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  • Daddy's Boy Whore Volume 16 (Download)
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    A dad might have a son to play ball with, but a daddies boy is a special breed. A daddies boy will do whatever their daddy says. He trusts in daddy completely and gives his love to him every single day. But this isn't a one-way street. A daddy has to be there for their son and willing to put in some work too. No matter if the boy needs new clothes, or help understanding their bodies and interest as they develop. Maybe they need a little break from the books or someone to heal their pain when they hurt. It’s part of an elevated bond that grows when a boy loves taking care of his daddy and being his whore. That’s just the kind of special relationship you get with Eric Lenn, Jacob Dolce, John Barber, Gregor Gilead, Pavel Sora, Andrey Zolin, Tom Uli, and Trent Tarzan on Daddy's Boy Whore Volume 16. Nothing but the best mouth and ass a boy can offer a good daddy. The softest lips on a daddy dick and most fuckable hole, built for daddies pleasure. But the question is, are you a good daddy?

    Scene 1 - Eric Lenn and Jacob Dolce

    Buying new clothing for a growing young man has its perks. Eric is taking his stepson, Jacob, shopping for a new suit for graduation and has not taken his measurements in quite a long time. He wants to make sure the suit fits correctly, so he goes into his room, bringing with him a measuring tape, notebook, and pen. He asks Jacob to stand up and starts at his feet to measure his full height. He is surprised at how much he has grown and moves on to record his arms span. He then asks Jacob to remove his shirt, to measure his torso and waist. He jots all the numbers down and then wonders how much Jacob's dick has grown since the last time. He asks Jacob to remove his pants and to pull his dick out, which is already hard. Eric takes it in his hand, measures his dick, and then continues to stroke Jacob's cock. "Not bad. You're growing", he tells him, before sitting him down on the bed, getting on his knees, and taking his stepson's dick in his mouth. Jacob gets harder with every lick. Eric takes his shirt off and continues to please his boy before standing up and pulling down his pants to give his boy a turn on daddy. Jacob remembers just how his stepdad likes his cock sucked and gets right to it, taking it as far down as he can. Eric pulls his head in to help him reach the back of his throat before taking his pants completely off, laying Jacob on his back and slowly enters his hole. He takes his time until his ass is fully wrapped around his cock and is open enough to take care of his daddy's needs. Eric fucks him on his back then flips his boy on his knees for more dick. Jacob grabs the sheets and holds on tight as his stepdad uses his ass before he mounts him and takes Eric's cock for a ride. Eric enjoys watching his boy bouncing on his dick and loves how tight Jacob's hole gets when he is cumming while being fucked. Feeling his boy cum makes Eric want to shoot his load all over his boy's belly, which he does.

    Scene 2 - John Barber and Gregor Gilead

    Gregor has a secret and his stepdad, John, confronts him about it.Gregor has been exploring his sexuality with the help of a dildo. John found it while in his bedroom and asks Gregor about it. Greg is very embarrassed, but John is more interested in making sure he knows the real from the fake. While sitting on the couch, John unzips his pants, pulls out his cock, and allows Gregor to see how similar his dick is to the dildo. "This or this", he asks before throwing the dildo on the floor and placing Gregor's hand on his semi-hard cock. He strokes the thick cock, but deep down he wants more. John senses this, grabs the back of Gregor's neck, and pulls his head down to suck on his dick. He can not wait to taste a real piece of meat in his mouth and opens wide as he begins to suck and stroke on his stepdad's dick. Soon it's John's turn to give his young stepson's cock a lick. John, loving the sensation, puts his head back and enjoys his first blowjob, but is ready for more and lays next to his stepdad. John gently slides his cock inside his boy's ass, but, within seconds, is fucking him like a man, while Gregor strokes himself and plays with his nips. Gregor then sits on top of his stepdad and takes the real thing for a ride. He shows John what he has been practicing, but soon, with Gregor on his back, it is time for the final exam. John fucks Gregor till his young cock shoots then follow's right behind with a load on his boy's belly. I think Gregor's secret is safe.

    Scene 3 - Pavel Sora and Andrey Zolin

    I bet you wish every study distraction involved a little fucking? Maybe you should have a boy like Andrey Zolin, in need of a break. Andrey is trying hard to focus on his school assignment, but he is just starring at his textbook, with a blank look on his face. It is hard to understand what is going on, so he hopes his stepdad, Pavel, can help him, or at least give him a good reason to take a break. So after having no luck with Pavel helping him with his assignment, a much-needed break it is, which involves sucking on his stepdads hard dick. Pavel lays back on the couch and lets his boy get to work. Andrey loves tasting his stepfather's big cock, and it shows as he makes it disappear down his throat. Pavel enjoys pleasing his boy just as much and makes Andrey sits on the arm of the couch and watch his daddy play with himself as he sucks on his hard boy dick. This is just the kind of distraction they both needed today. Andrey then takes his clothes off and bends over the couch so his daddy can fuck his ass. And fucks his ass he does. Without much warming up, Pavel is pounding away at Andrey's tight, warm hole. He then lets his boy ride his daddy dick, lifting him up and back down, getting deeper each time, before putting Andrey on his back and fucking a load right out of him. Pavel then busts right into his boy's mouth as he lays waiting for his stepdad's sweet milk.

    Scene 4 - Trent Tarzan and Tom Uli

    Trent Tarzan decided to volunteer his time with the all-boy camping troop. It would be the perfect way to give back to the community while taking what he most craved... tender, young flesh. It didn't matter that some of the teens were the sons of Trent's business associates, or that some of the kids were his stepson's friends. That was what made it more exciting. Getting them alone would be easy. Getting them naked and ready to spew their potent, delicious young seed would be easier still!


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  • Daddy's Boy Whore Volume 15 (Download)
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    Hey Dad. It's me, your stepson. I'm so happy to have you in my life. When mom, and you, got together, I just knew that we were going to have a special relationship. Not many men would wake up their stepson every day so they can get to school on time. Or give them a massage after a long day at practice. I still remember the day you taught me how to shave during that road trip. And how about that time you put me over your knee because I was acting like a spoiled brat. I hold all those memories close, but I think it's time to make new ones. I want to be your boy, daddy. I need to be used, like the boys in this video. I want you to show me how to please you, daddy. How to take your cock like a real man. How to crave your body on top of mine. How to open my mouth to take your entire dick. I want you to show me how to be daddy's boy whore. I didn't know just how to tell you, so I decided to let Pavel Sora, Tom Malone, John Barber, Corey Law, Dave London, Dominik Black, Trent Tarzan, and Joel Vargas do it for me. I hope we can take our relationship to the next level. See you after work. Love your future boy whore.

