinad, Christian Matthews, Ray Diesel, Emmett Frost, Steve Sommers, Brian Bonds, Dusty Williams, Leo Donato and Hugh Hunter know what you want and crave because they're...Hole Stuffers!

    Scene 1 - Hans Berlin and Saul Leinad

    Hans Berlin slowly gets bearded black daddy Saul Leinad out of his business attire as they make out and tease each other with some sensual foreplay. Undaunted by the size of Saul's big uncut monster cock, Hans immediately drops to his knees to worship the hefty, meaty slab the color of milk chocolate. Hans might be a good top but he's an excellent bottom as he follows Saul's instructions on taking his cock. But soon, Hans craves something H-U-G-E to stretch his hole and fill his ass, just as Saul needs a cock hungry white boy to satisfy his bareback urges. Saul takes charge of Hans, rimming his ass then stuffing the monster meat balls deep inside the cockwhore, with little more than spit. Hans looks as though he can barely believe he's taken the whole thing, let alone that he's getting fucked as deeply and fully as Saul can. But even lovers of BBC have their limits. Hans needs a bit more lube and Saul gives it to him. Then he gives Hans the fuck of his life, practically taking his breath away. Saul breeds Hans, seeding his sloppy hole then fucks the cum out of the eager cock slut, making Hans very happy.

    Scene 2 - Christian Matthews and Ray Diesel

    Beefy, hung muscle hunk Ray Diesel and Christian Matthews tease each other — and us! — as they make out. They slowly undress before getting down to the very serious business of sucking cock. Clad in red underwear, Ray offers up his big fat black monster cock for Christian to take into his mouth and devour. The tattooed white hunk services Ray as best he can, sometimes choking and gagging, at times getting his face and throat fucked, but always enjoying not just the size, but taste of Ray’s mouth watering slab of Grade A prime fuck meat. While Christian chows down, Ray wastes little time in going after what he wants most…a sweet, pink white pussy boy to bury his juicy fuckstick into. Ray goes after Christian’s hole, burying his face in that hot ass and eating out Christian’s hungry hole like a straight man eating pussy. The energy between these two is palpable as Christian lets Ray know exactly how he’s feeling as he gets reamed out but good! Ray sucks Christian a while, priming the pump as it were, before sliding that enormous piece of meat in that tiny little fuck hole. You can hear Christian’s moans echo throughout the house as Ray takes what he wants, giving Christian what he needs…an intense bareback fuck that makes the tattooed bottom roll his eyes back into his head with delirious pleasure!

    Scene 3 - Emmett Frost and Steve Sommers

    In the blistering summer white heat of Palm Springs, beefy and bearded Emmett Frost makes out with bearded white sex pig Steve Sommers. But dressed as they are, things got a little hot and heavy for them and they soon take their business indoors. There, they strip out of their sweaty clothes and continue to make out. Beefy Emmett makes a meal out of Steve's hairy little ass, just as Steve devours the big black out then takes it balls deep up his ass, bareback fucked until he blows his load all over his belly. Emmett soon follows with a copious load of his own that splatters all over Steve’s furry body.

    Scene 4 - Brian Bonds and Ray Diesel

    You know those horny moments when you're in such need to get off you do away with the business of making out? That's how Brian Bonds and Ray Diesel were when they got together to fuck for us in front of the camera. No kissing. No making out. No nipple play. Just good old-fashioned cock sucking and butt fucking. Ray slurps away at Brian's cock, choking on his white meat. Guess he doesn't suck enough cock. Then again, with the size of that big brown monster between his legs, Ray doesn't need to suck unless he wants to. He quickly moves from sucking dick to rimming ass, burying his face in Brian's crack and tongue fucking the sweet hole, priming Brian for a D-E-E-P penetration. But spit isn't enough so Ray slicks his long fat monster cock with lube and slides home in one fell swoop. Brian moans with the lust that can only come from the pleasure-pain of getting taken, spit on and bareback fucked like a complete whore. In fact, he takes one of the deepest, roughest fucks we’ve ever seen and he handles it like a pro, owning Ray's big black cock the way Ray owns his white ass. Brian gets even piggier when he pulls off Ray's cock and downs that puppy for some ass-to-mouth cock sucking! As they devolve from humans into animals, rutting like pigs, Ray wrecks Brian's hole, bareback fucking the beefy, hairy blond bottom all over that bed and even on the floor. Ray fucks the cum out of Brian before delivering an enormous, juicy wet load all over Brian's sloppy ass, pushing all that jizz inside and seeding the lucky bastard.

