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  • Big and Meaty 2 (Download)
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    When it comes to men, no matter how old we get, we all want a Daddy Bear who will take us in his arms and love us and squeeze us and fuck us like the whores that we are. And it doesn’t matter if we’re Top, bottom, or versatile, just as long as that man is big and meaty. Of course, if he has a big and meaty tool, that’s even better! Because, let's face it, we all enjoy slurping and slobbering over a big, fat tool, or getting pounded by a thick, long cock? Join Tony Rivers, Claudio White, Luis Vega, Dean Gauge, John Lock, Donathan Dramis, Brad Kalvo, and Ronan Delany as they get their bear on in…Big and Meaty 2!

    Scene 1 - Tony Rivers and Claudio White

    Tony Rivers and Claudio White sit on a black leather couch, making out amidst noisy next-door neighbours. And for those of you who are fans of kissing, these two can go at it for a L-O-O-O-N-N-N-G time. As Tony and Claudio make out, they strip down to their jockstraps. Claudio sucks Tony's uncut cock lovingly, taking his sweet time. Eventually, Tony returns the favor, then rims the piglet cub. Tony works the pierced bottom's hole, stretching him open and priming him full of spit. Once Claudio is fully spit-lubed, Tony mounts the bearded cub and fuck his hairy little ass, building in speed and pumping deeper and longer. As he continues to stuff Claudio full of cock, they get louder, almost as if trying to compete with their neighbours. Eventually, Tony pulls out, and Claudio goes to town, tasting his own ass juices on his long, uncut tool. Tony lets loose with some creamy protein, which Claudio eats, before pumping out a load of his own.

    Scene 2 - Luis Vega and Dean Gauge

    Real life couple Luis Vega and Dean Gauge are celebrating a special... their anniversary. Or, as some might say, their annibearsary. And how do the hairy, horny bears celebrate? With some good old-fashion sex! After all, there is truly no better way to honor such a special occasion. Dean opens wide to suck Luis, getting his face fucked in the process. Luis returns the favor then offers up his ass for Dean to eat. The beefy boy makes a meal of his husband's hairy hole, finger fucking, and stretching Luis open before sliding his pierced cock inside. Luis gets fucked, then goes for a ride before flipping and barebacking Dean. Luis watches Dean explode with a geyser of cum and follows with a load of his own, which he sprays all over his husband.

    Scene 3 - John Lock and Donathan Dramis

    When John Lock and Donathan Dramis meet, there's no need for words. Only the blood-boiling, cock-rousing sounds of man-on-man action. After making out, Donathan slobbers on John's uncut and mouth-watering tool. John returns the favor, but both are soon back on the leather couch, where Donathan devours John's meaty slab. Donathan is soon on all fours, ass up in the air. John primes Donathan with a vigorous rim job before working his huge cock inside the bearded bottom. Every…single…inch. John starts slow but builds in intensity as he fucks Donathan bareback. Donathan goes for a ride, but even then, John can't help pounding up into the moaning cock whore. Donathan gets a huge beard facial then spews an even bigger load all over John's hairy belly.

    Scene 4 - Brad Kalvo and Ronan Delaney

    Hollywood isn't the only place where performers might find a casting couch. The porn industry does, too! Perhaps even more so. Ronan Delaney wanted to fuck on camera, so we asked him: How badly do you want it? To which he replied that he would do anything. That's why we set him up with beefy, muscled hairy fucker, Brad Kalvo. Built like a bruiser, the bearded hunk is soft and cuddly, like a teddy bear, but nice and HARD where it counts. Ginger Ronan quickly devours Brad's cock, sucking his new daddy and showing him just how much he wants to be in pictures. But it's when he gives up his hole that Ronan truly shines. Brad eats his hungry ass, priming him full of spit before mounting Ronan and fucking him bareback. The bearded redhead takes Brad's cock, growling through every throbbing inch. Brad then rewards Ronan by unloading all over his furry belly, then Ronan kicks back and pumps out a load of his own while Brad eagerly looks on. Now THAT'S what we call a casting couch!


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  • Bear Necessities 3 (Download)
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    What are Bear Necessities? They are the must-haves in the bears we cuddle, kiss, and fuck. Now, everyone will have different needs in their men, but for us, whether they are bears or cubs, they’ve got to have a bit of meat on their bones or a meaty cock! They’ve also got to be hairy, and most importantly, they’ve got to have what it takes to make your teeth rattle as they pound you or milk your throbbing shaft as you fuck them. Join Donathan Dramis, Claudio White, Brad Kalvo, John Thomas, Guy English, Tony Rivers, and Russell Tyler because they have the…Bear Necessities 3.

    Scene 1 - Donathan Dramis and Claudio White

    As cities around the globe ease up on restrictions, Donathan Dramis and Claudio White finally get back together, and all they want to do is get it on. Except they don't just want to have sex. They want to make love, nice and slow. But first, there's a full-on makeout session, with plenty of sloppy kissing and some mouth-watering dick sucking and face fucking action! Donathan then dives for Claudio's hungry hole and eats him out. Between the rim job and the blowjob, Claudio is ready. Donathan slides home, and once inside the bearded, tattooed cub, he bareback fucks the hell out of Claudio. Donathan puts the romantic edge he'd hoped for and picks up speed. They fuck like rabbits, and when Donathan is ready, he pulls out and sprays jizz all over Claudio's hairy ass. Donathan slides his dick back inside and seeds Claudio with the last of his DNA. But as it turns out, Donathan needs some dick as well. He drools all over Claudio's uncut cock, then turns around, on all fours, and gives up his ass. It doesn't take much for Claudio, who lets loose with a big load of his own. Now, why don't you and I do the same? No, I don't want to talk all night. Just shut up and kiss me. Mmmmm.