    Scene 1 - Pavel Sora and Tom Malone

    What would your perfect wake-up call be? How does fucking your stepson sound? Tom is laying down in bed, in his full pajamas, when his stepdad Pavel comes in for their usual morning wake-up visit. In this case, that means Pavel joining Tom on the bed, pulling down his pajama pants, and taking his young cock down his throat. Pavel takes his boy into his mouth and works his dick until it stands up at attention. Now its Tom's turn to get his day started by licking on Pavel's beautiful daddy dick, working on the head and shaft before swallowing as much cock as possible. Pavel loves to hold his boy's head in place as he pumps his face before he puts him on his knees and pops his dick in his tight hole. Tom loves to feel his stepdad inside of him first thing in the morning. He takes off his pajama top, lays on his side, and gives his entire body to Pavel. Pavel pumps Tom good and then puts him on his back so they can fuck some more before they both finish off on Toms's belly.

    Scene 2 - John Barber and Corey Law

    Doing a bad job at chores never felt so good.Corey is daydreaming when he should be sweeping the deck of the boat. It isn't till his stepdad, John, snaps him out of it by yelling that he starts to get the job done, but he isn't doing a very good one. John is tired of seeing Corey doing things half-assed and brings him down below deck for a little discipline by putting Corey over his knee and spanking his young firm ass. He then takes off his boy's pants as well as his own and puts Corey on his knees to suck his cock. John pushes his boy's head down to teach him how he likes his cock sucked. After this lesson, Corey lays on the bed as John gets undressed so his daddy can suck on his sweet cock. John loves tasting his boy's dick, but soon it's time to teach the next lesson. Corey then gets undressed and lets his daddy teach him how to take a cock as they spoon fuck on the bed. He throws his leg up to get it all in there before switching positions, first riding his stepdads cock and then taking it on his back as he jerks his dick with John still inside of him. It's only a matter of time before he is unloading all over his belly, with John following right behind him.

    Scene 3 - Dave London and Dominik Black

    Part of being a dad is sharing lessons. What lesson will you teach your son today?Dave and his stepson, Dominik, are heading out to visit Dominik's grandparents for the day. As they prepare to head out, Dave decides he should teach Dominik how to shave, but Dominik has another lesson he wants to learn called how to please daddy. As Dave stands behind Dominik, shaving his boy's face, Dominick moves his hands slowly over his stepdads cock, which grows hard in his hand. Dave takes his pants off so he can get a better feel. Dominik does the same. After stroking each other they decide to take a shower and get cleaned up before heading to the couch to continue the lesson. Dave and Dominik kiss and stroke each other on the couch until Dave takes his boy's hard cock in his mouth. He loves sucking on his boy but this is about pleasing daddy, and Dominik proves that as he takes Dave's dick in his mouth while having his ass played with. Dave then lays on the coffee table and lets his stepson slide down his cock until he is balls deep. He then bends him over the chair and fucks him harder before going back to the couch for more of his boy's hole. The feeling is so strong that Dominik shoots his warm load all over his belly, as his daddy fucks him, which then makes Dave shoot his load all over his boy's balls. Lesson complete.

    Scene 4 - Trent Tarzan and Joel Vargas

    Joel knew all he needed to know about Trent Tarzan. Word had gotten around, and the camp counselor was eager to receive the same treatment Mr. Tarzan had given the others. Faking stress, Joel pursued Mr. Tarzan until the man had no choice but to give the kid exactly what he wanted... sweet, pulsating release!


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  • Daddy's Boy Whore Volume 14 (Download)
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    A boy who knows how to please daddy is worth keeping around. Especially since you've already trained them to know just what it is you like. So when you are feeling stressed, and your boy offers to rub your shoulders, that's your hard work paying off. Or when they make you feel good after a long day of traveling, it's because you trained a good boy. When they play cute to get what they want, you may have spoiled him, but he will be loyal to you forever, and that means the world. Those are all signs that you've raised a great whore for daddy. A good boy to use whenever and wherever you want. On the couch, while his mom is away. On a trip out of town. In his bed before school. He will be ready to do whatever to prove how much he loves you. All the time you spent showing them just how daddy likes his cock sucked. How to hold their legs up for you to get in deep. How to stroke out their warm load with you inside of them because it drives you crazy. That, and so much more. It's all worth it. Just ask David Lee, Darin Boswell, Dave London, Dominic Black, Cris Denny, Jack Flynn, Joshua, and Jeffrey Lloyd. They've trained their boys to be the best they can be, and it shows.

    Scene 1 - David Lee and Darin Boswell

    What would you do to help your stepdad after a long and stressful day? How about a massage? David has had a very, very long day and it doesn't stop when he gets home. His stepson, Darin, is willing to help relieve some of his stress the best way he knows how and offers up a little massage. David is thrilled at the opportunity to have his body worked over and jumps at it. Darin begins working up and down David's neck and back as they sit on the couch. He then unbuttons Davids's shirt and works his chest before moving lower to his crotch. David unbuttons his pants and lets his boy massage his cock, getting it hard in his small hand. He then sits back and lets Darin pleasure his hard cock with his mouth, giving it the attention it deserves. They both strip so David can return the favor, taking Darin's cock down his throat before he lets his boy ride him. Darin loves the feeling of David inside of him and moans in pleasure. He soon gets up, bends over the couch, and takes a good pounding from his stepdad, taking every inch of David's thick meat. David then moves Darin unto his back and fills him with daddy dick until his boy shoots his load with his cock still inside of him, before pulling out and shooting all over Darin's beautiful lips. Mission complete.

    Scene 2 - Dave London and Dominic Black

    After a long day of travel, Dave and his stepson, Dominic, are arriving at their rented room. It’s just a one-night stopover before they head home in the morning. The problem is...there is just one bed, so they will have to share. It’s getting late so they decide to strip down to their undies and call it an evening. As they lay head to foot on the bed, Dominic starts to gently rub up and down his stepdads leg. Happily surprised, Dave does the same in response. Dominic then rolls onto his back as Dave gropes his boys cock through his undies, pulls them down, grabs his stepson’s hard dick, and begins to suck. He loves tasting his boy’s precum for the first time and doesn’t want to stop, but Dominic also wants a taste of his daddy’s dick. Dave lays back and lets his boy service him, from the tip to the balls and back again. He then pulls Dominic in for their first kiss before putting him on his back and eating his virgin hole. Rock hard and wanting more, Dave slowly enters his stepson as he moans in pleasure. It’s not long until Dominic’s hole is open wide and Dave is fucking his boy all over the bed before cumming on his pretty face. Dave then sucks and swallows a delicious load out of Dominic before one last kiss.

    Scene 3 - Cris Denny and Jack Flynn

    What motivates you to get out of bed?It's Jack's first day back to school after a summer of working long hours, and the last thing he wants to do is get out of bed. Luckily his stepdad Cris comes in with a little morning motivation to get his day started. Cris hops into bed with Jack and lets him snuggle into his chest like a child into a pillow. They then hold and caress each other's bodies until Cris rolls Jack over and helps him take his shirt off. Jack then gets up on top of his daddy, straddles his waist, and kisses him deep as Cris squeezes his boy's ass. Jack then gets off, removes Cris's shorts, and takes his daddy's thick dick down his throat. Cris then returns the love by sucking on Jack's delicious boy cock before putting him on his belly and licking on his pretty hole. Cris then pulls Jack back onto his dick and fucks his boy good, which drives Jack crazy. He continues to fuck him on his side and back before giving Jack a huge morning facial and sending him off to school.

