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  • Ripe for the Pickin' (Download)
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    There are those who believe that men, like fruit, are best when plucked at the height of ripeness. But how do you know when they're ready to be picked off the vine, as it were? We believe it's a combination of things, thing like the perfect smile, luscious lips, terrific body, mouth-watering cock and tight fuck hole. Jason, Jake B, Dylan, Leon Strife, Fernando, Skyler Lane, Brody Codwell and Nick Holiday have everything you'll ever want or need. They're juicy, savory, and Ripe for the Pickin'!

    Scene 1 - Jason and Jake B

    Jason had been wanting to fuck Jake B's tight little hole for a while now so we made sure to pair them up just as soon as we could. Then, when we heard Jake admit he'd been wanting to get fucked by Jason we knew we were about to witness something sinsational! In the bedroom, we turned the cameras on and just let them go. We don't think either of them gave thought to the fact they were being filmed. And if they did, it only turned them on even more. They started off with sweet little kisses as they stripped each other naked and looked more like they were about to make love, rather than fuck. Jake kissed every inch of Jason's body as he made his way to Jason's cock. Jake then took Jason's cock in his mouth and started sucking. Once Jason was fully hard -- which was almost instantly -- Jake was ready for full-on penetration. In fact, Jake received much more than a balls deep fuck. He took it in every he could think of before finishing with a good, hard doggie pounding. Jake let Jason spray his hole, coating it with jizz and Jake finished by dumping a load of his own, barely touching his dick!

    Scene 2 - Brody Codwell

    We found Brody Codwell riding his dirt bike out in the boonies. As soon as he opened his mouth we knew we had to see the hunk out of his clothes because his voice set us all a quiver. Tall, slender, and with the cutest face ever, the 20 year old Texan had a bit of an attitude, which is exactly how we like them! He's got naturally tight abs and strong arms from playing on his bike. If his twang doesn't get you, his dreamy eyes surely will. Brody takes off his shirt to reveal a fresh new tattoo, above his hot, mouth watering nipples. Brody pulls out a hard fat cock that is as girthy as it is long. He gets off on putting on a show, stroking his hard throbbing cock nice and slow for the camera. Brody gives us a good look at that sweet ass of his before turning back over to milk his tool, edging until he shoots a big creamy load of jizz all over his chest.

    Scene 3 - Dylan and Leon Strife

    Tall and slender Dylan is 26, from Texas. He loves playing with hot young guys, especially if they have a big dick! Dylan couldn't wait to get dirty for us in front of the cameras and after stripping down, we talked about his light complexion and ginger roots, all the nasty things he likes to do and that he's done. All the while, he could barely keep his eyes off one young man in particular. A young man we kept in the wings until the time was right. Leon Strife was naked off camera the entire time, teasing Dylan with his large cock and smooth ass. So what could we do but let him join in on the fun? Dylan practically dove for Leon's tight ass and the hung young man turned into a willing bottom for Dylan's cock and cum filled balls. Dylan grabbed him by the throat and fucked Leon rough for a good hour before taking turns blowing their loads and swallowing seed. Hmmm. Tasty!

    Scene 4 - Nick Holiday

    Nick Holiday is a 23-year-old slender brown-haired southern boy, born and raised in Alabama. He takes off his jeans and shirt and plays with the monster tool between his legs. Nick lubed up his dick and grabbed it with his fist until it grew so big he could barely fit his hand around it any more! Nick seemed to enjoy the audience as we filmed and watched, mesmerized by his swollen man hood. He didn't make much noise but we knew he was about to squirt when he slid down the tree mid stroke and threw his pelvis in the air as he hosed himself off.

    Scene 5 - Skylar Lane and Fernando

    Another pair of our guests for the weekend seem to hit it off quite well. The two of them sat in the back of the van on their way from the airport and everybody could feel the sexual tension between the two of them. We have expected them to get naked and go at it on the ride. We let these two play with each other a bit but we made sure to save the fucking for our cameras. We couldn't hold them back any longer so we got the two of them alone in a bedroom and let things roll. Both of these studs can take it as well as they give it so it's time for a little flip flop action. Skyler likes it a rough so Fernando grabbed him by the back of his head and fucked Skyler's throat with his big swollen cock. Fernando then threw Skyler on his back and put his ankles over his head and shoved his uncut piece of meat deep in Skyler's juicy hole. Fernando wanted Skyler's cock in his hole so the guys swapped positions and Skyler returned the favor and pounded the fuck out of Fernando. Fernando was the first to shoot with Skyler's dick deep in his hole and then Skyler fed Fernando his load, shooting it in his mouth.

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  • In Need of Cock (Download)
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    Top, bottom or versatile, sooner or later you’ll want to look at it, touch it, hold it. You’re going to want to suck it. You’re going to need to get fucked. Christian Matthews, Steve Sommers, Luke Harding, Mickey Carpathio, Brian Bonds, Danny Blue, Topher Michels, Geoff Gregorio, and Dusty Williams have all been there. And like you, they’re all In Need of Cock.

    Scene 1 - Luke Harding and Mickey Carpathio

    Mickey Carpathio and Luke Harding are passionate kissers. They like to leave a little something to the imagination so when they hook up, they take their sweet time playing with each other and making out. When they take their shirts off they take turns playing with each others nipples as they work each other into a frenzy. Things pick up after they show off their oral skills and Luke buries his tongue deep in Mickey's hairy hole. The bald bearded daddy takes Luke's big cock up his ass and it goes in like a hot knife through butter. Luke is a steady fucker, pumping Mickey bareback and giving the pig all he's got. He fucks the cum out of Mickey and keeps on fucking, something many guys can't do once they bust a load. But Mickey, trooper that he is, keeps on letting Luke use his hole as a cock holster until he can barely take anymore. And even then, Mickey keeps on taking that raw cock, fucking himself as he rides Luke bareback. When Luke finally unleashes a thick, copious load, Mickey is right there to eat it all, the way a good, hungry cum pig should.

    Scene 2 - Christian Matthews and Steve Sommers

    Co-workers and fuck buddies Christian Matthews and Steve Sommers get together after a stressful day for some much needed release. Not bothering to strip, bearded Steve chows down on Christian’s cock, sucking him down to the balls and getting his face fucked. The two soon take their business indoors where Christian and Steve continue taking turns getting off on mutual face fucking and deep throat cock sucking. Hairy Steve soon has Christian moaning like a bitch in heat as Steve eats out his ass, tongue fucking and stretching Christian’s hole. Steve bareback fucks his tattooed co-worker, goaded on by trash talking Christian, who gets slammed deep and hard. The two soon flip fuck, with Christian giving as good as he can take before blowing his seed for Steve to eat and savor.

    Scene 3 - Brian Bonds and Danny Blue

    Brian Bonds calls in sick in order to play with his fuck buddy, Danny Blue. Dressed for work, the two make out and take their time stripping. Soon, they’re taking turns sucking cock, with Brian getting his face and throat fucked balls deep. Brian is soon on his knees, on the couch, with his ass up in the air, Danny’s long cock buried to the hilt. Danny takes Brian’s hot and hungry ass, bareback fucking the slut deep. But after a while, Danny wants some of that raw action so Brian eats out his sweet hole, priming Danny full of spit. Brian gets nice and piggy rimming Danny then slides home, fucking his slender buddy bareback and using his ass. Danny and Brian then get into a 69, sucking cock and eating ass. They flip back and forth, barebacking each other in this tasty fuckfest of raw lust. Brian seeds Danny, who then pushes the jizz out onto Brian’s fat cock before splattering his own cum all over Brian’s face, feeding most of it into Brian’s mouth. Hmmm. Told you it was tasty!