    Scene 2 - Brad Kalvo and John Thomas

    Things can get awkward, the first time you take your date home. Who makes the first move? Who's going to do what to whom? Of course, you can talk about it, or you can just let it flow. See what pops up so to speak. After a movie date, Brad Kalvo and John Thomas go back to his place. They start making out but soon, bearded John is on his knees, between Daddy Brad's legs, sucking his cock. The ultra hairy, beefy Dad returns the favor but soon gets John on all fours. Now, for those of you who don't know John, he doesn't get fucked a lot on screen. Which means he's tight. When he does take cock, it's because he needs to satisfy an itch. And Brad does just that for John. After rimming him, Brad slides home and fucks the beefy hunk bareback, eventually spewing all over his balls. John follows, stroking his big, fat, uncut cock, coming all over himself.

    Scene 3 - Guy English and Tony Rivers

    Locked in a passionate embrace, Guy English and Tony Rivers are gentle as they make out. Like two people in love, they touch each other with care and tenderness. After stripping down, Tony starts sucking Guy's big cock. They're soon sucking each other in a hot 69 that will make you drool. Bald and bearded Guy then eats out Tony's ass, and you can imagine how he might taste as they kiss once more. And after mounting Tony's bear ass and fucking him as only a romantic lover could, Tony pumps out a good-sized load, followed by Guy, who strokes out an even bigger one. They kiss the entire time, making this scene one of the sweetest, sexiest, most romantic fucks we've seen in a while!

    Scene 4 - Brad Kalvo and Russell Tyler

    In what has to be one of our most sensual scenes yet, everyone's favorite Daddy, Brad Kalvo, growls and purrs as he gets busy with hairy ginger, Russell Tyler. The two kiss passionately and suck cock lovingly as they prepare for a steamy bareback fuck. Brad gives Russell a deep tongue probing, then slides home. As he thrusts in and out, his own eyes roll back into his head, even as he causes Russell to exclaim, “Damn, that cock feels good!” And after raw dogging Russell for a good, long time, Brad spews all over the redhead's belly then helps him with an explosive finish of his own.


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  • Make Mine Hairy (Download)
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    The musky scent of a hairy man is like an aphrodisiac. It’s a scent that hits the brain like electricity. It makes the blood boil and the cock hard, while lust feeds the primal part of our brain that takes us back to caveman days. And with all that grunting, groaning, and aggressive sexual behavior, it’s no wonder Zack Acland, Cooper Roads, Parker Logan, Atlas Grant, Marc Angelo, Jeremy Feist, and John Thomas all say… Make Mine Hairy!

    Scene 1 - Zack Acland and Cooper Roads

    Ginger lovers rejoice. You're about to get not one, but two redheads in once scene bareback scene! Zack Acland, a tattooed, bearded and hairy muscle bear makes out with bearded and tattooed Cooper Roads. The otter is soon on his knees, servicing his Top, but sometimes, even Tops need to suck dick. After Zack slobbers on Cooper's uncut tool, he all but devours the delicate pink morsel as if savoring medallions of filet mignon. Once Cooper is stretched open and properly spit-lubed, Zack slides his fat cock home. As he fucks Cooper bareback, Zack sends the bottom into orbit. But Cooper likes to pound his own hole and goes for a ride. He spews a huge load all over Zack's furry belly and keeps on riding until Zack is ready to blow. The beefy hunk pumps out a thick and creamy batch of protein that Cooper savors and swallows.

    Scene 2 - Parker Logan and Atlas Grant

    One of the more useful technological inventions is the pause button on the television remote control. It allows you to stop what you're watching, long enough to go get a snack. Or pee. Or, if you're like Parker Logan and Atlas Grant, hitting that pause button allows you to get busy! The furry beasts make out with plenty of noisy, wet kissing. By the time Atlas gets to Parker's cock, he's already drooling loads of pre-cum. Atlas laps it all up and sucks on the big cock. Parker enjoys the hot mouth but grows impatient and aims for Atlas's meaty ass. After burying his face in the plump, hairy globes, Parker rims that furry morsel, lapping at it like its prime beef. When he's good and ready, Parker works that big cock inside Atlas, making him moan and cry out with pleasure. Parker pumps Atlas full of cock, fucking the cum out of him then blasting a huge load all over Parker's face for a creamy finish. And now, you may un-pause and go back to your regularly programmed, on-demand schedule.

    Scene 3 - Marc Angelo and Jeremy Feist

    Marc Angelo keeps his finger on the pulse as he makes out with Jeremy Feist. They're soon naked and trading blowjobs. Marc Angelo, who can at times be very oral, gets Jeremy up on the peninsular counter and keeps on sucking the bearded younger men. Marc then gets Jeremy's legs up in the air and devours the long-haired cub's sweet, pink fuck hole. Marc continues to take his time as he rims Jeremy, then sucks his cock some more before getting Jeremy to return the favor once more. Marc Angelo buries his uncut cock deep in Jeremy's throat and fucks his face before moving on to Jeremy's ass. Once Marc is inside, he bareback fucks Jeremy relentlessly. When they eventually move back to the kitchen counter, they pick up speed, and Marc pounds the hell out of Jeremy. The super hairy, beefy muscle bear eventually shoots a huge load all over Jeremy's ass and hole, then Jeremy blasts off with a big load of his own. Now, this is what we could call a buffet. Get on up there and eat up!

    Scene 4 - Atlas Grant and John Thomas

    Atlas Grant and John Thomas are ready for their first scene together. But first, we get to find a bit about them and what makes them tick. Only then can the fun begin, with bearded, super hairy Atlas, servicing John's big, uncut cock. But Atlas doesn't just service John. Atlas makes a meal out of the thick and juicy, mouthwatering hunk of bear meat. It doesn't take much to get John to return the favor. Soon, however, Atlas has his face buried in John's meaty ass, priming him full of spit as he rims John's and eats his hole. Muscle bear Atlas then works his uncut tool inside John and starts to fuck. Atlas puts John through his paces, putting the big, white bear into positions none of us anticipated. Alas, all too soon, things cum to an end, with each spewing a good load the other savors and shares.


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  • Loads of Honey (Download)
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    Many of us don't get fucked by just any man. If we're going to get fucked, it's going to be by a certain type of man... a man that's big, cuddly, and most importantly, hung. And he needs to deliver loads of honey where we need it most. Because there is nothing like a hairy man with a big cock, pounding away inside you. Men like Jack Dixon, Brad Kalvo, Marc Angelo, and Marc Giacomo... hung, hairy men that make men like Tony Zucchero, Atlas Grant, Cooper Roads, and Ronan Delaney cry out with pleasure for… Loads of Honey.