    Scene 4 - Joshua and Jeffrey Lloyd

    I hadn't seen Jeffrey in a year, and when he showed up at my door unannounced, I felt bad for not taking the time to visit the boy. He'd always been my favorite nephew. Well, step nephew, really. My brother and his wife adopted him when they discovered they couldn't have children. Maybe I love Jeffrey best because he was my first. Or maybe because I'm a lecherous fuck. He'd traveled for hours, driving straight through, and his muscles ached. When I offered to give Jeffrey a massage, he readily agreed. How was I supposed to know he'd arouse me in the process? Even as I touched him, my hands slippery with oil, sliding up and down his back, my cock stiffened. And as I stared at his balls, all swollen and full of cum, as I massaged his glutes -- an ass as round and plump as two ripe, juicy melons -- he surprised me when he rolled over. His thick, uncut and swollen cock throbbed, practically begging me for release. As if it had a life of its own. What could I do but stroke... I mean... massage it for Jeffrey? And play with his hole? My one regret? I have none. Guilt has left me and we now live together in delicious sin. And when my brother's wife confessed that she missed her little boy, I had to bite my tongue. I don't think she would have appreciated hearing that her little boy wasn't all THAT little anymore.


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  • Daddy's Boy Whore Volume 13 (Download)
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    Raising a good boy is all about teaching them lessons. The things you educate them on now will carry on with them throughout their lives. Teach a young boy how to play the piano, and he might be the next Mozart. Teach a boy the importance of doing their best at any task, and you might raise the next CEO of a successful company. Teach them to explore and wonder about the world, and he might be the next great adventurer. Teach them about the human body, and you could be raising the next great doctor. Show them how to be a dick whore for their daddy. How to grab daddy's dick and slurp on it with their pretty mouth. How to take a thick cock deep in their young fresh ass. How to ride daddy like a fucking jockey while stroking their cocks. How to squeeze their asshole tight if they want daddy to shoot his load. Teach them these lessons, and you are proving to them that they can do anything they put their minds too. Those are just some of the lessons being taught and learned by Bruno Turbo, Lucian Fair, Marco Napoli, Jacob Dolce, Martin Dajnar, Jack Flynn, Marc Born, and Roco North on Daddy's Boy Whore 13. What do you want to teach your boy?

    Scene 1 - Bruno Turbo and Lucian Fair

    Have you ever caught someone spying on you in the shower? What if it was your sexy stepson? Lucian's mom is at work and his stepdad Bruno is in the shower. He'd often fantasize about what his stepdad looked like naked, and since he was hard just thinking about it, he figured this might be a good time to find out. He slowly creeps down the hallway towards the bathroom, with its door fully open, and watches Bruno rinsing off his hairy muscles. He creeps closer to get a better look, but Bruno catches him. He quickly runs away to his bedroom. Bruno finishes in the shower, wraps himself in a towel, and heads to Lucian's room. "Still like it?", Bruno says as he drops the towel. With a smile on his face, Lucian nods his head as Bruno joins Lucian on the bed. After a little kissing, Lucian drops his mouth right to Bruno's dick as he lays back. He can't wait to taste his stepdads cock. He takes as much of it as he can. Bruno loves feeding his boy but has other things in mind for their limited time together. After eating Lucian's tight, beautiful hole he slips his hard cock in with just a little spit and takes his boy's hole for a ride. They continue fucking, sucking, and sweating all over the bed until Lucian blows his creamy load with his daddy still inside of him. Bruno continues to fuck his boy until he pulls out, shoots his load, and stuffs it back in to finish off inside Lucian.

    Scene 2 - Marco Napoli and Jacob Dolce

    Piano keys aren't the only wood Jacob is stroking and playing with while his mom is out of town. Jacob's mom is away, but she wants her new husband Marco and son to have some bonding time. It just so happens that Marco and Jacob both enjoy piano. As they start to play, Marco notices how tense and sloppy Jacob's playing is. And knowing that Jacob isn't a beginner, he try to help him relax to get the best out of him. Marco takes Jacob's hands and gently glides them over the keys, placing them in the correct positions. He then guides Jacob's hand down to his daddy cock. Jacob is hesitant, but willing to learn some new skills from him step-dad. Luckily for him, the next lesson's include kissing, sucking cock and getting your boy hole eaten. Jacob passes all these with flyer colors and is ready for the advanced lessons. Marco is a gentle teacher and slowly works his dick inside his step-son's tight hole. It doesn't take long before these two are fucking all over the room. Jacob, being a quick learner, cums while riding his step-dad and then lets Marco dump his load on his boy belly.

    Scene 3 - Martin Dajnar and Jack Flynn

    Cleaning can be so dirty. Especially when you do it in a jock, in front of your sexy stepdad. Jack's stepdad, Martin, is walking across the kitchen floor and slips on something. He calls Jack to the room who explains he cleaned it. Well he clearly didn't do a good enough job so now Martin will watch him clean. First Martin has Jack take off his shirt so that he doesn't get it dirty. He then tells him to get more water which he then spills on his shorts, so he takes them off as well. Now he is on his hands and knees, cleaning in front of Martin and it's getting Martin excited. Martin pulls his dick out and like a well-trained boy, Jack puts it right in his mouth. The action soon moves to the couch where it's Martin's turn to do a little work. Martin sucks on his boy's cock until he is ready for Jack to ride on top of his daddy dick. Jack sits right down on it and loves how it feels. After riding, he gets on his hands and knees to take his daddy from the back. With Jack's head in the pillow, Martin fills up his stepson's hole with cock. They then flip on their backs and continue fucking until they both make a cummy mess all over Jack's tummy.

    Scene 4 - Marc Born and Roco North

    When Marc Born was a guard at the boy's home, there was one sweet and tender young thing that became his bitch. But then Marc had to leave his job. He wished he could have taken Rocco with him but the state wasn't ready to release the boy yet. Now they have. Fresh out of juvie, the first thing Rocco did was to look up his prison guard Daddy. Marc gave the boy a delicious welcome, especially when he realized that Rocco was turning out to be just like him... a complete sex hound. Juvie sure was good to them!


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  • Daddy's Boy Whore Volume 12 (Download)
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    There is nothing better than fucking a tight virgin hole for the first time. Especially if that hole belongs to your young, hot stepson. A young man learning how to take care of daddies dick for the first time is something magical. Watching his small hand grab your cock and putting it in-between his pretty lips. The sight of his asshole puckering as you lick it with your wet tongue. Feeling your hard cock slide deep into your boy's virgin hole, as he takes a deep breath is life-altering. Just ask Daddies Alex Axel, Marco Napoli, Pavel Sora and Joshua. They take good care of their boys Issac Esteban, Robbie Dane, Petter Polloc and Sam Thomas as they take their first steps towards understanding how to please a man and learning what it means to be a whore for daddy!

