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  • Spanish Beef (DVD)
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    Along the Mediterranean Coast of Spain, the men are thick in all the right places. Their passion is deep and intense and primal… like bulls. And whether they are making love, or just plain fucking, Alfer Cuero, Ale Tedesco, Adam Jones, and Carlos Verga throw themselves completely to the task at hand. They glisten with sweat, having basked under a hot Spanish sun, unabashed as they drench one another with spit, sweat, and cum, as if they were seasoning… Spanish Beef.

    Scene 1 - Adam Jones and Ale Tedesco

    Bearded daddy Ale Tedesco is on his way to give Adam Jones a haircut. He buzzes Adam's head with clippers, giving the bearded young hunk of a cub a mohawk. Bear and cub are playful and passionate as they head to a more private spot of the villa and get down to the business of sucking cock. Ale and Adam take turns servicing each other. Soon, Adam rims Ale and slides his raw cock inside his Daddy. Surprisingly, Adam gives it up to Ale, but it's clear Adam doesn't get fucked much. It's apparently a delicious sensation, straddling pleasure and pain as they talk dirty, and give in to the primal desire of raw throbbing shaft pumping a hungry hole. And the faces Adam makes while being taken! Between that, their accents and the continuous flip fucking, Bear and cub push their lust to the edge until Ale, fucking himself on Adam's thick cock, blows a huge load. And like a good fuck buddy, Ale then offers up his mouth, throat, and hole to help get Adam to unload.

    Scene 2 - Alfer Cuero and Ale Tedesco

    It's mid-afternoon in Spain, and while everyone else takes a siesta, Alfer Cuero and Ale Tedesco decide to fuck. But first, the hairy, horny Daddies make out. Alfer and Ale have little inhibitions as they move from kissing and, literally, swapping spit, to sucking cock. Each takes his turn at showing off some mad oral skills, but only one of these men is going to fuck the other. Tattooed silver Daddy Alfer rims and fingers Ale, priming him before sliding home and fucking his buddy raw. Bearded bottom Ale gets fucked bareback and even spit upon as Alfer pounds away in a scene that is at once intimate, yet primal.

    Scene 3 - Adam Jones and Alfer Cuero

    Bored out of his mind, bearded Daddy Alfer Cuero needs company... and cock. He steps out of his room and onto his balcony. Alfer spots hunky Adam Jones sunning himself. The older man waves at the cub to come upstairs, and Adam disappears into the house. Next thing you know, Adam is in Alfer's bed, hard as a rock. Alfer wastes little time in going down on the thick hung, uncut cub. After plenty of making out and mouthwatering cock sucking, Adam sits on Daddy Alfer's chest and fucks his face. He then moves on to Alfer's hairy ass and makes love to the tender hole with his face, tongue, and fingers. This made even us swoon! Once Alfer is fully primed, Adam slides home and fucks the silver papi as if he were a bitch in heat. Alfer takes everything Adam has to give, and near the end, takes what he wants by fucking himself on the younger man's throbbing tool. Alfer strokes out a huge load all over Adam's belly, and Adam quickly follows with an explosive climax of his own.

    Scene 4 - Alfer Cuero and Carlos Verga

    Silver Daddy Alfer Cuero settles into a leather couch with Carlos Verga. After making out, bald and bearded Carlos sucks Alfer, who soon returns the oral favor. They start off slow, and perhaps somewhat uncertain, but their passion builds, becoming more and more intense. Alfer clearly knows how to handle a hairy ass, and as Alfer rims Carlos, the smaller man sighs and moans. In fact, watching Alfer rims his bottom buddy, you just might feel your own butthole pucker as they talk dirty, but in Spanish. Alfer takes his sweet time spit-lubing and stretching Carlos open with two fingers, then climbs on top of the little man and slides home. You can even hear the splurt when Alfer penetrates Carlos! He starts fucking immediately, taking Carlos like cats in heat, muttering obscenities, and with Alfer licking and kissing and biting Carlos. But it's while bent over the side of the couch that Carlos shows us just how much he can take, while Alfer builds up a sweat, exhibiting tremendous stamina. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Alfer pulls out his thick cock, milks it a moment, and spews an enormous load all over Carlos. After seeding, Alfer tastes Carlo's jizz and gives him a cum-filled kiss. The entire scene demonstrates why Latino men have a reputation for being excellent lovers. They give it all they have because the act is all about Sexo Intenso!

    Scene 5 - Adam Jones and Ale Tedesco - BJ

    Some time has elapsed since Adam Jones last hooked up with Ale Tedesco. But now Adam is back, after touring the countryside on his bike. Ale, who had been lounging out on the patio, welcomes him with open arms… and an open mouth! Ale gives Adam the royal treatment-- kissing, licking and nibbling--after stripping him down. The two then get into some delicious, mutual cocksucking, with a hot 69 session that will leave you drooling. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, but with a simultaneous orgasm that will knock your socks off. Clearly, these two missed each other!


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  • That Secret We Keep (DVD)
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    There’s a secret place where men go. It’s a secluded spot, in a secret location where both straight and gay men go to suck cock, fuck ass, and dump loads. It’s not a bar or a bathhouse. It’s not even a sex club. It’s a converted warehouse space, available through a benefactor who chooses to remain anonymous. The floor is sticky with sweat, spit, and cum. The place reeks of sex, and the men that go there, with no other place to go, are boned from the moment they walk inside. It’s not a dark or tawdry place, but the lights are dim enough. The men that go there cheat on their boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, and husbands. There’s only one rule to gain access to the playspace... what happens in this secret dungeon, remains there. No one can talk about it, not to anyone. And just like Jack Dixon, Mike Gaite, Clay Towers, Digger, Dolf Dietrich, Ryan Carter, Brian Davilla, Sir Jet, Jake Morgan, and Drew Sebastian, we have all been there. We all have that one thing we can never tell another soul. We all have... That Secret We Keep.

    Scene 1 - Jack Dixon and Mike Gaite

    There's a place men go to get off. It's a secluded spot... a secret location where straight and gay men go to suck cock and fuck ass. It's a well-kept secret but won't remain that way for long. Places like this never do. The floor is sticky from so much spilled seed and the space reeks of sex and sweat. It's lit but dark enough to make you feel deliciously filthy. It's the kind of place you try to resist, but can't. It calls to you, and your boner leads the way. The adrenaline courses through your veins as you watch two men leave, while Jack and Mike approach. Inside, they get down to business. Mike devours Jack, slurping on the immense, torpedo-like slab of meat. Jack returns the oral favor and then, with little preparation, drives home. You move in, to get a better look as Jack bareback fucks Mike, but halfway through, Mike stops Jack. Is something watching? Jack doesn't think so or maybe doesn't care. He continues fucking until he unloads. Cum splatters everywhere, but he saves the last couple of spurts to seed Mike's freshly fucked hole, who follows with a load of his own.

    Scene 2 - Clay Towers and Digger

    Digger is what you might call a late bloomer, about to get his first taste of dick. And who gets to give Digger his first taste? None other than Clay Towers, who has his dungeon set up for, as Digger put it, something he cannot get at home. After sucking Clay's cock, Digger experiences a rim job he will never forget. And it is definitely something he cannot get at home! But it does not end there. Clay pops Digger's cherry, on film no less, and once Digger gets used to cock up his ass, Clay bareback fucks his hole in the sling. Digger gets broken in and spoiled for any other fucker who might want to come along and pound his closeted ass.

