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Desperate for Cum (DVD)
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Desperate for Cum (DVD)

Eager power bottoms are good to find but a frantic slut puppy who craves jizz is even better! Grab your favorite lube and kick back with Reid Thrasher, Cooper Roads, Jon Shield, Zac Acland, Tony Bishop, Josh Stone, Dolf Dietrich and Rogue Status. These men love to get hard and live for a good raw fuck, like the complete and utter sluts that they are, men who live to feed, seed, and collect loads. Including a special bonus cumpilation scene with Damon Andros, this is…Desperate for Cum!

Scene 1 - Reid Thrasher and Cooper Roads

Human sexuality is an amazing thing. There’s something for everyone and almost anything can be a fetish. For Reid Thrasher, mohawk-sporting otter and long-haired ginger Cooper Roads, it seems to be nipples and armpits. The two explore each other, sniffing deep and licking like the hungry men that they are. Soon, each services the other, showing off some wicked mad oral skills and it’s no mean feat as the slender hairy fuckers are nicely hung. Reid flips Cooper onto his back, ass up in the air and eats him out, rimming Cooper in a way that makes the redhead’s eyes roll back into his head. Back what really gets Cooper going is Reid’s big cock, buried balls deep in his ass. Super hairy and pierced Reid pumps expertly, bareback fucking the tattooed bottom. At times, Cooper seems barely able to take all Reid has to give, let alone take a good hard rough slam. But like a trooper, and the true cock whore that he is, Cooper works through the exquisite pain of getting fucked with a big dick, no doubt relishing in the protein soon to be his. Reid blows a thick and ropey load, seeding the bareback slut, then fucks the jizz out of Cooper.

Scene 2 - Jon Shield and Zac Acland

Want to know what makes some people great cooks? First, you need the proper ingredients, like super hot and horny Jon Shield and Zac Acland. These two sizzle as they get primal and raw, working a sweat while fucking bareback where they cook their meals. With enough mouth watering cock sucking to choke a pig, the tattooed, hairy hunks take turns pleasing each other before Jon eats out Zac’s hairy ass. Then Jon slides that huge mother fucking cock inside Zac, burying that thick slab of meat to the balls. He pounds away, bareback fucking the muscle hunk before laying on the floor. Zac impales himself and goes for a ride, fucking himself before giving up control again to Jon. With that juicy slab of beef firmly entrenched again inside Zac, Jon fucks him while bent over the counter. Jon ends up feeding Zac a very big load, straight in the mouth, which the muscled hunk savors before taking the last of Jon’s seed up his ass. Now this would be a cooking show we’d all tune in to watch!

Scene 3 - Ton Bishop and Josh Stone

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again because it bears repeating. There’s nothing like fucking outdoors. It brings out an animal instinct that’s hard to contain and we end up doing what comes naturally. Rutting like wild boars. Tony Bishop and Josh Stone are no exception. Blond and tattooed, thick hung Tony puts pig bottom Josh through his paces. The kissing and dick sucking is hot enough but then Tony buries his face in Josh’s ass and rims out that hungry fuckhole like he’s savoring a tender morsel of filet mignon. Tony then works that fat cock balls deep inside Josh, bareback fucking the little slut and turning him into his bitch. Drunk from getting slammed and the litany of dirty talk, Josh spews a big load while riding Tony’s fat, tattooed slab. Then Tony pumps out the first spurt of seed before slamming that dick inside and breeding cock hungry Josh with the rest of his load.

Scene 4 - Dolf Dietrich and Rogue Status

The pairing of bareback cum pigs Dolf Dietrich and Rogue Status is a lesson in complete and total pigdom. Intoxicated with their desire for balls deep raw fucking, Dolf and Rogue get into a steamy session making out and sucking each other. But by the time Rogue bends Dolf over to rim and finger his hole, they’ve pretty much forgotten we were even there filming. And these two get loud and sweaty as they fuck! Tattooed hunk Dolf takes that big raw cock in the sling, while pierced, inked, bald and bearded otter, Rogue just pounds away. Fast and furious, then nice and slow, Rogue makes Dolf moan like a whore as he slams away, bareback fucking the bottom daddy before seeding that hungry hole.

Bonus Scene - Damon Andros

Bald and bearded Damon Andros is pretty horny. The slender, hung daddy starts jerking off, stroking that big cock while thinking of some of his favorite scenes in this Bareback Cum Pigs cumpilation. First up is fellow bareback daddy Matt Stevens, pounding the hell out of super hairy and always hungry Stephen Harte, who quite literally gets the cum fucked out of him before bald and bearded Matt lets loose, seeding Stephen. Damon nearly pops while thinking of them but edges a while before moving to Rogue Status and Draven Torres. Hairy, tattooed and hung Rogue fucks Draven like his bitch before seeding with a big load. This only gets Damon even more turned on but he still holds off, stroking that big dick before moving on to think of his tattooed buddy Hugh Hunter, destroying Josh Stone’s greedy fuckhole in a sling. Muscle daddy Hugh fucks the cum out of Josh, who lives to collect loads. Getting close to orgasm, Damon slows down. He’s not ready to come just yet. Spitting onto the head of his cock for lube — which is hot as fuck to watch! — Damon kicks back to think of thick hung hunk Hans Berlin slamming Randy Harden bareback and fucking the jizz out of him before breeding and seeding the hairy-assed bottom daddy. After that, Damon can’t hold back any longer and fires off a thick creamy load that splatters all over his deliciously hairy belly. Too bad there was no one around to help him clean up.

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