    Scene 1 - Alex Axel and Isaac Esteban

    Isaac is really trying to step up and be a more well-rounded young man. That means learning how to grill on the outdoor oven, but first you have to learn how to turn it on. That’s where his step-dad Alex can give him just a little education. Well, that and how to make love to a man. Kissing is always a good place to start. Isaac loves the touch of his daddy and Alex loves caressing his boy’s belly, while kissing his neck. Isaac knows more than daddy thinks about pleasing a man and is quick to show him as he drops to his knees and tastes his daddies cock. It isn’t long before Alex sits Isaac down and returns the favor. Taking his boy in his mouth, working the shaft and teasing it with his tongue, before they head inside the bedroom. Inside Isaac is really able to say thank you by showing daddy how well he can take his dick deep in his young hole. His daddy shows Isaac how he can make him come without touching himself and feeds him both their loads.

    Scene 2 - Marco Napoli and Robbie Dane

    Would you take fashion tips from your step-dad? How about taking more than just the tip!
    Robbie is almost done getting dressed to meet his friends when his step-dad, Marco, comes in the room and tells him he should change or prepare to be laughed at. Wanting to be respectful, Robbie changes his clothes, but isn't a fan of the new outfit. Neither is Marco who tells him to change back into the original choice. After seeing Robbie in the old clothes, he agrees that he does look really good in those shorts, but his dick would look better out of them. They also agree that Marco's dick would look better in him and more than just the tip. After some kissing and sucking, that is exactly what happens. Marco fucks Robbie all over his bed until they both shoot their loads, leaving Robbie's belly covered in cum.

    Scene 3 - Pavel Sora and Peter Polloc

    Ever catch your dad in the shower? Wish you did? Peter has been lusting after Pavel ever since their first father-son camping trip, where he saw him naked in the shower and got caught stroking to the sight of his step-dad's naked body. Pavel thought it was cute but they never spoke on it. Now Peter is all grown up and ready to be taken advantage of and hopes this year's camping trip pays off. And after pulling off the nature walk to pee, he gets just what he hoped for. Peter walks over to a tree and pulls his dick out. While trying to pee, Pavel pulls up behind him and wraps his arms around his waist. He then turns him around, drops Peter to his knees and pulls his daddy cock out for him to feast on. Peter then stands up and enjoys his step-dad's warm mouth on his young cock before being turned over and fucked by Pavel against a tree. Pavel then let's his step-son ride his cock as they sit under the tree getting their father-son time. They stand up once more and Pavel drills Peter until Peter shoots a huge load all over the ground. Pavel then feeds his boy his delicious load right down his throat. Wonder what day two will bring.

    Scene 4 - Joshua and Sam

    Joshua is a foster parent who enjoys opening up his home to wayward boys fresh out of juvie. The young men all need a place to stay and Joshua, loving surrogate that he is, provides the boys with what they need most... a bed, food, and discipline. When they misbehave, and sometimes even when they don't, Joshua reminds them of where they'd be without him. He then photographs and records himself touching those that are willing, and want to show him their appreciation, the way they learned when they were at the center. They're so grateful, how can Joshua say no?


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  • Daddy's Boy Whore Volume 11 (Download)
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    A stepdad should teach their child lessons that their father didn’t. Give them more attention than they probably deserve and not be afraid to show affection when needed. And a daddy showing affection to a beautiful young man growing into a stunning adult is always a good thing, especially when a boy doesn’t expect it. And that’s just what Daddies Cris Denny, Martin Dajnar, Alex Axel, Joshua do for their boys Curtis Cameron, Richard Hicks, Dominik Black, and Joel Vargas. These dads take their jobs very seriously and it shows every time a boy takes daddy's thick cock in their tight hole and clinches their ass muscles around it as they shoot their young load!

    Scene 1 - Cris Denny and Curtis Cameron

    My stepson and I are close. Because we have such a strong bond, I always know what my son is feeling. When I feel his frustration, I know how to calm him down and soothe his mind. All he needs is a massage, but touching the boy always makes me want to fuck. I don't even need to say anything anymore. The moment my pants are off, Curtis is on my cock. Except I'm too big for his tiny little mouth. He does his best, but he never could take it all. At least, not with his mouth. And certainly not without a lot of rimming. Even then, I'm too big for my boy. That's why I let him straddle me, let him handle the penetration at his speed. Once I'm inside, though, once I feel his sweet, pink ass lips clamp down on my shaft, that's when I take over. And after pounding his stretched out hole, after stuffing him with as much cock as possible, the boy still can't take it all. It doesn't help that he's so damned tight. I try to hold off as long as I can, but eventually, it always ends the same way. No one, but Curtis, has ever been able to make me cum so quick and so hard. Not even his mother. And when my boy and I are done, after we both shoot our loads, after we've caught our breath, he looks into my eyes and says, "My Daddy is the best." And I melt. Happy Father's Day to all my fellow Daddies lucky enough to have turned their stepsons into their personal whores.

    Scene 2 - Martin Dajnar and Richard Hicks

    It happened innocently enough, the night before I took my stepson's virginity. I'd just finished my shower and had been drying my balls when Richard walked in. In the split second that followed, my cock stiffened, Richard absent-mindedly licked his lips, and his mother called out for me to hurry because we would be late for our date night. Only I no longer wanted her. At that moment, I knew what I had to do. The next day, I rented a room in town. I texted my son the address and told him to meet me there. I can't tell you how many times I chickened out as I lay there, waiting for my perfect boy. How could I cheat on my wife? With her son, no less? But then he walked in, dirty after his footie match. All thought of abandoning my son escaped my mind because I realized that no matter how much work my wife and I put into our marriage, the one I'd wanted all along was Richard. That night, after I bathed my son, I took him to bed and fucked him the way a Daddy should. Tender and rough, and hard and deep. The boy was passionate and submissive and let me do anything I wanted. And after the boy came, with my cock balls deep inside him, I sprayed my DNA all over his ass. Only I didn't just come. I orgasmed. Hard. Copiously. The biggest ejaculation I'd ever shot. And every drop was for my perfect, clean boy. My son, Richard.

    Scene 3 - Alex Axel and Dominick Black

    Things have been rough for Dominik recently and his step-dad Alex, tries hard to make sure he shows him how much he loves and cares for him. So when Alex mentioned the new hot tub up at the cottage, Domink was down to take a quick trip to check it out. A little relaxation is always welcomed. When they arrives, they go downstairs to the basement where the tub is kept. Alex strips off all his clothes and jumps in the water and Dominik is right behind, but not before Alex tells him to take his undies off. After all, they didn’t bring a change of clothing. He takes them off and joins Alex. They start on separate sides, enjoying the water, but after stroking himself half hard, Alex makes his way over to Dominik and gently places his hand on his thigh. Dominik, who had his eyes closed, is surprised but welcomes a little attention from his dad. That attention quickly goes right to Dominik’s beautiful, young cock, as Alex strokes it while kissing him deeply. It doesn’t take long before that cock is in his mouth. This is his first sweet taste of his boy and after a few minutes of total enjoyment, Dominik returns the love and takes his daddies cock between his pretty pink lips. They finally decide to take it to the bedroom where Dominik gets the royal treatment from his daddy, in multiple positions, ending with Dominik coming all over his belly while getting fucked and then swallowing his dad's warm load.