    Scene 1 - Jack Dixon and Tony Zucchero

    Tony Zucchero has invited Jack Dixon back to his place on one condition. They must keep it down because Tony's mom is asleep in the adjoining bedroom. Jack, who needs to drain his balls and satisfy his monster, promises to be quiet. Bespectacled, Tony immediately gets to work on Jack's pierced, torpedo-shaped cock. But when Jack returns the oral favor, it's Tony himself who starts moaning loud enough to wake the dead. Bald, bearded and heavily tattooed, Jack continues with a good tongue lashing, licking Tony, and eating him out. Once Tony is fully primed, Jack slides the entire length of his meaty slab inside the tattooed muscle hunk and starts to fuck. And as Jack fucks deeper, longer, and harder, Tony gets louder and louder, especially as he comes. Jack kept his promise of keeping things down, but we can't say the same for Tony. But, hey... at least the bed didn't squeak.

    Scene 2 - Brad Kalvo and Atlas Grant

    For date night, Brad Kalvo and Atlas Grant decide to stay home and take in a movie. But the only thing being taken in is Brad's cock! After making out, the beefy, hairy hunks get naked, and bearded Atlas devours every inch of Brad's big dick. Slobbering and gagging all over Brad's daddy meat, Atlas proves himself to be a truly hungry cocksucker. Brad then goes to town rimming Atlas before sliding his raw cock inside his muscle bear boyfriend. Brad fucks steady, deep and long, demonstrating astounding stamina and self-control. Brad eventually pulls out but doesn't blow his load right away. Instead, he treats Atlas to a blowjob, which makes the bald, hunky muscle bear shoot a big load. But Brad shoots an even bigger one!

    Scene 3 - Marc Angelo and Cooper Roads

    Marc Angelo and Cooper Roads are back together again and making up for lost time. But Marc isn't the type of man to rush through a good fuck. He likes to take his sweet time. After plenty of kissing and touching, tattooed muscle bear Marc trades blowjobs with his slender, pale-skinned ginger buddy. Soon, he moves on to rimming Cooper, alternating between a good tongue job and finger fucking to stretch him open. Once Cooper is fully primed, Marc slides home and bareback fucks the hungry cock whore. Between the moaning and sighing and gravelly dirty talk, you'll be boned, juiced, and ready to cum by the time these two blow their loads!

    Scene 4 - Marc Giacomo and Ronan Delaney

    Beefy, thick, and uncut Marc Giacomo makes out with bearded, hungry cocksucker, Ronan Delaney. Kissing soon turns to dick sucking, and Ronan certainly knows how to slobber on a juicy slab like Marc's. But Marc is no slouch at blowing that meat whistle either. However, he's much better at eating ass. He rims and fingers Ronan in a way that will leave you breathless! Marc slides his raw cock in Ronan's tight hole and fucks the daddy bareback, eventually rewarding the man with a tasty load. Ronan, on his back, then strokes one out while savoring Marc's cock and load.


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  • Big N Thick (Download)
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    Some men are cock-centric. Their world revolves around cock and how to get it. They must have it all the time, no matter what. But not just any cock. The throbbing shaft of meaty flesh between your legs must be big, and it must be thick. Lucky for Carlo Cox, Jack Dixon, Angel Ferrari, Harper Davis, Tiger Pounce, Thor Buckner, Marc Giacomo, and Russell Tyler, they’ve got it where it counts. And whether they’re giving or receiving, they know that when it comes to cock, it’s gotta be… Big ’n Thick.

    Scene 1 - Carlo Cox and Jack Dixon

    After a workout at the gym, Carlo Cox returns to find his boyfriend jerking off out on the patio. Carlo wastes little time in walking up to Jack Dixon, who sits stroking that huge pierced cock of his. The two immediately start making out and growling as if they were possessed by demons. After a while, super hairy, bearded, and heavily tattooed, Jack goes to town on Carlo's T-H-I-C-K slab. Jack deep throats Carlo with ease as he slobbers and drools all over the meaty shaft. The two make out some more, but after a while, Jack needs Carlo's hungry mouth and tongue. The bald, silver-bearded Daddy eats Jack's hairy ass as if his life depended on it, alternating between hole and missile-shaped cock. Once Jack is fully primed, Carlo stands and slowly stretches Jack's hole open. And after sliding home, down to the balls, Carlo starts to pump. He picks up speed, pounding harder and fucking deeper. Eventually, Jack ends up on his back, legs up in the air, stuffed full of man-meat. Jack pumps out a good load, and Carlo follows with one of his own, which Jack laps up and shares. Hmmm. Bet now you're going to leave work and head home early, aren't you?

    Scene 2 - Angel Ferrari and Harper Davis

    Harper Davis finger fucks himself, while Angel Ferrari looks on. Soon, Angel is on his knees, devouring the pink morsel that is Harper's hole. The bald, bearded Latino Papi makes a meal out of Harper's ass, making the scruffy blond roll his eyes back into his head. It's a rimming extravaganza that leads to beefy, hairy hunk Angel fucking Harper's face with that big, fat tool. Harper takes it all as Angel holds his head in place and pumps all that juicy meat down his throat. But like most Latin tops, Angel is eventually distracted by Harper's ass. Angel kicks back and works his thick, uncut slab while Harper fingers himself, showing Angel just how badly he wants that pulsating shaft. Then Angel gets up and slides home. Balls deep. Thrusting. Huge throbbing cock. Angel fucks Harper like a bitch in heat, on all fours, taking what he wants.

    Scene 3 - Tiger Pounce and Thor Buckner

    Thor Buckner and Tiger Pounce get nasty poolside, with some incredible, mutual cock sucking and rimming action. Thor, who has just come from the gym, gets Tiger all worked up and, the two don't just suck dick... they worship it. After Thor primes Tiger full of spit, he slides that thick, throbbing shaft balls deep inside and barebacks the smaller guy to ecstasy. Except Thor likes dick, too. He gives up his ass for Tiger to take as the fucked becomes the fucker. Tiger thrusts into Thor with great relish as they work towards a sweaty, juicy, wet climax, splattering creamy white jizz all over themselves.