    Scene 4 - Topher Michels and Geoff Gregorio

    Topher Michels is hot to trot and desperately needs cock. Lots of it. Preferably raw. And cum. Luckily, Geoff Gregorio is more than willing to give his hairy otter buddy anything he needs to satisfy that frenzied itch. After stripping down, the two horny fuckers get into to some mutual cock sucking. But it's the fucking Topher wants most and Geoff soon lubes up his cock and slips that juicy piece balls deep inside the dick hungry man whore. Geoff bareback fucks the cum out of Topher, making him shoot a big load all over his own hairy belly. But Geoff shoots an ever bigger load, spraying that protein all over Topher's ass and impregnating him with seed.

    Scene 5 - Christian Matthews and Dusty Williams

    Tattooed and pierced blond hottie, Christian Matthews, gets it on with bearded otter, Dusty Williams. These two can't keep their hands off each other as they make out and strip, getting down to the very serious business of sucking cock. Each pleases the other and rim hungry holes but which one is going to take that raw dick and get fucked bareback? Usually, Christian is the one on the bottom, taking raw cock and collecting loads like a pro but hung Dusty is pretty anxious to get that deep itch satisfied. Doggy style fucking complete with ass-to-mouth cock sucking and big loads. Doesn't get any hornier than this!

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  • Beefy hung Daddies (Download)
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    Twinks and college frat boys might be cute but nothing makes the mouth water like a well-seasoned daddy. A hairy man with experience. A beefy man who knows what he’s doing. A man who knows how to open you up, stretch you out, and bareback your hole until you’re left spent and sloppy with cum. Is there anything better? We don’t think so. Check out Brad Kalvo, Hugh Hunter, Mickey Carpathio, Tancredo Buff, Saul Leinad, Brian Bonds, Tyler Reed, real-life couple Carlos and Junito Alexander, and Anthony Grey, who have what it takes to satisfy your every need in…Beefy Hung Daddies!

    Scene 1 - Brad Kalvo and Hugh Hunter

    Two of the nicest guys you'll ever meet in the porn industry, Hugh Hunter and Brad Kalvo, are also two of the hottest daddies around! While outdoors on the patio, bearded Brad makes out with pierced and tattooed Hugh before getting his dick worshiped by the muscled hunk. After a while they take the hardcore action indoors. There, they waste little time getting down to basics. Fucking. Raw. Deep. Daddy-on-daddy bareback pounding. Brad slides home and takes Hugh on all fours. Nice and steady drives Hugh insane as he's then fucked to full penetration while on his back. When he can no longer hold back he lets the jizz fly before Brad rewards him with a tasty, lip-smacking load.

    Scene 2 - Mickey Carpathio, Tancredo Buff and Saul Leinad

    Mickey Carpathio is looking for a new job and the two men conducting the interview are none other than Saul Leinad and Tancredo Buff. Bald and bearded Mickey is petite compared to Saul and Tancredo and they put him through the ringer, testing both Mickey's oral skills and anal. We don't know what job Mickey has applied for but frankly, when you're caught between a rock and hard place, does it matter? Mickey is offered not just one, but TWO huge cocks, including Saul's uncut monster. The petite white man clearly knows how to handle cock and the fact that it's Latino and Blatino meat, sends Mickey into a frenzy as they spit roast and tag team eager Mickey repeatedly, all while spewing a litany of dirty talk, much of it in Spanish, detailing the perversions in the scene. We're talking 30 minutes of daddy-on-daddy monster cock sucking, rimming, balls deep bareback fucking and thick juicy daddy loads. Think you can handle it?

    Scene 3 - Brian Bonds and Tyler Reed

    Watching a scene he filmed with Brian Bonds brings back fond horny memories for Tyler Reed. When the beefy blond bareback bottom walks in on one of our favorite daddies, the two reminisce, but only briefly. They're soon reliving their chemistry as they make out and suck cock. But as Tyler knows, what Brian loves most is raw cock pounding away at his stretched fuck hole. So Tyler gives the bareback slut what he loves and wants most...Tyler's cock. Deep and hard, to the point where we thought that damn bed was going to break! That's how rough Tyler gave it to Brian, who took every inch as they worked up a sweat and got ready to blow.

    Scene 4 - Carlos Alexander and Junito Alexander

    Carlos Alexander and Junito Alexander are married in real life. Individually, they tell us exactly what they like to do in the bedroom and, although they differ somewhat, there's one thing they can both agree on. The Latin couple likes their sex dirty, which is just how WE like it! So, if you're anything like us, or if you're just curious on what primal fucking looks like between married men, come join Carlos and Junito, two bearded hairy hung Latinos, as they make out, suck cock, and fuck the way nature intended...with nothing between them but their own skin. This is bareback fucking at it's steamiest. Balls deep grunting and unapologetic animal sex with big loads and the breeding and seeding of Junito's hot hole.

    Scene 5 - Anthony Grey and Mickey Carpathio

    Mickey Carpathio might be compact but this is one daddy who knows how to handle a hungry hole. Just ask Anthony Grey. The tattooed, pierced and bearded hottie gets more than his fair share of raw daddy cock. When he's not sucking on it, getting his face fucked, or having his hole primed full of spit, Anthony gets fucked balls deep, his hole stretched and pounded by the the otter daddy who knows exactly what buttons to push. And you know that ass-to-mouth action? Well, what about freshly fucked hole-to-mouth action? Using nothing but spit, Mickey takes ownership of Anthony's sweet ass, taking turns between bareback fucking the wanton bottom, rimming his hole, then back to bareback fucking. This is white-on-black bareback action at it's most mentally intense, building in intensity until Mickey can't hold back any longer. That's when the true cum hound in Anthony comes out and he milks his white daddy for all he's worth before unleashing a huge load of jizz which he feeds to Mickey. Now THAT'S tasty!


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  • Country Bumpin' (Download)
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    Whether in a steamy 1-on-1 or flying solo, there's just something about a Southern country boy that makes your hole twitch and your cock leak sweet pre-cum. Sexy and full of charm and appeal, Preston, Buck, Haigan Sence, Cord, Jake B, Alex Knight, Brian O’Neil, and Coy are also full of cum as they get down and dirty, ready to do what country boys do best...Country Bumpin'!

    Scene 1 Preston and Buck

    Buck needed a massage and asked his buddy Preston to give him one. Preston was all too happy to oblige. As soon as Buck laid on the table and spread his legs, Preston knew, as we did, this was about to get fun! Buck raised his ass up in the air, asking Preston to pull out his big cock and take his hole. Preston could hardly wait. He'd been sniffing around after Buck's ass for a while and didn't have to be told twice! Buck lubed up Preston's huge cock and put it in his mouth. He wanted his ass fucked and he wanted it fucked badly. Preston eased Buck into it, working his hole over with a thick dildo before using his big cock and mushroom head. Buck couldn't get enough, taking Preston deeper as his hips worked in rhythm with Preston's thrusts. Preston dumped his load all over Buck's hole before Buck busted a huge nut all over his sweaty body. We don't know if their session counted as a full-body massage but it sure was a damn good prostate massage!

