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Cornholin' Southern Boys (DVD)
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Cornholin' Southern Boys (DVD)

A popular activity at college campuses around the country — especially in the south, for some reason — is cornhole. You might know the game as bean bag toss. You remember. The game where you’d toss a weighted bag at the far end of a raised board, with the hope of slipping the bag through the hole? Well, we don’t know about you but when WE hear the term cornhole, all we think of is butt fucking. Either way, something goes in a hole. In this particular instance, Southern frat boys Joey Vox, Trevor Laster, Jayden Ellis, Genesis, Seth Knight, Carson Carver, Haigan Sence, Jarren and Logan Taylor know exactly how to play the game. It’s the reason why they’re not just champs on campus at cornhole, these Cornholin’ Southern Boys are champs in the bedroom, shoving and thrusting big cock into tight wet hungry holes! Kinda makes you want to go back to college, doesn’t it?

Scene 1 - Carson and Haigan Sence

Truth be told, these two have been hanging out for a while so they decided to put their show on for our cameras. Haigan's been playing with Carson all the time so that he could get his much needed man sex. Haigan loves a guy worshiping him, it's his favorite over any chick any day of the week. You could tell that these two had been drinking a few beers before they asked us if Carson could get his hole filled with cum and did we want to film it. I don't know which one of them was more eager to get going, Carson or Haigan. Carson worked over Haigan's cock until it was throbbing hard and then he asked Haigan to take him for the cameras like he does when no one is watching. That flipped Haigan's switch and he got so turned on that he thought he was back in prison only this time he gets to do the fucking. Carson shot his load with Haigan inside him as soon as Haigan grabbed him by the throat and fucked him until he squeezed the cum out of Carson's cock. Carson shot his load into his own mouth before Haigan made him drink his cum shake.

Scene 2 - Genesis and Seth

So theses two jumped on board with a twitter outburst trying to get these guys to fuck for all of us and the next thing you know we are all at the ranch raring to have a good time. We haven't seen Genesis at the Ranch for a while and man did he show up and make all of our mouth's water. Genesis has put on some muscle since the last visit, even Seth noticed that are skinny ranch hand was looking sweet. I agreed to sit back and let these two do what ever they wanted and sure enuff, Seth immediately took control of Genesis and of the shoot. Seth pushed Genesis back into the chair and grabbed his hard dick and worked it with his mouth. Genesis wanted a taste of Seth's sweet hole before he stuffed it, so he ate Seth's ass until they both couldn't hold off any longer. The boys needed to fuck. Seth climbed on top and took Genesis' big thick cock slow and steady until it disappeared into Seth's hole. We all know that Genesis loves a dick inside him so Seth took over and bent Genesis over the chair and fucked the cum out of Genesis' nut sack before he blew his own seed all over his chest.

Scene 3 - Joey and Jayden Ellis

We had a a little reunion weekend at the Ranch recently and invited a few of our member's favorites back along with a couple of newbies for a good ole fashion fuck fest. It's been to long since we've had Joey visit the Ranch and this was Jayden's first trip. Of course we remembered that Jayden loves himself some Latino and Black cock so we thought we would start him off with a Southern Welcome and hook him up with our brown boy Joey Vox. I figured Jayden was the one that was going to be chompin at the bit to get him mouth on Joey but it seems that our boy Joey came with some pent up sexual frustration. What you don't see in the video is Jayden not being able to keep his mouth off of Joey's rock hard cock. We finally got the cameras rolling and turned them loose. The boys started with a hot 69 session before Jayden begged Joey to let him ride his cock. Jayden wasn't taking no for a answer as he climbed up on top of Joey and went for a ride. Joey bent Jayden over the side of the bed so that he could pound him good and deep. Jayden couldn't get enough of Joey's cock taking it for all he could give. To finish him off, Jayden made Joey pull out so that he could suck the cum out of his cock before he busted his own nut as Joey returned the favor and ate Jayden's ass as he sprayed Joey's pumped pecs with white jizz.

Scene 4 - Carson Carver

We ran into Carson doing some repairs on a barb-wired fence out on a ranch in North Texas. He had run into town to grab some water and we happened to be stopped for gas. I pulled my standard excuse and asked for directions so that I could get a closer look and to my surprise, I hit the jackpot. There I was standing next to a sweaty shirtless hottie with a ripped body and probably one of the friendliest guys I have approached. I really believe that Carson knew that I was there talking to him for more than directions and I think he was kinda liking it. I asked him if he ever thought about working naked so that he could do his fair share for the community. Carson then informed me that working on a fence was probably not the best time to be naked. Once thing led to another and before I knew it, Carson and I exchanged numbers and I had invited him up to the So Stro Ranch. Carson showed up and took off his hat revealing a thick mop of curly hair. It was another hot summer day so I persuaded Carson to break the ice and let a couple of our models give him a haircut. Carson ripped off his shirt and sat down in a chair and said do whatever you want. I knew that Carson was going to give us a good show when he let the other models buzz his hair while they were naked. Carson to do a little work for us on one of the pastures so that he could give the shoot some more thought. By the time he returned, he was hot sweaty and more than a little horny. Carson stepped out of the truck and we had him get naked and rub one out in the field. Carson has a nice tight upper body with great abs and pecs. He didn’t disappoint us with his big cock and sweet virgin ass of his. You can definitely expect to see more of this ranch hand.

Scene 5 - Logan and Jarren

It was Jarren's first time up to the Ranch and I'm afraid that he fell victim to Logan Taylor's powers of persuasion. Logan likes to break in the new boys espcially the ones that cum in saying they are straight. First thing Logan likes to tell them is that you know you're gonna have to suck my dick!

Scene 6 - Trevor and Joey Vox

Joey and Trevor first met each other when Joey made his first trip to the Ranch. Trevor made sure to let me know that Joey is the type of guy that he likes to give it up to. I couldn’t imagine a better guy for Joey to fuck his first time out than Trevor. If you take a good look at these two side by side, you can’t help but notice the similarity in their body types. It happens to be my favorite. Everyone was all worked up as soon as both of these Southern Gentlemen lost their shirts. They both have naturally smooth bodies with amazing definition. Joey’s chest might be a little bigger than Trevor’s but Trevor has Joey trumped in the Biceps. I have gotta give the nod to Trevor in the cock category but don’t get me wrong, Joey is no slouch with his big 19 year old piece of meat.
They boys started making out and then Trevor went straight in for Joey’s manhood. All the while Trevor was work Joey’s meat, Joey wanted to get his hands on Trevor’s ass. It was almost a tug of war as Trevor sucked and Joey probed. Before Joey started to work on Trevor’s ass, he took Trevor’s fat cock in his mouth and worked it until it was nice and hard. Trevor got on all fours with his hard cock bouncing up and down and Joey entered his first boy. True to most straight guys that fuck their first man, Joey didn’t exactly ease his way in. After the initial plunging, Trevor settled in for a long hard ride. Both boys worked up some fluids and they both let it loose all over Trevor’s sizzling body. There is so much cum that your gonna wanna jump in.


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