    Scene 4 - Joshua and Joel Vargas

    Joshua had always wanted to be a Dad but never found the right woman to settle down. That didn't stop him from becoming a foster parent. Teen boys from broken or unwanted homes were his specialty. They craved attention, and approval from a father figure, even if they would never admit it, or let it show. Joshua was always firm but patient with his boys, grooming them to become young men and provide them with whatever they needed. A stern but loving touch. A firm hand. Joel was his favorite and the oldest of his foster kids. And any time the boy was in town, Joshua made sure to welcome him home with open arms.


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    It’s so hard growing up nowadays. So much pressure, not just from your peers, but total strangers, to be perfect everyday, when we know perfect doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, not everyone has a supportive father figure in their life to explain and help guide them along the way to becoming a better human being. Someone in your corner to tell you that you did a good job helping with the computer, discipline you when your room is dirty, tell you that you look good in new clothes, or rub your back after a long weekend of sports practice. Those are the types of things a good father figure does when showing their love and compassion for their boy. And for a young gay teen that father figure can also be your new hot stepdad. Those are the thoughts going through Jack Flynn, Robbie Dane, Richard Hicks and Marek Prohodil minds as they think about their sexy, mature stepdad ’s Pavel Sora, Cris Denny, Eric Lenn and Zac Hood.

    Scene 1 - Pavel Sora and Jack Flynn

    Pavel Sora has taken his stepson into the city. In a bright hotel room, Pavel fully intends on seducing his son. It won't take much, since they've been close all of Jack's life. But now, Pavel wants to be closer. And he wants to film their intimacy to have their digital memory forever. Except, like many adults who didn't grow up with computers, Pavel screws something up. Lucky Jack was in the room, who took care of the problem immediately. Except that now, after looking through his Daddy's browser history, the boy knows his stepdad has been viewing gay porn for a VERY long time. Now the time has come to consummate their desire for each other. Pavel grabs Jack's tiny little hand on his and places it on his cock, then drops his pants. Jack doesn't waste time. He immediately deep throats Pavel's uncut, long shaft. Boy services Daddy, taking his time to enjoy what he's wanted. Pavel returns the favor, doing down on his son, who's hung even bigger than his father. But what Daddy truly wants, is his son's tight little hole. The boy climbs on top, straddles Pavel, and rides his Daddy's throbbing shaft. Pavel is patient and lets his son take as much as he can, on his own, but soon takes hold of the boy and pounds his hole on all fours. When Pavel finally flips Jack onto his back, he spreads the boy's legs wide, stuff him full of cock and fucks the cum out of the kid before pulling out and splattering his seed all over his son.

    Scene 2 - Cris Denny and Robbie Dane

    Cris Denny walks into his stepson's bedroom to find Robbie sleeping in. The room is also an unacceptable mess. Furious, Cris wakes the boy. With the young blond over his knees, Cris gives the boy a good spanking. But as it turns out, Robbie likes the burn. His ass is soon red, and his cock hard. Cris, who suspects his son left the room that way on purpose, flips the boy over. He sucks on the uncut tool then pulls down his sweatpants to shove his huge, meaty cock in his son's face. After all, he can't give the boy too much control, or he could take advantage. Or worse, tell his mother Daddy molested him. But Robbie isn't the kind to kiss-and-tell. He wants Daddy all to himself and eagerly devours the muscle hunk's cock. Except he can barely take more than the swollen, bulbous head. But that doesn't stop Cris. He's been wanting his son's sweet little ass for a while, and that pink hole WILL be his. Cris preps the boy with plenty of spit then works the tip of his thick slab into the boy's virgin ass. Robbie fucks himself, at first, taking more and more cock each time. Cris continues to let Robbie set the pace when he leans back so the boy can ride him bareback. Once he's all stretched out and used to the huge cock up his ass, Cris takes charge and pummels his boy's fuck hole. Luckily, his wife had already left for work. Otherwise, she might wonder what her husband was doing to her pride and joy!

    Scene 3 - Eric Lenn and Richard Hicks

    Eric Lenn and his stepson, Richard, have always been very close. They have always discussed fashion together since he was very young, and it was at that point that Eric realized than Richard was gay. Since then, Eric has watched Richard grow up into a fine young man. He knows that Richard gets lots of attention when he goes to clubs, and, to be honest, he knows that Richard is a complete whore too. He loves daddy dick. Eric just wishes that for once he too could slide into his boys hole after feasting on his cock. Imagine how happy he was when Richard walked into the room in his new TwinkX clothing which had been delivered. ‘Show me more’ Eric said, and Richard spins around for him some more. The sexual tension between them is too much and before long Eric is touching his stepsons bulge through the black and shiny fabric. Richards hard cock escapes and Eric is all over it, finding out if it tastes as good as he always imagined. It did, and then some. Richard wants to taste some daddy dick next, so he does, all while daddy is groping his ass. Before long, Richard is deep inside his boy, getting more and more turned on thinking of how many loads his boy has taken at the club. But now he has fucked his boy and he knows he will be back for more.

    Scene 4 - Zac Hood and Marek Prohodil

    After my godson left for school I was lonely. I didn't know how to move on. Then I found a website that allowed me the opportunity to pick my own boy. His name is Marek. When he arrived, he was the perfect size. I ran my hands all over his smooth naked body and had my way with him, the way I did when my godson first arrived. Now, I don't even miss... what was his name? Marek shares my bed, my food, my cock, my cum. As it should be.


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  • Daddy's Boy Whore Volume 9 (Download)
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    Daddies aren’t the only ones with forbidden lust in their hearts and souls. Boys have it, too, especially those who sense their stepdads already weakened by their own, unspoken and unfulfilled taboo desires. Some things might be best left in the dark spaces of our minds, but boys like Jacob Dolce, Oliver Morgenson, Curtis Cameron and Jason Smith won’t leave well enough alone. They fantasize, then plan and scheme to seduce the most important man in their lives, men like John Barber, David Lee, Zack Hood, and Tomas DeCastro. These men might be big, they might prefer women, but they’re no match for their little boys because their stepsons are…Daddy’s Boy Whore 9.

    Scene 1 - John Barber and Jacob Dolce

    A tasty, innocent thing is used as a prop in this scene with bearded hunky Daddy John Barber and his stepson, Jacob. After all, what better way to get his son to suck his cock? And what little boy doesn't like ice cream? John doesn't even bother hiding his lust as he watches Jacob deep throat his chocolate-covered ice cream bar. The boy spills some on his tee-shirt then removes it. Well aware that his stepdad is watching, the way a wolf licks his chops when he spots an injured rabbit, Jacob smears melted ice cream all over his nipple. No Daddy can resist such an invitation, especially one from his own son. Losing himself in his lust, Daddy Jacob offers up his cock for his little boy to suck. Greedy Jacob devours the meaty slab then allows Daddy to get him into position, on his knees, ass out. John slides his cock home and bareback fucks his son, eventually fucking the cum out Jacob before blasting the boy with an enormous load of Daddy cream. So, as you can see, sometimes you just have to have dessert before dinner!

