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Country Bumpin' (DVD)
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Country Bumpin' (DVD)

Whether in a steamy 1-on-1 or flying solo, there's just something about a Southern country boy that makes your hole twitch and your cock leak sweet pre-cum. Sexy and full of charm and appeal, Preston, Buck, Haigan Sence, Cord, Jake B, Alex Knight, Brian O’Neil, and Coy are also full of cum as they get down and dirty, ready to do what country boys do best...Country Bumpin'!

Scene 1 Preston and Buck

Buck needed a massage and asked his buddy Preston to give him one. Preston was all too happy to oblige. As soon as Buck laid on the table and spread his legs, Preston knew, as we did, this was about to get fun! Buck raised his ass up in the air, asking Preston to pull out his big cock and take his hole. Preston could hardly wait. He'd been sniffing around after Buck's ass for a while and didn't have to be told twice! Buck lubed up Preston's huge cock and put it in his mouth. He wanted his ass fucked and he wanted it fucked badly. Preston eased Buck into it, working his hole over with a thick dildo before using his big cock and mushroom head. Buck couldn't get enough, taking Preston deeper as his hips worked in rhythm with Preston's thrusts. Preston dumped his load all over Buck's hole before Buck busted a huge nut all over his sweaty body. We don't know if their session counted as a full-body massage but it sure was a damn good prostate massage!

Scene 2 Haigan Sence and Cord

Ginger boy Cord made a special request for his 18th birthday. He wanted to get fucked by Haigan Sence. Cord had seen Haigan in a video and ached to wrap his ass lips around the dark haired stud's big angry uncut cock. Now, this is exactly the kind of thing that gets Haigan turned on. He loves hooking up with guys who really dig him. When Haigan arrived on set he said he had a 4-day load and was aching to erupt. Cord was all too happy to be the lucky recipient. The dark haired stud grabbed the back of Cord's head and shoved his semi-hard cock all the way down his throat. It was quickly apparent that this wasn't Cord's first romp in the hay with a big boy. Haigan face fucked Cord for a bit, until Cord got on his stomach and arched his back to present Haigan with that amazing moist ass. Haigan eased his big cock into Cord's wet hole, building up to a fierce banging. Haigan did what he does best and drilled Cord from every conceivable angle, just to make sure Cord could feel Haigan's tool inside him and remember him for a long time to come. When Haigan couldn't hold back any longer he pulled out and shot a rocket of cum across Cord's mouth and face, two feet over to the bed post. Cord lapped up the rest of Haigan's cum as he sprayed another huge load himself. We don't think Cord realized just how much cum Haigan was capable of producing but he certainly didn't mind. A MUST for those of you who love cum!

Scene 3 Jake B and Alex Knight

Alex Knight and Jake B have been fucking around together for only a short while but they're already becoming an item. Alex, who loves sex, knows his way around a man's body while Jake, who's just cuming out of his shell, is quickly learning there's nothing he'd rather do than fuck with an audience, on camera. Yes, it's a testament of their sexual attraction to each other but it's also a testament to what is growing between them. And we don't just mean their cocks! It was a gorgeous day so we decided to film them outdoors. With a mattress on the floor and already naked, Jake and Alex started making out. Alex worshiped Jake's cock a while before he was ready to have Jake take his cock. Jake got on top and sat his tight pink hole on Alex's huge throbbing cock. Jake took that big piece of meat and Alex wanted to let it rip, pounding Jake's ass but he held back. Alex took his turn taking it up the ass and loved every second. They made the rounds on that deck, including a hot session in a wooden rocking chair, for all of nature to see, before Jake stood Alex up and pounded away. Alex shot a huge load all over the camera, and our cameraman, before dirty Alex sucked Jake, making him shoot a thick load in Alex's mouth and all over his face. Priceless!

Scene 4 Brian O'Neil

A business associate suggested we meet Brian O'Neil and are we ever glad he did! Brian is a personal trainer and as a result, he practically lives at the gym. And trust us when we say, we've ogled some amazing bodies but Brian quickly shot to the top, ranking among the best. On the day of the shoot, the 25-year-old showed up sporting stubble. Now, when some guys are unshaved they just a look a bit shabby. On Brian, well...let's just say it sent several of us over the edge. Brian was all about showing off and not the least bit shy. In fact, he seemed to get off on the attention! He showed off his muscles, flexing for us before dropping his drawers. Then he got down to business, tugging on and stroking his fat cock for his solo. At one point, Brian lay naked on the coffee table, a leg up in the air while he teased his tight hole with one hand. Fucking hot! Towards the end, Brian closed his eyes, tightened his abs and stood to deposit a thick load all over a brand new piece of furniture. Oh, well. Thank goodness for polish!

Scene 5 Coy

When Coy first contacted us to do some modeling we figured it had to be a joke. Here was this sexy skinhead, ripped and tattooed, looking every bit like a skinhead. We knew this guy could probably tear us a new one if he wanted to yet none of us was willing to say no. We couldn't. We were fascinated. When we replied, he seemed eager enough. So we set a date. As that date drew near, however, he contacted us repeatedly. He sounded nervous as hell but we'd made up our minds. We wanted him. When the day finally arrived, Coy showed up with a buddy. We offered his friend some beer and he disappeared, leaving us alone with Coy. We made our way to the bedroom, where Coy took off his shirt and we all began to drool. Coy has a big muscular chest and a pair of guns that could fuck you up if you piss him off or look at him funny. He has a little run of hair from the middle of his chest leading down his perfect abs. Coy got naked and flexed for us before lubing up his cock and starting to crank. He closed his eyes and tightened up his thighs as he grew closer to release. When he finally shot a stream of cum we all ran to the rest room, one by one, to whip out a load of our own. And before Coy left, he thanked us and gave us each a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Turns out appearances can be deceiving!



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