    Scene 5 - Leo Donato and Hugh Hunter

    After informing us that he really enjoyed having a tongue in his hole because it made him feel good, we set up Hugh Hunter with Leo Donato to see what would happen. All we can say is that if you enjoy a noisy, butt-munching rim session, you're going to LOVE the sounds Leo makes as he not only eats out Hugh's pink rosebud, but worships his cock and balls as well. What Hugh failed to tell us was that when gets his ass rimmed right, he wants to return the favor. In what is probably one of the hottest rimjobs we've seen in a while, tattooed bearded Hugh eats out Leo's sweet, chocolate brown ass like a straight man eating pussy, sending Leo into a delirium of trash talk, half in Spanish, half in English. Then the bareback fucking begins and it’s a show that cannot be missed!


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  • Bareback in Palm Springs (DVD)
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    The desert might be hot but the men of Palm Springs are SCORCHING hot, hung, and ready for bareback action! We invite you to watch beefy hung hunks Tyler Phoenix, Ray Diesel, Max Cameron, Danny Blue, Christian Matthews, and Geoff Gregorio, six incredibly horny men who live to suck cock, rim hungry holes, and fuck raw to live! So grab your favorite lube and get yourself primed for sweaty, raw, balls-deep action in Bareback in Palm Springs!

    Scene 1 Tyler Phoenix and Ray Diesel

    There’s no doubt at it. Bearded sex pig Tyler Phoenix simply loves dick. The bigger the better. And it doesn’t get any better than Ray Diesel since he’s definitely the biggest Tyler’s ever had! Watch the cock hungry slut take on beefy Ray’s huge cock in this outdoor, interracial bareback fuckfest.

    Scene 2 Max Cameron and Danny Blue

    Being outdoors definitely does something to your libido. Max Cameron and Danny Blue are living proof. The two get majorly horned up and find themselves having to strip down naked. They then proceed to make-out and tattooed beefy Max takes the reins, rimming Danny’s hungry hole before diving in to the hilt. Max takes Danny like a bitch in heat, bareback riding until he pounds the cum out of Danny then sprays his own seed all over the freshly fucked bottom.

    Scene 3 Christian Matthews and Geoff Gregorio

    When it comes to sex, a quick raw fuck while on break is fun. Hell, who doesn't like fast and furious? Especially if you're pressed for time. Sometimes, though, it's good to take your sweet time. Christian Matthews and Geoff Gregorio, still dressed in their work clothes, take it outside, nice and slow. After making out the two take turns sucking each other but Christian makes good use of Geoff's face and mouth, using his own tie against him. Those of you who enjoy a good oral session will love the throat fucking, too! Even the rimming is an exercise in self-control. But when it comes to shoving a big fat raw cock in a tight hole, sometimes it's best to just ram it in. Or in this case, sit your ass right down on that puppy and take that bareback fucking! Christian does take his time here and there but mostly fucks fast and hard, helping Geoff stroke out a load with his cock still buried balls deep inside the bearded bottom. Geoff then greedily swallows Christian's load and shares the taste in a sloppy kiss.