    Scene 4 - Marc Giacomo and Russell Tyler

    Super hairy ginger bear, Russell Tyler, and thick hung and uncut Marc Giacomo make out on the couch before moving on to some serious dick sucking. Russell takes as much of Marc's thick tool as he can, but it's his hole that needs stuffing. The bearded hunk offers up his ass, and Marc rims the puckered pink starburst, priming it full of spit. After devouring the tasty morsel, Marc mounts Russell and slides his fat cock inside. Marc takes Russell like a dog, bareback fucking him on all fours, then on his back, pounding the eager ginger. Marc sprays his seed all over Russell then helps him unload, leaving them both a sweaty, cummy mess!


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  • Big N Meaty Poppa Bears (Download)
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    A big, meaty poppa bear is a must in the bedroom. It doesn’t matter if he’s on top or on the bottom. Nor does it matter if it's his body that's meaty, or if he swings a big, meaty slab between his legs. Of course, if he's both big and hung, all the better. Men like Kurt Jacobs, Graydon Emory Ford, Canadad, and Martin Pe know they’ve got it where it counts... body AND cock. As for Kurt Jacobs, Dean Gauge, Marc Angelo, and Tony Rivers, they are the men who love… Big ’N Meaty Poppa Bears!

    Scene 1 - Marc Angelo and Canadad

    Like Daddy-on-Daddy action? Then you're going to love this scene because passion and lust are alive and well between muscle bear Marc Angelo and full-bearded Canadad. These two make out as if kissing were going out of style. Before long, both Daddies are stripped down and take turns sucking each other. Canadad soon presents his ass to Marc, who devours the tender opening. He primes Canadad full of spit and stretches the hole open with his fingers. When the older Daddy is ready, Marc slowly works his uncut pierced cock inside and starts pumping. Marc takes his sweet time fucking Canadad, barebacking him first on all fours, then on his back, legs up in the air. Marc builds until he's ready to spew, pulling out so we can see his load, then sliding back home to seed Canadad with the rest of his DNA. But things don't end there. Canadad sits on Marc's cock and goes for a ride, fucking himself until he lets loose with a creamy load of his own.

    Scene 2 - Chip Young and Kurt Jacobs

    After a bitch of a day at work, all Kurt Jacobs can think of is coming home to a good stiff one. Now, whether Kurt means a drink or Chip Young, we don't know. All we know is that the moment Chip walks in the two get noisy as they make out. With lots of grunting, groaning, sloppy kisses and other bear sounds, Daddy Bear and Cub take their sweet time stripping out of their clothes. Kurt soon peels off Chip's jockstrap and goes down on the younger man's pierced cock. Kurt proceeds to drool, slobber, choke and devour Chip's cock, who returns the favor before letting daddy go back to what he's good at... sucking dick. Except Kurt wants more than just cock in his mouth and down his throat. He wants a raw dick up his ass. Kurt offers up his daddy ass for Chip to stretch out and spit lube. Next thing you know, Chip is firmly entrenched inside Kurt, bareback fucking his hungry hole with a good stiff one. Guess now we know what Kurt meant!

    Scene 3 - Martin Pe and Tony Rivers

    Bearded, tattooed cub Tony Rivers is hungry for Daddy cock. And there's no better man than Martin Pe to give the millennial what he wants. After making out, Tony devours the thick, uncut hose that is Martin's huge horse cock. Only one problem. Martin is big—really big—and Tony can barely manage to take it all down his throat. Still, the bottom cub makes every attempt at taking as much of Martin's cock as he can. The silver Daddy returns the oral favor before wrecking Tony's hole. The man rims, then bareback fucks the cub, pounding him hard. And when Tony is ready to come, Martin helps him out, teasing his cock and lapping at his jizz. You see, even when you're the top, sometimes, all you want is to please your bottom.

    Scene 4 - Graydon Emory Ford and Dean Gauge

    Like pigs at a trough, Graydon Emory Ford and Dean Gauge are noisy with their sex, what with all the snorting and grunting. Even making out, which starts off beautifully slow, is full of sound. But that's the way we like 'em. We want to know the men we film are feeling something. In fact, these two connected in a big way, to the point where they seemed to forget we were even there! Graydon and Dean are sensual and almost romantic as they go from kissing to licking and nibbling. Dean is soon on his knees, slobbering all over Graydon's cock and balls. Graydon returns the oral favor, slurping on Dean's balls and sucking his pierced dick. He then gets busy rimming Dean's hole, stretching the cub open and getting him ready for a raw fuck. With Graydon's cock inside him, Dean gets louder and louder as Graydon pounds away, taunting him with dirty talk and even more wet, noisy kissing. Graydon cums all over Dean, seeding his hole, then coaxes a big load out of the bottom sub cub.


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  • Bear In Me 2 (Download)
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    You know that itch you get when you need to get fucked? The itch that nothing can scratch unless you’re getting plowed hard and rough by a big mother fucker with a huge cock and a furry body? Yeah, you can suck his cock, and he can suck yours. And sure, he’ll rim and tongue you, eating you out until you’re primed full of spit. But until he stretches your hole, until you feel him throbbing inside you, ready to cum, you won’t be satisfied. You’ll be just like Bearsilien, Dean Gauge, Mathieu Angel, and Otto Samson, fucked by Tony Rivers, Angel Ferrari, Atlas Grant, and Marc Giacomo. Fucked raw and fucked stupid... Bear In Me - 2.

    Scene 1 - Bearsilien and Tony Rivers

    Bearsilien comes home to find Tony Rivers relaxing. The bald, bearded bear immediately sets out to get what he wants. Some much-needed SEX! Bear and cub make out and strip, then take turns slobbering on each other's cocks. And after a quick rim job, Tony slides his thick cock into Bearsilien with one fell swoop. Tony bareback fucks Bearsilien for a while, then the super hairy bear goes in for some ass-to-mouth. As he tastes his own juices, Tony fingers him, stretching him out further. Tony gets back into fuck mode, pounding Bearsilien on all fours before unloading.