    Scene 3 - Dolf Dietrich and Ryan Carter

    Ryan Carter follows Dolf Dietrich into a secluded space, now under lock and key. Luckily, Dolf knows the guy who secured the space and plucks the key from it's hiding spot. Ryan only has twenty minutes for their raw encounter, so Dolf tells him to start sucking. The hungry muscle hunk drops to his knees and devours Dolf, slobbering and drooling all over the thick tool. Dolf is soon talking dirty and fucking Ryan's face but stops after a while to return the favor. He moves to Ryan's ass, rimming the eager bareback slut before working the entire length of his raw dick inside. Ryan pants and sighs, and moans and grunts as Dolf takes his breath away. But Dolf doesn't just fuck Ryan. Dolf uses Ryan as a fuck toy, plunging deep. He teases and stretches out Ryan's hole, increasing his tempo as he slams harder. Dolf blows his wad, breeding Ryan with most of his seed, which makes Ryan erupt with a load of his own and enough time to spare.

    Scene 4 - Brian Davilla and Sir Jet

    Another NSA hook-up, this time with a straight man who needs to drop a load, and a gay man who just needs cock. Brian Davilla plays the straight, married man who can't get away until his wife leaves for work. Sir Jet, on the other hand, single and carefree, amuses himself with a dildo at The Meeting Point, a secluded spot where men—especially men on the down-low—go for a bit of fun. While Sir Jet waits for Brian, he sucks, then mounts an enormous dildo. While fucking himself on the toy, Brian walks in, already hard. He immediately whips his cock out, flips Sir Jet onto his back, and slides home. No kissing. No dick sucking… that comes later. No chit-chat. This is the encounter many of us dream of because we don't want to know names. We don't want to start a relationship. Just pump and dump. After bareback fucking Sir Jet for a while, Brian gets the hungry whore to drop to his knees for some ATM cock sucking. But once there's more lube coating his shaft, Brian turns Sir Jet around and really goes to town. Sir Jet grunts and groans with every thrust as Brian grabs Sir Jet's waist and pounds away. Brian breeds Sir Jet then laps up some of his own cum, already oozing out of Sir Jet, who then turns around and explodes all over Brian's hairy chest. Whew! Someone pass the cumrag this way, will ya?

    Scene 5 - Jake Morgan and Drew Sebastian

    Super hung and tattooed Drew Sebastian is playing the typical gay curious hunk to Jake Morgan's, "I've only played around with guys a few times." Neither has a place to go, but they end up in that secluded spot, the one an anonymous benefactor allows others to use when they need to get off on the down-low. Drew whips out that enormous, curved monster cock, followed by Jake, but Drew is the one who drops first. On his knees, he devours Jake's cock. He takes almost all of it before presenting his own thick, throbbing tool for Jake to service. He chokes, especially when Drew fucks his face, but Jake enjoys a challenge. It takes Drew a couple of tries, but he eventually pops the head of his cock inside Jake and pushes deep. Once Jake has taken it all, Drew works that ass as if his life depended on it. He takes Jake on all fours, then flips the bottom onto his back. And after a hard, deep bareback pounding, Drew fucks the cum out of Jake, spews an enormous load himself, and seeds Jake's sloppy hole.


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  • Twink Tapas (DVD)
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    Tapas are savory dishes that, although small, provide big flavor. So very much like twinks! David Sky, Noah Pierce, Daniel Hausser, Taylor Mason, and Blair Knight might be like the little plates you'll find in Spain, but they make up for it where it counts. And they're definitely tasty! So sidle up, press play, and watch these horny boys come together like a mouthwatering array of little dishes bursting with juicy flavor. They are… Twink Tapas!

    Scene 1 - David Sky and Blair Knight

    After a rousing competition where David Sky beat Blair Knight in the swimming pool, the twinks take their lust indoors. There, Blair Knight gives tattooed, uncut, and hung David a blowjob. Blair can barely take it all in his mouth, let alone down his throat, but that doesn't stop him. He wants David in the worst way and takes as much as he can handle before getting turned around, rimmed, and royally plowed! We're talking deep slams, hard bareback fucking, and slender Blair taking every last inch of David's huge cock. And when Blair ends up on his back, legs up and spread wide, his moans and cries fill the entire house. The hung top gives Blair an enormous facial, but the sub-bottom then turns around and returns the favor. David might have won the race in the pool, but with Blair taking it all... David's cock, as well as his load... you tell us. Who's the winner here?

    Scene 2 - Daniel Hausser and Taylor Mason

    Daniel Hausser and Taylor Mason are young, single, and carefree. So carefree, in fact, that when they first meet, they trust each other from the start. While in the pool, Daniel strikes up a conversation, curious to know about Taylor, and where he's from. After mucking about, in the pool with an inflatable--what is it about boys and balls?--Daniel proposes a game. The last one to the ball at the other end gets fucked. Taylor is up for it, but we think he loses on purpose because the next thing you know, this adorable twink has an uncut cock in his mouth. Soon, he's bareback fucked while out on a covered patio, overlooking the Spanish country.

    Scene 3 - David Sky, Daniel Hausser and Blair Knight

    Daniel Hausser and Blair Knight are outdoors playing ping pong when David Sky looks down at them from the balcony above. Daniel immediately calls him down to show them how to the game properly. Except Daniel abruptly changes his mind, with a different game in mind. It's called hide the salami and, although there are balls in motion, there are no paddles involved. Only cock. Big cock. And plenty of it! Daniel and Blair take turns sucking and trying to deepthroat David's huge, curved and uncut tool. Except they can't take all of David down their throats. There is, however, one place where every last inch of his big cock will fit. David gets Daniel and Blair side-by-side and devours their holes, rimming and priming them with spit. Daniel takes David's raw cock first, and while the hung stud pounds away, Blair looks on from the sidelines. Then it's Blair's turn to get fucked bareback. Daniel and Blair then straddle David, impaling themselves on the throbbing shaft and going for a ride before spewing their seed. David's load is huge and thick and creamy. He splatters both Daniel and Blair, who kiss and share the love, while Daniel lets loose with a shot of his own.

    Scene 4 - David Sky and Noah Pierce

    It's hot in the Spanish countryside. David Sky and Noah Pierce need to cool off, so they decide to hose down. Both are soon turned on by the way the water feels on their prickly skin. Tanned and tattooed, David loses his white trunks early on. Soon, the water hose is forgotten, and Noah dives for a different sort of hose... David's thick, long cock! After slobbering all over the fat tool, David drools onto, and into, Noah's hole. The pale, slender twink arches his back as Davis fucks him bareback, outdoors, on the patio for anyone to see. David pushes himself until he's almost ready, then pulls back to suck Noah, who has a beautiful, curved cock. But after a while, David slides that meaty, throbbing shaft back inside Noah, eventually letting loose with a rich, creamy load.

