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Big & Meaty (Download)

When it comes to men, some of us like them the way we love our steak: big and meaty and raw, like steak tartare. Because there’s just something about a man with substance, isn’t there? A well-rounded man, in more ways than one, makes us drool. They whet the appetite and get us hungry for what they have to offer. We’re talking men like Brad Kalvo, Russell Tyler, Nick Maduro, Johnny Pierce, Adam Jones, Jake Dixon, Justin West, and Carlos Verga. These men are thick and juicy and go the distance because they’re… Big & Meaty.

Scene 1 - Brad Kalvo and Russell Tyler

In what has to be one of our most sensual scenes yet, everyone's favorite Daddy, Brad Kalvo, growls and purrs as he gets busy with hairy ginger, Russell Tyler. The two kiss passionately and suck cock lovingly as they prepare for a steamy bareback fuck. Brad gives Russell a deep tongue probing, then slides home. As he thrusts in and out, his own eyes roll back into his head, even as he causes Russell to exclaim, “Damn, that cock feels good!” And after raw dogging Russell for a good, long time, Brad spews all over the redhead's belly then helps him with an explosive finish of his own.

Scene 2 - Nick Maduro and Johnny Pierce

Nick Maduro is in bed when Johnny Pierce walks in, fresh from his workout. The moment he steps up to Nick, Johnny raises his arms, and bald daddy Nick rubs his face in his pits to mark himself with Johnny's scent. He then leans back for some much-needed dick service, eventually returning the favor. But when it comes to eating ass, Nick doesn't rim Johnny. Nick devours his hole, drooling into, and onto, the puckered starburst. Nick fills the bedroom with dirty talk as he rubs his face up and down Johnny's sweaty, hairy ass crack. Then he stands and slides home. Nick pounds Johnny mercilessly, and Johnny takes it like a champ. When he's ready, Johnny sprays his load all over Nick's belly. A moment later, Nick shoots his load in Johnny's mouth, feeding the cum hungry bottom daddy.

Scene 3 - Adam Jones - Solo

The Spanish countryside is an idyllic setting. Peaceful and sunny, the Mediterranean air is conducive to love and lust. But Adam Jones isn't looking for that right now. He's all about a tranquil moment, away from the big city. Splashing around and having fun in the pool, the beefy bear lounges on a rubber float. Prickly heat plays on his skin as he sunbathes, and he soon grows horny. As he gropes himself, Adam is showered suddenly with an unexpected shower. Coming in from the rain, Adam lounges in a covered chaise and strokes his thick, uncut cock, lost in sexual fantasy, until he spews a mouthwatering load, almost as fluid as the summer rain.

Scene 4 - Jake Dixon and Johnny Pierce

Laidback and casual, Jake Dixon brings his car to be repaired by his buddy, Johnny Pierce. Except Johnny isn't able to fix the problem. At least, not yet. However, there is one problem he can fix, and that's Jake's cock. It's big and fat and outlining in his pants. Hungry for a thick and juicy piece of meat, Johnny invites Jake into his air-conditioned garage, where he immediately drops to his knees to service the bearded, tattooed thick-hung Daddy. Sporting not one, but two, cockrings, the incredibly hairy Jake grabs hold of Johnny's head and fucks his face. He then turns around and presents his equally meaty ass for Johnny to eat. And just wait until Jake returns the favor! He's got a filthy mouth, talking dirty as he primes Johnny's hole. When the moment of truth arrives, Jake stands, grabs his cock by the base, and aims. In one fell swoop, he's inside Johnny and fucking the silver daddy bareback. Jake's already huge cock seems to get bigger and longer and thicker as he pounds away, stretching out and filling Johnny's hungry ass until he spews all over the freshly fucked hole. Jake slides back inside and seeds Johnny. The bearded top then eats his own jizz, which sends the bald bottom over the edge, causing him to spray his load all over Jake in a convulsive orgasm. The pistons in Jake's car might not be firing, but he sure is!

Scene 5 - Justin West and Carlos Verga

Justin West and Carlos Verga met online and got to know each other through video chats. Now it's time to take things to the next level. They get along great online, and share similar interests, but how compatible would they be in person? Especially since neither speaks the other's language or live in the same country. But that didn't stop them. Both agreed to meet and rented a private little spot for a weekend getaway. From the moment they arrived, Justin was aching to bust a nut. Carlos, who has had the hots for the thick bear, didn't skip a beat. After making out, Carlos wrapped his lips around Justin's uncut piece of meat and slobbered all over the fat tool. Justin returned the favor, but it was Carlos's hairy, otter ass that he wanted. After eating out Carlos's hole, Justin slid that thick throbbing tube inside Carlos, driving the little man crazy. And after bareback fucking the eager cock slut, Justin rewarded Carlos with some creamy jizz, which they shared, before shooting a load of his own. Turns out, they were the perfect company for each other!


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