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Big Dick Twinks 2 (Download)
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Big Dick Twinks 2 (Download)

Would you do anything to help your boyfriend? How about a friend? What if they needed their shoulders rubbed, or breakfast before going to work. What about a training partner to get in shape or a little bit of a cool hose down on a sunny day. What if they needed their big, fat cock sucked, their tight, sweet ass fucked or their full and heavy balls drained or a warm cum bath? That’s the least you do for a partner or friend in need right? Well, that just what Justin Cross, Antonio Fields, Aiden Ward, Jackson Reed, David Sky, Noah Pierce, Payton Connor, and Bar Addison do, and more, for the ones they care about, or at minimum want to fuck. Watch this all unfold on Big Dick Twinks 2!

Scene 1 - Justin Cross and Antonio Fields

Sweet and adorable Antonio Fields knows there's nothing like a hearty breakfast to start the day off right and kick it into high gear...pancakes, eggs, juice and coffee. He also knows there's yet another sweet start to the day...a good, old fashioned fuck! As natural as swallowing a big gulp of your favorite juice, Antonio greets the day -- and his new boyfriend, Justin Cross -- with a smile, a waiting breakfast in the kitchen and a hard-on in the bedroom. Antonio goes down on Justin, sucking that big, juicy slab of meat then quickly presents his ass for Justin to eat. Which only makes the thick hung young stud want to bury his cock balls deep inside Antonio's hot, clutching hole. Justin gives Antonio a sunny side up, bareback fuck, delivering more cum than the hollandaise sauce on your eggs! Which only makes us wonder. After this, what are these two going to come up with for lunch?

Scene 2 - Aiden Ward and Jackson Reed

Slender, tattooed Aiden Ward is living the life. He's young, hung, and more than just full of spunk! Ready to sow some wild oats, even before working out, he hooks up with scruffy Jackson Reed at the gym and takes him -- rough and hard -- bareback fucking the bottom stud to within an inch of his life before jizzing and spraying his seed everywhere. And after depositing the last few drops of protein in Jackson's hungry hole, the two horny fuckers just keep on fucking. Not even a call from Jackson's boyfriend can make these two stop!

Scene 3 - David Sky and Noah Pierce

It's hot in the Spanish countryside. David Sky and Noah Pierce need to cool off, so they decide to hose down. Both are soon turned on by the way the water feels on their prickly skin. Tanned and tattooed, David loses his white trunks early on. Soon, the water hose is forgotten, and Noah dives for a different sort of hose... David's thick, long cock! After slobbering all over the fat tool, David drools onto, and into, Noah's hole. The pale, slender twink arches his back as Davis fucks him bareback, outdoors, on the patio for anyone to see. David pushes himself until he's almost ready, then pulls back to suck Noah, who has a beautiful, curved cock. But after a while, David slides that meaty, throbbing shaft back inside Noah, eventually letting loose with a rich, creamy load.

Scene 4 - Payton Connor and Bar Addison

Bar Addison sits on the steps of the house he shares with his roommate. Enter hung twink Payton Connor who sits down behind him. The shirt soon comes off, and Payton works his magic. He massages his buddy, but instead of relaxing him, Payton gets his friend all hot and bothered. Payton stands, and Bar gets on his knees, anxious to suck that huge cock. Bar devours Payton, who returns the favor. But he wants more than cock. With Bar on all fours, Payson works his tongue in that meaty ass. Once Bar is primed, he straddles Payton. While his own cock swings round and round and bobs up and down, Bar rides Payton, fucking himself bareback. After a while, they stand, and Payton drives that throbbing slab of meat home, pounding harder and harder, making Bar's own thick tool bounce. Then, with Bar on his back, legs up in the air, Payton goes deep, massaging Bar's prostate with his cock and fucking him until he spews an enormous load of jizz. The sperm goes everywhere, including Bar's gaping hole. And after getting seeded by the slender, hung twink, hunky Bar delivers a money shot that will leave you panting!


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