    Scene 5 - David Sky and Taylor Mason

    Taylor Mason wants to look his personal best and convinces David Sky to help him put together a good workout routine. Naturally, David is more than happy to help. He eagerly works out with Taylor, but he's got an ulterior motive. At the end of the workout, David leads Taylor to a chaise lounge as big as a bed, where Taylor slobbers on the thick and juicy uncut tool. David returns the oral favor but quickly moves to what he almost always wants and almost always gets... ass. David makes a meal out of Taylor's sweet hole... Taylor's personal best, if you will. Once the twink is lubed and stretched, David slides home and pounds away. Taylor, hard as nails, begs David to fuck harder. After a while, Taylor goes for a ride, taking every inch of David's raw cock. After a good bareback ride, Taylor ends up on his back. He jerks off as David fucks the cum out of him before getting blasted with a huge load from the young Spanish trainer.


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  • Dirty Little Angels (DVD)
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    On the surface, they look innocent, almost virginal, and inexperienced. Perhaps that’s what makes twinks so appealing. Except many have a secret that they don’t want you to know. At least, not at first. You see, the most innocent looking of twinks are often the dirtiest. Don’t believe us? Go ahead! Ask Timber Harvest, Jackson Wright, Justin Cross, Bar Addison, Tyler Tremallose, Payton Connor, Daniel Hausser, and Adam Strong. Better yet, watch them for yourself in… Dirty Little Angels.

    Scene 1 - Timber Harvest and Jackson Wright

    Timber Harvest has a surprise for his boyfriend, Jackson Wright. Turns out Jackson cheated, and now Timber craves revenge. He splashes the twink with cold, pink goo, but Timber needs further proof that Jackson will remain monogamous. Jackson readily swallows Timber's uncut monster and takes his sweet time. After a while, with Jackson's ass propped up before him, Timber goes to town eating out the pink morsel. Jackson returns to servicing Timber and only when he's good and ready does he spew all over Jackson's face. It's an enormous load, followed by Jackson, who splatters himself with cum.

    Scene 2 - Justin Cross and Bar Addison

    Like to get messy? So do Justin Cross and Bar Addison, especially during sex! After they play around in the mud--think female mud wrestling, but hotter because it's twinks with big cocks--Justin and Bar make out then take turns sucking each other. When Addison can't wait any longer, he straddles Justin and goes for a ride while Justin jerks him off. But as we all know, Tops gotta drive, so Justin gets Bar on all fours, drive his big cock home and bareback fucks the muscled bottom until he blows his wad. Justin seeds Bar's hole then hunky Bar strokes out a big load of his own.

    Scene 3 - Tyler Tremallose - Solo

    Sometimes you can't avoid getting away for some "me" time, and much-needed release. In this case, Tyler Tremallose needs it so badly he barely makes it up the stairs, let alone to his bedroom. He gropes himself right there on the landing. He quickly strips down to reveal his slender, toned body. Soon he's got his hand wrapped around his hard cock, and he starts stroking. As he jerks off to rid himself of the stresses of the day, Tyler builds towards climax until he blows his load, down to the main level. You even hear the globs of cum as they splatter on the wood floor! And then he walks away. Dirty boy.

    Scene 4 - Payton Connor, Daniel Hausser and Adam Strong

    Sometimes, boys just want to have fun. And what better fun than playing in the mud, the way we once used to? But fun and games always lead to the most fun game of all. At least where Payton Connor, Daniel Hausser and Adam Strong are concerned. And yes, we're talking sex. The three start making out, and soon Daniel and Adam are on their knees, worshiping Payton's huge cock and cum-heavy balls. The three progress to get even more down and dirty, with the lovely Daniel spit-roasted, taking Payton raw. Then it's Adam's turn to get fucked bareback by the monster hung twink. Except Daniel loves getting pounded and returns to take it, on his back, before impaling himself and riding Payton. Adam gives himself the same treatment and rides the hung blond while sucking Daniel before getting showered--quite literally--with Payton's load, which he and Daniel share.

    Scene 5 - Timber Harvest and Adam Strong

    After messing around in the garage, and some playful fun in the shower, Timber Harvest and Adam Strong make out in the dining room. Adam devours the huge, uncut monster but after a while ends up on the receiving end as Timber returns the favor. The hung twink then bends Adam over and eats out his ass. Adam squeals, filling the room with moans and sighs as he's rimmed and finger fucked. The sounds coming from him get louder still once Timber works his cock inside the tattooed bottom. Timber fucks Adam bareback, sliding home raw. Adam even impales himself and goes for a ride, but when he's ready to blow, he lays back and gets rewarded with one of the biggest cum facials we've ever seen. Completely covered in Timber's jizz, Adam follows suit but... that facial. Damn.


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  • Bareback Manwhores 2 (DVD)
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    Big, thick, raw cock. Tight holes. Cum sloppy bottoms. Is this what you think of from the second you get up in the morning? Does it occupy your thoughts throughout the day? Do you lie awake at night unless you tap that hole and fill it with jizz or get stuffed and pounded? If you answered yes to all three questions, chances are you’re a bareback manwhore, just like Jace Chambers, Jack Andy, Zeus Michaels, Jack Gunther, Mason Lear, Brian Bonds, Parker Logan, Cesar Rossi, Jaxx Thanatos, Sean Duran, Scott DeMarco, Chase Klein, Fernando Del Rio. These men don’t care whether they’re on top or on the bottom, as long as they’re giving and getting raw cock, pumping DNA inside a hungry hole, or collecting thick, rich, and creamy loads of freshly churned jizz. Are you the same? Join the club… Bareback Manwhores 2

    Scene 1 - Jace Chambers and Jack Andy

    Tattooed and hunky sex fiends Jace Chamber and Jack Andy make out and take turns blowing each other. Soon, however, Jace buries his tongue in Jack's ass, eating him out and priming him full of spit. He slides his huge cock balls deep inside the hungry bareback bottom and pounds away. Jack takes it deep and when he can no longer hold back, lets loose with a big load. Jace fucks the cum out of him before dropping a load all over Jack's cock and messy belly.

    Scene 2 - Zeus Michaels and Jack Gunther

    It is ALL about the cock. Every bottom knows this. Especially when it comes to a big slab of meat! And as every cock whore lives for a throbbing shaft, all top lives for the hole. Bearded Jack Gunther is no different from every other cock sucker who lives for the penis. Unable to resist a big dick, he services hunky and scruffy Zeus Michaels before ending up on his back, jerking off while Zeus fucks him deep and raw. Zeus, desperately needing to fuck and unload, has the stamina to satisfy a cock whore like Jack and take what he wants. After fucking the bareback whore, Zeus explodes, spraying his seed all over Jack's belly, who follows with a thick load of his own.

    Scene 3 - Mason Lear, Brian Bonds, and Parker Logan

    Sooner or later you're going to get hungry. You're probably hungry now, aren't you? You need cock. But you need more than that. And you don't want to simply suck. You're so hungry you're drooling. You can feel that jizz sliding down your throat. Your throat is bobbing at the thought of it. In fact, you're so eager to swallow a load or two of DNA that the thought glazes your eyes over. You must find a feeder. Maybe two. And not just any feeder with a cock. You need it to be big. You need it to stretch your jaw. You need it to bring tears to your eyes. Because by now, your lust is so strong it overpowers you. It doesn't matter if you're top or bottom, because even tops must eventually eat a thick, juicy slab of bull meat. Parker Logan, Brian Bonds, and Mason Lear do exactly that in this strictly oral scene. Each takes a turn at kicking back, legs spread and offering up a throbbing shaft for the other two to devour in a feeding frenzy of cock worship, cum guzzling, and protein sharing.