    Scene 2 - Angel Ferrari and Dean Gauge

    Angel Ferrari and Dean Gauge are staying in tonight. They had the opportunity to see a show and meet friends for drinks after but decided to have a mini-staycation. Or maybe we should say, a night of steamy, bear sex! And why not? When passion runs high and desire flows through your veins like molten lava, sometimes the best thing to do is give in to what you want. Cock. Hole. A good rim job with plenty of spit. A big, hard, throbbing bareback fuck to leave you breathless. Angel and Dean make out, and there's some mutual dick sucking, as well as some butt munching. But once Angel slides that slab of uncut meat home, there's a hell of a lot of balls-deep raw fucking! And it doesn't end until Angel, sweating from all that intense slamming, blows a big wad all over his furry body. Cub Dean laps it up and eats it all before spraying his jizz all over Angel. So the next time your fuck buddy asks you out, think of all the comforts of home, and all the things you can do in the privacy of your bedroom.

    Scene 3 - Atlas Grant and Matheiu Angel

    If furry is what you like, then furry is what you'll get because there is no one furrier than Atlas Grant. And since Matthieu Angel is almost as hairy as Atlas, fans of the hirsute man will probably drool and ooze pre-cum! Matthieu is soon on his belly, devouring Atlas's meaty uncut cock like a starving man who hasn't eaten in months. Matthieu deepthroats Atlas with ease, and even as he gets his face fucked, Matthieu demonstrates unmatched cock sucking abilities. In fact, he's so into servicing cock he continues until Atlas eventually pushes him back onto the bed so he can have his turn. Atlas slobbers all over Matthieu, then eats and fingers his fuzzy hole. And after Matthieu is stretched out and primed, Atlas slides home. It's a smooth entry with no resistance. Atlas fucks the bottom bear, building in speed until he's pounding away like a battering ram. But it's when Matthieu is on his back, legs up and spread wide, that Atlas really delivers a deep bareback fuck that drives Matthieu insane. The bottom then goes for a ride, slamming down hard as he fucks himself. And the greedy cum pig, who lives only to serve men like Atlas, laps up the muscle bear's huge load.

    Scene 4 - Marc Giacomo and Otto Samson

    According to some a popular streaming service is responsible for a decline in sex between couples. We disagree. So do Marc Giacomo and Otto Samson. They're watching one of their favorite shows but instead of binging one more episode, Marc and Otto start making out with a fiery passion. Otto's jeans are soon off, his ass nicely framed in a burgundy jockstrap. The hunky ginger gobbles up Marc's meaty, uncut cock while Marc plays with Otto's ass and fingers his hole. After enjoying the lengthy dick service, Marc returns the favor but moves on to focus on rimming Otto. We see, and hear, the lip-smacking way in which he eats Marc's hole. And judging from the look on Otto's face, Marc clearly knows how to give good analingus! The beefy, hairy daddy fingers Otto, stretching him open before sliding into him. Marc works up a sweat as he gives Otto a passionate bareback fuck, pounding hole like a fiend until he blows a copious load all over Otto's ass.


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  • Bear Lust 2 (Download)
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    What do you get when you combine equal parts handsome, hot, and hairy? You get a horny pile of testosterone-driven masculine bear fuckers in lust. Atlas Grant, Bearsilien, Angel Ferrari, Luis Vega, Hart Caldwell, Jeremy Feist, Jackson Crine, and Graydon Emory Ford get their sexy on, sucking, rimming and bareback fucking until they’re spent, sharing all that sweet and gooey bear honey in… Bear Lust 2.

    Scene 1 - Atlas Grant and Bearsilien

    Tender is as tender does, and if anyone knows how to do tender, it's bears. Yes, it's good to have down and dirty sex, to fuck like animals, but there's something to be said for a man in your bed with a slow hand. Atlas Grant and his BFF Bearsilien start out nice and slow with a juicy make out session. The passion grows as they strip and take turns sucking each other. Even as they start to fuck, their bareback session is as tender as if they were new lovers. And as they build, as Atlas and Bearsilien edge towards climax, their passion remains constant until the very end, with each of them shooting huge loads.

    Scene 2 - Angel Ferrari and Luis Vega

    Sometimes a cock can be described as mouth-watering. And you know it the minute you see it because you frequently end up drooling. Then there are times, like this one, with Angel Ferrari and Luis Vega, when the cock can only be described as luscious. Now, according to the dictionary, the word means having a delicious taste or smell when used to describe food. Angel's cock might not be food, but you certainly can eat it. And Luis does. Then again, with Angel's hand at the back of his head, it's not like Luis has a choice. Angel returns the favor, sucking Luis down to the balls before flipping him over and eating his ass. But this is no ordinary rim job. The hairy hunk makes a meal of Luis's hole. In fact, you can ever hear how moist he gets with Angel lapping at his puckered starburst! With plenty of kissing to follow, Angel slides his raw cock into Luis for a steady screwing that's as hard, deep and passionate as it is -- you guessed it -- luscious!

    Scene 3 - Hart Caldwell, Jeremy Feist and Jackson Crine

    Hart Caldwell and Jeremy Feist had been sexting for a little over a month, but neither of them was available at the same time. Until now. Except Jeremy's boyfriend is in the flat next door, so they can't go there. And Hart's partner is working from their home so they couldn't go there, either. Jeremy was going to spring for a hotel room when his neighbor, Jackson Crine, offered up his place for them to fuck. He had only one condition... Jackson wanted to watch. Only he did a bit more than that while Hart and Jeremy fucked on his couch. Jeremy ends up blowing a huge load all over his belly as Hart fingers his hole. Meanwhile, Jackson cleans up Hart, sucking Jeremy's ass juices off Daddy's cock. Hart comes all over Jeremy's balls then makes room for Jackson, who shoots an impressive load.