    Scene 2 - David Lee and Oliver Morgenson

    Being locked down was driving David Lee crazy. He'd lost track of time and worse still was his wife. As a first responder, she was quarantined at the hospital. He was horny without her and had begun to think maybe Oliver could provide some much needed stress relief. In fact, while playing a game of foozeball, David decided to up the ante with his stepson. For every goal, one of them would lose a piece of clothing. Oliver ends up getting naked but David decides to torment the boy even further. He allows his son one more goal, but if he loses, Oliver has to suck Daddy's dick. Naturally, the boy loses, and David, with lust in his heart, and his mind muddled with everything happening around them, loses himself to the sensation of a hearty blowjob from his son. Except this Daddy needs more. He needs to unload in a wet, hot hole. After returning the oral favor, David stuffs his little boy's ass with his thick, uncut cock. He fucks Oliver, eventually getting the boy to ride Daddy raw. When David takes charge once more, it's to pound Oliver into a frenzy that drives them both over the edge. Daddy fucks the cum out of his boy, then pulls out to spew all over his sons's cock and balls. And now, both know what they'll be doing tomorrow.

    Scene 3 - Zack Hood and Curtis Cameron

    I went looking through my stepson's room for dirty clothes to wash. What I found made my blood boil. We don't have many rules in our house, but the rules we do have, I expect him to follow. No alcohol. No drugs. And no cigarettes. Naturally, I had to punish him. How else could I drive the point home? I lay the boy across my knees and started to spank his ass. His plump, tender, sexy little ass that...God help me...was turning me on. That's when I noticed the rising bulge pressing against my leg. It wasn't just me. My boy was just as turned on as his old man. Maybe it was the anger that fueled me. Or the sudden man and boy musk in the air that made my nostrils flare. I had another punishment for him. Oh, I was still angry. But instead of taking it out on his ass with my hand, I took it out on my boy's virgin ass with my raw cock. I made him ride me, with only spit for lube. Then I took him like a bitch, the way I sometimes take my wife. And after I came, I knew nothing would ever be the same between my son and me. To make sure he understood that Daddy was still the one in charge, the only man in his life, I put him in his place using his beer against him. But even as I left the room, I suddenly realized the truth. I'd been had. Curtis had planted the beer in his dresser on purpose

    Scene 4 - Tomas DeCastro and Jason

    Jason has had a thing for his neighbor for several years now. And he was sure the blond muscle hunk was interested. There had been too many handsy moments, exuberant laughter, knowing smiles, handshakes, and eventually, hugs that lasted way longer than they should have. But how to get into Mr. DeCastro's pants? One day, when his wife went shopping, Jason took a chance and made a bold move. Now, after a hurried massage and a handjob, Jason counts down the hours before he can be in his neighbor's arms again.


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  • Daddy's Boy Whore Volume 8 (Download)
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    There’s something to be said about the man who faces his most lecherous desires, even if they lust for someone society tells them they shouldn’t…their stepsons. Men like Pavel Sora, John Barber, Martin Dajner, and Joshua, are not alone. They share one common, and very important need; the primal urge to protect, claim, and defend their little boys. Taylor Mason, Lucian Fair, Kieran Karlsson and Sam Thomas also share something in common. They are each willing and submissive, and eager to make Daddy happy because they are…Daddy’s Boy Whore 8.

    Scene 1 - Pavel Sora and Taylor Mason

    Imagine your stepson is getting ready to go out on a date while you sit all alone with filthy thoughts running through your mind. Who is he going out with? Another man's son? Another Dad? You hope it's a boy because the thought of your son in bed with another man is too much to bear. Suddenly, your son walks into the living room and asks your opinion. Which underwear, Dad? Your pulse races. Your cock stiffens. And you wonder. Are you finally going to have what you've wanted? Are you going to fuck your little boy? That's what happened to Pavel Sora one evening. Adorable, slender Taylor approached him with a batch of undies. The kid tried on each one, but Pavel kept shaking his head. Finally, the very last item the boy slipped on was a jockstrap. And Pavel took a deep breath. He couldn't resist. He had to touch. He had to grope. But he didn't stop there. He couldn't have, even if he wanted to. After showing Taylor how to suck cock, Pavel experienced his little boy's mouth on his own large, uncut tool. By then, Taylor was so horny he sat on his Daddy's lap and took every inch of the man's raw, throbbing shaft before getting fucked on all fours, and then on his side. Pavel ultimately fucked his son on his back, legs up and spread, watching his own cock slide in and out of his little boy's tight hole. And while looking deep into the boy's eyes, Pavel pounded a load out of Taylor, then sat back so the kid could suck the seed out of him. Taylor never did go on his date. Pavel spoiled him for any other. Rumor has it he and his son now share a bed together, and no other Dad... or boy... will ever touch Taylor again.

    Scene 2 - John Barber and Lucian Fair

    Every morning, after his wife leaves for work, John Barber spends some quality time bonding with his stepson, Lucian. This consists of the boy wrapping his pretty lips around the head of Daddy's cock and sucking until Daddy is almost ready to reward his son with a mouthful of seed. Meanwhile, John reads his newspaper, uninterrupted. Today, unlike most mornings, Daddy puts his paper down and returns the oral favor. But as much as Lucian likes Daddy's warm mouth, he prefers Daddy's big, fat, uncut tool. Craving the big slab of meat, Lucian bends over and pushes his ass out. No Daddy in the world can resist such a temptation. John comes up behind his son and slides home to fuck Lucian bareback. And as Lucian cries out, "Oh yeah, Daddy! Fuck me!" John gets closer and closer to climax but waits until the very end to reward his son with a HUGE cum facial. Now, after watching John fuck Lucian, only two questions remain. Did Daddy actually train his little boy to be a cock and cum slut? Or did Lucian train John to be a human dildo for his own perverse pleasure?

    Scene 3 - Martin Dajnar and Kieran Karlsson

    Martin Dajnar looks on from a distance as his stepson, Kieran Karlsson, stuffs his colorful undies with rolled-up socks. Apparently, Kieran wants a large package but as Martin points out after walking in on him, Kieran is already a big boy. The bearded Dad pulls out the socks, tosses them aside and gropes Kieran's cock. The boy doesn't say no and Martin grows bolder. He treats Kieran to a lengthy blowjob that will leave you drooling. Soon, he stands and strips. Then it's Kieran's turn. He grabs hold of his stepdad's big cock and goes to town. Kieran sucks his Daddy's cock and even gets his face fucked for a bit. He takes his sweet time savoring the man's throbbing meat but soon ends up on his back. Martin is so hard for his son's ass he only uses spit for lube. Slowly but surely, Martin slides every inch inside Kieran and starts to thrust. With his big balls full of cum, Martin pounds Kieran and stretches out his hole. Daddy tunes out everything but the pleasure he feels in bareback fucking his little boy. In fact, Martin builds up quite a sweat as he takes his son's hole like a man possessed. Daddy fucks the cum out of his son then pulls out to explode all over Kieran with one of the largest, most explosive loads we've seen in a while. Then again, if you were the dad, and you had a son like Kieran, you'd probably cum just as much.