    Scene 4 - Cesar Rossi and Jaxx Thanatos

    Built like a linebacker, hairy, tattooed, and hunky Jaxx Thanatos, is in bed on his knees, devouring Cesar Rossi's thick, uncut cock. The tattooed, slender Italian returns the favor, but Jaxx soon turns around, bends over, and gives up his ass for Cesar to eat out. Thick-hung Cesar wastes little time in priming Jaxx, but the hunk likes it dry and rough. Cesar mounts the muscled Greek bottom and works his fat cock inside. He starts off slow but is soon pounding away. Halfway through, with Jaxx grunting and moaning, Cesar fucks the cum out of the muscle hunk. Instead of stopping, Cesar keeps going. And when the moment arrives, Cesar spews an enormous load. He then seeds Jaxx before falling into his arms in a loving embrace.

    Scene 5 - Sean Duran, Scott DeMarco, Chase Klein and Fernando Del Rio

    Have you ever been in the middle of an orgy? If you have, then you will know the scent of lust this hot foursome gave off during filming. Sean Duran, Scott DeMarco, Chase Klein, and Fernando Del Rio reeked with desire as they made out and took turns sucking cock, trading back and forth. Tattooed muscle hunk Sean Duran is the first to get some dick up his ass, fucked bareback by Chase. And as Chase slams his huge cock inside Sean, in the same bed, we are treated to the most beautiful sight... the underside of Scott's huge cock, as he takes Fernando. Sean then takes center stage, getting stretched, stuffed and pounded by Scott, while the other two look on. But Sean cannot get enough cock and ends up taking Chase once more while, beside him, Scott fucks Fernando raw. Chase spews all over Sean's ass then seeds the muscle hunk, fucking the cum out of Sean. Moments later, Scott erupts, filling Fernando with DNA, which causes the hairy, bearded bottom to unload with even more creamy stuff.


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  • Big & Meaty (DVD)
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    When it comes to men, some of us like them the way we love our steak: big and meaty and raw, like steak tartare. Because there’s just something about a man with substance, isn’t there? A well-rounded man, in more ways than one, makes us drool. They whet the appetite and get us hungry for what they have to offer. We’re talking men like Brad Kalvo, Russell Tyler, Nick Maduro, Johnny Pierce, Adam Jones, Jake Dixon, Justin West, and Carlos Verga. These men are thick and juicy and go the distance because they’re… Big & Meaty.

    Scene 1 - Brad Kalvo and Russell Tyler

    In what has to be one of our most sensual scenes yet, everyone's favorite Daddy, Brad Kalvo, growls and purrs as he gets busy with hairy ginger, Russell Tyler. The two kiss passionately and suck cock lovingly as they prepare for a steamy bareback fuck. Brad gives Russell a deep tongue probing, then slides home. As he thrusts in and out, his own eyes roll back into his head, even as he causes Russell to exclaim, “Damn, that cock feels good!” And after raw dogging Russell for a good, long time, Brad spews all over the redhead's belly then helps him with an explosive finish of his own.

    Scene 2 - Nick Maduro and Johnny Pierce

    Nick Maduro is in bed when Johnny Pierce walks in, fresh from his workout. The moment he steps up to Nick, Johnny raises his arms, and bald daddy Nick rubs his face in his pits to mark himself with Johnny's scent. He then leans back for some much-needed dick service, eventually returning the favor. But when it comes to eating ass, Nick doesn't rim Johnny. Nick devours his hole, drooling into, and onto, the puckered starburst. Nick fills the bedroom with dirty talk as he rubs his face up and down Johnny's sweaty, hairy ass crack. Then he stands and slides home. Nick pounds Johnny mercilessly, and Johnny takes it like a champ. When he's ready, Johnny sprays his load all over Nick's belly. A moment later, Nick shoots his load in Johnny's mouth, feeding the cum hungry bottom daddy.

    Scene 3 - Adam Jones - Solo

    The Spanish countryside is an idyllic setting. Peaceful and sunny, the Mediterranean air is conducive to love and lust. But Adam Jones isn't looking for that right now. He's all about a tranquil moment, away from the big city. Splashing around and having fun in the pool, the beefy bear lounges on a rubber float. Prickly heat plays on his skin as he sunbathes, and he soon grows horny. As he gropes himself, Adam is showered suddenly with an unexpected shower. Coming in from the rain, Adam lounges in a covered chaise and strokes his thick, uncut cock, lost in sexual fantasy, until he spews a mouthwatering load, almost as fluid as the summer rain.

    Scene 4 - Jake Dixon and Johnny Pierce

    Laidback and casual, Jake Dixon brings his car to be repaired by his buddy, Johnny Pierce. Except Johnny isn't able to fix the problem. At least, not yet. However, there is one problem he can fix, and that's Jake's cock. It's big and fat and outlining in his pants. Hungry for a thick and juicy piece of meat, Johnny invites Jake into his air-conditioned garage, where he immediately drops to his knees to service the bearded, tattooed thick-hung Daddy. Sporting not one, but two, cockrings, the incredibly hairy Jake grabs hold of Johnny's head and fucks his face. He then turns around and presents his equally meaty ass for Johnny to eat. And just wait until Jake returns the favor! He's got a filthy mouth, talking dirty as he primes Johnny's hole. When the moment of truth arrives, Jake stands, grabs his cock by the base, and aims. In one fell swoop, he's inside Johnny and fucking the silver daddy bareback. Jake's already huge cock seems to get bigger and longer and thicker as he pounds away, stretching out and filling Johnny's hungry ass until he spews all over the freshly fucked hole. Jake slides back inside and seeds Johnny. The bearded top then eats his own jizz, which sends the bald bottom over the edge, causing him to spray his load all over Jake in a convulsive orgasm. The pistons in Jake's car might not be firing, but he sure is!

    Scene 5 - Justin West and Carlos Verga

    Justin West and Carlos Verga met online and got to know each other through video chats. Now it's time to take things to the next level. They get along great online, and share similar interests, but how compatible would they be in person? Especially since neither speaks the other's language or live in the same country. But that didn't stop them. Both agreed to meet and rented a private little spot for a weekend getaway. From the moment they arrived, Justin was aching to bust a nut. Carlos, who has had the hots for the thick bear, didn't skip a beat. After making out, Carlos wrapped his lips around Justin's uncut piece of meat and slobbered all over the fat tool. Justin returned the favor, but it was Carlos's hairy, otter ass that he wanted. After eating out Carlos's hole, Justin slid that thick throbbing tube inside Carlos, driving the little man crazy. And after bareback fucking the eager cock slut, Justin rewarded Carlos with some creamy jizz, which they shared, before shooting a load of his own. Turns out, they were the perfect company for each other!


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  • Raw Twink Cream (DVD)
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    You know what it’s like when you’re young. Always horny, looking at pretty things. Always looking to connect. Kiss. Suck. Fuck. Cream. Justin Cross, Jackson Wright, Timber Harvest, Tyler Tremallose, Anton Marceau, Justin Stone, Adam Strong, and Daniel Hausser are no different. They like to touch and kiss. They love to suck and get sucked. But they live to fuck, unload, and share… Raw Twink Cream.