    Scene 4 Max Cameron and Tyler Phoenix

    There's nothing like being outdoors and under the sun, on a patio near a swimming pool. Something about the combination just gets you horny and with little provocation, you're soon hard. Which is exactly the situation Tyler Phoenix and Max Cameron find themselves in. The two make out for a bit, still dressed, but they don't remain dressed for long. Tyler's big cock is soon out and Max makes a big pig of himself, sucking on the juicy slab. He gets it nice and wet, even as Tyler fucks his face. Tyler soon returns the favor, swallowing Max before the tattooed hunk drops once more to slobber over Tyler's cock. The two trade blowjobs, taking turns servicing dick and balls before Tyler closes in on Max's meaty ass. He buries his face in the beefy globes, rimming Max and getting his hole all wet with spit. Then he places the head of his cock against that tiny pink starburst and starts to push. Max can barely handle it but works through the pleasure pain etched on his face. Tyler bareback fucks Max, thrusting in and out at a steady clip. After a while Tyler flips on his back, legs spread wide, and Max rides him deep. The tattooed and pierced hunk fucks the cum out of Tyler then impales himself on that still-hard cock, fucking himself until he's ready to blow his own load, which Tyler dutifully eats before sharing with Max.


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  • Bareback Hook-Ups (DVD)
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    Whether you’re fucking in a seedy motel, a luxury hotel, or even a quaint B&B, there’s nothing sleazier — or more exciting! — than a mid-day bareback hook-up with a stranger, buddy, lover, boyfriend or husband. Just ask Mickey Carpathio, Eric Hassan, Reid Thrasher, Chase Acland, Hugh Hunter, Dolf Dietrich, and Rogue Status. Nothing turns on these muscle-bound hunks and hairy otters like big dick, tight holes, and the smell of jizz in Bareback Hook-Ups!

    Scene 1 Eric Hassan and Mickey Carpathio

    While on lunch break from a work conference, Mickey Carpathio and Eric Hassan give in to temptation with a romp in Mickey’s hotel room. They bearded horny men waste little time in stripping out of their business attire as they make out then take turns sucking cock. Eric goes hog wild, slobbering and drooling all over Mickey’s big daddy dick before rimming his hungry ass. Eric mounts Mickey raw and takes him, stretching out and filling his hole, pounding him deep with that big, fat, uncut tool. After fucking the bareback pig to the edge and back, Eric seeds and breeds Mickey with a thick, juicy load just as Mickey lets loose with a big nutt of his own that hits both his eyes!

    Scene 2 Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich

    Real life boyfriends Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich are a dynamic pair. Both are versatile and it doesn't matter who fucks just as long as one of them is getting dick up their ass. Taking a quick break from work, the two are dressed but soon strip down, taking turns sucking cock as if they were slobbering on a fresh hook-up. Bearded and pierced Dolf all but chokes on Hugh's incredibly fat cock before the bearded daddy returns the favor, sucking his hunk of a boyfriend. The masculine hairy hunk is soon stuffed full of raw cock, getting bareback fucked by his handsome buck of a partner. Daddy Hugh then takes charge, bareback fucking Dolf before flipping once more and getting the cum fucked out of him. Dolf soon follows, blowing his load right in Hugh's crack, then pumping the rest of his load inside Hugh, seeding his hungry ass.

    Scene 3 Rogue Status and Reid Thrasher

    Fresh from work, Reid Thrasher needs to unwind and the only way he knows how is with a big cock. Lucky for bearded, pierced, mohawk-sporting indie he’s got a good fuck buddy to give him what he wants. Bald and bearded tattooed otter Rogue Status has the big dick Reid craves and is happy to feed it to the cock pig, fucking Reid’s face and making him deep throat. The heavily tattooed otter returns the favor, sucking Reid’s big uncut dick then eats his hairy ass after stripping down, lubing him up and priming him full of spit. Rogue slides that big raw tool home, pounding the hell out of Reid and bareback fucking his hungry hole — with a bit of ass-to-mouth thrown in — before unloading all over Reid’s hairy ass.