    Scene 2 Haigan Sence and Cord

    Ginger boy Cord made a special request for his 18th birthday. He wanted to get fucked by Haigan Sence. Cord had seen Haigan in a video and ached to wrap his ass lips around the dark haired stud's big angry uncut cock. Now, this is exactly the kind of thing that gets Haigan turned on. He loves hooking up with guys who really dig him. When Haigan arrived on set he said he had a 4-day load and was aching to erupt. Cord was all too happy to be the lucky recipient. The dark haired stud grabbed the back of Cord's head and shoved his semi-hard cock all the way down his throat. It was quickly apparent that this wasn't Cord's first romp in the hay with a big boy. Haigan face fucked Cord for a bit, until Cord got on his stomach and arched his back to present Haigan with that amazing moist ass. Haigan eased his big cock into Cord's wet hole, building up to a fierce banging. Haigan did what he does best and drilled Cord from every conceivable angle, just to make sure Cord could feel Haigan's tool inside him and remember him for a long time to come. When Haigan couldn't hold back any longer he pulled out and shot a rocket of cum across Cord's mouth and face, two feet over to the bed post. Cord lapped up the rest of Haigan's cum as he sprayed another huge load himself. We don't think Cord realized just how much cum Haigan was capable of producing but he certainly didn't mind. A MUST for those of you who love cum!

    Scene 3 Jake B and Alex Knight

    Alex Knight and Jake B have been fucking around together for only a short while but they're already becoming an item. Alex, who loves sex, knows his way around a man's body while Jake, who's just cuming out of his shell, is quickly learning there's nothing he'd rather do than fuck with an audience, on camera. Yes, it's a testament of their sexual attraction to each other but it's also a testament to what is growing between them. And we don't just mean their cocks! It was a gorgeous day so we decided to film them outdoors. With a mattress on the floor and already naked, Jake and Alex started making out. Alex worshiped Jake's cock a while before he was ready to have Jake take his cock. Jake got on top and sat his tight pink hole on Alex's huge throbbing cock. Jake took that big piece of meat and Alex wanted to let it rip, pounding Jake's ass but he held back. Alex took his turn taking it up the ass and loved every second. They made the rounds on that deck, including a hot session in a wooden rocking chair, for all of nature to see, before Jake stood Alex up and pounded away. Alex shot a huge load all over the camera, and our cameraman, before dirty Alex sucked Jake, making him shoot a thick load in Alex's mouth and all over his face. Priceless!

    Scene 4 Brian O'Neil

    A business associate suggested we meet Brian O'Neil and are we ever glad he did! Brian is a personal trainer and as a result, he practically lives at the gym. And trust us when we say, we've ogled some amazing bodies but Brian quickly shot to the top, ranking among the best. On the day of the shoot, the 25-year-old showed up sporting stubble. Now, when some guys are unshaved they just a look a bit shabby. On Brian, well...let's just say it sent several of us over the edge. Brian was all about showing off and not the least bit shy. In fact, he seemed to get off on the attention! He showed off his muscles, flexing for us before dropping his drawers. Then he got down to business, tugging on and stroking his fat cock for his solo. At one point, Brian lay naked on the coffee table, a leg up in the air while he teased his tight hole with one hand. Fucking hot! Towards the end, Brian closed his eyes, tightened his abs and stood to deposit a thick load all over a brand new piece of furniture. Oh, well. Thank goodness for polish!

    Scene 5 Coy

    When Coy first contacted us to do some modeling we figured it had to be a joke. Here was this sexy skinhead, ripped and tattooed, looking every bit like a skinhead. We knew this guy could probably tear us a new one if he wanted to yet none of us was willing to say no. We couldn't. We were fascinated. When we replied, he seemed eager enough. So we set a date. As that date drew near, however, he contacted us repeatedly. He sounded nervous as hell but we'd made up our minds. We wanted him. When the day finally arrived, Coy showed up with a buddy. We offered his friend some beer and he disappeared, leaving us alone with Coy. We made our way to the bedroom, where Coy took off his shirt and we all began to drool. Coy has a big muscular chest and a pair of guns that could fuck you up if you piss him off or look at him funny. He has a little run of hair from the middle of his chest leading down his perfect abs. Coy got naked and flexed for us before lubing up his cock and starting to crank. He closed his eyes and tightened up his thighs as he grew closer to release. When he finally shot a stream of cum we all ran to the rest room, one by one, to whip out a load of our own. And before Coy left, he thanked us and gave us each a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Turns out appearances can be deceiving!



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  • Hole Stuffers (Download)
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    Let’s face it. There’s nothing as sexually stimulating like a hot man with a great body and a big cock. Even when it barely fits in your mouth, you live for the pleasure-pain of getting fucked, the need to get your hole stuffed and stretching you out. Hans Berlin, Saul Leinad, Christian Matthews, Ray Diesel, Emmett Frost, Steve Sommers, Brian Bonds, Dusty Williams, Leo Donato and Hugh Hunter know what you want and crave because they're...Hole Stuffers!

    Scene 1 - Hans Berlin and Saul Leinad

    Hans Berlin slowly gets bearded black daddy Saul Leinad out of his business attire as they make out and tease each other with some sensual foreplay. Undaunted by the size of Saul's big uncut monster cock, Hans immediately drops to his knees to worship the hefty, meaty slab the color of milk chocolate. Hans might be a good top but he's an excellent bottom as he follows Saul's instructions on taking his cock. But soon, Hans craves something H-U-G-E to stretch his hole and fill his ass, just as Saul needs a cock hungry white boy to satisfy his bareback urges. Saul takes charge of Hans, rimming his ass then stuffing the monster meat balls deep inside the cockwhore, with little more than spit. Hans looks as though he can barely believe he's taken the whole thing, let alone that he's getting fucked as deeply and fully as Saul can. But even lovers of BBC have their limits. Hans needs a bit more lube and Saul gives it to him. Then he gives Hans the fuck of his life, practically taking his breath away. Saul breeds Hans, seeding his sloppy hole then fucks the cum out of the eager cock slut, making Hans very happy.

    Scene 2 - Christian Matthews and Ray Diesel

    Beefy, hung muscle hunk Ray Diesel and Christian Matthews tease each other — and us! — as they make out. They slowly undress before getting down to the very serious business of sucking cock. Clad in red underwear, Ray offers up his big fat black monster cock for Christian to take into his mouth and devour. The tattooed white hunk services Ray as best he can, sometimes choking and gagging, at times getting his face and throat fucked, but always enjoying not just the size, but taste of Ray’s mouth watering slab of Grade A prime fuck meat. While Christian chows down, Ray wastes little time in going after what he wants most…a sweet, pink white pussy boy to bury his juicy fuckstick into. Ray goes after Christian’s hole, burying his face in that hot ass and eating out Christian’s hungry hole like a straight man eating pussy. The energy between these two is palpable as Christian lets Ray know exactly how he’s feeling as he gets reamed out but good! Ray sucks Christian a while, priming the pump as it were, before sliding that enormous piece of meat in that tiny little fuck hole. You can hear Christian’s moans echo throughout the house as Ray takes what he wants, giving Christian what he needs…an intense bareback fuck that makes the tattooed bottom roll his eyes back into his head with delirious pleasure!

    Scene 3 - Emmett Frost and Steve Sommers

    In the blistering summer white heat of Palm Springs, beefy and bearded Emmett Frost makes out with bearded white sex pig Steve Sommers. But dressed as they are, things got a little hot and heavy for them and they soon take their business indoors. There, they strip out of their sweaty clothes and continue to make out. Beefy Emmett makes a meal out of Steve's hairy little ass, just as Steve devours the big black out then takes it balls deep up his ass, bareback fucked until he blows his load all over his belly. Emmett soon follows with a copious load of his own that splatters all over Steve’s furry body.