    Scene 1 - Justin Cross and Jackson Wright - My Fancy

    Justin Cross and Jackson Wright chill on a Saturday afternoon. When Jackson confides in Justin, telling him that the boyfriend isn't much into foreplay. Naturally, Justin is suddenly in the mood to play with the twink. He touches, then tickles Jackson, who laughs hysterically. Now we know why his boyfriend isn't into foreplay! But Justin doesn't stop. He strips Jackson, kisses him, then keeps on tickling. Eventually, tickling leads to making out, which gets Jackson eager to wrap his lips around Justin's big, fat tool. Growing more serious, Justin returns the oral favor then slides his large cock inside Jackson. The dark-haired hunk works up to a good rhythm as he fucks Jackson bareback. Eventually, he rewards the pale sub-bottom with creamy seed. And after Jackson fires off a load, Justin once again becomes a tickle monster. Who knew tickling could be so much fun?

    Scene 2 - Timber Harvest and Tyler Tremallose - Keep Up

    Twink buddies Tyler Tremallose and Timber Harvest are out for a run. Each tries to keep up with the other except Tyler keeps lagging behind, on purpose. Turns out he's got a thing for Timber's ass. Which is good since Timber likes Tyler's rear end, as well. When they get back home, all sweaty from their morning run, they show off, teasing each other into stripping. Soon, Timber is on his knees and sucking Tyler's cock. Except Tyler isn't a feeder. He enjoys a big fat tool in his mouth, and no one has a tasty uncut monster like Timber. The two continue trading blowjobs until Timber decides he wants more. Exposing Tyler's pink hole, Timber gives him a good tongue lashing. Timber bareback fucks the horny twink, but Tyler eventually flips him. And in an attempt to “keep up” Tyler gives as good as he gets. Tyler unloads all over Timber's freshly fucked hole then slips back inside, fucking the cum into him, which pushes Timber over the edge in an explosive climax!

    Scene 3 - Anton Marceau and Justin Stone

    After a sensual bath that leaves them both dripping wet, Anton Marceau and Justin Stone head to the living room where they immediately start making out. Justin devours and deep throats Anton's huge, thick, black cock and can't seem to get enough of that BBC! The skinny little white boy soon throws his legs up in the air. Anton, never one to refuse a smooth hole, makes a meal out of the tender, pink morsel. Once Justin is pumped and primed, Anton slides home, bareback fucking the twink with his raw cock. It's a steady, balls deep fuck that makes Justin cry out louder and louder as Anton pounds harder. Sadly, like this scene, all good things must come to an end. Anton pulls out of Justin to spew a copious amount of freshly churned jizz, all over the pale ass. Justin follows with a big load of his own. And after all that? They're dripping again, only this time, with sweat! Now they'll have to take another bath and probably end up starting the whole thing all over again!

    Scene 4 - Justin Cross and Adam Strong

    Justin Cross is hanging out at home when there's a knock at the door. Adam Strong is there for a booty call. Justin, exploring his dominant side, commands Adam throughout as the smaller, dark-haired beauty sucks his cock. Adam then gives up his ass. First, he preps himself and warms up with a fingering. Then Justin takes over, using his cock to stretch the slender twink open. Slammed like a dog, Adam gets precisely what he came for... a big, raw cock, and a load of jizz in his mouth.

    Scene 5 - Daniel Hausser - Solo

    Daniel Hausser is at Justin's to pick him up for practice. There's only one problem. Justin doesn't appear to be home, and if he is, he's not answering the door. Daniel barges in and calls out, but when no one replies, he walks into Justin's living room. There, he sees Justin's things. Daniel picks up Justin's blue undies and takes a whiff. Growing bolder, Daniel strips and jerks off. Between his smartphone and Justin's underwear, Daniel has plenty of fuel to spur him on as he strokes his cock. Daniel alternates between sniffing Justin's underwear, then his footie socks, occasionally using his underwear to masturbate. After he makes several attempts to ensure Justin isn't home, Daniel surrenders to his lust. He jerks off, fingering himself until he blows his load all over his buddy's sneakers and sofa. Oh, if only Justin had been there!


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  • For the Love of Raw Cock 2 (DVD)
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    Kissing and making out is fun. Consider it foreplay. A prelude for the heavy-duty fucking that is yet to come. But when it comes right down to it, it’s all about the cock. And for a true, live-wire type of connection, to feel your man's energy merge with your own, butt fucking has to be raw. Drew Sebastian, Sir Jet, Joey Wagner, Jack Dyer, Liam Greer, Angel Ferrari, Joel Someone, Ryan Carter, and Jason Angel know this, just as they know that no matter who they’re with, for them, sex has to bareback because they live… For the Love of Raw Cock - 2.

    Scene 1 - Drew Sebastian and Sir Jet

    Big, bald and bad-assed Drew Sebastian is about to check out of his hotel. But before he leaves, he wants to make sure that Sir Jet comes over to suck on his monster cock. Cut to Sir, on his knees, worshiping Drew's enormous slab. While Sir sucks his cock, Drew fingers his hole, telling him exactly what he's going to do, in a gravelly voice that's sure to get you wet. Drew's cock is so big Sir can barely take it in his mouth, but he keeps sucking. After a rim job that spoils Sir for anyone else, using only spit for lube, Drew works the entire length of his curved, thick slab into the eager whore. After bareback fucking the muscled bottom, Drew spews all over Sir's face, who cleans up the hairy hunk. Once he's savored Drew's seed, Sir impales himself once more and goes for a ride, eventually stroking out a huge load all over Drew's belly.

    Scene 2 - Jack Dyer and Liam Greer

    Hairy, inked Daddy Jack Dyer is in the pool clowning around with sub cocksucker Liam Greer. When they climb out, Jack immediately strips out of his swimsuit and show off a terrifically hard cock. And it's all for Liam, who instantly gets to work servicing Jack, as well as his balls. It's still broad daylight as Liam rides Jack's pierced cock. He bounces up and down, fucking himself bareback, taking every inch Daddy Jack has to offer. He's on all fours, on the chaise lounge as Jack pounds him hard. Eventually, they flip, and Liam ends up on his back, fucked well into the night as the sun goes down. Jack rewards Liam by shooting an enormous load, splattering his DNA all over the bottom daddy.

    Scene 3 - Angel Ferrari and Joel Someone

    Decked out in jockstraps and leather harnesses, Angel Ferrari and Joel Someone are locked in an embrace with some heavy duty kissing. It's clear Angel owns Joel as he moves his head up and down to deepthroat his big cock. This isn't just sucking dick. This is face, throat, and skull fucking. And although Joel chokes and gags from time to time, it's obvious he enjoys giving up control. At first, because Angel had his cock buried balls deep down Joel's throat, the sub white boy kept silent. But once Angel buries his face in Joel's ass and eats his hole, Joel becomes a loud, trash-talking slut! The bearded sub jumps and screams as Angel spurred on by Joel's dirty talk, rims and fingers his hungry ass. And the proof that Joel wants Angel to slam him? When he says, “Penis up my guts.” And Angel provides. WHAM! One thrust. One shot. One scream. The bareback fucking is intense, but so are the screams and the grunting. Beefy, hung Angel doesn't just fuck Joel. He wrecks him, taking ownership of Joel's ass and driving him to the edge of lustful insanity. Angel blows thick, creamy man juice all over Joel's face, and in his mouth. Joel shoots a juice load as well, practically singing as he comes, while his body jerks and jolts. This is what sex should be. Nasty. Intense. And full of trash talking, sex-crazed bareback whores.