    Scene 4 Reid Thrasher and Chase Acland

    After a hard day at work there’s nothing Reid Thrasher likes better than going down on a big cock. Luckily, he’s got a new fuck buddy to help him out. Chase Acland offers up his pierced tool for Reid to slobber over but Chase needs some dick as well. He returns the oral favor, sucking the pierced indie otter. Reid then wastes little time in getting Chase into bed. On all fours, he gives up his hairy ass and hungry hole for Chase to stuff and pound bareback. Clearly loving Chase’s big pierced cock, Reid is in ecstasy as he’s fucked like a dog, rewarded with a large, copious load of jizz, which Reid tastes and hungrily swallows down.


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  • Dressed to Fuck (DVD)
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    There’s nothing sexier than a well-dressed man to whet your appetite and get your mind going. Lorenzo, Chase Acland, Teddy Torres, Rogue Status, Zack Acland, Mickey Carpathio and Saul Leinad might start out clothed but they’re soon undressed, leaving nothing to the imagination, as they strip down for the serious and horny business of sucking cock, rimming ass and bareback fucking a hot and hungry hole. So loosen up that tie and unzip your pants. Then whip your dick out and jerk off with the men of Dressed to Fuck!

    Scene 1 Lorenzo and Chase Acland

    Charming, sweet talking Lorenzo has brought Chase Acland a gift. In gratitude, the bearded tattooed and slender redhead is soon on his knees, devouring the bearded muscle hunk’s cock. Lorenzo returns the favor but quickly returns to face fucking Chase. Grabbing a fistful of red hear, Lorenzo fills Chase’s throat before dropping to his knees once more. The swarthy, masculine fucker tops Chase, bending him over a fuck bench for easy access to that hungry ginger hole. Beefy Lorenzo then bareback fucks Chase, pounding his ass mercilessly until he fucks the cum out of him and delivers his load to the mix.

    Scene 2 Teddy Torres and Rogue Status

    Friends in real life, Teddy Torres and Rogue Status get together on their lunch break to satisfy their hunger for big cock. Handsome hairy hunk Teddy goes down on bald, bearded Rogue and gets quite the face as he slobbers all over Rogue’s tool. But then tattooed and pierced Rogue has a go, salivating all over scruffy Teddy’s thick uncut slab of meat, taking him down to the balls. But what Teddy likes most, especially at lunch, is getting stuffed full of raw cock. Rogue gives him exactly what he wants, balls deep, pounding away as they get sweaty, grunting and snorting like pigs. However, there are times Rogue needs a big dick up his ass as well. Next thing you know he’s straddled Teddy, impaling himself on the juicy cock. Rogue rides Teddy like a pogo stick, fucking himself until he’s ready to shoot his load…straight into Teddy’s mouth! The batter flies and Teddy is good to catch as much as he can before returning the favor and giving Rogue a mouthful of cream they both share.

    Scene 3 Chase Acland and Zack Acland

    Married in real life, Chase Acland and Zack Acland are still hot to trot. In fact, perhaps more so given their emotional commitment to each other. Taking a break from a hard day at work, they head home for a nooner before carrying out with the rest of their day. The bearded men make out and take turns sucking each other while still dressed, with Zack deepthroating Chase and all but gagging on his husband's dick. It doesn't take them long to strip down completely and soon, Zack is passionately rimming Chase's hungry ass. Sliding in raw, using only spit for lube, Zack bareback fucks his man, giving him every inch of cock before fucking the cum out of him.