    Scene 4 - Joshua and Sam

    Joshua is a foster parent who enjoys opening up his home to wayward boys fresh out of juvie. The young men all need a place to stay and Joshua, loving surrogate that he is, provides the boys with what they need most... a bed, food, and discipline. When they misbehave, and sometimes even when they don't, Joshua reminds them of where they'd be without him. He then photographs and records himself touching those that are willing, and want to show him their appreciation, the way they learned when they were at the center. They're so grateful, how can Joshua say no?


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  • Daddy's Boy Whore Volume 7 (Download)
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    What makes a good boy? Is it a sense of compassion and empathy? Is it a matter of doing well in school? Or is it a boy's obedience to Daddy, and a willing eagerness to do anything and everything Daddy says? We think that what makes a good boy, especially a good boy whore, is paying careful attention to Daddy's needs. A boy who possesses focused greed for his Daddy's cock, yearning for his caregiver's seed, and almost holy reverence for the one man who has only his little boy’s interest at THAT is a good boy. Martin Dajnar, Alex Axel, Eric Lenn, and Trent Tarzan are some of the luckiest Dads in the world. Their stepsons Lucian Fair, Maksym King, Kieran Karlsson, and Justin Evans take great pleasure in pleasing the only man that matters in their lives, because these boys are…Daddy’s Boy Whore 7.

    Scene 1 - Eric Lenn and Kieran Karlsson

    One of the worst feelings in the world for a parent is that someone might take advantage of their child. Eric Lenn knows this because he has a stepson who is now of age. Kieran is beautiful, quiet, and respectful. He will do anything for his Daddy. And because Eric knows the darkness in the hearts and minds of men, he's concerned someone might not just take advantage of his son, but take his virgin ass. How does Eric know of this darkness? He has it too. He sees the way other men look at his boy as they walk by, the way they lick their lips, and absentmindedly grope themselves. And after watching his son jerk off on the internet, Eric knows he has to protect Kieran by giving the boy what he wants... before someone else does. Eric takes Kieran for himself, in his own bedroom, with the curtains open wide so everyone can see. Eric bareback fucks his son, possessing the boy inside and out. He builds, going faster and deeper, filling Kieran full of Daddy cock until he eventually fucks the cum out of the boy. Eric follows, spewing a huge load all over Kieran, marking the boy as his own and thus protecting him from any other perverts prowling the internet.

    Scene 2 - Martin Dajnar and Lucian Fair

    Martin Dajnar has been playing a game of cat and mouse. He's taken to leaving the bathroom door open while he showers so his stepson, Lucian, can spy on him. After all, a good Daddy knows a cocksucker when he sees one. He also knows when his son is ready for Daddy's cock. And as it turns out, his little boy is not only ready, he's a first-rate cock sucker. Which only proves the point... some boys are natural-born sexpots. Lucian worships his stepfather's cock and balls, then straddles his lap, taking Dad to the balls. The boy, who has wanted this almost as much as Martin--if not more--fucks himself with wild abandon, his cock rock hard as he grinds on Daddy's lap. Then, while on his back, as Daddy fucks him bareback, Lucian shoots an enormous load of fresh young jizz. Martin keeps right on fucking, until the last minute when he pulls out and blasts his son with a facial.

    Scene 3 - Alex Axel and Maksym King

    Alex Axel needs to bone up on his massage skills, and Maksym needs his stepdad to touch him. What starts off innocent, turns intimate, then sexual. You can see the change come over Alex, the moment he caresses his son's tender flesh. And the slide down the rabbit hole begins. Alex strokes Maksym, even though he knows he shouldn't. Except he can't resist. He wraps his lips around Maksym's plump tool and gives the boy a blowjob. Alex pushes the envelope by shoving his large, thick cock in his little boy's mouth. The descent down the rabbit hole continues when they move to the bed. There, Maksym sucks his stepdad's amazingly fat piece of meat before giving up his cherry. With lust in their hearts, father and son no longer care about what is right or wrong. All they care about is the connection between them as Alex eats out the sweet, pink fuck hole presented to him. Maksym closes his eyes and revels as his Daddy then stretches him open, fills him up, then picks up speed as he fucks. Except these two don't just fuck. They kiss with a hungry passion that is all-consuming. Burning with desire, Alex fucks hard, and Maksym takes everything his Daddy has to give, including the seed that splatters all over his face and into his mouth.

    Scene 4 - Trent Tarzan and Justin E

    Trent Tarzan knew that if he wanted to keep the peace in his new household, he would have to make friends with his teen stepson. He decided there was no better way to bond than over a massage. So he invited Justin to his office, which was still under renovation. But the boy didn't care. He wanted to bond with his new stepdad but for different reasons. Justin let his stepdad do whatever he wanted, and before he knew it, the man was playing with his hairy little ass, sucking his cock, and encouraging him to blow a load.


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  • Daddy's Boy Whore Volume 6 (Download)
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    You're a married man and love your wife. You never look at other guys, but there's something about your stepson, isn't there? Something that makes you look. You drink in his innocence, and wonder... is he still a virgin? That's because your cock stiffened as he licked his puffy red lips... lips you suddenly long to kiss. Or maybe you got hard when he bent over to pick up something off the floor. Now, your mouth waters when you look at his ass in those tight jeans. Your cock plumps up, and you ooze pre-cum when he looks at you and smiles coyly. You don't even want your wife anymore. You can't think of anything except climbing into your son's bed to deflower him... spoil him for any other man. You MUST fuck him. Seed him. Let him know that, although other men might come after you, he will always be… Daddy’s Boy Whore - Volume 6.

    Scene 1 - Dave London and Dominik Black

    Dave London has had a thing for Dominik. In fact, when the boy's father ran off, the only reason Dave started dating Dominik's mother is because he wanted to get into the boy's pants and be the first to pop his cherry. Sadly, the opportunity never came up. Then, when Dominik went off to college, Dave left, too. After all, with his step son gone, there was no reason for Dave to remain. But now Dominik is back in town, visiting from college. And Dave can no longer wait. He must have the boy. Dave lets the kid know how he feels, and after sucking Dominik's cock, the boy shows Dave his gratitude by returning the favor with an eager blowjob. Dave pushes the envelope, manhandling the boy and tossing him around in bed to get him into position. Dave then lines up his big cock with Dominik's sweet little hole and takes ownership, pounding the boy until he's all stretched out and coated with cum.