    Scene 4 - Ryan Carter and Jason Angel

    Jason Angel is doing laps in the pool when Ryan Carter steps out onto the balcony. Aroused by the dark-haired hunk, Ryan gropes himself and beckons. Jason, unable to resist, approaches. The muscled hunk immediately drops to his knees and starts sucking. But Ryan needs to know Jason is still submissive. The aggressive top fucks Jason's face, thrusting in and out of his hungry mouth. Ryan soon turns around and offers up his ass for Jason to eat, which he does, still on the balcony, while the sun begins to set. Night falls as Ryan slides his curved, raw cock inside Jason and uses his hole. The two soon take it inside where Ryan bareback fucks Jason like the whore that he is, and Ryan can scream out, as loud as he wants. Ryan spews all over Jason's hairy, freshly fucked hole, seeding it with his protein. He then sucks the jizz out of Jason, swallowing most of his load, then sharing it with Jason.

    Scene 5 - Joel Someone and Joey Wagner

    Joel Someone and Joey Wagner explore a mutual sexual fantasy... older bro and younger bro. After a heavy-duty makeout session, they strip down, and Joey goes after Joel's huge cock. He needs little motivation, but Joel gives it to him just the same, talking dirty and commanding the cocksucker on how to best service his big dick. They're soon in a 69 position, with Joel chowing down on Joel's cock and Joel devouring Joey's sweet ass. After a priming that leaves him open and wet, Joey goes for a ride and savors the taste of his ass on Joel's tongue, as they kiss. In a terrific overhead shot, we get to see how hot Joel looks sliding that big raw cock inside Joey's hungry hole. After fucking Joey a while, Joel offers up his cock for the sub-bottom to taste, in a bit of ass-to-mouth. Joey then gets on all fours and Joel slams home. He lays into his "little bro," bareback fucking the slut until he's stretched out and sloppy. Joel fucks a big load of cum out of Joey and makes him eat it before shooting a big load himself. Joey, being the cum pig that he is, climbs aboard and seeds his own ass.




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  • Raw Bear Cream 2 (DVD)
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    Whether out on a first date, at home getting kinky with a fuck buddy, flip fucking, or watching your best friends have sex and have them invite you to join in on the fun, we’re all the same. Men. Pigs. In lust and in urgent need of getting off. Join Brad Kalvo, John Thomas, Jack Dyer, Harper Davis, Marc Giacomo, Atlas Grant, Ronan Delany, Russell Tyler, and Angel Ferrari as they fuck bareback and spew big, thick, creamy loads of… Raw Bear Cream.

    Scene 1 - Brad Kalvo and John Thomas

    Things can get awkward, the first time you take your date home. Who makes the first move? Who's going to do what to whom? Of course, you can talk about it, or you can just let it flow. See what pops up so to speak. After a movie date, Brad Kalvo and John Thomas go back to his place. They start making out but soon, bearded John is on his knees, between Daddy Brad's legs, sucking his cock. The ultra hairy, beefy Dad returns the favor but soon gets John on all fours. Now, for those of you who don't know John, he doesn't get fucked a lot on screen. Which means he's tight. When he does take cock, it's because he needs to satisfy an itch. And Brad does just that for John. After rimming him, Brad slides home and fucks the beefy hunk bareback, eventually spewing all over his balls. John follows, stroking his big, fat, uncut cock, coming all over himself.

    Scene 2 - Jack Dyer and Harper Davis

    Harper Davis loves a good, horny Daddy. And there's none hotter than Jack Dyer. The tattooed, pierced hunk is perfect as he guides bearded and hairy Harper through a verbal and almost domineering cock sucking session. Leather Daddy Jack then offers up his hole for Harper to eat and, from the sounds and comments he makes, Harper clearly knows what he's doing with his tongue. Then Daddy takes charge of Harper's hole. And the moment he penetrates the sub-bottom with his finger, you can tell Jack owns him. From the lubing up of his cock to pushing past Harper's sphincter, Jack puts on an incredible show that will have you wishing he were YOUR Daddy. Jack fucks Harper with his pierced cock, gripping the sub's neck and barebacking the whore. The grunting and groaning increases and decreases, both in speed and volume, while Jack uses Harper and plays with him the way a lion plays with his prey. Jack breeds Harper balls deep, and we see it bubble out before Harper delivers an enormous cum facial, all over Daddy Jack's face. Now, someone go and find us a Daddy like Jack! Please?

    Scene 3 - Marc Giacomo and Atlas Grant

    Tattooed and super hairy muscle cub Atlas Grant is a sight to behold when he's having sex. Paired up with sexual dynamo, Marc Giacomo, it's a mouth-watering delight. We're talking two big, beefy and hung men, perfectly matched. Both take turns sucking each other, but Marc drives Atlas wild when he first tweaks the hunks nipples, then rims his hungry hole. And trust us when we say, you'll be puckering when you hear the noise these two make when Marc rims Atlas! Between the nipple tweaking and rimming, Marc may drive Atlas wild, but Atlas drives Marc just as wild when he chows down on that thick, uncut slab of juicy man meat. You'll either be slobbering as you wish you were Atlas, sucking Marc, or craving a good cocksucker. Marc kicks it up a notch when he slides his raw cock home and bareback fucks Atlas. The bearded muscle bear is hard the entire time Marc pounds away. As they get closer to climax, watching Marc and Atlas shoot their loads is like watching wild animals rutting. Hard fucking and big loads. It doesn't get better than this!

    Scene 4 - Ronan Delaney and Russell Tyler

    We all enjoy a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am kind of scene, but every once in awhile, it pays to take your time, slow down and do things right. And that's just what Ronan Delany and Russell Tyler did. After a long make-out session with plenty of tongue action and spit swapping, they strip down and feel each other up before getting down to the business of eating ass. Ronan doesn't just eat Russell, he treats the bearded ginger to a good tongue fuck, sampling the pink morsel as he slathers it with spit. When Ronan is good and ready, he slides home raw and gives Russell a steady bareback fuck. They soon flip, and Ronan gets on all fours for a doggy-style pounding. And after flipping on his back, after Russell stretches Ronan open, both end up shooting their loads side-by-side. Ronan's is a good shot, but Russell's orgasm is like a volcano erupting!

    Scene 5 - Angel Ferrari, Atlas Grant and John Thomas

    Angel Ferrari and Atlas Grant invite John Thomas over for movie night. But while watching the main event, Angel and Atlas get horned up and start making out. The movie, already forgotten, is replaced by live-action. John eats some of the popcorn while Atlas gets his face fucked but soon puts it aside to stroke his big uncut tool. The action intensifies, with Angel using Atlas's face like a Fleshlight toy. The bearded hunk is soon on his knees, devouring the pink morsel that is Atlas's hole. Soon, Angel slides into Atlas, fucking him while John sits back, eats popcorn as if he were watching his favorite movie, and continues to jerk off. Then the live interaction begins. Atlas asks John if he likes it, and John, who clearly does, nods in agreement. But watching from the sidelines is hard on the nerves and, unable to resist, John finally joins in on the bareback action. Atlas, still getting fucked, immediately devours John's meaty cock. Angel and John switch places, spit-roasting and tag-teaming fucking the cock-hungry muscle bear. Angel fires off first and John, then Atlas, follow, spewing their jizz all over Angel.