    Scene 4 Mickey Carpathio and Saul Leinad

    Bald bearded white daddy Mickey Carpathio is hungry for what Saul Leinad is packing. Little does Mickey know that Saul has a big black cock the likes of which we haven’t seen in a while! It’s large, thick, and uncut, just the way Mickey likes them. Then again, for Mickey it’s more about the size as this little fucker LOVES a challenge. As the two contrasting men take turns sucking each other Mickey gets nastier and more primal, snorting like a pig while chowing down on Saul’s monster slab, taking him down to the base and even getting his face fucked. They soon get down to the very serious business of fucking. How Mickey was able to take Saul’s thick, uncut beercan cock is beyond us but he clearly loved every inch of that raw meat fucking him bareback. And then it was Saul’s turn to get fucked. Only Mickey was already so near the edge he blew his load all over Saul’s furry, milk chocolate skin then roughly fingered his hole to help him spew.


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  • After Work Loads (DVD)
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    You know what it’s like after a stressful day at work. All you want to do is go home and pop off a load. It doesn’t matter if you get off with your husband, boyfriend, next door neighbor, a trick you met online or a guy you cruise on the street. There’s only one thing on your mind. Sex! So why don’t you loosen up that tie, unzip your pants and whip your dick out to watch Zack Acland, Rogue Status, Saul Leinad, Hugh Hunter, Dolf Dietrich, Mickey Carpathio, Cooper Roads and Teddy Taggart get off with some After Work Loads!

    Scene 1 Zack Acland and Rogue Status

    When you put together bareback sex pigs you know exactly what you’re going to get. Intense, balls-deep fucking. And in case you had any doubt, Zack Acland and Rogue Status tell you up front exactly what’s going down. Bearded and hung hairy fucker, Rogue plans to load Zack’s hole and Zack intends to ride Rogue’s cock. And that’s exactly what they do! But not before making out and taking turns sucking cock in the kitchen. Stripped down to nothing except for socks and cockrings, tattooed Rogue goes all out on Zack. He stuffs Zack full of raw cock and bareback fucks the eager, hungry whore until he blows a huge load, seeding and cum fucking the hairy, freshly fucked hole.

    Scene 2 Saul Leinad and Hugh Hunter

    Muscle hunk Hugh Hunter has the hots for tall and bearded Saul Leinad and in a nearby hotel room, the thick-hung daddy finally meets up with Saul for a clandestine afternoon encounter. He’s not surprised when he whips out Saul’s enormous, black and uncut monster cock. Hugh immediately sets to working the beercan dick, taking as much down his throat as he possibly can before Saul returns the oral favor. But since this is about cock in hole, and neither Hugh or Saul could afford to take more than an hour for lunch, they soon got down to business. Saul somehow manages to work that ginormous black slab balls deep inside Hugh, bareback fucking the tattooed stud, his monster balls pressing up tight against Hugh’s ass. The bearded white daddy clearly experiences one of the most moving fucks as he’s stretched and filled, all the while begging to be taken, before coming and helping Saul shoot his own load.

    Scene 3 Dolf Dietrich and Mickey Carpathio

    Mickey Carpathio and Dolf Dietrich meet up for a clandestine fling at a local hotel room. There, they make out while stripping out of their work clothes. They take turns sucking each other, servicing big dick like fiends. Then Mickey devours his tattooed hunk buddy, eating his ass out as if he were dining on prime, Grade A beef, and in a way, he is! Rimming Dolf only makes the hunk want to get fucked. He offers up his ass for Mickey to do with as he will. The bearded, bald otter has a pretty big dick for a guy his size and what he lacks in height, Mickey more than makes up for in the way he bareback fucks the handsome giant moaning on the hotel bed!

    Scene 4 Cooper Roads and Teddy Taggart

    Cooper Roads and Teddy Taggart are here to tell us that what they like most about sex is…EVERYTHING! How can you pick just one thing? They’re reply did not surprise us, especially coming from Cooper. Based on his online profile we had a pretty clear picture that the bearded, long-haired redhead is up for almost anything, at almost any time. Teddy, we’re still unsure of but after watching him with Cooper, watching him go down on that big uncut cock and taking Cooper’s raw dick up his ass, well, let’s just say we think there’s very little Teddy wouldn’t do!


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