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Dirty Little Angels (DVD)
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Dirty Little Angels (DVD)

On the surface, they look innocent, almost virginal, and inexperienced. Perhaps that’s what makes twinks so appealing. Except many have a secret that they don’t want you to know. At least, not at first. You see, the most innocent looking of twinks are often the dirtiest. Don’t believe us? Go ahead! Ask Timber Harvest, Jackson Wright, Justin Cross, Bar Addison, Tyler Tremallose, Payton Connor, Daniel Hausser, and Adam Strong. Better yet, watch them for yourself in… Dirty Little Angels.

Scene 1 - Timber Harvest and Jackson Wright

Timber Harvest has a surprise for his boyfriend, Jackson Wright. Turns out Jackson cheated, and now Timber craves revenge. He splashes the twink with cold, pink goo, but Timber needs further proof that Jackson will remain monogamous. Jackson readily swallows Timber's uncut monster and takes his sweet time. After a while, with Jackson's ass propped up before him, Timber goes to town eating out the pink morsel. Jackson returns to servicing Timber and only when he's good and ready does he spew all over Jackson's face. It's an enormous load, followed by Jackson, who splatters himself with cum.

Scene 2 - Justin Cross and Bar Addison

Like to get messy? So do Justin Cross and Bar Addison, especially during sex! After they play around in the mud--think female mud wrestling, but hotter because it's twinks with big cocks--Justin and Bar make out then take turns sucking each other. When Addison can't wait any longer, he straddles Justin and goes for a ride while Justin jerks him off. But as we all know, Tops gotta drive, so Justin gets Bar on all fours, drive his big cock home and bareback fucks the muscled bottom until he blows his wad. Justin seeds Bar's hole then hunky Bar strokes out a big load of his own.

Scene 3 - Tyler Tremallose - Solo

Sometimes you can't avoid getting away for some "me" time, and much-needed release. In this case, Tyler Tremallose needs it so badly he barely makes it up the stairs, let alone to his bedroom. He gropes himself right there on the landing. He quickly strips down to reveal his slender, toned body. Soon he's got his hand wrapped around his hard cock, and he starts stroking. As he jerks off to rid himself of the stresses of the day, Tyler builds towards climax until he blows his load, down to the main level. You even hear the globs of cum as they splatter on the wood floor! And then he walks away. Dirty boy.

Scene 4 - Payton Connor, Daniel Hausser and Adam Strong

Sometimes, boys just want to have fun. And what better fun than playing in the mud, the way we once used to? But fun and games always lead to the most fun game of all. At least where Payton Connor, Daniel Hausser and Adam Strong are concerned. And yes, we're talking sex. The three start making out, and soon Daniel and Adam are on their knees, worshiping Payton's huge cock and cum-heavy balls. The three progress to get even more down and dirty, with the lovely Daniel spit-roasted, taking Payton raw. Then it's Adam's turn to get fucked bareback by the monster hung twink. Except Daniel loves getting pounded and returns to take it, on his back, before impaling himself and riding Payton. Adam gives himself the same treatment and rides the hung blond while sucking Daniel before getting showered--quite literally--with Payton's load, which he and Daniel share.

Scene 5 - Timber Harvest and Adam Strong

After messing around in the garage, and some playful fun in the shower, Timber Harvest and Adam Strong make out in the dining room. Adam devours the huge, uncut monster but after a while ends up on the receiving end as Timber returns the favor. The hung twink then bends Adam over and eats out his ass. Adam squeals, filling the room with moans and sighs as he's rimmed and finger fucked. The sounds coming from him get louder still once Timber works his cock inside the tattooed bottom. Timber fucks Adam bareback, sliding home raw. Adam even impales himself and goes for a ride, but when he's ready to blow, he lays back and gets rewarded with one of the biggest cum facials we've ever seen. Completely covered in Timber's jizz, Adam follows suit but... that facial. Damn.


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