    Scene 4 - Brian Bonds and Ray Diesel

    You know those horny moments when you're in such need to get off you do away with the business of making out? That's how Brian Bonds and Ray Diesel were when they got together to fuck for us in front of the camera. No kissing. No making out. No nipple play. Just good old-fashioned cock sucking and butt fucking. Ray slurps away at Brian's cock, choking on his white meat. Guess he doesn't suck enough cock. Then again, with the size of that big brown monster between his legs, Ray doesn't need to suck unless he wants to. He quickly moves from sucking dick to rimming ass, burying his face in Brian's crack and tongue fucking the sweet hole, priming Brian for a D-E-E-P penetration. But spit isn't enough so Ray slicks his long fat monster cock with lube and slides home in one fell swoop. Brian moans with the lust that can only come from the pleasure-pain of getting taken, spit on and bareback fucked like a complete whore. In fact, he takes one of the deepest, roughest fucks we’ve ever seen and he handles it like a pro, owning Ray's big black cock the way Ray owns his white ass. Brian gets even piggier when he pulls off Ray's cock and downs that puppy for some ass-to-mouth cock sucking! As they devolve from humans into animals, rutting like pigs, Ray wrecks Brian's hole, bareback fucking the beefy, hairy blond bottom all over that bed and even on the floor. Ray fucks the cum out of Brian before delivering an enormous, juicy wet load all over Brian's sloppy ass, pushing all that jizz inside and seeding the lucky bastard.

    Scene 5 - Leo Donato and Hugh Hunter

    After informing us that he really enjoyed having a tongue in his hole because it made him feel good, we set up Hugh Hunter with Leo Donato to see what would happen. All we can say is that if you enjoy a noisy, butt-munching rim session, you're going to LOVE the sounds Leo makes as he not only eats out Hugh's pink rosebud, but worships his cock and balls as well. What Hugh failed to tell us was that when gets his ass rimmed right, he wants to return the favor. In what is probably one of the hottest rimjobs we've seen in a while, tattooed bearded Hugh eats out Leo's sweet, chocolate brown ass like a straight man eating pussy, sending Leo into a delirium of trash talk, half in Spanish, half in English. Then the bareback fucking begins and it’s a show that cannot be missed!


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  • Sticky Fur (Download)
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    There’s something about a big beefy guy with hair all over, especially when he shoots a big load on you! And whether he gets it on your face, up your ass with a good breeding, or just splatters you with his seed, Bobbi Gee, Eric Schwanz, Jake O’Connor, Jean Paul, Skylar Cole, Big Mark, Jake Thorn and Guy English all end up like you will. With Sticky Fur!

    Scene 1 - Bobbi Gee and Eric Schwanz

    For those of you who enjoy kissing, and lots of it, Bobbi Gee and Eric Schwanz get downright sloppy making oodles of noise as they make out before moving on to some mouth watering nipple licking and chewing. For those who don't know what it's like to tease a nipple with your tongue and roll it around between your teeth, take note. These two know just what to do with a swollen nipple. Bearded Bobbi works over Eric's fat cock like a man who hasn't had meat in weeks or perhaps even months. And as good as Bobbi sucks, Eric is there to match him with his fucking. Balls deep, hole stretching, and bareback, Eric takes full ownership of Bobbi, grinding into him and sliding that fucker home like a battering ram. Then Eric commands Bobbi to go for a ride. The meaty furry bottom slut takes the reins, fucking himself and taking Eric up his ass as far as that thick slab will go, making the most of their bareback session. Eric spews a mouthful of jizz for Bobbi to swallow before unloading all over his own belly.

    Scene 2 - Jake O'Connor and Jean Paul

    What starts off as a casual make-out session with ginger gentle giant Jake O'Connor and swarthy Jean Paul, turns into mouth watering cock sucking, with both bearded hairy fuckers slurping noisily on fat dick. The pace picks up and continues to grow with intensity when Jake buries his tongue in Jean's hairy ass, rimming his hole and priming him for a raw fuck. Soon, Jake is bareback fucking cock hungry Jean, sliding balls deep, banging hard and pounding with incredible stamina before Jean takes control and straddles the big, hung redhead. Jean rides Jake, impaling himself on the juicy slab, their sweaty bodies slapping together and making a lot of noise, before sucking the cum out of Jake.

    Scene 3 - Skylar Cole and Big Mark

    Dark-haired Skylar Cole meets blond Big Mark in a hotel room for a hot and heavy session of making out nipple sucking, and balls-deep cock sucking. In fact, Skylar is so hungry for cock he wastes little time in getting to his knees and devoting his hot and hungry mouth to the very serious business of sucking dick. Skylar shows off some mad oral skills but Big Mark clearly wins, hands down, especially when it comes to the even more serious business of eating ass and priming Skylar for a raw, spit-lubed fuck. Skylar, normally submissive, lets out his inner whore when he begs, then demands to be fucked harder until he lets loose with a big load. But it doesn't end there. Big Mark just mounts Skylar again and goes to town, doing what he wants to Skylar's ass and hole, bareback fucking the beefy little cub pig until he's ready to blow a load of his own.

    Scene 4 - Jake Thorn and Guy English

    Jake Thorn might be new to us and the porn industry but he's definitely no stranger to sucking dick! Just ask Guy English who is more than eager to kick back and get his big fat cock sucked down to his balls but just as comfortable fucking Jake's face. The tattooed hairy bottom gives up his big hairy ass for Guy to rim before getting plowed, deep and steady, each delivering a tasty bear load of freshly pumped jizz. Mmmm. Lip-smacking good!

    Scene 5 - Skylar Cole and Eric Schwanz

    Hairy, tattooed, and meaty all over, bearded cub Skylar Cole is in for a treat with thick hung daddy Eric Schwanz. In fact, Skylar has to open his mouth wider than he's ever opened it before as he sucks Eric's cock. But it's not until he's getting fucked raw that Skylar realizes just how fat a cock Eric has. Skylar might start off quiet, with soft moans here and there, but soon gets quite loud as Eric bareback fucks that sweet chub ass. In fact, if we didn't know any better, from the sounds Skylar makes we'd have sworn this was his first time getting fucked! Perhaps in some ways, it is. At least for Skylar. After all, you now how it is when someone fucks you a certain way that pushes all the right buttons, making you feel as if it were your first time. The louder Skylar gets, the harder Eric pounds. You can even hear that fat piece making squishing sounds as Eric bareback fucks Skylar's hairy hole, eventually fucking the cum out of the bear cub before blowing his own wad.



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  • Southern Jizz (Download)
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    Southern boys aren't like other men. They have a charm all their own. And whether they're rough and tender or gracious and genteel, there’s no doubt these handsome, horny young bucks will make you want to do more than just languish in the steamy heat, sucking down glasses of iced sweet tea. Preston, Bobby, Josh Long, Xavier Daniels, Haigan Sence, Austin Perry, and Drake will be more than happy to take care of your every need and make you comfortable with a few shots of...Southern Jizz.