    Scene 4 - Graydon Emory Ford and Atlas Grant

    Bearded, tattooed and super hairy muscle bear Atlas Grant is busy playing with his device. Enter Graydon Emory Ford, who has a different sort of device. One that is as fascinating, if not more so, than the electronic toy Atlas plays with. And all it takes is balls. Literally. Intrigued by Graydon's balls, Atlas is soon on his knees. With his face buried in Graydon's crotch, Atlas devours Graydon's fat cock and makes a meal out of those monster balls. Then again, Graydon all but immersed himself tongue first in Atlas's hairy hole before sliding that fat, raw tool inside the bearded hunk. Daddy Graydon is definitely the Boss as he commands Atlas, making use of his entire body for their mutual bareback pleasures.


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  • Bear Fuckers (Download)
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    We all know teddy bears are sweet, super adorable and extra cuddly. But who wants a stuffed bear when they can have the real thing? A big, furry man who growls in your ear and fucks you raw, as ferociously as a bear coming out of hibernation. They can be top or bottom, big or small. Even chasers, like Dave London, can get as gruff as Atlas Grant, Tony Rivers, John Thomas, Rex Blue, Justin West, and Jayson West because when it comes right down to it, we're all... Bear Fuckers.

    Scene 1 - Atlas Grant and Tony Rivers

    Everything is magic when you first start dating. The world around you disappears. The moments you share seem to happen in slow motion. Even sex seems to happen in technicolor. It's no different when you're a pornstar like Atlas Grant. He and Tony Rivers have only gone out twice, but there's an energy surrounding them that makes fucking unique. After making out, the bearded, hairy muscle bear takes turns sucking cock with Tony. In fact, Atlas practically devours Tony's cock before moving on to eat out his ass. Tony begs Atlas to fuck him, but Atlas only teases him further. Eventually, Atlas slides home and pounds Tony deep and hard and long. And after fucking his new cub bottom bareback, Atlas spews a big load all over himself, followed by Tony, who erupts all over his belly.

    Scene 2 - John Thomas and Rex Blue

    When you're playing a game, especially a video game where two players are involved, it's always fun to up the ante. Which is what happens when Rex Blue walks into the room. The bearded cub gets into a game with John Thomas, playing head-to-head, and the winner gets... well, head! Rex claims he let John win, but if it's true, we can't blame him. After all, John has a big, fat cock that's juicy, mouthwatering, and delicious uncut. But John is a sore winner. He likes to make sure that even the loser gets in on the action. So he drops to his knees to service Rex, returning the oral favor by slobbering all over his meaty joystick. But there's more to this type of game. For example, going on a quest to see if your dick fits a tight hole. After eating Rex's hole, John fucks him bareback until it's Game Over, with each of them blowing a creamy wad. And YOU didn't think it would be fun to play video games!

    Scene 3 - Dave London and Justin West

    There is nothing like waking up beside the man of your dreams. Your heart swells with joy, even as your cock swells with blood. Dave London and Justin West awaken one lazy Sunday morning, at the same time. They take their time making out then move on to sucking cock, gorging themselves on thick, uncut meat. Justin shows off some mad oral skills as he takes the entire length of Dave’s throbbing shaft down to the balls. But Dave wants more than just a blowjob. He flips the beefy, tattooed bear onto his belly and goes to town eating out Justin’s ass. And after priming Justin full of spit, Dave slides that long, fat tool inside and pounds away. Barebacking Justin as if his life depended on it, Dave slams him harder, deeper, and faster. Dave sprays his jizz all over Justin, then seeds his hungry ass. Justin then spews his own fresh seed, which Dave laps up, and shares in a sticky kiss.

    Scene 4 - Jayson West and Rex Blue

    Sometimes it's not about stuffing a man's face full of cock. Or taking his hole deep, hard, and rough. Sometimes it's about being in your man's personal space. Feeling his energy. It's about touch and feeling the heat build. Following this road to intimacy, Jayson West and Rex Blue get very well acquainted. Then the kissing starts. The moaning and groaning. The touching continues, with Jayson and Rex grabbing fistfuls of fur, pinching and tweaking each others pierced nipples. The heat builds when Jayson drops his jeans and Rex gets that daddy cock in his mouth. Things get even hotter when bald and bearded Jayson returns the oral favor. He then gives hairy cub Rex a sloppy rim job. Husky Rex takes beefy Jayson up the ass, bareback fucked nice and steady in a scene that is as sensual and gentle as it is primal and whorish.


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  • Poppa Bear (Download)
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    Men of a certain age—men we call Daddy—are difficult to come by. Especially men like Martin Pe, Kurt Jacobs, Bearsilien, and Graydon Emory Ford. They’re savory, well-seasoned, and have more than enough experience to teach a thing or two to Matthieu Angel, Rex Blue, Jeremy Feist, and Luis Vega. These poppa bears know how to give and take a good raw fuck. And no matter what you call him… Daddy, Papi, Poppa… there’s no sex like sex with a man who makes you come hard as you cry out… Poppa Bear!

    Scene 1 - Martin Pe and Matthieu Angel

    Martin Pe is a furry Pappa Bear who likes his honey. Matthieu Angel, on the other hand, loves it. Especially when it comes straight from the tap. Then again, you would too, once you see the sheer size and weight of Pappa Martin's huge and floppy uncut hose of a cock! After taking their time making out, bearded and super hairy Matthieu goes down on Pappa's monster cock. Those of you who live to worship will be drooling as Matthieu devours as much of the thick tool as he can. After a mouth-watering cock sucking session, Pappa Martin eats out Matthieu's hungry hole. He then slides the thick, long shaft inside Matthieu and pounds away, fucking his boy bareback. Martin stretches out his boy's hole, stuffs him full of prime, Grade A Canadian beef, then glazes Matthieu's hairy ass and seeds him. The greedy, hungry fucker then cleans his Pappa off with some ass-to-mouth. We can't think of any better way to coax that honey out of Pappa.