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  • For the Love of Twinks (DVD)
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    Twinks are soft and supple to the touch, fresh and relatively unspoiled. They’re also deliciously hard and enticing, driven by a voracious appetite to experience wanton pleasures. Like angels descended from heaven, Justin Cross, Jackson Wright, Payton Connor, Bar Addison, Timber Harvest, Tyler Tremallose, Xavier Ryan, Aiden Ward, and Daniel Hausser, turn into sexual demons in the bedroom. They burn with the fire of youth as they throw themselves wholly into making out, sucking and bareback fucking. And whether it’s lithe bodies, big cocks or mouthwatering asses, by the time you’re done watching these sexy beauties, you’re going to love… For The Love of Twinks!

    Scene 1 - Justin Cross and Jackson Wright - What He's Made Of

    Justin Cross is training Jackson Wright to determine what he's made of. But if this scene is any indication, we already know what Jackson is made of... a healthy curiosity about sex, lust for a huge cock, and the grit and determination to get himself, and Justin, off! It takes little time for Jackson to take Justin's big tool in his mouth. It barely fits, but that doesn't stop Jackson from sucking dick like a whore. For those of you who like oral, this is going to be a treat! Jackson just keeps on sucking on the mouth-watering slab of meat. Justin returns the favor, but quickly ends up fucking Jackson's face instead. Can you imagine what it's like to have that thick tube steak on your face, let alone in your mouth? Justin eventually works his monster into the twink's creamy white ass and pounds away. Jackson might not have been able to take all of Justin down his throat, but he can sure take it all up his sweet, hungry ass! Jackson ends up riding Justin, impaling himself with every downward slam, spewing an enormous load of jizz. Justin follows with a creamy finish.

    Scene 2 - Payton Connor and Bar Addison

    Bar Addison sits on the steps of the house he shares with his roommate. Enter hung twink Payton Connor who sits down behind him. The shirt soon comes off, and Payton works his magic. He massages his buddy, but instead of relaxing him, Payton gets his friend all hot and bothered. Payton stands, and Bar gets on his knees, anxious to suck that huge cock. Bar devours Payton, who returns the favor. But he wants more than cock. With Bar on all fours, Payson works his tongue in that meaty ass. Once Bar is primed, he straddles Payton. While his own cock swings round and round and bobs up and down, Bar rides Payton, fucking himself bareback. After a while, they stand, and Payton drives that throbbing slab of meat home, pounding harder and harder, making Bar's own thick tool bounce. Then, with Bar on his back, legs up in the air, Payton goes deep, massaging Bar's prostate with his cock and fucking him until he spews an enormous load of jizz. The sperm goes everywhere, including Bar's gaping hole. And after getting seeded by the slender, hung twink, hunky Bar delivers a money shot that will leave you panting!

    Scene 3 - Timber Harvest and Tyler Tremallose

    While waiting for the water to warm up, Tyler Tremallose and Timber Harvest get nasty after making out in the hallways. Timber drops to his knees to suck Tyler's cock then offers up his own uncut tool for a quick tongue lashing. And as good as that dick looks in Tyler's mouth, it looks even better swinging back and forth while Tyler pounds him raw. By now, the water is so hot it's steaming, but there's no way these horny twinks can stop now! Tyler stuffs Timber, stretching him out in the hallway, just outside the bathroom. Tyler ends up blasting a huge load all over Timber's chest. Soon after, Timber grabs hold of that enormous curved shaft and pumps away, returning the favor by blasting his own jizz all over Tyler. Now that's what we call stoked!

    Scene 4 - Xavier Ryan and Aiden Ward

    Xavier Ryan is hurting bad. He's tried everything, but it seems nothing has relieved him of the pressure in his back. So he goes to Aiden Ward to get a massage. He sighs and moans as Aiden works out his kinks, eventually stripping him down and massaging his glutes. But when that's all done, Xavier has to flip over… and he's rock hard! Aiden isn't phased in the least. He just gets right down to work, massaging Xavier's thighs and calves, then back up to his neck and chest, skipping the bobbing cock aching for release. Aiden works his way back down to work on Xavier's feet, clearly making the twink even hornier. And when Aiden can't resist his client's cock anymore, he grabs hold and starts pumping Xavier's cock. It's a slow, sensual hand job that pushes him over the edge, and he's already so close, it takes very little for Xavier to erupt. So? Who's next for a deep tissues massage?

    Scene 5 - Justin Cross and Daniel Hausser

    Daniel Hausser visits Justin Cross for practice. Except Justin isn't ready. And he doesn't really give a fuck because, according to him, he's going to fuck Daniel anyway. Well… with an opening line like that who can refuse? The dark-haired, hunk-like twink starts making out with Daniel, and the adorable hottie soon takes off his clothes to reveal a luscious ass, framed by a jockstrap with mouth-watering effect. Daniel sucks Justin then gets his face fucked by his hung playmate. The eager blond ends up straddling Justin and taking every inch of his shaft before going for what could very well be the ride of his life! When Justin takes over, however, he digs deeper, pounding the twink so hard it looks like the sofa might collapse. And when Daniel flips, to be fucked doggy, the cock hungry bottom arches his back and lets out incredible sounds of lust. Justin splatters jizz all over the freshly fucked ass, and soon after, Daniel whips out a load of his own.


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  • Bareback Cum Pigs Vol 5 (DVD)
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    Lust. It drives us to insanity and sometimes defines who we are. But it doesn’t end there. Lust compels some to sow wild oats while thrusting others to seek what they most crave. Cum. Some want to feed, breed, and seed. Others want to eat, collect, and absorb the elixir of life. And whether they’re fucking or taking cock, no one understands this primal urge more than Joel Someone, Sterling Johnson, Jack Dyer, Wesley Woods, Jake Morgan, Clay Towers, and Lincoln Tunnel because they’re bareback cum pigs. They’ve gotten theirs. Not it’s your turn to get yours… Bareback Cum Pigs, Volume 5!

    Scene 1 - Sterling Johnson and Joey Wagner

    Sterling Johnson invites Joey Wagner over for movie night, but even before the feature starts, the two are already horned up. They make out but quickly move on to luscious rimming, with hairy, uncut daddy Sterling eating out, tongue fucking, and priming Joey full of spit. But the rim job doesn't end there. Sterling gets Joey on his back, legs up in the air, so he can better eat what he's going to penetrate. Bearded daddy Sterling offers up his cock for Joey to suck, but that doesn't last long because they move on to the main event. Sterling slides his raw cock deep into Joey and bareback fucks the hell out of the whore. And after Joey straddles Sterling, after Sterling lays his entire weight on the sub-bottom, he grinds and corkscrews the pig until the jizz spews.

    Scene 2 - Wesley Woods and Jake Morgan

    There's something sensual and alluring about a swimming pool. The second your body hits the water, your cock twitches. Maybe it's the combination of sun and water on your skin. Or perhaps it's merely seeing two bearded hunks naked. Wesley Woods and Jake Morgan are horny the moment they splash into the pool, frolicking playfully, with an eager blowjob. They soon take it indoors where they take turns sucking and spitting on each other's cock. Jake then devours Wesley's hungry hole and slides home, bareback fucking the greedy cock whore. After making him cry out and moan with pleasure, Jake then gives up his own ass. Wesley takes aim and bareback fucks his sex-crazed buddy. The grunts and groans are guaranteed to get you boned but watching these hairy fuckers blow will make you hungry for a bit of spit-soaking of your own!