    Scene 1 Preston and Bobby

    I remember Preston looking over at me, after Bobby had been violating his ass for a good hour, and saying "you owe me for this one". Then Preston bit his lip and closed his eyes and enjoyed every hard inch of Bobby's cock. I still can't believe that my boy Preston manned up and took big ole Bobby's enormous meat all the way up is pretty little southern hole. Poor Preston was pretty much living at the Lake House when we had Bobby fly in just to do a solo. As soon as we got a live look at how big Bobby's meat was, we decided that we had to see it swallowed by something. Preston said yes before we could fill him in on what Bobby was packing but Preston isn't exactly small when it comes to cock size so he oughta expect to have to take it every once in a while.... and take it is exactly what Preston did. I remember Preston looking over at me, after Bobby had been violating his ass for a good hour, and and saying "you owe me for this one". Then Preston bit his lip and closed his eyes and enjoyed every hard inch of Bobby's cock. Bobby made Preston ride it and take it all the way home before he put Preston on his back spread his legs and fucked the cum out of him. Next it was Bobby's turn so he pulled out and tugged one out spilling his seed all over Preston's hairy stomach.

    Scene 2 Josh Long and Xavier Daniels

    We'd planned getting Josh Long and Xavier Daniels together ages ago. The trouble was, something kept coming up. First one couldn't make it, then the other. Unfortunately, on the third attempt, WE couldn't make it! Fucking life, eh? It always gets in the way when you want to have fun. After some time we decided to give it another go. Turns out, this time, it was green lights from the word GO! We sat the two of them on the couch and told them to start making out. They did. And it progressed naturally from there. Josh, who some have thought was Dominic Cooper (we wish!), got down on his knees and sucked Xavier until he was rock hard. Then Xavier put Josh on all fours and slowly entered his tight hairy hole. THIS is what we were all waiting for...to see Josh on all fours, his back arched, his meaty ass in the air. Xavier's ripped body pulsated with ever thrust of his thick hard cock! Was it worth waiting all that time? Let's just say they both emptied their loads on Josh's stomach and were soon ready for round two. This time, however, they held up their hands and asked us not to film. With a sigh, we had to console ourselves with listening to their ball busting moans and the sound of bodies slapping as they fucked their brains out in one of our guest rooms.

    Scene 3 Haigan Sence and Austin Perry

    It has been a while since Austin Perry has visited the Ranch so we asked him to cum by and chill with some of the guys. Austin decided to play a little poker with Haigan Sence and before he can blink, Austin gets the drilling of his life from our horned up breeder. After he couldn't pay up, Haigan gets Austin down on his knees to service Haigan's hard uncut cock. Haigan wasn't satisfied just getting his cock sucked. Haigan had his eyes on Austin's ass all day and he was about to get what he had been waiting for. Haigan wasn't the only one that wanted his dick in Austin's hole. I'm pretty sure Austin threw the hand. Haigan stood Austin up so that he could show the 6'4" stud exactly who was boss. Austin stroked his hard cock as Haigan slowly stuffed his uncut piece of meat in Austin's eager hole. The deeper that Haigan fucks him, the harder Austin's cock gets. I'm talking real Southern Beef fucking! Haigan finally turns up the heat and puts Austin on his knees and pumps him full of his throbbing cock. Haigan wasn't done yet though he wanted to make sure Austin felt him in his stomach so he put him on his back, legs in the air, and gives him a good pile drive. Austin couldn't hold off any longer as he lets go a monster load before Haigan pulls out and drenches Austin even more.

    Scene 4 Drake

    We came across Drake in one of our model searches in Atlanta. He has all the Southern charm you would expect to find in the South and a look that is real sexy. One look in his eyes and he will make you freeze like a deer in headlights. Drake has beautiful, silky dark-chocolate skin on a body that is pure muscle from head to toe. And can you imagine being held down under those strong arms? When Drake arrived and got comfortable, his personality started to shine. Drake started by stripping off his shirt and admiring his huge chest and guns. Next he drops his pants and reveals a huge cock that is standing at attention. Drake's cock is every bit of 9 inches and packs a full stream of hot white cum. Watching his pool of jizz rest against his ripped stomach is hot!

    Scene 5 Bobby

    While in Atlanta from South Beach, Bobby hit us up one afternoon. He said he had a huge cock and asked if we'd like to see. Who are we to turn down a picture of a huge cock? The longer the image took to download, the bigger we knew it was going to be. Needless to say, once the image finished downloading we knew we had to meet him. Bobby was open to pretty much anything we decided to throw his way. And then he pulled out his monster cock, already throbbing. It slapped up against his stomach and everyone on set started drooling. Never mind that he has a long lean build with a nice developed chest and abs. His cock definitely overshadowed any other feature! Bobby lifted his leg so he could run his fingers over his swollen taint. He edged himself for a good hour and when he couldn't hold back any longer, he shot a load of Florida sunshine all over his nut-sak, his fist hammering away at his hard curved cock!


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  • Hunks in Twinks (Download)
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    In life, there’s a natural progression, a certain order if you will. And nothing is more natural than a twink wanting to be taken by a big hunk. Hunks love to fuck a sexy little twink, too! There’s just something about a smaller, frailer, inexperienced and pretty thing nestled in a pair of strong arms, or sucking cock, or getting fucked by the hunk they look up to. Luckily, we found several hunks — from the younger daddy types to beefy muscled studs — who love to fuck. Corbin Case, Tyler Andrews, Cameron Ford, Ean, Amelio, Ashton Rush and Brandon Lewis are right where they belong…Hunks in Twinks!

    Scene 1 - Ashton Rush and Brandon Lewis

    College isn't all fun and games. Nor is it an endless stream of beer drinking and hopping into bed with your co-eds. At least, that's not the college life for Ashton Rush as he's a studious little bugger, focused and determined to get good grades. When things get a bit stressful, that's when he lets loose and hooks up with a hot guy for some much needed release. In this scene with Brandon Lewis, Ashton wants cock! He tells Brandon to have his way with him, to go deep. Brandon, ever the gentleman, is not about to deny Ashton what he most wants, needs and craves. With some of the deepest drilling we've seen, Brandon fucks Ashton until he can't hold back any longer, spilling his seed all over Ashton's stomach before Ashton lets loose with a load of his own, pooling his jizz with Brandon's cum.

    Scene 2 - Corbin Case and Tyler Andrews

    We have to rank Corbin Case as one of the top 5 hottest guys ever. Because he's straight we were 99% sure that there was no possible way of convincing him to do a shoot with us where he gets sucked off. Corbin just didn't seem at all the kind of guy that would even think about man-on-man action. We got lucky and he agreed but it would depend on who we paired him with. Naturally there's only one hot beefy jock we had in mind for Corbin and when Tyler Andrews showed up...well, let's just say we were in for a pleasant surprise!

    Scene 3 - Cameron Ford and Ean

    For those who enjoy contrast in porn, this scene with Cameron Ford and Ean is a scorcher! There's just something about a big hot dark stud fucking a thinner, light skinned boy, only slightly darker than pale. Cameron is very in touch with sexuality, a hot body and an even hotter attitude. Cameron worked up Ean from before we got the cameras rolling. Genuinely into each other, Cameron took control as expected, devouring Ean's cock with gusto! One look at the gleam in his eyes as Ean's cock grows bigger and bigger and you'll know Cameron is without a doubt one major cock whore. Ean teases Cameron's hole then puts him on top so Cameron can ease himself down on Ean's big throbbing dick. And the fucking continues from there, getting hotter and hotter. In fact, at one point, Cameron is on his back with Ean thrusting his cock deep, just the way Cameron likes it, fucking harder and harder until they shoot creamy white loads of thick cum that's just too tempting for Cameron to resist. Slurrrppp!