    Scene 2 - Rex Blue and Kurt Jacobs

    It's been said the latest generation is all about the hand-held tech toys, like video games. Rex Blue is no different. Tattooed, bear daddy Kurt Jacobs has a different game in mind as he has a toy that, although not high tech, it's definitely hand held! It takes little for Kurt to persuade Rex into playing the more interactive game of swapping spit, chewing nipples, and sucking cock. Daddy Kurt has a fat one for Rex to slobber over and for those of you who have a thing for nipple chewing, Rex really milks Kurt's. Bearded daddy Kurt soon returns the oral favor, taking Rex down to the balls as he sucks and gags, getting his face fucked. Rex then gives daddy Kurt a lip-smacking, tongue wagging, mouth watering rim job that's sure to make you drool. And just like Rex's video game, where sometimes you must hide in a hole, the beefy fucker slides his raw cock deep inside Kurt. Rex bareback fucks the silver bear but Kurt eventually ends up riding pierced Rex, fucking himself before Rex lets loose with a big load, followed by Kurt, who pumps out some a good amount of fresh daddy jizz.

    Scene 3 - Bearsilien and Jeremy Feist

    Super hairy and bearded Top, Bearsilien, has found himself a boy to play with. His name is Jeremy Feist. He's young, handsome, and loves to serve his new Daddy. Right from the start, Bearsilien controls the situation, commanding and directing Jeremy to suck his uncut cock and service his big balls, which are full of cum. Daddy and cub-otter get into a steamy 69 session, following by a good rim job. Bearsilien primes Jeremy full of spit then pushes inside, treating Jeremy to some toe sucking. Bearsilien pounds away, making Jeremy sigh and moan and beg for more. After fucking Jeremy bareback, Bearsilien rolls the cub over and pins him beneath his weight. Bearsilien then sits on Jeremy's cock and goes for a raw ride. Both end up slick with sweat, and Bearsilien gets a face and mouth full of thick, creamy cum.

    Scene 4 - Graydon Emory Ford and Luis Vega

    Sometimes, when a man is in the mood to be submissive, he wears a padlock around his neck. It lets other men know, particularly tops, that the one wearing the lock is in the mood to be dominated. Of course, to others, it means that they're spoken for. A bit like wearing a wedding band. Naturally, we don't know why Luis was wearing his padlock. We didn't think it was our place to ask. What we know is that Graydon Emory Ford had the key! After some sensual making out, Luis gets Graydon naked, revealing enormous balls. He drops to his knees and, grabbing hold of Graydon's monster sack, Luis starts sucking on the fat daddy dick. Cub worships bear with a passionate display of lust. For those of you with an oral fixation, who live to suck and lick your man, this scene will have you drooling! Luis all but chokes as Graydon climbs on board and fucks the hairy, bearded Latino's throat. Soon, however, Luis is on all fours, ass up in the air. Graydon buries his face in the musky crack and eats the hungry hole, alternating between finger fucking Luis and sucking his cock. And for those of you who love to eat ass, or get eaten, Graydon takes his sweet time rimming Luis. But when it's time to fuck, Graydon slides in raw to bareback fuck Luis, stretch out his hole, and satisfy his need to be dominated. Graydon seeds Luis's hairy ass then laps up his cum, only to share it with Luis with a sticky kiss.


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  • Bear Meat (Download)
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    There’s nothing like a man with substance. Whether you’re the one getting fucked, or the one doing the fucking, you want a man you can grab and hold on to. And when it comes to bear meat… regardless of whether you’re talking about cock or body… beefy fuckers Adam Jones, Justin West, Atlas Grant, Dax Librastic, Ale Tedesco, Carlo Verga, and married couple Jayson and Victor West, fit the bill. They’ve got what it takes. They are men with substance. Men that will fill you and satisfy your craving for… Bear Meat.

    Scene 1 - Adam Jones and Justin West

    The day has barely begun, but Adam Jones is up, dressed, and showered. Eager to start his day, he grabs a piece of fruit for breakfast. Along comes Justin West, who snatches the thing from mid-air. He's ready for breakfast, too. But he doesn't want fruit. The bearded, buzzed, and tattooed bear is in the mood for sausage and eggs. He grabs hold of Adam's cock as they make out and is soon on his knees, devouring the thick, uncut tool. Adam returns the oral favor, giving Justin as wet and juicy a blowjob as he received. But it gets even juicier! With Justin up on the table, a buffet of hot, hairy bear ass is served, and Adam devours it all. The handsome, tattooed top slides his throbbing shaft home and starts to fuck, taking his sweet time. After all, isn't that what you're supposed to do at brunch? Adam builds to an intense sweat as he fucks Justin. Eventually, both come, and the jizz splatters all over Adam, who is now wet, sweaty, and juicier than before. Exactly how we like our bears!

    Scene 2 - Atlas Grant and Dax Librastic

    When Dax Librastic comes home after work he finds Atlas Grant waiting for bed, of course! Who wouldn't be horny at the site of the bearded, furry, tattooed muscle bear? The two immediately embrace and start making out but quickly move on to the pleasure of sucking cock. Dax gets a mouthful as he and Atlas get into a 69, which leads to Atlas eating out Dax's hole. After rimming and fingering Dax, Atlas lubes up, positions himself, and slides his raw, uncut cock home. He fucks Dax bareback, pounding away doggy-style and pushing Dax into ecstasy as he moans and grunts. Sometimes, Dax even fucks himself! Which is perhaps one of the hottest things in the world, to watch a man so in need of cock, aching to be penetrated that he moves at his own rhythm and speed. Atlas eventually flips Dax onto his back, raises his legs and slides back in, this time going deeper. But it's not until Atlas re-positions Dax so he's half off the bed, ass raised for a proper fuck, that Dax's eyes practically roll back into his head. Watch for the look on his face when Atlas fills him once more! The sex pigs are a sight to behold and you can just imagine how good Dax's hole must feel clamping down on Atlas's cock, milking his shaft until he's about ready to cum. And speaking of cum...Atlas shoots a load that's absolutely mouthwatering. It's so good Dax dives for a taste before finishing himself off -- with Atlas clamped down on his nipple -- delivering an incredible money shot!

    Scene 3 - Ale Tedesco and Carlos Verga

    The only thing hotter than fiery, passionate men is horny men from the Mediterranean talking dirty in their native tongue. Ale Tedesco and Carlos Verga are super hot and horny as they start the day off with a good suck. Carlos devours Ale's uncut cock then gives up his ass for the bearded, tattooed daddy to inspect. Ale eats out Carlos's hole, fingers it, then slides home. Ale slaps Carlos on the ass and fucks him bareback, riding him as if he were churning that cream for a homemade cannoli. Carlos then takes control of how his ass gets worked over, impaling himself on Ale and riding his throbbing shaft. The dirty talk comes faster and gets louder as they edge, getting closer to climax. No, you won't need to know what they're saying. You'll be able to make it out. After all, sex is the universal language of lust. Bravo! Bravo!