    Scene 2 - Pavel Sora and Roman Capellini

    There has been some friction between bearded hunky Daddy, Pavel Sora, and his son Roman. The only child has had a difficult time adjusting to having a stepdad and hasn't exactly been very nice. The boy apologizes for his behavior, but Pavel knows something Roman does not. It's not that Roman has had issues with Pavel as much as he is attracted to the bigger, older man. Naturally, Roman is bound to be conflicted and act out. Pavel knows what his kid wants because Pavel has wanted the same thing. With his self-control set low, Pavel can no longer resist. He crawls into bed beside his son, and father and son start making out. When Roman whips his hard cock out, Pavel hungrily sucks his boy's uncut tool. Eventually, Pavel kicks back to watch Roman deep throat his throbbing shaft. And as the desire to fuck his son grows, Pavel throws out any remaining guilt and bareback fucks the eager, hungry cock whore. Roman then rides his father, fucking himself until Pavel takes over once more. Dad fucks the cum out of his little boy, who then sucks the seed from Pavel into his mouth. And with an apology like that, no father could ever stay mad at his son for very long. Could you?

    Scene 3 - David Lee and Jacob Dolce

    When David Lee walks into his apartment, the last thing he expected was his stepson, Jacob... and dressed as a tiger, no less! David quickly gets off his phone call and asks Jacob why he's not in school. But the man soon gives up his questioning, as he is very glad to see his little boy. Then David realizes Jacob wants something his son shouldn't be asking for. At least, not from his stepdad. David can't resist, and after feeling up his son... and making him promise not to tell mommy... the two get into some mutual cocksucking that will have you drooling. Jacob then undresses his Daddy. Surprised, but obviously enjoying himself, David asks Jacob what he wants next. The boy kneels on a nearby chair, and David can no longer fool himself. His son needs Daddy's cock as much as David desires Jacob's furry little ass. With their guilt cast aside, if there ever was any, Daddy and son take a step they can never return from. They give in to their desire and fuck like lovers, possessed by an all-consuming taboo lust. Eventually, Jacob straddles Daddy and fucks himself until he blows a huge load. Then Daddy truly starts pumping, slamming into his boy deep and hard until he blows an even bigger load, which Jacob delightfully savors.

    Scene 4 - Zack Hood and Timmy Cooper

    After copping his godson's cherry, Zac developed a lust for boys in need of cock, like his neighbor's son, Timmy. The kid had been snooping around, but Zac had to be careful. The boy's dad was a cop, after all. Zac didn't want trouble. Still, his desire was greater, and he allowed Timmy to see him for massage. Zac exerted a bit more strength than he should have. Then again, the kid really enjoyed the rough session.


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  • Daddy's Boy Whore Volume 5 (Download)
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    Most men know the difference between right and wrong. They may struggle, but for the most part, they do what’s right. Except when it comes to their little boys. Their stepsons might not be flesh and blood, but they might as well be. Yes, it’s taboo, and yes, it’s wrong… but is it? Especially when it feels so right to sink balls deep inside the eager, horny little fuckers! Sooner or later, we all cave to temptation because the insatiable desire to fuck a tight, virgin hole is overpowering. David Lee, Alex Axel, Dave London, and Marc Born do the best they can to resist, but in the end, they are men. Horny, and in need to unload. They are men who must fuck boys like Gregor Gilead, Dominik Black, Oliver Morgenson, and Tommy Hunter... boys with Daddy issues, and long to be… Daddy’s Boy Whore - Volume 5.

    Scene 1 - David Lee and Gregor Gilead

    While David Lee's wife is away, his stepson is visiting from school. This means there's no better time for the scruffy, hunky step-dad to bond with Gregor. Except that David's idea of bonding is frowned upon by most. It's all David's ever wanted, and he knew Gregor wanted the same thing. Opportunities had come up for them before, but those moments were short-lived, not to mention brief. And David didn't want a quickie with his son. At least, not the first time around. He wanted to seduce the boy. But when it came down to it, the one who did the seducing was Gregor, in his room, with the door open wide, as he undressed before his dad, who watched from the couch, across the living room. His cock hard and throbbing, David knew it was now or never. And even though he knew it was wrong, he stood. He walked into Gregor's bedroom and approached. There was nothing between them now. No mother. No other barriers. Just the two of them. Alone. And there was nothing for them to do but give in to their lust and sinful desire of Dad fucking son. David stretches Gregor open with his thick, uncut tool and bareback fucks the cum out of his little boy before delivering a load of his own.

    Scene 2 - Alex Axel and Dominik Black

    Dominik has come to visit his stepdad, Alex, and after the long trip, he takes a shower but leaves the door open. Alex can't resist and gropes himself as he watches his slender little guy. And Dominik, who has wanted to be fucked by the large man ever since they met, doesn't bother to hide his desire. Both know what the other wants, and mom isn't there. There's nothing to keep them from going behind her back. Dominik worships Dad's beercan cock as best he can, but it's just too big. Alex fucks the kid's face and crams more dick into the boy's mouth, but his son's mouth is too small. What else is a Dad supposed to do? Alex spit-lubes his son's little ass and bareback fucks the pink starburst, right there on the kitchen counter. Alex takes complete ownership of Dominik, body, and hole. After a while, Alex lays on the floor, and his favorite boy goes for a ride. He impales himself and takes every inch of Daddy's large and incredibly thick cock. And as he spews fresh young seed all over the floor, Dominik rocks himself on his Dad's cock, only to be rewarded minutes later with the man's seed... straight down his throat.

    Scene 3 - Dave London and Oliver Morgenson

    It's been a couple of months since Dave London's first time at the gym with his stepson, Oliver. Since then, though they both wanted a repeat performance, they were never alone. Meanwhile, they drove each other insane with lust exchanging glances and licking their lips lewdly when no one was looking. They would grope each other and send dirty pictures with filthy texts. Oh, they had stolen moments... a hurried kiss here, a love pat there... but for the most part, there was always someone near. It seemed they would never again have a second opportunity to indulge in their forbidden desire, but luck was finally on their side. Dave was to accompany the boy to school for a parent-teacher meet-up, then go home and make dinner. Unfortunately, on the way home, Oliver sprained his ankle. Dave, being a good father, supported his son, then made sure nothing was broken. Except now that Oliver had to remain still, and father and son were all alone, Dave couldn't resist. Not that Oliver minded. The boy was just eager to have his father fuck him once more but didn't want to appear the slut. Fortunately, nothing turns Dave on more than a slutty boy. After taking turns on each other, Dave rims Oliver and works his huge cock inside the tender blonde. Dave takes his time fucking the boy bareback. After all, the opportunity might not ever come up again! But like with anything that feels good, Oliver is soon ready to come. Dave fucks an enormous load out of his son then splatters his own seed all over the boy. And once Dave's breath returns to normal, he tongues Oliver's cum sticky hole and laps up the mingled loads. After all, no point in wasting good seed or leaving behind evidence of their perverse pleasure.

    Scene 4 - Marc Born and Tommy Hunter

    In prison, a man has to make do with other men. Or younger boys. Which is how Marc Born developed a taste for a smoother, sweeter hole than he was used to, before being sentenced for embezzling company funds. Unfortunately for Marc, no one would hire him. So he went to school for massage and formed his own company. Now he specializes in giving brats like Tommy the deepest, most penetrating massage he can give them.


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