    Scene 4 - Amelio and Tyler Andrews

    Swarthy Amelio was a bit uncertain when he arrived for his scene with Tyler Andrews. We asked if he was certain about sex with another guy and he said he couldn't stop thinking about it. In fact, he confessed he'd been jacking off just about every day at the thought of getting it on with Tyler. But would Tyler like him? Amelio IS a little shy, after all. Fortunately, Tyler is the type who likes to draw people out of their shell and that's exactly what happened with Amelio. They started off sucking each other, and it was arousing to watch as they didn't just suck each other but worship cock. Tyler then bent Amelio over and started to fuck him hard. Amelio loved taking Tyler's cock deep in his hole and the two finished with Amelio on his back, drilled deep as Tyler pulled out and sprayed his seed all over Amelio.

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  • Bareback Playroom (Download)
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    Welcome to the Bareback Playroom, a play space where men are horny, hairy and hung. Come watch Aiden Storm, Nick Hole, Eric Hassan, Alex Hawk, Jon Shield, Rusty McMann, Donte Oxun, John Lock and Nick Hole as they devolve into animals in their quest for pure, unadulterated rutting: gagging on thick slabs of juicy meat, slobbering over spasming holes, and bareback fucking using only spit for lube until they get off, rewarding one another with the most precious of all bodily fluids…lip-smacking jizz. So, come. Enter, if you dare, Bareback Playroom!

    Scene 1 Aiden Storm and Nick Hole

    Aiden Storm is a strapping mountain of a man. Hairy in all the right places, the bearded tattooed fetish lover has a big cock meant for eager, submissive pups like Nick Hole. The young bearded cock hungry man whore is kissed, sucked, spit on and generally manhandled by Aiden, all while tied to a Saint Andrew's cross. Knowing Nick is into man scents Aiden rubs his armpit in Nick's face so he can get a good whiff and lick to his heart's content. Aiden then makes full use of the hairy little pig, sucking his fat, uncut dick, spitting into his mouth and rimming that pert, round ass before getting him on the sling to fuck him raw. Aiden takes Nick, nice and steady, fucking deep while spouting a stream of trash talk bound to make your cock twitch. Aiden turns Nick into his little bitch, giving him all sorts of commands, at times calling him dirty names and even muttering things we couldn't understand but drove Nick further into sexual ecstasy. throughout their entire domineering bareback fuck session. When he's ready to shoot, Aiden feeds Nick his load then commands him to spray his own jizz all over the floor, which he then laps up like the good dog he's meant to be.

    Scene 2 Eric Hassan and Alex Hawk

    Eric Hassan and Alex Hawk had been trying to hook up for several months. When we put the call out for hairy pigs who liked to fuck bareback, both answered. Little did they know we were about to pair them up! And so, after filming a 3-way -- and still wearing the scent of the two men who fucked him and came inside him -- Alex moved to another dungeon room where bearded Eric lied in wait. Alex immediately dropped to his knees and set about kissing the hairy hunk, chewing on his nipples and licking his way down Eric's inviting treasure trail. Alex takes his sweet time, savoring practically every inch of Eric's hairy body before burying his face in the man's crotch. He then pulls out Eric's cock and devours it down to the balls. And speaking of balls, Alex knows Eric's are heavy and full of seed meant just for him. Sperm hounds can sniff out the protein they most crave, you know. No part of the body is left out -- not even toes or feet -- as Eric and Alex explore each other in a sensual fashion that borders on the romantic. Eric works Alex, priming him to take on that enormous man meat. But Alex is built small and it takes a while to work all that thick cock inside. But Eric eventually manages to slide the entire length inside Alex, bareback fucking the otter and sending him into orbit before delivering a H-U-G-E load of jizz.

    Scene 3 Nick Hole and Jon Shield

    Jon Shield and Nick Hole are both hung, hairy, and ready for bareback action. Now, you might think Jon is going to bareback fuck Nick but the bearded pup has some inner top feelings he wants to explore. After sucking down some big cock, Jon does slide that big raw cock home but they flip and Nick ends up giving Jon a taste of his own medicine. And regardless of Nick being mostly bottom, you know with a dick as big and fat as his, the uncut beauty is going to hurt. But never fear, Jon handles it like a trooper. A must scene for those who get off on leather, hairy, slings, and sweaty fuckers!

    Scene 4 Rusty McMann and Donte Oxun

    Just as Donte Oxun like to service older white daddies, Rusty McMann gets off on sex with black men. The white daddy, clad in a red kilt, offers up his pierced cock and big ass for Donte to service both. Donte gets his face fucked then, as Rusty kicks back in the sling, remains on his knees to eat out Rusty's hole and take the fat dick in his mouth. Donte feeds Rusty some cock after he asks for it but Donte soon finds himself on his back, legs up in the air, ass in the sling with Rusty's fat cock buried inside him. The white, silver-haired daddy bareback fucks Donte, spitting on him to further add to the exciting humiliation of being Rusty's submissive bottom. What follows is one of the most intense interracial bareback fucks we’ve ever seen, including cum-filled holes, lapping up spilt DNA and some acrobatic manoeuvers that almost brought the house down...literally!

    Scene 5 John Lock and Nick Hole

    If you're into daddy/son, older/younger bro roleplay -- especially with a leather fetish twist -- you're going to LOVE watching Nick Hole and John Lock. Small, compact and meaty, both are hairy in all the right places, with a similar look and equally big, fat cocks. After only just a little bit of making out, the two get right down to business...the raw art of bareback fucking. There's no rimming, not at first. Just WHAM! Bald, tattooed and hairy John -- decked out in a leather vest and a jockstrap -- slips that big dick into Nick and starts fucking, stretching out the bottom's already pre-lubed hole. John fucks Nick a while before pulling out and going down on his freshly fucked ass, priming him with more spit while taking a detour to slobber all over Nick's meaty cock and balls. John is so worked up by pounding Nick he pulls out and sprays his load, seeding the hairy fuck hole full of protein. But he doesn't stop there. John flips Nick onto his back and shows off serious stamina, taking ownership of Nick the way a hung horny leather daddy should. Then they flip. John is versatile, which we knew, and Nick is mostly bottom but as it turns out, he knows how to throw a mean fuck. And with that meaty dick of his, he satisfies John's need to take exactly what he's given Nick. John gets to taste his own ass after a while, as Nick fucks the bearded daddy's face and throat, his big balls squeezing against John's chin. We could go on but frankly, this is one for the records. From their instant chemistry to their unadulterated animal rutting, you'll be jerking off over this one repeatedly!


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  • Straight Dick Service (Download)
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    Whether we admit it or not, we all had a secret crush, a man we looked up to and fantasized about having sex with. For many of us, it was a straight man…the guy next door, our sister’s boyfriend, dad’s best friend. And he was always forbidden. But what would have happened if we’d pushed just a little? Well, imagine no longer! Instead of jerking off in silence, imagining yourself servicing your straight crush, Donnie and Easton, Clayton Jasper and Jackson Taylor, Bryson and Preston, Cash McCoy and Krys Perez are about to demonstrate exactly what might have happened in Straight Dick Service.

    Scene 1 - Cash McCoy

    Cash McCoy, like most men, is an interesting subject. He claims himself as straight but later confessed he's -- let's say, experimented -- with a couple of buddies. Cash is a tall masculine guy with a ripped body. He pulled up his tee-shirt to reveal a six-pack and tattoos. He is shredded from head to toe with a big defined chest, big arms and lats, culminating in a tight tiny waist. Cash kept taking off his clothes after losing the tee, until he was naked and sitting back on the sofa. He settled in and raised his hips off the couch so we could see his lightly hairy hole. Cash teased his balls and taint, all the while letting us know he could do with a big cock up his ass, since his own fingers just weren't cutting it. So we gave him a glass toy. Cash immediately slipped it into his hole and he just about exploded on contact, his legs opened wide and spilling out a creamy load of cum all over his sweaty abs. Yeah. Straight. Right.