    Scene 4 - Jayson West and Victor West

    Married in real life, we asked Jayson West and Victor West some probing questions. Things like, what first got you into porn? Why do you do porn? What is your favorite part of each other's bodies? What turns you on sexually? And despite this being Jayson's first time, neither one was shy about answering. The two hairy, bearded men start making out and kissing, which is Jayson's favorite thing to do. And Victor, who likes his nipples played with, gets his tweaked, which gets him into the mood instantly. Jayson and Victor strip down to reveal muscular, furry bodies. Victor swallows Jayson's cock before offering up his meaty ass to Jayson, who rims and tongue fucks his ultra hairy husband. Jayson is soon inside Victor, taking his man raw until he blasts a huge load. Watching these two fuck bareback is like watching big, bruiser gladiators going at it. All that's missing is the sweat and oil!


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  • Spanish Beef (Download)
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    Along the Mediterranean Coast of Spain, the men are thick in all the right places. Their passion is deep and intense and primal… like bulls. And whether they are making love, or just plain fucking, Alfer Cuero, Ale Tedesco, Adam Jones, and Carlos Verga throw themselves completely to the task at hand. They glisten with sweat, having basked under a hot Spanish sun, unabashed as they drench one another with spit, sweat, and cum, as if they were seasoning… Spanish Beef.

    Scene 1 - Adam Jones and Ale Tedesco

    Bearded daddy Ale Tedesco is on his way to give Adam Jones a haircut. He buzzes Adam's head with clippers, giving the bearded young hunk of a cub a mohawk. Bear and cub are playful and passionate as they head to a more private spot of the villa and get down to the business of sucking cock. Ale and Adam take turns servicing each other. Soon, Adam rims Ale and slides his raw cock inside his Daddy. Surprisingly, Adam gives it up to Ale, but it's clear Adam doesn't get fucked much. It's apparently a delicious sensation, straddling pleasure and pain as they talk dirty, and give in to the primal desire of raw throbbing shaft pumping a hungry hole. And the faces Adam makes while being taken! Between that, their accents and the continuous flip fucking, Bear and cub push their lust to the edge until Ale, fucking himself on Adam's thick cock, blows a huge load. And like a good fuck buddy, Ale then offers up his mouth, throat, and hole to help get Adam to unload.

    Scene 2 - Alfer Cuero and Ale Tedesco

    It's mid-afternoon in Spain, and while everyone else takes a siesta, Alfer Cuero and Ale Tedesco decide to fuck. But first, the hairy, horny Daddies make out. Alfer and Ale have little inhibitions as they move from kissing and, literally, swapping spit, to sucking cock. Each takes his turn at showing off some mad oral skills, but only one of these men is going to fuck the other. Tattooed silver Daddy Alfer rims and fingers Ale, priming him before sliding home and fucking his buddy raw. Bearded bottom Ale gets fucked bareback and even spit upon as Alfer pounds away in a scene that is at once intimate, yet primal.

    Scene 3 - Adam Jones and Alfer Cuero

    Bored out of his mind, bearded Daddy Alfer Cuero needs company... and cock. He steps out of his room and onto his balcony. Alfer spots hunky Adam Jones sunning himself. The older man waves at the cub to come upstairs, and Adam disappears into the house. Next thing you know, Adam is in Alfer's bed, hard as a rock. Alfer wastes little time in going down on the thick hung, uncut cub. After plenty of making out and mouthwatering cock sucking, Adam sits on Daddy Alfer's chest and fucks his face. He then moves on to Alfer's hairy ass and makes love to the tender hole with his face, tongue, and fingers. This made even us swoon! Once Alfer is fully primed, Adam slides home and fucks the silver papi as if he were a bitch in heat. Alfer takes everything Adam has to give, and near the end, takes what he wants by fucking himself on the younger man's throbbing tool. Alfer strokes out a huge load all over Adam's belly, and Adam quickly follows with an explosive climax of his own.

    Scene 4 - Alfer Cuero and Carlos Verga

    Silver Daddy Alfer Cuero settles into a leather couch with Carlos Verga. After making out, bald and bearded Carlos sucks Alfer, who soon returns the oral favor. They start off slow, and perhaps somewhat uncertain, but their passion builds, becoming more and more intense. Alfer clearly knows how to handle a hairy ass, and as Alfer rims Carlos, the smaller man sighs and moans. In fact, watching Alfer rims his bottom buddy, you just might feel your own butthole pucker as they talk dirty, but in Spanish. Alfer takes his sweet time spit-lubing and stretching Carlos open with two fingers, then climbs on top of the little man and slides home. You can even hear the splurt when Alfer penetrates Carlos! He starts fucking immediately, taking Carlos like cats in heat, muttering obscenities, and with Alfer licking and kissing and biting Carlos. But it's while bent over the side of the couch that Carlos shows us just how much he can take, while Alfer builds up a sweat, exhibiting tremendous stamina. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Alfer pulls out his thick cock, milks it a moment, and spews an enormous load all over Carlos. After seeding, Alfer tastes Carlo's jizz and gives him a cum-filled kiss. The entire scene demonstrates why Latino men have a reputation for being excellent lovers. They give it all they have because the act is all about Sexo Intenso!

    Scene 5 - Adam Jones and Ale Tedesco - BJ

    Some time has elapsed since Adam Jones last hooked up with Ale Tedesco. But now Adam is back, after touring the countryside on his bike. Ale, who had been lounging out on the patio, welcomes him with open arms… and an open mouth! Ale gives Adam the royal treatment-- kissing, licking and nibbling--after stripping him down. The two then get into some delicious, mutual cocksucking, with a hot 69 session that will leave you drooling. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, but with a simultaneous orgasm that will knock your socks off. Clearly, these two missed each other!


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