    Scene 3 - Jack Dyer and Joel Someone

    If you like domineering daddies decked out in leather, you're going to love Jack Dyer in this smutty, trash talking, hard action bareback scene. Daddy Jack is dirty and vocal as he commands Joel Someone to suck on his pierced cock. Joel doesn't just suck. He gags and chokes on Jack's throbbing tool with the look of a true submissive. When Jack is ready, he props Joel up on all fours to eat his ass. The bearded bottom's cries are boner inducing, but Jack's dirty talk will make you bear down, as it did Joel. Jack knows how to fuck, and clearly hits the spot, but sometimes the fucker needs to get fucked. Daddy offers up his ass for Joel to eat and stuff. Except Joel craves more daddy cock and slides down on Jack for a deep breeding. This is one bareback fuck neither of them will soon forget!

    Scene 4 - Clay Towers and Lincoln Tunnel

    Sucking cock is about much more than just putting another man's penis in your mouth. It's about getting on your knees, offering up your lips and tongue, and paying homage to the one thing we men love and crave most. It's about an exchange of energy, so intense, nothing else exists when you're attached to the end of that cock. Clay Towers and Lincoln tunnel know this. They know it's about much more than cock-in-hole. They give themselves over to the complete pleasure of raw, primal fucking. It's not animalistic, but it's steady and controlled, with the stamina necessary to satisfy the biggest of cock whores. After showing off their oral skills, they take turns bareback fucking each other. Lincoln comes first, seeding Clay, then fucks the cum out of the scruffy hunk with a volatile explosion!

    Scene 5 - Jack Dyer and Sterling Johnson

    Sometimes, being a Daddy isn't about ageplay or an intergenerational couple. It's about a frame of mind. Who has more experience? Who wants to be the submissive and take care of "Daddy" as he deserves? Men like Jack Dyer have embraced their "Daddyness," and we are so glad! So is Sterling Johnson, who wants nothing more than to take care of Daddy in any way that he can, no matter what Daddy wants. In this case, Daddy wants a hole to breed. After making out, the bald and tattooed hunk goes to town sucking Sterling's cock, munching on his balls, and eating out his hole. After bareback fucking his "boy" Jack pulls out for Sterling to taste his own ass juices. And since letting a spit-lubed cock go to waste is tantamount to sin, Jack gets Sterling on all fours and fucks him like a dog. Daddy Jack breeds deep, leaving his seed inside Sterling, then fucks the jizz out of him. Now that's how you take care of Daddy!


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  • Raw Honey Bears (DVD)
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    Bears come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re as diverse as cock. From the moderately hairy, to hirsute muscle hunks, they range from the cuddly teddy bear to leather-wearing daddies. Marc Giacomo, Russell Tyler, Angel Ferrari, Harper Davis, Brad Kalvo, Atlas Grant, Joey Wagner, and Ronan Delaney are all different but have something in common. They crave raw cock, bare holes, and love honey in its purest form. And whether they’re sweet and tender, rough and rutting, by the time you’re done watching these bareback fuckers, you’ll be wanting your own… Raw Honey Bears.

    Scene 1 - Marc Giacomo and Russell Tyler

    Super hairy ginger bear, Russell Tyler, and thick hung and uncut Marc Giacomo make out on the couch before moving on to some serious dick sucking. Russell takes as much of Marc's thick tool as he can, but it's his hole that needs stuffing. The bearded hunk offers up his ass, and Marc rims the puckered pink starburst, priming it full of spit. After devouring the tasty morsel, Marc mounts Russell and slides his fat cock inside. Marc takes Russell like a dog, bareback fucking him on all fours, then on his back, pounding the eager ginger. Marc sprays his seed all over Russell then helps him unload, leaving them both a sweaty, cummy mess!

    Scene 2 - Angel Ferrari and Harper Davis

    Harper Davis finger fucks himself, while Angel Ferrari looks on. Soon, Angel is on his knees, devouring the pink morsel that is Harper's hole. The bald, bearded Latino Papi makes a meal out of Harper's ass, making the scruffy blond roll his eyes back into his head. It's a rimming extravaganza that leads to beefy, hairy hunk Angel fucking Harper's face with that big, fat tool. Harper takes it all as Angel holds his head in place and pumps all that juicy meat down his throat. But like most Latin tops, Angel is eventually distracted by Harper's ass. Angel kicks back and works his thick, uncut slab while Harper fingers himself, showing Angel just how badly he wants that pulsating shaft. Then Angel gets up and slides home. Balls deep. Thrusting. Huge throbbing cock. Angel fucks Harper like a bitch in heat, on all fours, taking what he wants.

    Scene 3 - Brad Kalvo and Atlas Grant

    For date night, Brad Kalvo and Atlas Grant decide to stay home and take in a movie. But the only thing being taken in is Brad's cock! After making out, the beefy, hairy hunks get naked, and bearded Atlas devours every inch of Brad's big dick. Slobbering and gagging all over Brad's daddy meat, Atlas proves himself to be a truly hungry cocksucker. Brad then goes to town rimming Atlas before sliding his raw cock inside his muscle bear boyfriend. Brad fucks steady, deep and long, demonstrating astounding stamina and self-control. Brad eventually pulls out but doesn't blow his load right away. Instead, he treats Atlas to a blowjob, which makes the bald, hunky muscle bear shoot a big load. But Brad shoots an even bigger one!

    Scene 4 - Joey Wagner and Harper Davis

    Bearded Harper Davis couldn't believe his luck when he discovered Joey Wagner is an otter with a thing for bears. Decked out in leather, and wearing his jockstrap-like underwear, Harper invited Joey over. The tattooed otter, already harnessed, was at Harper's home within minutes. Joey immediately digs into the bear's meaty ass and offers up his cock for service. Harper, greedy little sub that he is, devours not just Joey's dick, but his balls and ass, as well. Joey then fucks Harper's face, making sure his cock is spit-lubed. When he's ready, he props Harper up on all fours and goes down on the hairy bottom's ass. Joey eats and rims Harper like a man who hasn't had a hole in a while. And then he slides home. Joey bareback fucks Harper, grabbing hold of his harness and using it the way a master rider directs his horse. But it’s when Joey flips Harper onto his back that he drives the hirsute bottom crazy, eventually breeding the bear full of DNA.

    Scene 5 - Marc Giacomo and Ronan Delaney

    Beefy, thick, and uncut Marc Giacomo makes out with bearded, hungry cocksucker, Ronan Delaney. Kissing soon turns to dick sucking, and Ronan certainly knows how to slobber on a juicy slab like Marc's. But Marc is no slouch at blowing that meat whistle either. However, he's much better at eating ass. He rims and fingers Ronan in a way that will leave you breathless! Marc slides his raw cock in Ronan's tight hole and fucks the daddy bareback, eventually rewarding the man with a tasty load. Ronan, on his back, then strokes one out while savoring Marc's cock and load.


    • $29.95