    Scene 2 - Cash McCoy and Krys Perez

    Krys Perez is a sexy young man with a thing for straight men. In fact, the less they’ve dabbled in gay sex, the better. You see, Krys is one of those who truly likes a challenge. Once Cash McCoy confessed he might be willing to have a guy swing on his dick, Krys was immediately up for the photo opportunity! The handsome beauty makes a meal out of Cash, his cock, and his heavy, swaying pendulous balls. But even better than that, Krys gets a surprise twist from the straight man in his bed who, as it turns out, thoroughly enjoys being serviced far more than he every thought he would!

    Scene 3 - Clayton Jasper and Jackson Taylor

    When big blond muscle hunk Clayton Jasper said he was up for getting his cock sucked by another guy, we immediately thought of Jackson Taylor, an adorable twink cocksucker who loves to service straight men and lives to swallow hetero baby batter. Jackson was so eager to get his hands on Clayton we knew it would be a blow job to remember. Clayton was a bit nervous on the day of the shoot but he let us blindfold him and did his best to relax as Jackson explored his body using his mouth. First up was Clayton's mammoth guns, Jackson kissed and rubbed them as Clayton sat naked with a semi. Jackson then worked his tongue down to Clayton's beefy ass. Gently, he darted his tongue in and out of Clayton's tight hole. After all, you don't want to scare away a straight man like Clayton! Much to the hunk's surprise -- and ours -- Clayton loved getting rimmed. His excitement only grew as Jackson gave him a complete tongue bath, eventually taking Clayton's big thick rod in his hands and working his expert tongue up and down that shaft. Clayton was obviously getting the best blowjob of his life as he grabbed the back of Jackson's head and started fucking his mouth. This only made Jackson want Clayton's cock all the more but what Jackson really wanted was to taste that nut. Jackson finally went to town on the stud's cock with reckless abandon until Clayton squirted his huge sticky load in the back of Jackson throat. Jackson savored Clayton's salty seed before spitting out some of it onto Clayton's still pulsating cock. And trust us when we say, if hadn't wanted to see the load, Jackson would have swallowed every single drop, the way a hungry cocksucker should.

    Scene 4 - Bryson and Preston

    When tatted up stud Bryson first took his clothes off for us, he caused quite a stir. And when he said he was always looking for ways to make extra cash, we immediately thought of setting him with another guy. We called on Preston to do the honors and spread his legs for Bryson and his big fat cock. Both of these straight boys were bulging out of their underwear before we could get the cameras rolling! Straight, indeed. Preston went down on Bryson and lubed up his hard cock with his wet warm mouth. Bryson positioned Preston on his back, opened up his legs and lubed his hole. Now remember, this was Bryson first time with another guy so there was no finesse. He shoved his cock in deep and without warning, making Preston cry out. They fucked for a solid hour but naturally had to edit it all down. Alas. Bryson unloaded all over Preston, shooting a thick creamy white load all over Preston's already cum drenched stomach. And now that Bryson's had a taste of real sex, we think we may have ruined him but good!

    Scene 5 - Donnie and Easton

    College frat boy Donnie jumped in the shower. When he was done, he threw on a robe to sit high in the middle of the room so tattooed twink Easton could have easy access to his manhood. Donnie was obviously more turned on than he admitted because his cock was semi-hard before the action even started! We blindfolded Donnie, untied his robe and Easton took care of the rest, rewarded in the end with a huge cum facial. Lucky cocksucker.


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  • Bears at Play: Hotel (Download)
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    At any given time, in every city of every state across the nation, there are bears at play...fucking in hotel rooms. It doesn’t matter if it’s a clandestine date with a fuck buddy, boyfriend, an anonymous trick, or even a hotel employee coming to your room to stretch you out and get you all sweaty for a good, hard, steady fuck. Join Adam James, Atlas Grant, Beau Bearden, Ryan Powers, Russell Tyler, Skylar Cole, Tate Taylor, Steve Sommers and Will Stone, Bears At Play: Hotel!

    Scene 1 Adam James and Atlas Grant

    Bearded Atlas Grant is probably one of the most perfect muscle bears we've seen in a long time. Beefy and masculine, with girth in all the right places, he's like a Wookie with all that amazing fur adorning his entire body, back to front. The tattoos only make him hotter and the piercings, well...let's just say we were drooling when he and bearded otter Adam James started making out. We could just about feel that thick pelt of hair on Atlas as if it were rubbing against our own skin! Both Adam and Atlas stripped down to a jockstrap, Atlas playing with Adam's cock while Adam tweaked and pulled Atlas's nipples, which are hot-wired to his cock! After the jockstraps came off, the two took turns sucking each other. The blowjobs were wet but they're definitely not sloppy as Adam and Atlas let the juices flow. Before long, virile Atlas had Adam bent over the edge of the bed, ass open and ready for a spit lube. Atlas was no slouch when it came to rimming but neither was Adam as he returned the favor, leaving us to wonder who was going to top who? That question was soon answered when beefy bruiser Atlas mounted Adam and started pounding his sweet hungry ass bareback. But if you were thinking Adam is all bottom, think again. He turned the tables on Atlas, bareback fucking the tattooed hunk, taking his hairy ass for a balls deep ride. These two worked up a sweat as they continued flip fucking, stuffing raw cock in hairy holes and stretching each other out until they couldn't hold back any longer. And trust us when we say that when they were done, that room reeked with the cock hardening scent of sweat, cum and sex!

    Scene 2 Beau Bearden and Ryan Powers

    We've seen some hot daddy/son duos in our time but Beau Bearden and Ryan Powers are more than just hot. They're a leave-you-drooling scorching hot daddy/son duo! These two take the cake as they make out and strip down. Beau, the beefy tattooed daddy, wastes little time in burying his face in that sweet skinny ass before mounting the heavily tattooed younger man and bareback pounding the hell out of him. We're talking major slamming here as daddy Beau takes ownership of Ryan's ass. Beau doesn't just own it, he possesses Ryan's hairy little hole! Beau shows amazing stamina before taking Ryan on for a ride himself, taking his raw dick before Ryan rewards him with a mouthful of jizz while riding his daddy.

    Scene 3 Russell Tyler and Atlas Grant

    Whether you're into bearded ginger men or just bearded men who are as hairy as a wooly mammoth, you're going to spew when you see Russell Tyler and tattooed, dark-haired muscle bear Atlas Grant. These are two extremely hairy fuckers! Atlas is quick to drop to his knees, anxious to slobber and drool all over Russell's big dick, choking and gagging as Russell fucks his face. The tall redhead, with almost as much hair on his body as Atlas, then turns rimming into an art form. Or perhaps he's simply mesmerized by all that hair covering every inch of Atlas's body. Russell soon finds himself in the same position, on all fours, experiencing Atlas give him a good tongue fucking but it's Atlas who gets his hairy ass mounted and pounded raw by the barebacking ginger. And it's quite a fuck! Russell goes in nice and easy but once he’s in he takes ownership of hirsute Atlas, making him cry out in lustful pleasure-pain as he fucks that meaty round ass. Atlas takes as much fucking as he can before flipping Russell, spit-lubing his ass, and sliding home like a hot knife through butter. The two continue to flip fuck and end up completely drenched in their own sweat, the hair on their bellies coated in huge loads of cum.

