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Cum For Me (Download)

If you are like me, then you love hot loads, jizz, spunk...cum. Shooting it on a bottoms back after pounding his hole, Eating it as it pours out a hard, fat cock, Licking it off your thumb like a sweet treat, and feeling it hitting the deepest part of your hole. On a bed, couch, backroom or desert, you don't care where you get it, how you get it, as long as you get it. With August Alexander, Brian Bonds, Otto Samson, Drew Dixon, Mason Lear, Riley Mitchel, Joel Someone and Sterling Johnson you get it all. Watch Cum For Me and see for yourself.

Scene 1 - August Alexander and Brian Bonds

I've been watching August at the gym for a while. I knew who he was seeing someone but that didn't matter to me. I just wanted to see what was inside his pants. And one day I did. I was pissing at the urinal in the men's room when he walked up and stood beside me. I saw that huge cock and knew I had to have it. He said he couldn't take me back to his place but he knew where we could go. And after a short drive, out in the open desert, he dropped to his knees. It was fucking amazing! Being blown outdoors was a huge turn-on. More so when I gagged and choked on that thick, long pipe. Then someone jogged by. She may have seen us but that got me even more excited for the flip fuck breeding that followed.

Scene 2 - Otto Samson and Drew Dixon

When the connection is right, the energy just flows. For bearded ginger, Otto Samson, and scruffy Drew Dixon, it does more than that. All the boxes are checked, the relay switches are on, and all systems GO! The two get into “the zone” and forget we are there to film. A mouthwatering 69 session turns into a rim job that will leave you drooling, regardless of whether you prefer to be eaten or eat luscious holes. And trust us… if you like to eat ass, Drew's tender pink bud will leave your tongue wagging! From there, it's a hop, skip and a jump to riding cock. Drew straddles Otto and unleashes his inner whore -- not that it was that deep, to begin with -- letting out the most primal of urges: Fucking. Drew tastes his own ass when he pulls off Otto's fat cock and slobbers all over it once more. But it doesn't end there. Otto slips on a cockring then slides back inside Drew and keeps on fucking, stopping long enough to suck Drew before eventually fucking the cum out of him. Otto tastes the bottom's jizz then spews, splattering his DNA all over Drew, only to lick it off. Pure, unadulterated filth!

Scene 3 - Mason Lear and Riley Mitchel

Hunky Riley Mitchel and Mason Lear go shopping at their local adult fetish shop. But what can you do when you're so horned up you can't even think straight, let alone focus on what you're looking at? It doesn't help that there's porn all around, and sexy things they'd normally consider trying on. All they can think of is fucking and dropping a load. They want to sneak off and get it on, but where? Lucky for them, another horny customer walks in. But this guy isn't shopping. He's looking for something to steal. And once he finds it, he takes off, followed by the shopkeeper. Riley and Mitchel, recognizing the opportunity, hurry to the back where they get hot and sweaty as they take turns bareback fucking each other. Filmed at Get Booked, Las Vegas.

Scene 4 - Joel Someone and Sterling Johnson

You know that old adage that says something along the lines of guys not making passes at men who wear glasses? Well, that's not exactly true. Especially with bearded, intellectual types like Joel Someone and Sterling Johnson. You see, glasses are sexy. And if Joel and Sterling are to be used as an example, beneath those spectacles lies the heart of a true manwhore. After making out, Joel whips out that big dick and Sterling goes to town. He sucks as much into his mouth as he can before choking and gagging while attempting to deep throat the juicy slab. Joel returns the favor, and although he's good at oral, he's better at eating hole. Joel proceeds to rim Sterling, priming him full of spit before mounting the hirsute daddy. The slender, hung top then gives Sterling a balls deep bareback fuck that leaves the man breathless and splattered in cum!


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