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Cocked Up (Download)

Cock is beautiful. Cock is our friend. Some would go as far as saying that Cock is God! So how did cock-up become slang for messing something up, or getting messed up? We don’t know for sure. All we know is that we think getting cocked up can be a good thing. So do AJ Malone, Ethan Chase, Silver Steele, Alex Mason, Drew Dixon, Sherman Maus, and Riley Mitchel. Because goodness knows, sometimes cock--whether stuffed full and balls deep into a situation or milking it-- is the only thing that gets us through the day. Feel the same? Join us and get…Cocked Up!

Scene 1 - AJ Malone and Ethan Chase

Big-dicked cock whore Ethan Chase has filmed a scene for all his fans. He has persuaded AJ Malone to leave his girlfriend for the weekend and come fuck him… raw. Now AJ is in town, and Ethan wastes little time in sucking the man's cock. AJ returns the favor, but gags on Ethan's big dick. The two trade blowjobs a while longer before AJ finally succumbs to Ethan's mouthwatering hole and eats him out. The tall, bearded ginger then slides home dry and bareback fucks Ethan as if he were a bitch in heat, and AJ himself the top breeder dog. After plenty of good pounding, Ethan strokes out a nice big load AJ follows with one of his own, splattering jizz all over Ethan's ass before sinking the entire length back inside and seeding the bottom cum whore. This is a scene with regular cinematography, combined with plenty of POV angles as AJ and Ethan each film each other fuck.

Scene 2 - Silver Steele and Alex Mason

Alex Mason gives Silver Steele's nipples quite a workout before going down on his big, fat cock. And because it's all about the hole, Silver finger fucks Alex to stretch him open, while in a 69 position. Meanwhile, Alex focuses on Silver's throbbing shaft, which is hard as a rock. Silver pays extra attention to Alex, servicing his hole as if he were a straight man eating pussy. He buries his tongue deep in Alex, lapping at the opening, then slides into Alex. Without apology, Silver mounts Alex and pounds away, bareback fucking the power bottom with wild abandon. He fucks a load out of Alex, which he eats and shares, before getting back to stuffing him full of cock as he builds towards climax, fixin' to cum. And unload he does! All over and inside Alex.

Scene 3 - Drew Dixon and Ethan Chase

Drew Dixon turns on his camera to let us know he met a hot guy on the plane. Turns out to be none other than Ethan Chase. As soon as he enters, they get down to business, passing the camera back and forth between them. Combining point-of-view footage with regular cinematography, we soon get involved watching Ethan and Dew take turns as they make a meal of each other's cock. We're then treated to a mouth-watering rim session that will leave you drooling. But it's their bareback fucking that really gets us going, as Drew pounds the hell out of Ethan. Drew spews an enormous load of jizz all over Ethan's backside, then slides back in to seed his hole. And as if that weren't hot enough, Ethan begs Drew for his cum, who feeds it to the eager bottom. Ethan then flips on his back to jerk off, and with Drew giving him an assist, Ethan blows a thick, hot load they savor with a kiss.

Scene 4 - Sherman Maus and Riley Mitchel

Sherman Maus has been trying to connect with Riley Mitchel for a while now, but it just wasn't in the cards. Today, however, it finally happened. Riley walks into the house and up the stairs, as instructed. And there, sitting on the couch and waiting, is Sherman. At first, he appears nervous. After all, shy people sometimes need to talk first. To break the ice, as it were. But the muscle hunk isn't playing that game. He doesn't have time for chit chat. He's there to get off! Jumping right in, the two start sucking each other. Soon, Riley is on his knees, his ass in Sherman's face. The slender, monster-hung Maus devours that hole like a man who hasn't had sex in years. Once Riley is well and fully prepped, Sherman works that long tube steak inside. Sherman is slow at first, then picks up speed, plowing into Riley as a man possessed. As he fucks the tattooed muscle hunk bareback, Sherman makes Riley's eyes roll back into his head. Riley ends up on his back, his ass nearly off the couch while Sherman pumps away. Eventually, Sherman fucks the cum out of the stud, then pulls out and splatters a wad all over his belly. As it turns out, Sherman isn't so shy after all!


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