    Scene 4 Skylar Cole and Tate Taylor

    Swarthy and bearded Skylar Cole might be new to the scene but with bald ginger Tate Taylor, the cub is quickly at ease and soon spouting obscenities as Tate all but devours him. In true addictive bear fashion, tattooed Tate makes a meal out of Skylar's hairy ass and hungry hole, which only sends the dark-haired cutie into oblivion before turning his attention to sucking Tate's cock. Skylar is moved around and re-adjusted like a rag doll, as Tate sees fit, as the experienced bear then mounts and bareback fucks Skylar, using the cub for his own bareback pleasures.

    Scene 5 Steve Sommers and Will Stone

    Bearded otter Steve Sommers likes a wide range of guys. For him it’s not about one type. For Steve, sex with another man is about the connection they make and the chemistry between them. In Will Stone, Steve has found a beefy, tattooed silver daddy with fur in all the right places. Taking his time, Steve explores Will’s fat cock, swallowing it down to the balls and servicing the hairy older man. In good time, Will returns the favor, devouring Steve’s big cock and chowing down as if he hadn’t had dick in his mouth in years. Will might be the daddy but he sure gets submissive once he starts sucking Steve because the next thing you know he’s giving up his hungry, rarely fucked ass for Steve to rim and take bareback. Out comes the dirty daddy talk as Will takes everything Steve has to give, and then some. Will transforms into a complete bottom whore, like putty in Steve’s hands who brings out the inner slut in any man he has sex with.


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    They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. We don’t know about that but what we DO know is that hell hath no fury like that of furry bareback fuckers Amir Badri, Tyler Reed, John Lock, Donte Oxun, Teddy Torres, Jon Shield, Tom Carlson and Brian Bonds. These men are all about the fur, seeking out hungry holes to milk their throbbing shafts, or in need of big fat cock and fresh, steaming hot seed to quench their Bareback Fur Fury!

    Scene 1 Amir Badri and Tyler Reed

    Beefy Tyler Reed is a big man. Tall, with broad shoulders, he towers above most men and he likes it that way. It makes it easier for him to manhandle the dirty, nasty men he meets who love cock, man scents, and getting fucked raw. Amir Badri fits the bill perfectly. After making out for a bit, Tyler offers up his pits for sniffing and licking, which Amir does. The scruffy muscle bear daddy soon has Amir on his knees, his fat dick buried balls deep in the smaller man's throat. Amir shows off some mad oral skills, slurping on Tyler's cock and servicing it the way a hungry cock pig should but Tyler shows us just how domineering he can be when he takes control of Amir's throat, fucking balls deep, then slides his fat dick inside Amir's hairy ass and bareback fucking his hungry hole. Tyler pulls out and, his cock sloppy with Amir's ass juices, feeds his big dick to the sub bottom who begs to be trained as a better bottom. Then, his cock slimy with Amir's drool and spit, Tyler slides back home and pounds Amir on the fuck bench, riding and pumping until he's ready to reward Amir with a tangy load.

    Scene 2 John Lock and Donte Oxun

    If you're into cocksucking of the deepest, choking kind, you're going to love the way Jock Lock and Donte Oxun take turns on each other. Bordering on breath control, the two gag and suck, getting their faces fucked as they swing on big fat throbbing cock. Back and forth they go, with bearded Donte wearing a sexy jockstrap that perfectly frames his beautiful brown ass, and shaved bald, tattooed John, decked out in leather. We're talking major dick sucking and throat fucking! In fact, at one point, Donte grabs hold of John's head, skull fucking the bearded hairy fucker. You can practically see John's cock throb! They move on to tasty, mouth watering rimming, with Donte tongue fucking and priming John's meaty ass. Donte takes his time devouring that tiny puckered morsel before finger fucking the hole to further stretch him out. Then Donte slides his fat dick balls deep inside. John, on all fours, pushes his ass out for the raw onslaught. Donte bareback fucks John, riding his hot ass before treating him to a taste of his own juices in a sloppy 69. And then they flip. John fucks harder and deeper, pounding away at that sweet brown ass until he blows a huge load all over Donte's ass, seeding him with that creamy DNA. John continues, fucking the jizz out of Donte then swabsg one of the spurts with his tongue, savoring the flavor with Donte.

    Scene 3 Teddy Torres and Jon Shield

    We've filmed hundreds of men, if not thousands, all of them hairy, all of them fucking bareback and all of them getting downright nasty. However, out of all the men we've ever filmed, two of the hottest sex pigs have been Jon Shield and Teddy Torres. Both have big fat cocks and they know how to use them. The two start off easy enough, making out and getting off on armpits, mansmells and spitting but as the scene progresses, the tattooed, hung fuckers devolve until they resemble animals rutting in the most perverse way. The sweat runs down their bodies, matting hair to flesh and you can all but smell the scent they create as Teddy gets rougher, fucking Jon harder, faces full of cock, throat fucking, gagging, rimming, and balls deep cock buried deep in raw fuckholes. Piggy sex, big cock and huge loads. It truly doesn't get ANY hotter. So grab that lube, men. You'll be jerking off to this one again and again and again!

    Scene 4 Tom Carlton and Brian Bonds

    We've never seen Brian Bonds in such a frenzy. Paired with hairy muscle bear and silver daddy, Tom Carlton, we can see why the sexy blond is in such a state! From start to finish, the leather-clad submissive bottom doesn't just become a whore for Tom's big fat uncut cock, it's like he's possessed, spouting a litany of commands, barely above a whisper. But don't worry, you can make it all out. At least, when Tom's big fattie isn't shoved balls deep down Brian's throat! Bottom line, Brian is a huge cock and cum whore with a major obsession for taking Tom's thick pierced cock, getting bareback fucked by the bearded silver daddy and seeded by the intense top until Brian blows his own load. Nasty and sexy and romantic all at the same time, this is one scene you'll want to cum back to...again and again and again. So get the lube ready, men. You're about to be driven into your own bareback frenzy!

    If you're into beefy, hairy men with big, meaty cocks, you're about to hit the mother lode. Or in this case, the Daddy load! Tattooed and gruff Jon Shield and John Lock take turns choking and gagging on fat uncut meat, face fucking each other as they try to dominate to see who's going to top. But there's only one way this is going down. Bald bearded daddy John impales himself on Jon's fattie and goes to town like the biggest whore in town. Mouth watering cock sucking with slurpy ass eating and balls deep bareback fucking. There's even some smoking HOT ass to mouth, with John tasting his own fuck hole on Jon's cock as he gets his throat fucked and nearly gags on what he loves most. So...you ready to gorge yourself? Yeah, you know you are. Go ahead. Hit play. We dare ya not to drop your load halfway through the scene!

    Scene 5 Jon Shield and John Lock

    If you're into beefy, hairy men with big, meaty cocks, you're about to hit the mother lode. Or in this case, the Daddy load! Tattooed and gruff Jon Shield and John Lock take turns choking and gagging on fat uncut meat, face fucking each other as they try to dominate to see who's going to top. But there's only one way this is going down. Bald bearded daddy John impales himself on Jon's fattie and goes to town like the biggest whore in town. Mouth watering cock sucking with slurpy ass eating and balls deep bareback fucking. There's even some smoking HOT ass to mouth, with John tasting his own fuck hole on Jon's cock as he gets his throat fucked and nearly gags on what he loves most. So...you ready to gorge yourself? Yeah, you know you are. Go ahead. Hit play. We dare ya not to drop your load halfway through the scene!

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