Camp Bear (Download)
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Camp Bear (Download)

Shot on location at Camp Bear 2010 - Timberfell Lodge in Tennessee, these 6 horny, furry studs tear up the campground with sweaty, piggy bear sex.

Scene 1 - Nate Wolf and Tony Banks
Nate is using the camp bathroom when he catches Tony cruising him from inside a stall. Tony is grabbing his crotch and that gets Nate all fired up. Tony is all too happy to suck on Nate’s nips and his tasty pierced cock. Nate wants in on the fun and gives Tony’s nips a good tongue bath before moving on to his massive cock. He swallows his cock like it is his last meal and this only gets Tony that much more horned up. Tony rims Nate good before plunging his massive tool into his tight bearish ass. Tony plows his white ass good. Tony moves Nate around until Nate is riding his big tool and Nate blows his load all over the stall floor! Tony then shoots his huge load all over his furry belly!

Scene 2 - Ashby Red and Nate Wolf
Nate is hanging out at the main lodge and notices a cute Red Bear watching TV below. It doesn’t take long for these 2 to realize they can find something better to do than watch TV. Ashby wastes no time in chowing down on Nate’s pierced cock and definitely knows how to swallow it. Nate returns the favor and slurps on Ashby’s uncut piece of bear meat. Nate and Ashby take turns tasting each other’s furry pink holes and seeing who can bury their face further in the other’s crack. Ashby opens up Nate and gets finds a place for his big bone in Nate’s hungry hole. Nate takes Ashby’s cock like a pro and then takes his turn and plowing Ashby. These 2 bears really know how to fuck well, and ask Ashby says, "Fuck, you know how to Fuck Good!" Their balls are full and cocks are primed and both studs blow nice creamy loads. Grrrr!

Scene 3 - Lobo Al and Fran
Lobo Al is cruising the camp ground and already hard. He spots Fran walking down the hill and Fran’s attention is quickly drawn to Al’s bulging hard cock. These 2 sexy bears take the cruising inside. These 2 fuckers have very talented tongues that work each other’s nipples and furry bodies. Frank is a good boy and can’t resist Al’s hard cock and work’s it like a meaty rib. Al returns the favor and starts with Fran’s cock and then tongue fucks his hairy hole. Fran moans with his face buried in the bed, while Al buries his tongue deep in Fran’s furry ass. Al replaces his tongue with his hard cock and Fran’s hole eagerly takes it. Al fucks Fran on all fours, on his back and finally lets him ride his big piece of meat until Fran shoots a nice load all over Al’s sweaty chest. Fran then positions himself below Al so he can enjoy Al’s creamy eruption.

Scene 4 - Tony Banks and Ashby Red
These 2 studs are hanging out on their cabin balconies and catch each other’s eye.The sparks start to fly and before you know it they are macking on each other and ditching their clothes! Both studs have nice hard cocks and enjoy sucking on the others. Ashby works Tony’s hole and prepares it for nice red bear pounding. Tony takes it like a champ but definitely wants his turn. His big black meat just barely fits into Ashby’s furry red hole but you don’t hear Ashby complain one bit! These 2 furry fuckers both love to eat ass and are great flip fuckers! The ending is a not to be missed creamy eruption of loads onto Tony’s sexy chest...yum!

Scene 5 - Fran, Nate Wolf, Tony Banks, Ashby Red, Lobo Al and Will Swallows
We finally answer the age old question - What do Bears really do in the woods? Our six furry bears find the tavern abandoned during the day and have a nasty bear fuck fest! Sucking, kissing, ripe pit eating, rimming and of course jizzing. 3 bears all getting rimmed simultaneously and eventually fucked. Yum! Lobo Al even gets double penetrated by 2 big bear cocks. Lucky! Ashby Red and Fran get to have all kinds of Bear Jizz shot on their furry stomachs - bukkake style!

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